A Magical Visitor Ch. 06

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Madeline walked back into her apartment after a day at the spa. She could have just conjured up a spa in her bedroom, sure, but it just wasn’t the same, and she felt more normal going to the regular spa down the street from her, and enjoyed it just the same.

She took a break from using her magic so much today, only using it to conjure some money to pay for the spa, and using it to quickly get dressed that morning. Now that she was home though, she was ready for some dinner, and would need to use her magic powers for that, since it was infinitely easier than cooking by hand. Waving a hand towards the kitchen, it went to life, and began cooking her a delicious meal. Utensils started flying around, ingredients floated to where they were needed, and prep work was done by itself.

Not even paying attention, she looked down at the ground, and lifted herself up in the air, just enough so that her white slip on converse sneakers could slip off of her feet. The socks she was wearing did the same, and both sets of footwear hovered into her bedroom closet, the bedroom door opening for them as they grew closer. As a trade for the converse sneakers, a pair of brand new ugg boots walked out of her bedroom, which made her smile. They seemed to strut over to her as if they knew they were getting worn. This tall pair of chestnut ugg boots with ribbons up the back moved into position under her feet, and she lowered herself down, slipping into the ever comfortable ugg boots below her. As a final touch, she snapped her fingers, and the top and skirt that she currently wore disappeared, and was instantly replaced by her more comfortable pajamas.

Satisfied with her new comfort level, she lifted herself up in the air again, and floated over to the couch, where she set herself down with her feet outstretched. The tv magically turned on, and started playing the next episode of the TV show she had been binging. Halfway through the hour long episode, she could see that her dinner was ready because it was already floating over to her. A plate with her magically made dinner on it hovered over in front of her, along with silverware, a napkin, and a glass of chardonnay. The fork moved itself through the air, picked up some foot on the plate, and brought it to her mouth for her to eat. When she was thirsty, the glass of wine hovered to her lips, giving her a sip, and then floated back to its place in the air. Her napkin was always at the ready to wipe rogue food or wine from her lips.

Dinner continued on like this until her plate was empty, and Madeline was full. With a small wave and a nod, the plate, napkin, silverware and empty wine glass hovered back to the kitchen, where all of the dirty dishes and utensils were already cleaning themselves. After being cleaned, everything floated into its place in the cabinets or drawers. Madeline looked over at the kitchen, perfectly clean, and smiled in amusement, since she didn’t even have to lift a finger to make dinner, eat, and clean the dishes, apart from a couple waves of her hand. These powers of hers were not going to get old anytime soon.

When the episode finished, she allowed one more to start before heading to bed. Ever since meeting Emilia, Madeline was pretty sure she would never have to work another day in her life, unless she wanted to. And knowing that Emilia was being worn by Jessica today as her sneakers, Jessica was not at work today, and won’t have to work anymore either. Thinking about this, and how she didn’t have a job to get up for tomorrow morning, she decided to watch two more episodes, instead of just one. She still did need to sleep after all.

When the third episode finally finished, Madeline yawned, and the tv turned itself off. Madeline levitated herself up off the couch, and floated towards her bedroom, the bedroom door opening automatically for her, and closing behind her. Her bed prepared itself for her, and she laid herself down, being covered by the sheets and blankets magically. It did not take long for her to drift off to sleep, but little did she know that the dream she was about to have was going to be one from the mind of her good friend Emilia. A dream like no other she’s ever had, one that feels extremely real, like it was real life, almost.

Emilia sensed that Madeline was just now falling asleep. Even though she was Jessica’s pair of converse sneakers for the day, that didn’t mean that she couldn’t multitask, and besides, Jessica was consumed by having sex with Sarah at the moment, so she had some time to kill.

As she reached out to Madeline’s dreaming state, she began to conjure up a dream for her. One that she would enjoy, but also fear a little bit. Emilia wanted to show Madeline just how powerful she could be, and what was possible if she decided to use her powers in not so moral ways.

Finalizing the dream, Emilia mentally sent it to Madeline’s mind, where it began to play. bahis şirketleri Madeline would not know it was a dream until she woke up, and would be able to interact inside the dream, so things should get quite interesting for Emilia and Madeline.

Madeline opened her eyes and saw her bedroom, but something was different, it just wasn’t the same. Maybe it was because she was dreaming, but how would she know she was dreaming? Was this even a dream? How was she to know for sure?

This is a dream sweetheart. I have some plans for you. Emilia’s voice sounded in her head, and then she saw the beautiful goddess appear at the foot of her bed, naked, except for a pair of black slip on converse sneakers, just like the ones that she turned herself into to be worn by Jessica.

“How am I dreaming? This all feels so real!” Madeline said.

I thought by now you would learn not to question my magical powers. You are going to pay for that. Madeline saw Emilia’s face as she put on a devilish smile.

“Pay? But why?! I didn’t do anything wrong!” Madeline said, frightened.

Yes, I am going to make you pay. Since this is a dream, I’m not going to hold back, and I am going to do things that I’ve only wished to do in the real world, but haven’t because of my moral compass. And to make things more fun, you will not remember that this is a dream until you wake up! From now on, think of me as your dominatrix! Emilia snapped her fingers, and a dominatrix outfit appeared on her body, tight black leather. Her converse did not change, but a whip now floated next to her body.

For the rest of this dream once we get started, I will not have any of my powers, but will still be able to communicate telepathically. To start things off, I will make you use your powers to do my bidding, so it’s like you’re my genie now! Emilia snapped her fingers again, and Madeline’s pajamas and tall ugg boots transformed into a traditional genie outfit, very similar to ones worn in classic tv shows. She also had golden shackles on her wrists, ankles, and her neck. She still wore ugg boots, but now they were mini ugg boots, that didn’t even cover her ankle, to give enough room for the shackles. These ugg boots were adorned with embroidery and gold, to make them look like magical genie ugg boots. As this change was happening, Emilia grabbed the whip out of the air with her right hand.

“What is happening?! And why can’t you just use your own powers?! You are more powerful than I am.” Madeline exclaimed, very confused.

My will, that is what is happening, and because this way is more fun! As a goddess, things can get boring, so I have to come up with ways to liven things up! Now genie slave, for my first wish, I wish that you will do whatever I say, no matter what, with a smile on your face. Secondly, I wish that you will grant all my wishes exactly as I intend them to be granted, no tricks to use my wishes against me. Thirdly, I wish that you will only do what I command you to do. If I do not tell you to do anything, or ask you a question, you stand or sit still with your mouth closed. Is that understood?

“Yes mistress” Madeline said, and smiled. She enjoyed being mind controlled the first time Emilia did it to her, because it was in the moment, and she found it sexy, but now, she did not want to do any of this. Madeline did not want to be chained up, and told to do whatever another person wanted. She was helpless to resist though, even if she did have magical powers, Emilia’s were much stronger, and with that third wish, she was helpless to do anything unless commanded to.

I wish for you to teleport us to the nearest yoga class, and nobody will notice us, as if we are invisible. I had good luck with that earlier, finding exactly what I was looking for, so let’s see if it performs just as well this time.

Madeline hesitated, not wanting to obey, but Emilia saw this and glared at her.

I will not ask again! I wish for you to telekinetically take this whip, and whip your ass with it 3 times!

This time, Madeline was not able to resist at all, and did as she was bid by her mistress. She focused on the whip in Emilia’s hand, even though she had no intention or desire to, and levitated it close to her butt. She felt her mind do the same to her body, as she lifted herself up, and positioned herself on the bed, so that she was on all fours, her ass facing Emilia’s smiling face. Another helpless thought from her mind, and the whip lashed against her butt. Luckily she had some clothing there to help absorb the blow, but she knew that Emilia would not be so nice next time. Two more lashes to her ass, and she was on the brink of tears. Madeline used her powers again to float the whip back into Emilia’s hand.

Now, let’s try this again. I wish for you to teleport us to the nearest yoga class!

Not wanting anymore punishment, Madeline did as she was bahis firmaları commanded, and snapped her fingers. In an instant, they were both suddenly in a very upscale yoga studio, where class was in session. Emilia looked around the class and smiled. This was even better than the first time.

I wish to be comfortably sitting in the air. Madeline snapped her fingers, and Emilia rose in the air, into a sitting position, one leg crossed over the other. I wish that you were my footstool until I saw otherwise. Madeline then felt her body move down to the ground near Emilia’s hovering feet, on all fours again, and she felt Emilia’s converse sneakers land on her back. Ah, that’s much better. Now, what to do with all of these lovely ladies?

I wish all of these ladies were now naked, but they couldn’t tell, and felt like they were still clothed. Madeline snapped, and all of the women in the yoga studio were instantly naked. That’s better, but now I wish that they were all wearing the shoes they wore to class. Madeline snapped again, and the pile of shoes by the door disappeared, and every woman was now naked with their respective pairs of shoes on.

Hmmm, even better, but I’m not too keen on some of these footwear choices. I wish that if a woman in the yoga studio is wearing a pair of shoes I don’t like, they will be replaced by a pair of ugg boots that give me complete telepathic command of their bodies and minds. Yes, I quite like that wish.

Madeline snapped her fingers yet again, and about half of the class’s women had their footwear changed to ugg boots. I wish to know which girl here has the smelliest feet right now. With that wish, a slight but noticeable glow came from a brunette in the back row. She was almost six feet tall, and looked to have about size ten feet. Now I wish that her new ugg boots smelled just as good as her feet.

Stop the pose that you’re in, and come over to me. The brunette stopped the pose she was in, and walked over to stand in front of Emilia. Tell me your name.

“Hi, I’m Stacy.” the brunette said.

Well hello Stacy. Emilia projected into Stacy’s mind. I’ve heard it from a reliable source that your feet are quite stinky, along with those cute boots you’re wearing.

“Why yes, yes they are.” Stacy replied.

How about you let me give them a kiss, hmmm?

“Go right ahead, by my guest.”

I wish for Stacy to float up into the air, and for her feet to hover over to my face. When you telepathically sense that I am ready, take her boots off telekinetically, and let me smell them, and have Stacy smell them as well.

Stacy felt herself float up into the air, and her legs were extended out towards this mystery woman.

Once Stacy’s boot covered feet were close enough, Emilia started to kiss her boots on the soles, and then moved her face up to the soft fabric on top, rubbing her cheek all along the boots. As she was enjoying this, she thought of a few more wishes she wanted to make.

I wish that every time I make a wish, you get aroused, the more wishes I make, and the bigger the wish is, the more you get aroused. Instantly going into effect, Madeline moaned in pleasure, becoming immediately aroused.

I wish that you will not be able to orgasm unless I allow it. Madeline could almost cry, that was not a good sign.

I wish that you will continually read my mind so that if I want something moved, a door opened, a person floating off the ground, a girl’s shoes taken off, you will automatically perform these actions with your telekinesis without me having to say anything or make a wish. Emilia could hear Madeline moan even louder now, as she laid there on all fours beneath her converse clad feet.

I wish that my feet always smell the perfect amount, not too much as to make someone gag, but not so little as to be nonexistent. I also wish that whatever shoes I wear, whether they are brand new or years old, will take on this same smell.

I wish that whenever I want, you will magically perform oral sex on me, with your tongue, but without having to have your face at my pussy, so any movement you make with your tongue, I feel between my legs. Now, Madeline was on the verge of orgasm, but due to Emilia’s wish, she was not able to, and was stuck being about to climax for as long as Emilia wanted.

Continuing to enjoy Stacy’s ugg boots, she was content with the wishes she had just made. Without having to say anything, the ugg boots hovered off of Stacy’s feet. One floated over to Emilia’s nose, for her to breath in the wonderful stench of Stacy’s feet, and the other went to Stacy’s nose.

“Um, what are you doing? I’m not really into that kinda thing” Stacy said in response to the ugg boot floating in front of her face.

Too bad sweetheart, I want you to smell your boot, so you will. Emilia focused her will on Stacy, making her move her face closer to the floating ugg, kaçak bahis siteleri and once her nose was inside the boot, made her take a nice long inhale. That wasn’t so bad now was it Stacy?

“Ugh, I can’t believe I just did that! Why would you make me do that?!”

Because I wanted to, and everyone does whatever I want them to do, watch this. Emilia focused her attention on a short girl with black hair in the second row of the yoga studio, who was one of the girls who had their footwear switched to uggs, and thus giving control of their minds and bodies to Emilia. Without much more than a thought, this girl got down on all fours, and crawled towards Emilia and her two slaves. She proceeded to put her face up to Emilia’s converse sneakers, which were still resting on the back of her genie slave Madeline, and licked the soles from bottom to top. I can make anyone do whatever I want, with no effort at all.

Emilia continued to prove this as her converse sneakers floated off of her feet and into the air, thanks to Madeline’s telekinesis, and the black haired beauty was commanded to begin licking her feet. What’s your name sweet thing?

“Ve- Veronica.” the black haired girl said, obviously frightened of Emilia’s control over her body.

How do you like me forcing you to lick my stinky feet?

“It’s awful! I hate it! I didn’t do anything to deserve this! Please let me stop!” Veronica pleaded in between licks.

No can do Veronica, Stacy here needed some proof of my power, so here you are.

“You gave me proof! Now please let her stop!” Stacy said.

Well, now that she is licking my feet, it feels quite good, so no, I don’t think I want her to stop.

At this, Veronica began to tear up, continuing to lick Emilia’s stinky feet. Her converse, which were now floating into the air decided to find a couple more victims to play with, thanks to Emilia wanting them to. Both black converse decided on the same woman. She was a beautiful blonde in the front row. Emilia didn’t want to miss the show, so she had Madeline use her telekinesis to levitate this buxom blonde to the back of the room where the party was happening. The converse sneakers moved to the blonde, one to her mouth and nose for her to sniff and lick, the sneaker rotating itself every so often giving her the chance to do both, and the other sneaker moved down to her crotch, and started to rub between her legs with its sole, causing her to moan softly.

Now what is your name hun?

“I’m Rachel, mistress.” the beautiful blonde replied.

Mmmm, already falling in line, I like that, I will reward you for that later! Emilia winked at Rachel as she projected this thought into her mind.

Emilia noticed a pair of black steve madden platform sneakers on Rachel’s feet, and not long after, they floated off, and over to Emilia for her to enjoy along with Stacy’s ugg boot. Emilia smelled the platform sneakers of the blonde bombshell, and was not disappointed. Rachel had obviously worn these a lot, and they had a very nice scent to them, which Emilia could not get enough of, and they were still warm from when she was wearing them earlier.

Now that Emilia was surrounded by four girls, all under her control, had an ugg boot and a pair of wonderful sneakers floating at her face, she decided that it was time for her to finish what she started here. First, she commanded Madeline to begin performing telekinetic oral sex on her, to which she instantly felt mounds of pleasure as Madeline’s phantom tongue played with her pussy. She ordered Veronica to pick up her foot worship efforts, and had Stacy start to rub her bare feet on Emilia’s chest. Emilia continued to sniff and kiss the sneakers and boot that were hovering in front of her face, and started to become close to climax.

Since Madeline was making this all possible, by her choice or not, Emilia still wanted to throw her a bone so that she could also have an orgasm, but it would be a disappointing one, so that Madeline would only want more.

Emilia was now on the brink, and right before she came, she took one last big whiff from the beautiful blonde’s platform sneakers, which put her very much over the edge. Emilia moaned loudly as Madeline’s magical tongue, the shoes at her face, and the scene around her made her cum. She sat there in the air, riding the pleasure waves. Juices even started to flow out of her pussy. Along with her orgasm, Madeline also experienced one of her own, but of a much smaller magnitude.

Now that her orgasm was done, Emilia had Veronica stop licking her feet, which gave her a moment of reprieve, and had Stacy’s ugg boots float back onto her feet as she floated a comfortable distance away from Emilia. Emilia had Rachel’s sneakers do the same, but left her to enjoy her own converse sneakers, as they continued to pleasure the blonde. Rachel may not have a foot fetish, but she sure was kinky, and looked like she would be game for pretty much anything Emilia had in store.

Mmmm, so how was that my genie slave?

“Disappointing! You got me all worked up for nothing!” Madeline replied, now that she could.

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