Another Day at a Beach

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I was there for the day. R&R, so to speak, from a work project some hundred miles away. It was a beach on the Southern tip of New Jersey, a wildlife sanctuary, as I recall. I should also note that this beach was an accepted clothing optional area. That is, at least away from the parking lot and observation areas. I had been there for an hour or so, lying in the sun. I was restless, as I was alone and had no one near to converse with, so I decided to wander the trails crisscrossing the surrounding dunes. I found them to be interesting, not only for the scenery, but also for the adventures that I was to have during my walks.

One of the first things that I noticed was that the only people that I saw, were men. I noticed that each one that I approached in passing, avoided eye contact, but visually checked out my body. I also did that, but looked for eye contact first. To me, that is the first thing in the act of acknowledgement of another person, male or female. I like to think that we are all human first, then ‘objects’ of attention or attraction. My first trip through the dunes was one of enlightenment. I saw that many of the men displayed what I considered gay tendencies, although none approached or engaged in conversation, other than the occasional “Hello” or “Hi”, in passing. There were smiles and, of course, second glances, and the occasional turn-a-round, to check out the rear-view. Another thing that I had noticed was that several of the men wore cock-rings of various types and some were pierced in the genital area. I am bisexual and had seen enough to determine that this was a place of more than chance encounters. My first trip ended when I came back out onto the beach, only a hundred feet from where I had been laying out. I went back to my sheet (I usually purchased a single wide bed sheet to lay on, because it was just the right size to allow me to be completely off the sand, and didn’t take up much room in my bag.).

I lay in the sun for a while longer, then dug into my bag, searching for my chrome-plated cock-rings. Finding them (3 sizes, from 1-1/4 to 2 inches), I glanced around to see if there was anyone paying attention, or near enough, to figure out what I was doing, not that I really cared what they would think. Seeing no one, I sat with knees bent, feet spread, and put all three of the rings on my cock and balls. The 2″ ring circled both, cock and balls, while the other two encircled my scrotum, their weight stretching the skin to cause them to hang lower than normal. They were sure to bring concentrated looks and welcome comment from any interested parties. I could pick and choose from any promising inquiry.

As I was a nudist, I had a substantial tan already. I had found a secluded spot at the hotel where I stayed and had often sunbathed nude a number of hours during the last weeks since warm weather had come. On a humorous note, a maid, whom I had made an acquaintance of, had spied upon me. I had informed her of my nudism and of the spot where I sunbathed. She had seen me borrow a lounge chair and the direction I had gone. I suppose she had not believed me, but was soon convinced. Ah-h-h, but that is a different story.

Now, back to Cape May. As I now had the rings on, I noted the contrast of the chrome and my dark skin. There was no way the rings could not be seem, therefore, they were an open invite to look at my cock and balls. They informed that I might be approachable, receptive to ‘company’. I was now almost ready for another, hopefully more adventuresome, trip over the trails through the dunes. The only thing left to do was to coat my body with suntan oil. It would make my body shine and become more appealing… desirous even. I really like a golden bronzed body and I am sure others do also. After oiling down, I looked up and down the beach. I saw several men who were intently watching as I walked off the beach to the trails. This time, I would also follow some of the smaller trails turning off the main ones. I was sure that there would be more of a chance to find the kinds of action that I sought.

I walked the main trails to check out the possibilities first. There were more walkers/wanders this time. Apparently more people (men) had arrived at the beach. I had arrived around ten and it was now Noon. The sun was high and the temperature hot. The trails offered shade not available on the beach. I had passed several men talking in shady spots along the trail, speaking momentarily with some, but continuing on.

I passed another man who wore a cock-ring. He was also very tanned and…very shaved! The only hair on his body was on his head and arms. His body was bare from the chest down. That, I found intriguing, but what caught my eyes was the size of his cock! almanbahis yeni giriş He was walking uphill as I came down. We passed, saying hello to each other the first time I saw him. I continued to the end of the trail and turned onto the first offshoot I came to. It turned out to be a dead end, so back-tracking, I headed back up the main trail. About fifty yards off the beach, there was another trail off to the right.

I was approaching it, intending to check it out, when I saw the man coming back down the trail. He was near the top of the hill and I had glimpsed him through an opening through the brush. I decided to continue up the trail in hopes that we might converse upon meeting again. Waiting a couple of minutes, as a couple of other guys passed, I started up the trail again. I had gone about ten or fifteen yards when he rounded the bend and was headed toward me. I slowed my pace as he drew near.

“We meet again,” I said,

“So we do,” he slowed and stopped beside me.

We made small talk for a few minutes. Several guys passed, checking us out. I turned in his direction of travel and walked back down the trail. As we neared the trail turn-off, now on my left, he turned onto it.

“I usually set up my spot down here instead of on the beach,” he said, “It is a little more private than the beach. Would you like to come see?”

“Sure, why not. I’m into a little privacy now and then.” I followed him down the side trail.

The trail made a couple of ‘S’ turns and opened into a cleared sandy area about ten yards in diameter. As we turned the last bend leading into the area, I saw that he had a full-size sheet laid out with rocks holding the corners taunt.

“Would you care to sit?” he asks as he sat on one side, gesturing to the other.

I brushed the sand from my feet as I stepped onto the sheet, “Thanks, I don’t mind if I do.” I sat with my legs slightly spread in front of me. David, as I learned his name was, said that I had a real nice tan and that he liked my cock-rings.

“Would you mind if I played with your cock,” he asks, reaching across the narrow distance to lift my balls with his fingers.

“No, I don’t mind. I don’t think I would call it a cock as compared to yours. That’s the biggest dick I’ve seen in a long time! Maybe ever! And the fact that it is shaved is a big turn-on for me.” My six-inches was nowhere near to the size of his. It must have been at least ten inches long and was growing harder by the second. I reached for it but David got to his knees and lowered his mouth onto my cock. I would have wiped the oil off, but he didn’t seem to mind. Leaning back on my elbows, I watched as he sucked me to full size, while playing with his dick. It was humoungus! He was stroking his cock and pushed my hand away when I again reached for it.

“No, I just want to suck you off.” He told me, then went back to my cock. I looked up and saw a couple of guys watching from just around the last bend into the area.

“We seem to have an audience,” I informed David.

“Do you mind? It doesn’t bother me.”

“If it doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t bother me. That feels very good.” I looked up again and another fellow had joined the first two. One had stepped out into the open, I guessed for a better view or hopefully for an invitation to join in. I looked back to David after smiling at them.

“Damn, you know how to suck a guy off!” I said, a little louder for the audience to hear. If they wanted to watch a show, I’d make it interesting for them. They were all stroking their cocks. I leaned my head back and moaned as I humped my hips, driving my dick deeply into David’s mouth.

“Oh fuck! Suck my dick! Oh fuck, I’m about to cum!” I moaned loudly.

The three guys were furiously pumping their cocks now. I arced my hips forward, completely from the sheet as I pumped spurt after spurt of cum into David’s mouth. Looking at the audience, I smiled as a couple of them squirted into the sand.

David got up, walked to the edge of the clearing and spit my sperm out. He hawked a couple of times to clear his throat then spit again. Coming back to the sheet, he took a water bottle from his bag and rinsed his mouth.

“I don’t think that I could get that in my mouth to suck you off, but how would you like to try to fuck me with it,” I asked David.

“No, I don’t think so. You are right, it is big. I’d prefer if it were smaller, like yours. You have a very nice sized cock. I would hurt you with this,” he said kneeling next to me. “Just lie back and let me jack-off and cum on you.”

I lay back on my elbows. He was at my hips, stroking his big cock over my groin area. The guys watching had left, searching almanbahis giriş for their next show, I guessed. They were missing something that I thought was hotter than what they had witnessed. David pumped his cock for a few minutes before several spurts dumped about an ounce of cum on my abdomen, cock, and balls. It was hot and thick. He stood, taking a cloth and wiped his cock. He tossed the cloth beside me and said that he was going to walk some more.

I said “Okay, and thanks,” as he walked off. I picked up the cloth to wipe his cum off, but thought, ‘What the fuck’ and left it to run down my body. Let the others see that I got lucky. Having the cock-rings on would keep my dick erect for quite a while. I got up and walked back to the trail in time to watch David walk out of site, around the uphill bend.

I turned to walk back toward the beach, but decided that a walk along the trails a bit longer might be more interesting. You know, just to see the looks I’d get when the other guys saw my cum covered stomach and waving hard cock. Doing a turnaround, I started back up the trail. I walked past a guy sitting by the trail. I thought that he was one of the guys whom had witnessed the blowjob. I noticed that he grinned as I neared, his eyes glued to my midsection. Glancing down, I saw that the thick sperm had liquefied and was slowly flowing down my body. Some had run along the length of my still semi-erect penis, but now pointing outward at about a forty-five degree angle toward the ground. There was a drop dangling from a thin string of cum about to fall to the ground. As I stepped forward, it joined other flows down my thigh. Cum had reached almost to my knees. The paths taken were glistening in the sunlight.,

“Thanks. That was quite an experience. I’m sorry that I missed the end”, he said .

“Maybe the next time,” I said rubbing a hand on my thigh.

I continued to the end of the trail and turned to go back to my sheet. I took some water from my bottle to wet a cloth and wiped the remainder of David’s cum from me. It had reached near my ankles before it dried enough to stop flowing.

Lying down on the sheet, I reapplied sunning oil and relaxed in the sun. By the time I had made it back to the beach, my erection had completely subsided. I still wore the rings and through sunglass covered eyes, watched half-a-dozen men slow to look as they passed. Several pulled briefly at their flaccid cocks. I don’t know for sure, but I took that as an invitation. I didn’t take any of them up on it, but still appreciated it.

Presently, I rolled to my stomach, then stood to coat my shoulders, legs, and buttocks with oil. I couldn’t reach all of my back. As I struggled to reach all that I could, a voice ask if I need help getting my back oiled.

“Thank you. I’d appreciate it.”

He poured some oil across my back and began to spread it. Where some of the oil had run into the crevice of my buttocks, he run his hand between them and easily pressed his middle finger against my anal opening. It slipped in an inch or so.

“Umm, feels good…but not the right time nor place. Maybe later, off the trails.”

He pulled the finger out and patted my butt, “Hope to see you later. Chou.” He walked off toward the trails.

I lay on my stomach for another fifteen minutes or so, then pulling my leather fanny-pack from my bag, I checked it for condoms and lubrication jelly. Fastening the belt around my waist, I started to the trail head again. I saw several guys watching as I paused to look around, then walked up the trail, out of their sight. I didn’t see the fellow who had helped me with the suntan oil. I walked to the trail leading to the spot David had set up. His sheet and bag were gone. I guess he had left for the day.

I walked across the clearing and began to empty my bladder. Feeling adventuresome, I used a little of the lubricant to bring my cock to hardness. I was stroking slowly when arms reached around my waist,

“Let me do that for you,” a voice said.

Turning slightly, I saw a slightly built man in his fifties. His hands replaced mine as he fondled my balls and stroked my cock.

“I’d like to take it in my mouth, but I have an open sore.”

“Then, by all means, don’t,” I answered him.

He stroked me from behind as a couple of other guys joined us. One of them got on his knees in front of me, his lips just inches from the head of my cock. The other knelt behind me as the older man moved to the side. He spread my buttock and begins to lick my ass. The older man released my dick and grabbed his own as the fellow in front of me moved forward to put his lips around my dick, touching my pubic mound with them. Watching the almanbahis güvenilirmi older man jacking off while another was rimming my ass as I got a blowjob was a little much for me to hold out on. Within minutes I blew my second load of the day. The guy swallowed every drop of my sperm. I put my hands on his shoulders to push him back to his haunches, pushing my ass into the face of the other man. He continues to rim me for a few more minutes, then turned to the older man and began to suck his cock. Minutes later the older guy pushed the man away as he spurted several streams of cum on his chest.

Everyone stood there for a few moments, then drifted from the clearing. I went back to my sheet on the beach. I had had enough thrills for a while.

Much later in the day, late afternoon, I strolled the beach. Many of the people had left, but there were some hard-core ones left. As I approached one area where there was a sand (erosion) fence partially enclosing the dunes, I spied a man of about fifty. He had a well-kept body covered by curly gray hair. He was standing on a dune just to the far side of the fence. He saw me approach and spoke. I could not understand him due to the breaking waves and wind. Moving closer, I responded,

“I’m sorry, I could not hear what you said.”

“I asked if David showed you a good time,” he said again.

“Yes, he did. Do you know him?”

“Yes, we are acquaintances. He lives not far from me.”

“He was very good at entertaining me, to the entertainment of several others.”

“Yes, he likes that. He’s somewhat of an exhibitionist! He also likes slender men with small cocks”

“I thought that he had the biggest cock on the beach! I offered to allow him to try to screw me, but he declined. All he wanted to do was suck me off. I could not have sucked him because he was so large, but with patience, I believe that I could have accommodated him within my ass.”

“As I stated, he prefers to suck smaller cocks and also wishes his was much smaller. Not many men can suck his dick, though a lot have tried. He is also not into ass fucking.”

“I wanted to show my appreciation, but all I did was let him cum on me.”

“That is what he wanted, to suck you off and to cum on you. That’s all he wanted.”

“I guess you get whatever you want of whatever is offered,” I said.

“Did you get all you wanted today,” he asks.

“Sort of. I got a couple of blowjobs and an ass rimming.” I answered.

“What more did you want? Do you like me? I mean, am I physically attractive to you?”

“Yes. You are in good shape and I may feel an attraction to you.” I answered.

“Come here,” he commanded, more than asked.

I walked closer to him and he hugged me, running his hands over my body, rubbing his hairy chest against me. My cock began to twitch in excitement. I slid down his chest to suck his nipples. They grew taunt between my lips. He put his hands on my shoulders, pushing downward. I could feel his cock as it trailed up my body. I looked down to see it jutting to my chest. I twirled my tongue around and into his navel. I felt his body quiver, his cock throbbed at my neck, his hands pushed down on my shoulders. I moved slightly away from his body and took his six-inch cock in my hand. I stroked it a few times, taking his low-hanging scrotum into my other hand.

“Put it in your mouth!” he said, moving his hands from my shoulders to my head, pulling me toward his cock. I licked the head, probing the tiny slit with my tongue-tip.

“Put it in your mouth, I said!” more demanding than requesting, “Suck it!”.

I opened my mouth, closing it over his warm cock-head then sliding my lips down the length of his cock. He had taken control of the situation. It sort of turned me on. I guess I am a bit submissive. I like to be told what to do in a sexual situation as much as controlling one. He began humping his hips. I had to close my hand around his cock to keep him from gagging me. His first thrust had put the gland into my throat, but he had withdrawn before I had time to gag. The placement of my hand prevented that from happening again. I bobbed my head back and forth, swirling my tongue against the underside of his cock. He began to grunt and I could feel his balls churn, his cock swell. I barely got my mouth free when his ejaculate rushed from the slit to splatter on my closed lips and cheek.

“You could have told me you were about to cum,” I said as I got to my feet.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m clean.” was his response, as he milked the last drops of cum from his dick.

I backed away from him then turned to walk away. It is a turn on to be used, but not abused.

I went to gather my gear and left. He must have left also, as I did not see him when I passed the spot where he had been. All in all, except for the fact that he had not informed me that he was about to cum, giving me the right to choose whether or not to accept the ejaculate in the mouth, it was a great day!

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