Morning Coffee

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Waking slowly, opening her eyes Angela saw that Jon was still sleeping. Quietly and slowly she eased out of bed picking up her discarded yellow night gown from the night before. On her way to the bathroom she slipped it over her head and let it settle down over her trim body.

After washing her face, brushing her teeth, she ran a quick brush through her hair then slipped out of the bedroom. She padded barefoot downstairs to the kitchen. Humming quietly to herself she began to make coffee. After adding coffee to the filter basket and starting the coffee to brewing, she hunted through the frig for some OJ. Pouring herself a glass she stood watching the coffee and sipping her juice.

Suddenly, she felt Jon’s arms slid around her waist from behind as his lips pressed again the side of her neck. Giggling she set her glass on the counter and tilted her head allowing Jon access to

nuzzle her neck freely. As his left hand slid up to cup and fondle her breast she felt his right hand descend down over her flat tummy to stop right above her pussy. Teasingly, she pressed her butt back against Jon’s hardening cock.

Hearing him moan softly, she reached back and held his hips with her hands. kaçak iddaa Pulling him tighter against her as she continued to grind her ass against his cock.

“If you continue to do that, I’ll have to lick your sweet ass for you.” Jon whispered in her ear. In response she pressed against his now raging hard cock even harder. Jon began kissing a line down her

spine feeling the satin material of her nightgown against his lips till he was kneeling behind her. His warm hands began caressing her thighs moving higher until he raised the hem of her gown over her hips.

Immediately she felt his tongue warm and wet against her skin. He kissed and licked her left ass cheek then gave the right one the same loving treatment. Angela steadied herself by holding the edge of the counter as she bent forward from the waist offering her ass to Jon’s seeking tongue. He gripped her ass cheeks in his hands, he spread them to allow his tongue to lick and tease her puckered little hole. Angela felt her pussy grow damp as his tongue continued to circle and probe her asshole. She let her right hand move to her pussy as she began to slide her middle finger into her wet pussy then rub her clit in tiny circles.

Jon kaçak bahis paused as he watched her finger move in and out of her pussy then rub wetly over her swollen clit. Unable to hold back any longer he again began to lick and probe her asshole with his tongue. This time he felt the little hole relax and begin to open to him. Taking advantage of this he slid the middle finger of his right hand into Angela’s now very wet pussy. Once his finger was nice and wet he rubbed it around the opening hole before him.

Angela’s breathing was becoming harsh and rapid as she moaned and pushed back against his finger. Jon slid his finger into her ass and began to finger fuck her ass as she moaned louder. He kissed and lick her butt cheeks moving his finger in and out faster as she bucked her hips in a fevered motion. Soon she was yelling, “Oh Baby!” as her body tensed and her orgasm washed over her body. He looked to see the juices of her pussy running down the inside of her thighs.

Standing quickly Jon pulled the drawstring of his pants and let them fall to the floor at his feet. Taking his raging hard cock in his hand he pressed it into her very wet pussy. Feeling her heat surround his cock head he pressed illegal bahis deeper into her. Angela moaned in response to the feeling of fullness his cock gave her pussy. After thrusting several times, Jon withdrew from her pussy and pressed the head of his cock against her asshole. Angela responded by pressing back as he pushed forward. She cried out with pleasure as his cock head penetrated her ass.

Slowly he pressed forward until Angela’s tight ass took all of his cock. Holding her hips with his hands he began to slowly work in and out of her feeling the tightness of her ass sliding the length of his cock. It wasn’t long before Angela was cumming again as she rubbed her clit hard.

Jon felt her ass tighten even more around his cock as she orgasmed. Unable to control himself any longer he pounded fast and hard into her ass feeling his balls tighten he knew it wouldn’t be long till he would be shooting his hot cum deep into her ass. Grunting as he thrust, Angela encouraged him telling him how much she wanted to feel his cock twitch in her ass as he came. Her words along with her next orgasm pushed him over the edge. “OMG Baby you got me” he groaned as he thrust one last time deeply into her ass and began shooting his hot cum into her.

Both shaken and exhausted from their lovemaking session Jon withdrew from Angela’s body, picked her up and carried her back to bed, the coffee long forgotten.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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