VijayaLakshmi- A Legion of Sex Ch. 06

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THE SECOND shock was even more dramatic.

A few days later, Vijaya came home unwontedly early from school. There were to be drama rehearsal’s for the school’s annual day and the students who weren’t participating were allowed to go home. Vijaya was among them, and she was glad for the opportunity to spend a longer time naked, watching Kartik’s pornographic movies, reading his ‘pondies’, masturbating. Perhaps she might see Kartik and Shanti again. She hurried home feeling increasingly horny, her cunt already moist.

She let herself in with her latchkey and was about to barge into her bedroom when she stopped, a puzzled frown on her face. The door was closed. That itself was unusual. Then she heard voices, a man and a woman, from the other side, a giggle, a chuckle, a sharp gasp. She went still and cold. She knew the voices.

Silently, Vijaya dumped her school satchel on the floor and, dropping to her knees, put her eye to the keyhole.

She almost cried out in shock at what she saw. Her jaw dropped and she stared in disbelief, stuffing her hand in her mouth to stifle her cry. In the room, her sister and her younger uncle, Coomar, were making love.

Actually, they weren’t just making love. They were fucking.

It was hot, steamy, feverish, unbridled carnality.

Vijaya moaned softly, unable to tear her eyes from the keyhole. Her heart pounded in her chest. With a stab of shock, she realized that she ought to feel horror, revulsion, something, something *negative*; but the only sense she felt, the one that pervaded her being from head to toe, biting into the innermost recesses of her flesh, was raw, naked lust.

Vijaya’s sister was an attractive woman in her early thirties. Her face was pretty, with soft, gentle features, warm eyes, dark hair, a slim nose, a pretty mouth and even teeth. Her body was firm and beautifully curved: her breasts were full and ripe, her belly was flat, her hips and buttocks swelled neatly. Her skin was dusky and smooth.

Coomar was in his early forties. He was the youngest of the three brothers; Vijaya and Sheila’s father had been the eldest. Coomar was a dark, handsome man, tall and lean, with strong, aquiline features in a clean-shaven face. His shoulders were wide, the belly hard and trim, the hips narrow and his arms and legs were long and strong, rounded with firm muscles. His torso was covered with a mat of fine dark hair.

His cock was big, eight inches long, an inch thick.

They had obviously been at it for some time, for their bodies shone with sweat in the warm summer air. Coomar was fucking his niece on her back with rapid, yet measured, deeply skewering thrusts. She gasped and cried out, her pretty face suffused with lust, the gold chain around her neck slithering on her naked breasts which were swollen and turgid, the nipples nut-hard. She dug her fingers into his taut biceps as he leaned over her on his outstretched arms and knees, his hips rocking up and down between her forked, splayed thighs, his buttocks flexing and un-flexing rhythmically. Her legs were spread and her knees were bent and her hips heaved in unison with his. Coomar gritted his teeth, his face flushed with tension, his head bent between his corded, rippling shoulders.

“Yeh … c’mon … take it … take it, Sheila, bitch … take my cock!” he grunted. “Oh yeh … c’mon, you fucking whore … take it! Take it all!”

“Ohhh uhhh Oh Uncle Coomar … yes … fuck me! Fuck me, baby … do it, Uncle … fuck my slit … ohhh uhhh yeh … oh fuck yes … give it to me, Uncle … c’mon … shove it in … ahhh uhhh yeh … oh yeh … that’s it … c’mon, baby … shove your cock right up my cunt … ahhhhhh uhhh oh fuck yes! OHHHH uhh Ohhh yes … oh baby yes!”

“OHHH uhh Oh man yeh … take it, Sheila … take it! Take my cock …ohh uhh yeh oh yeh oh fuck yes!”

Faster and faster they went, their bodies rocking and jerking on the bed as Vijaya watched, dumbfounded, her body trembling with excitement. She jerked off her panties and bra and began masturbating frantically, stifling her moans, unable to tear her eye away from the keyhole.

“C’mon Sheila-whore!” Coomar gasped. “Talk to me, bitch! *Talk to me*! Tell me ’bout the others, slut … *do it*!”

“Yeh … oh yeh … that’s it … do it, Uncle Coomar … fuck my slit … yeh … that’s it … just like Uncle Sravan does, baby … just like he fucks me … with his fat long cock … yeh … that’s it …do it! Fuck me! Fuck me like Kartik does Uncle … and Jose … and … and Harish yes … ohhh uhhh yes … c’mon … fuck me hard, Uncle! Fuck me like a whore!”

Vijaya’s ears burned. She could hardly believe what she was hearing. Her sister, her beloved sister … she … she slept with … no, she *fucked* her uncles … and their sons … and the servant and … and even their *brother*! She watched as they slowed, gasping and panting, and broke apart. Sheila turned around on her forearms and knees on the bed and, kneeling behind her, Coomar took his cock in his hand and slowly squeezed it into her cunt. She gasped thickly, gritting her teeth, biting her lower lip, sahabet güvenilirmi her head rising and turning over her shoulder to her lover. Her breasts hung heavy and swollen and the gold chain around her neck swayed against her chin. Coomar ran his hands up her curved body and squeezed her pendulous breasts, pinching her nipples.

She squirmed her buttocks against his crotch.

“Mm … ohh yeh … oh that’s good, Uncle … that’s so good,” Sheila murmured huskily.

Coomar grinned and, bending forward, his hands squeezing her breasts, jammed his mouth to hers, kissing her deeply, thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth.

“You still fucking the servant, whore?” he grunted, sweeping his tongue through her ear.

Sheila shuddered, groaned, writhed. “Mm … whenever I can.”

“What’s he like?”

“Shankar? Great fuck. Good body, big cock. Bigger than yours or Uncle Sravan’s. Not as big as Harish’s, but then he’s the biggest. You know that’s why I first fucked him — couldn’t resist his cock!”

Coomar grinned and straightened, holding her hips, and began fucking her with long, slow, deep thrusts. On all fours beneath him, Sheila gasped, rocking to and fro and back and forth, running her cunt up and down the length of his cock, moving in concert with her uncle. Sheila’s face was radiant with lust, her nostrils flared, her mouth open, and she moaned and hissed sexily, mouthing obscenities, goading her lover.

“Yeh … fuck me, Uncle Coomar … fuck me like a whore … like a bitch … oh god that’s so good, baby … ohhh uhhh yeh c’mon, Uncle, do it! Fuck me hard!”

Grunting, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her hips, Coomar began fucking her faster and harder and deeper, rocking his hips against her buttocks with loud slapping sounds, swinging his hips quickly to and fro, flexing and un-flexing his taut buttocks. Vijaya watched, groaning in lust, as her uncle’s distended penis appeared and disappeared alternately between the smooth curves of her sister’s buttocks, glistening and gleaming with their coital juices. Faster and faster they moved, their cries rising in pitch and volume. Sheila’s body jerked and rocked on the bed, her breasts jiggling with Coomar’s thrusts. He gritted his teeth and, stretching his arms, gripped her shoulders and began to jerk her body savagely back and forth, yanking her cunt hard up and down on his cock. She cried out, and he gasped, flinging his head back, moving one leg up along her flank, moving faster still.

“Yeh … take it! C’mon, whore! Take it! Take it, you fucking bitch!” he cried. “Take my cock, slut … take it all! Ahhhh uhh ahhh uhh oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck uhhh yes … ohhhh uhhhh yes!”

Sheila began to orgasm and Coomar moaned, wincing and gasping, still rocking his cock furiously in and out of her cunt. Her fingers clawed at the sheets and her buttocks writhed and squirmed in his crotch. Her orgasm ebbed and she moaned, shuddering, swaying drunkenly under her uncle.

“Uncle … let me … let me suck you,” she moaned. “Cream in my face?”

Coomar grinned and, squeezing her breasts, slid his cock out of her cunt. He got to his feet and she turned on her knees and buried her face between his thighs, taking his cock deep in her mouth and sucking it hungrily. He gasped, his hands on her head, moving it back and forth to suit his pleasure as he pumped his hips to and fro, fucking her face. She evidently enjoyed sucking cock, for she moaned and whimpered deep in her cock-filled throat, pumping his shaft in her fist, her cheeks distended by the bulge of his penis.

“Yeh … suck it, whore … suck harder!” Coomar gasped. “C’mon, Sheila, bitch! Suck my dick! Suck it, slut … suck, suck, *suck!*”

Sheila responded at once, gripping his hips and pulling his cock deeper into her mouth. She teased his buttocks open and pressed a slender finger to his anus. Coomar gasped, his hips twitching violently and, at once, Sheila opened her mouth wide under his cock, running her tongue rapidly and lasciviously around his bulging cock-head, pumping his shaft in one fist. With a shuddering groan, Coomar exploded. On the other side of the door, Vijaya watched, stunned, as her uncle came violently, gasping and moaning, his hips lurching and twitching as the heat spewed in thick, copious, sticky jets from the long slit in his cock-head and into her open mouth.

Her face creased in pleasure as she swallowed it, shaking his cock, spattering her face and breasts with her uncle’s seed.

Coomar gasped and sank to the bed and Sheila went down on her back with him. They kissed, gently and deeply, and he fondled her cum-sticky breasts, massaging his seed into her flesh, rubbing her slit with his fingers.

“Fuck me again?” she murmured, sweeping her tongue through his ear, her fingers busy with his cock, her legs open, writhing against her uncle.

“In a bit. Need a break.”

She giggled and lapped his nipple tenderly. “You’re getting old.”

“Mm. Can’t be helped.”

“Fortunately not too old to have the hots for me.”

“Never that.”

She smiled. “Can I suck sahabet yeni giriş your cock? Get you hard?”


He turned on his back and she moved over him, snaking slowly down his body, lapping at his nipples, moving lower, rubbing her lovely breasts against his cock, nuzzling his crotch. He grunted thickly, lying back, eyes closed, one hand on her head, the other toying with her breasts.

“Sheila?” he murmured.


“You still whoring?”

She looked. “Mm. Yes. Very much so. You know I need the money. Harish doesn’t make enough for all three of us.”

“Give him time.”

“He spends too much on his whores.”

“Including you?”

Sheila grinned, wickedly. “Come to think of it, you’re right. He’s the one got me into it in the first place. From god knows when. Since I was what, nineteen, eighteen? You know how he loves watching you two uncles fuck me. Remember all the photos he takes?”

“Oh fuck yes. Never seems to drop his fucking camera these days!”

“He says it’s his job. He’s trying to make it as a pornographic photographer. He says there’s a company interested in his work. He showed some slides last week and a video. If they take him on, he’ll make good. Then we’re out of her, he and I and Vijaya.”

“Sravan and I’d hate that. Being stuck with those ugly broads we married.”

“I’ll never know why you did that, you two. You always had me to fuck.”

“Didn’t marry them to fuck, Sheila, you know that. We had to make it look respectable. Imagine what people would talk, two of us and you, all marriageable and pretty and all, living under one roof. Our marriages were good cover.”

“Well, you fucked them enough to knock them up and have the boys, didn’t you?” Now Sheila was sucking his cock slowly and deeply working it cleverly with her tongue and lips and teeth, rubbing and licking his balls, masturbating him tenderly. Vijaya watched, fascinated.

“Same reason,” Coomar went on, answering her question. You know it’s the truth. We’ve never stopped fucking you, have we? Either of us? And now our boys are doing it, too!”

“Thank heaven for that.” She took his cock deep in her mouth. It was rising and hardening now, quivering slowly erect. His hips writhed and bucked unevenly under her face.

“So how’s the flesh trade these days?” he grunted.

“Good. Very good.”


“Yes. More than I can handle sometimes.”

“I hear the competition’s getting stiff in this city, now?”

She giggled. “Fortunately so are the men. And that’s part of the deal Harish’s working on. If he gets the job, I get in, too. They run an expensive whorehouse.”

Coomar grinned. “Seventh heaven for you, right?”

Vijaya’s ears burned. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her sister was a whore! A real *whore*! She moaned softly. It was her most ardent fantasy, to fuck and be paid for it, and here it was, happening right in her own family, with her own sister, no less!

Coomar’s cock was erect now and he pulled her head up. She resisted, sucking him for a little longer and then rose, smiling wantonly down at her uncle and moved up over his body, straddling his hips, kneeling across his lap. She took his cock in her hand and, guiding it between her thighs, eased her cunt gently down on it with a soft sigh of pure pleasure. He smiled at her, running his hands up her lovely, slender, curved body to her breasts.

She smiled down at him and, lifting her hands, tilted her head back and, collecting her hair, bent her neck and coiled it deftly into a knot high on her head. It was a lovely, sensuous gesture, and, as her arms moved, so did her breasts and her belly drew inward. She looked gorgeous and sexy. Coomar fondled her breasts and she leaned forward on her outstretched arms, slowly moving and swirling her hips in tight, erotic circles on his lap.

“Feel good, Uncle?” she murmured huskily, her eyes bright. “Does my cunt feel good on your dick?”

“Wonderful,” he grunted, craning his head and sucking gently on her breasts. “You’re the best, Sheila. The best.”

“Fuck me, Uncle,” she sighed. “Keep fucking me … I want your cock in my slit forever and ever!”

Coomar grinned, moving his hips slowly and rhythmically up and down under her. She rocked back and forth and to and fro on her hands and knees and Vijaya saw her cunt running up and down the length of his swollen cock, her buttocks bobbing off his thighs.

“You can’t go on forever, you know,” he said.

“What?” she looked down at him puzzled.

“Your whoring. It can’t go on endlessly, Sheila, can it?”

“No, it’s going to stop sooner or later. I figure I might as well enjoy it while it lasts. It’s a good thing I’m so randy and love fucking so much.”

“I’m not joking, babe. Have you thought about the future? Planned ahead? Put some money aside? Marriage?”

“There’s just about enough, Uncle. I’m expensive. And I’m saving nicely till Harish gets settled. Then we’ll be fine. You don’t seem me splashing it around unnecessarily, do you? It comes in steadily, though it’s hard work. Good thing I enjoy it so sahabet giriş much!”

“Good. That’s good. What about Vijaya?”

“What about her?”

“Have you thought about her future? Studies, going abroad, marriage?”

Sheila paused and smiled down at him. “Uncle, Vijaya is my sister. I know her. I look at her and I see myself in her. I was just like this at her age. You know that. You fucked me first when I wasn’t much older. Believe me, she’ll find her way. I’m not going to stop her, not in anything she wants to do, and I mean *anything*. We’re good friends and I’ll always be there to help her. Even if she decides to follow in my footsteps. And I mean that. I won’t stop her even then, and I’ll help her if I can.”

Coomar stopped and stared at her, dumbfounded. “What are you saying, Sheila? You mean … you mean … she … you … you want her to be like you?”

“What’s wrong with that, Uncle? I’m happy, aren’t I? She can be happy like me, can’t she? And have you seen her recently? I mean, really *seen* her?”

“What do you mean?”

“Haven’t you noticed? How good she’s looking? How sexy her body is? I know her, Uncle Coomar. I know she’s hot. It won’t be long before she’s fucking someone. And I’d like her to do it, enjoy it like I do, even making a life from it, like I have. Don’t forget, I wasn’t forced into whoring. I wanted it. I wanted to be a whore, ever since I was her age, and, if I know her, she does, or will, too. I just don’t want her to get hurt, that’s all. If I knew she was fucking, and she wanted help, some guidance, pointers, instructions, the kind of things to do, how to make it better, believe me, I’d teach her. I’m just not rushing it. Let it happen, and it will. Harish and I will always be there to help her along, if whoring is what she wants. It’s what *we* want.”

“You’re … you’re incredible! You’re mad!” Coomar gasped.

“Am I?” she smiled wantonly, writhing her hips on his groin, flexing and un-flexing her buttocks rhythmically, squeezing her cunt over his cock so that he groaned and lurched up under her. “See? See how good that is? Now that’s a trick few women know without being taught. It’s good for me, too, and why shouldn’t my own sister know it? Think about it, Uncle, next time you see her. Think about how it would be to fuck her. She’s lovely, she’s nineteen, she’s hot, she has a great body. Just imagine her, moaning and gasping and sweating, sucking your cock, squeezing it in her cunt … she’ll be a great fuck, just watch. She’ll be very good, and you’re going to love every minute of it. Just imagine! Wouldn’t it be grand? If you were fucking *both* sisters? All of you?”


“Uncle, I’ve had a good life, better than you in your marriage. I decided not to marry because I like men too much, I love their bodies and their cocks, and I want them in quantity, not just one man. So why should my sister have less? Tell me that? I love sex, and she’s like me and she’s going to love it, too, I know, more but not less. So I’m going to help her get everything she wants out of life, take all its pleasures and none of its pain. That’s what life should be. Fun. Happiness. Why shouldn’t I want that for my own sister?”

“But … but you’re asking *me* to fuck *her*! Your *sister*!”

“So? Harish did the same when he asked you to fuck me, offered my body to you. You didn’t say no then, why are you hesitating now? Better you, who I know, a guy who fucks well and knows how to keep a woman happy, better one of you I know than some idiot who will give her only pain and no pleasure. And what’s new about it in this family, tell me? You’ve always fucked me, you and Sravan, ever since Harish introduced me to you. We’ve always enjoyed our sex. We still do. You’ve often told me how you used to fuck our mother, while Dad watched and encouraged you. How, often, all three of you would fuck her together. So I guess it must be in our blood, Uncle, yours and mine, too. I’m just like you. I fuck my own brother, Harish, and your elder boy and Sravan’s.You’ve seen me with Jose and Kartik, haven’t you? Weren’t you the one who asked me to help Jose? Like Sravan did for Kartik? And didn’t I do it? Give them their first fucks? Show them how to fuck a woman like a woman should be fucked? So I’m asking you to return the favour. Do for me and my sister what I did, and still do, for you and your sons. And let them fuck her, too. They’re good and they’ll be good for her.”

Coomar grinned. “Oh you wonderful, horny, hot piece of ass! God, I love you, Sheila! I love you!”

She grinned and, bending over, kissed him deeply. “I love you, too, Uncle Coomar. You and Uncle Stan and the boys … I love you and I love fucking you. C’mon now … enough of this serious stuff … Now I want it in my ass, Uncle … c’mon … fuck my butt!”

She slid off his cock and turned around again on her front, bending steeply this time, spreading her legs wide, and thrusting her buttocks up at him. Coomar rose, his eyes glittering with lust and dropped in a deep squat over her flared hips. He pushed his cock between her buttocks and then, taking a breath, flexed his buttocks and eased his hips forward. His cock-head popped into her anus and Sheila cried out, her face twisting in a paroxysm of excitement, her fingers scrunching the sheets, her head whipping up, her lips snapping back, her mouth tearing open, her long neck craned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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