Annie , June

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What follows is a “true story of my imagination” and inspired by my Wife, my friend and their beautiful tits. When my friend, who I originally met through work, gave birth to her second child, she sought my wife’s help and expertise with breastfeeding. My wife is a breastfeeding advocate and leader of the local breastfeeding support group. Since then and over the last few years, they formed a close bond, often sharing stories about the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding. This fantasy came to mind one day when my friend called my wife with a desperate plea for help during a breastfeeding crisis. My wife dropped everything to go and help. She was gone for hours, and upon her return, mentioned that my friend had plugged ducts, a common breastfeeding problem that can only be relieved through constant massage and strong suction, if possible. My wife told me that she showed my friend how to massage her breasts to relieve the pain and get her milk flowing freely again. Over the next few days, my mind began formulating the following fantasy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it! And to reiterate, this is pure fiction.

* * * * *

The ringing of the telephone interrupted Albert Cini’s thoughts, as he read the evening newspaper. The damn telephone seemed to ring off the hook in the evenings when he tried to relax. “Honey, can you get that?” he asked his wife.

June Cini wiped her hands dry and made her way across the cluttered kitchen floor, strewn with children’s blocks, dolls and other assorted toys. “Hello?” she answered.

A high-pitched but pleasant voice replied, “June?”


“It’s Annie,” the voice on the other end said.

“Oh, hi Annie, how’s it going?” my wife asked.

“Fine…well, truthfully, not so good. I’m having some problems,” Annie Kitterly replied. “My milk is not flowing and my breasts hurt like hell.”

“Are they hard to the touch?” June asked with a slight concern in her voice.

“Yes,” exclaimed Annie!

June knew exactly what Annie was experiencing, “Oh no, Annie, this is a common problem. You have one or more plugged ducts. It’s not something to be concerned about, but it can impede your flow and it can hurt like hell. I know, I’ve had my share. Is it both or just one?”.

“They both hurt, but primarily the right one. So, what do you suggest?” Annie asked.

“Well, you have to massage the breast with a downward motion,” a concerned June replied.

“A downward motion?”

If you want, I can come over,” June said. “I was just finishing up the dishes.”

“Oh could you?” Annie asked. “That would be great!”

“Sure. I’ll be over in a few minutes.”

“Okay great,” Annie replied in an elated tone. “Thanks a lot!”

“Okay, bye,” June said and hung up the phone. “Honey, that was Annie. She’s having some problems breastfeeding and sounds panicked and depressed, so I’m going to go over and give her some tips”

“Okay,” Albert responded. His attention never leaving the newspaper. “I’ll hold down the fort.”

“Thanks… be back in a while,” June responded to her husband.


The sound of the doorbell startled Annie Kitterly. She had been so busy getting her kids to sleep that she forgot all about June coming over. With her son, Timmy, asleep in her arms, she went to the door and opened it.

“Hi, Annie,” June Cini said.

“Hi, June,” Annie replied. “Thanks again for coming over. I feel bad imposing.”

“Oh nonsense. Looks like little Timmy is down for the count?”

“Yeah, he just fell asleep. Tina is out too. She never had a nap today, so she was out by seven o’clock,” Annie continued. “Wow, I’m not used to the kids being out so early,” she added.

“Oh, I know, isn’t it strange? My Billy and Tessa are night owls too, if I don’t nurse them to sleep early. Where’s Jack,” June asked, referring to Annie’s husband of seven years.

“Oh, he’s out of town,” Annie replied. “Actually, he’s scoping out Portland to see if he can break into a territory with his company and move closer to my family,” she continued as she laid Timmy in the crib. Next to the crib, his older sister, Tina, slept soundly in her bed. Annie shut the door to the children’ room and the two women made their way back to the living room With the baby monitor turned on, the women turned their attention to Annie’s problem.

“So what do you think?” Annie asked June.

“Well, here is some literature on plugged ducts, mastitis, etc.,” June replied. “Where exactly does it hurt?” she asked Annie.

“Here, I’ll show you,” Annie replied undoing the buttons on her shirt in a very matter-of-fact manner. Once the shirt was removed, she pulled the nursing bra over her head and stood topless in front of June. “The right one hurts the most, right above the nipple,” she said placing her hand gently over the painful spot and rubbing it. “The left one is sore too…more on the left side of the breast,” she added.

“Yeah, it sounds like plugged ducts alright,” June said. “Okay, let’s start with the massage,” she continued. “See how you’re rubbing around the sore spot in circles?” she explained. güvenilir bahis “Try more of a downward motion with your hand. Start at the top of the sore spot and push into your breast and move your hand downward toward your nipple,” she concluded.

Annie did as June said and immediately felt a slight relief each time her hand moved over the sore spot of her right breast. “Wow, it feels better,” she mentioned with some relief.

“Good. With the downward motion, you are hopefully helping to release the plug,” June said. “Try the same thing with your left breast too, although it will be a bit more difficult since it’s on the side,” she added. As Annie shifted her attention to her left breast, June couldn’t help admiring her friend’s breasts. They seemed a work of art. She had seen many women’s breasts during her years as leader of her local breastfeeding support group, often helping women get started or with problems. But Annie’s tits were different. Annie Kitterly herself was a small woman, perhaps weighing 105 or 110 pounds and measuring just over 5 feet. She had always taken good care of herself, working out and spending many of her summer weekends sun tanning at the lake. The result was a firm, toned body with a deep, golden year-round tan. Her shoulder length hair was a chestnut brown and complemented her green, sparkling eyes. June noticed the small white triangle shapes surrounding Annie’s nipples. They were probably formed by the bikini top she must have worn at the beach. The milky white shapes were a stark contrast to her deep golden tan. Unlike her own tits, June noticed that Annie’s areolas were the size of quarters and the nipples like eraser heads on the end of a pencil.

“It doesn’t feel like it’s working on the left side,” Annie said in an exasperated tone. She glanced up at June who seemed transfixed. “June?”

June Cini looked up at Annie, swallowed hard and cleared her throat. “Uh…well, you need to really press hard. I know it’s a bit awkward, but it’s really the only way,” she said, trying to sound indifferent and matter-of-fact. “Can I help myself to a glass of water?” June asked.

“Sure!” Annie replied. The fact that June seemed lost in Annie’s tits did not go unnoticed to Annie Kitterly. She took a moment to look June over as she headed into the kitchen. At thirty-nine, June was five years older than Annie, but similar in shape. She seemed about the same size and height as Annie. Her hair was also brown, albeit shorter, like a bob; her eyes a fierce blue. What stood out on June Cini, thought Annie, was her great ass. Man, what an ass that woman had. It was perfectly heart-shaped. Her beautiful ass tapered upward into a size 3 waist and then exploded to what looked like size D tits! Annie knew that breastfeeding enlarged a woman’s breasts, much like her own tits had gone from a B-cup to the large side of C-cups. She wondered how big June’s tits were before she began breastfeeding.

“Okay, how’s it going?” June asked returning to the sofa.

“I’m not sure. It feels slightly better, but the pain is excruciating,” Annie replied. “And they’re still hard as a rock.”

“Can I feel,” June asked. She didn’t usually make it a habit of feeling other women’s breasts, but Annie seemed desperate and June had to get an idea if she could feel the plug.

“Yeah, sure,” Annie replied, trying to sound indifferent at the request. June reached out and cupped Annie’s tit, making sure not to touch the areola or nipple. She squeezed…shifted her grip…squeezed some more. Annie watched her hand for a moment and then glanced up at June.

“Yeah, Annie, you have at least 2 plugged ducts in your right breast,” June said as she switched her attention to Annie’s left breast. She squeezed, shifted her grip…squeezed some more. Annie’s plugged duct in her left breast was so close to her nipple that June could not avoid slightly brushing it with her hand as she maneuvered around the breast.

Annie Kitterly drew in a sharp but quiet breath as she watched June’s hand make contact with her left nipple. “Oh no, no, no!” Annie thought. “Please don’t let them get hard,” she thought to herself in reference to her nipples. But it was no use. Both nipples hardened immediately at June’s slightest touch, growing in size to nearly the size of the tip of her middle finger. Annie looked up at June and smiled, her face reddening.

At the sight of Annie’s nipples hardening, June looked up at Annie and met her gaze. The two women smiled for a brief moment before June relinquished her grip on Annie’s left breast.

“Annie, I’m afraid your plugged ducts are going to be stubborn,” June said. “You could be here all night massaging to no avail,” she continued.

“So, any other suggestions,” Annie asked as she picked up a leaflet that June had brought over, hoping the answer would be there on the cover page!

“Do you have a breast pump?” June asked.

“Yes,” Annie answered growing hopeful. She dropped the leaflet and turned back to June.

“The only other thing beside massaging is very strong suction,” June added. “A breast pump usually does the trick.”

Without thinking, Annie got up and turned güvenilir bahis siteleri into the hall closet. “It’s right here,” she said as she opened the closet door and pulled out her breast pump.

“Shit,” June said despondently.

“What’s wrong?” asked Annie.

“I assumed it was an electric pump,” June replied. “I’m afraid this manual pump is not going to help,” she added. “You need REALLY strong suction, Annie. When I had this problem, I had to set my electric pump on the highest setting,” continued June. “I would lend you my pump, but I need it with me at work tomorrow. I can’t go without pumping all day. With a manual pump like that, it could take a few days of massaging and suction before the plugged duct frees up,” June went on. “But with stronger suction, it might break free after a few hours of working it,” she ended.

Annie’s shoulders slumped slightly as she put the pump back onto the closet shelf. Both women made their way back to the sofa and sat silent for a few moments.


June spoke up, “Well, there is one other possibility.”

“What’s that?” Annie asked looking disinterestingly at the leaflet once again.

June could feel her heart beat within her chest. Her stomach tightened. “I…could…help you out,” she said.

Annie looked up and stared at her friend. “What do you mean?”

“I could…provide suction for you.” There! She had said it!

Annie Kitterly was speechless for a moment as her mind’s eye flashed a vision of June sucking on her tits. A shiver shot through her at the vision. “I’m not sure, June,” she said, trying not to let her slight excitement come across in her voice. Annie had never let another woman touch her. She loved her husband and believed they had a fairly active and exciting sex life. On a few occasions, her husband had mentioned that her strict upbringing as the daughter of a minister had stifled her imagination. This had enraged Annie, but in retrospect, they never really did go beyond the standard missionary position. If Jack was lucky, he might get a blowjob or they might do it doggy style, but those occurrences were far and few between. Annie wondered what her husband would think if he knew she had let another woman touch her?

“Annie, I don’t make a habit of this,” June quickly interjected. “Actually, I never have suggested such a thing to anyone,” she added. Both women laughed. “It’s just that I know what you’re going through, and you’re more than just a member. You’re my friend. I don’t see any other alternative for you except to endure the pain. But if this goes untreated, it could possibly lead to complications. Timmy doesn’t have the suction power you need, right?” June asked to confirm.

“No, his suction is much weaker than Tina’s,” Annie said suddenly standing and pacing. Her hands were sweating. “You… would really do that for me,” she asked June.

“Yes,” June replied. “And only for you,” she added and reached up to gently brush a hair out of Annie’s face.

“Okay, let’s try it,” Annie blurted before she could give it more thought. “The pain is growing unbearable. What do you want me to do,” she asked June like a good student asking her teacher a question.

“Well, why don’t you sit on the end of the sofa, here, and I will lay across it with my head in your lap. We’ll start with the right one first,” June said. “As I suck, you massage just like I showed you,” she added.

“Okay,” Annie said as she followed June’s instruction and sat on the sofa. June laid down and placed her head in Annie’s lap, staring up at Annie’s tits.

“Relax,” whispered June to her friend. Annie Kitterly leaned forward and brought her right nipple to June’s ruby red lips. Funny, Annie hadn’t noticed the striking lipstick color until now. The sight of her friend’s lips locked over her nipples sent more shivers through her body.

June Cini could feel the goose bumps rise on Annie’s body. Her own excitement was growing. She sucked as hard as she could before suddenly feeling the warm, sweet sensation of Annie’s milk splash upon her tongue. The thought of sucking her girl friend’s breast and drinking her milk was enough to nearly set her off. She squeezed her thighs, feeling the juices flowing to her cunt. Without thinking, her tongue swabbed across Annie’s nipple, making it grow in her mouth.

Annie gasped sharply at the feel of June’s tongue across her nipple and moaned slightly, “Ooooh!” She looked down at June who was staring up at her. June winked trying to keep it lighthearted, but she was unaware one of her hands had instinctly begun caressing Annie’s left breast, ever so slightly brushing the nipple with her fingertips.

“Aaaah,” moaned Annie, partly from excitement, partly in relief. The sucking combined with her constant massage was easing the pain tremendously. She could feel the milk flowing our of her and wondered what her friend thought of it. She leaned back. Her breast disengaging from June’s mouth with a loud smack. A spray of milk hit June in the nose and eyes, causing both women to giggle. Annie grabbed a tissue from nearby and handed it to June. “Wow!” Annie said. “That’s iddaa siteleri amazing!” she added. “The pain goes away as you suck,” she mentioned.

“That’s because suction is the best way to free up the plug. It’s slowly loosening it until it eventually breaks free,” June said.

Annie shifted her torso and brought her left nipple to June’s mouth. June place her lips securely around her friend’s nipple, this time massaging Annie’s breast herself. Annie didn’t seem to mind. June began to suck, and the milk came easier out this breast. It sprayed out of Annie’s nipple filling June’s mouth before trickling down her throat forcing her to swallow constantly.

“Aaah,” Annie continued to moan. Her eyes had closed and she had leaned her head back on the sofa. June noticed Annie was massaging her left breast but not in the manner that she had been instructed. Rather she was pulling and tugging on the nipple, making it harden.

“The little minx is getting excited,” thought June feeling her own wetness increasing.

Annie suddenly winced. June disengaged. “What’s wrong,” she asked.

“I’m sorry, my nipples are sore,” Annie answered. “They’ve been sore for weeks.”

“Mine too,” June replied. “You know what’s good for that? Baby oil.”

“Really?” Annie said. “I think I have some baby oil.”

“Why don’t you grab it,” June said standing. “In fact, my nipples are sore too…actually, they’re chapped and cracking. Maybe I’ll use it too,” she added not knowing why really she said that. She knew it would mean disrobing.

“It’s here in the hall closet also,” Annie said standing and making her way to the closet. “Here we go,” she said as she turned with bottle in hand.

“Great!” remarked June. “The only problem is that…well it’s oil, so if it gets on your clothes, they’re ruined.”

“Well, I’m okay with removing the rest of my clothes,” said Annie. “Are you?”

“Uhm…sure…why not,” replied June, still feeling a bit hesitant, even after she had just sucked her friend’s nipple and brought her nearly to orgasm. She untucked the tight fitting sweater from her jeans and pulled it over her head. She believed in dressing sexy, so her nursing bra was very form fitting and partly a push-up bra. Her 36 D-cup tits seemed to beg release.

Annie, meanwhile already topless, had also unsnapped, unzipped and slid out of her jeans. She wore a French cut bikini underwear that had matched her bra. Her hourglass figure was captivating, with well-tone legs and abs, topped with grapefruit size 34 C-cup tits.

Although June was less toned than Annie, she was nevertheless in great shape, with just enough “baby fat” to give her body a smooth, soft look. She pulled off her bra and her huge tits spilled into view.

“Oh my God,” remarked Annie without thinking. She stared at the magnificent pair of tits in front of her. They were beautifully pendulous globes just a shade whiter than the rest of June’s natural skin tone. The tits had just the slightest blue veins running through them. Her areolas were flat and strawberry colored and the size of silver dollars. At Annie’s remark and gaze, they contracted into the nipple, enlargening it to almost a full inch!

“Thanks,” replied June, slightly embarrassed. “Shall we?” she asked Annie.

“Okay,” Annie replied as she seated herself back upon the sofa.

“Actually, I have to go to the restroom,” June said. “I’ll be right back,” and she turned and walked through the kitchen toward the restroom. It was only then that Annie noticed June’s thong underwear. Her ass swayed in the soft light, as Annie sat motionless and in awe of it. There was no fat or cellulite anywhere, and it was just slightly upturned and heart-shaped. Annie shook her head in amazement that June could possess such an ass and not work out. Annie proceeded to rub baby oil on to her nipples. The oil was immediately soothing, and Annie couldn’t help spreading a bit more over her entire breasts, making them glisten in the soft light of the table lamp.

As June Cini returned through the kitchen, she spotted Annie, with one hand on each breast, rubbing baby oil nonchalantly across her breasts. Annie was reading the pamphlet on the coffee table, all the while rubbing the baby oil into her breasts. June’s excitement surged through her groin, as she watched Annie unknowingly put on an erotic show – her small hands with painted fingernails manipulating her tits, rubbing and squeezing as they glistened in the light.

“How’s it feel?” asked June making her way back into the living room.

“Better, much better,” replied Annie

“Good, we need to get back to the massaging,” June remarked. And although she didn’t say it, back to the sucking.

Annie glanced at the clock. Half past nine. “Yeah, you’re right. Gosh, time flies when you’re having fun,” she joked. Both women laughed as Annie once again settled into her spot on the sofa. June assumed her position beneath Annie’s ample tits. But she remembered how uncomfortable she was the first time and adjusted her position. With a matter-of-fact manner, she grasped Annie’s right breast and wrapped her lips around the nipple. Annie immediately closed her eyes and threw her head back. Instinctively, she began caressing June’s head as the latter sucked as hard as she could. But June was still uncomfortable and forced to stop the exercise in order to readjust herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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