They Choose, They Use Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Part 2

The casino was buzzing. Someone had just won big. I felt pity for whoever it was, they would lose it again so quickly. The house always won. Won no matter what. The croupiers were all smiles, smiles and fake tans. Fake smiles. They knew, as we knew. The other punters smiled, their fake smiles, patted each other on the back. Their “why isn’t it me” fake happiness. They didn’t know, didn’t understand, that the house would win, no matter what…………….

Tris, my ex-husband. My gambling addict ex-husband, the father of my daughter, was an addict, nothing could change that. We had been forced to pay off his debts with our bodies. We’d done that, and probably more. The debt re-paid we were left high and dry. My daughter had been about to go to Uni, me I’d been the deluded faithful wife. I hadn’t worked since we married, married Tristan the rising star in the city bank. Charles had been kind. He’d treated us kindly, after a fashion. He’d pimped us both, fucked us both, but at least he’d been honest. The debt paid he’d set us free. The trouble was we didn’t want the freedom, we liked working for him. We liked the overseas trips, the clothes, the good living. The sex, god we loved the sex…………………………

“I don’t understand, you both want to work for Charles, after all he made you do?” Tris said.

“Tris it was you that forced us into that situation. You, not Charles. You. You know I’d never been with anyone else until that night. You were the only person I’d fucked, you bastard, you used us.” I fumed.

“I’m sorry, but it’s Charles that’s used you,” Tris replied.

“But it was you that forced us into that position, used us both to pay your gambling debts. Was Emily’ virginity a price worth paying?” I hissed. “And you sat there and watched him fuck her!”

“I remember,” he said.

“Getting hard thinking about it?”

“Mum, Dad, stop it. There’s no point. It’s done.” Emily said.

We stopped she was right. There was no point.

“You’re right darling, but he needs to know, to be told. You could have been at university, but now…” My voice trailed away.

“I didn’t want to go to Uni, I never did, that was your dream for me. Don’t you see, we’re both doing something that we totally enjoy, together.” Emily stated.

“What prostitutes!” Tris said.

We never used the word it was always left unsaid between Emily and me. But yes.

“Yes Dad, prostitutes, you’re right, but at least now it’s our choice, not something we’re forced into because of you.”

“Mummy do you remember the first time, when he sent us to London………………….

The train took us. We had both gazed out of the window as it sped us to St Pancras. Anna escorted us, made sure we went to where we were supposed to go. We could have refused, or lost her in the crowds, but for whatever reason we didn’t. The hotel was ultra-posh, just down the road from one of the embassy’s. We checked in. The suite was on the third floor. Ankle deep carpet, king size beds in both bedrooms, which adjoined a lounge. We didn’t have to wait long. He was young, which surprised me, only in his mid twenties.

“Of course, both of them, four hours,” Anna said.

“And how do I know they’re really mother and daughter, after all, that’s what I’m paying for,” he said.

Anna reached into her handbag and pulled out two passports. Ours. He was satisfied then.

“You staying?” He asked her.

“You wish!” Anna replied.

I lifted my hips, and his cock penetrated me in one swift movement. I gasped. It wasn’t that he was particularly big, he wasn’t. No sooner than he was inside me, than he was thrusting hard. I gasped again, as he withdrew until I thought he would slip out of my wet cunt, then he thrust forward again. He fucked me hard. Hard and fast.

“Of fucking hell, of my god, I……… coming…..”

It was so quick, I came quicker than my husband did, he didn’t slow, if anything he quicken his pace.

“I’m coming…. again,” I managed to pant. I was breathless, clawing his back, as I wrapped my legs around his waist, moving my hips to meet his thrust. I came again, and as I did, he pulled out of me.

“You, on your knees,” he said to Emily, who was watching wide eyed, beside me on the bed. Watching wide eyed, her nipples hard, her hand I noticed between her legs.

I watched her as she rolled over, and got onto her knees, her pert bottom in the air. He positioned himself behind her, his cock jutting out obscenely in front of him. As he slid inside her I heard her cry out. He took no notice but continued where he had left off from me. She came quickly, maybe quicker than I had. It didn’t slow him.

“Yes…. yes…. yes. Mummy…. I…….am coming again, fuck….” She yelled.

I watched her dig her nails into the pillow, as he fucked her relentlessly.

He swapped us over again, then again. He still hadn’t come, and yet we had been coming for what seemed hours. My cunt was wet, and swollen with lust, but now Emily was between my spread legs, her tongue taking me to the edge of orgasm queenbet güvenilirmi again, as he fucked her from behind……………………

“God that was fabulous, I can’t believe it was a year ago,” Emily said.

“That was just the start, come on, let’s go home, we can tell your father about our year there,” I said. We stopped off and brought a couple of bottles of Cava, and some beer for him.

“When did you start drinking beer,” I asked, “you were always a scotch on the rocks.”

“Beer is cheap. Then I sort of got a taste for it. Anyway, on my wages it’s all I can afford.” Tris said.

We walked back to the apartment, then took the lift to our floor. I could tell Tris thought his luck was in. It wasn’t. I wasn’t going to fuck him. So why was he coming back with us. For one Emily needed to re-connect with her father, secondly, he needed to know how our life had changed because of his behaviour.

We sat in the lounge, the bi-folding doors open onto the deck, I had poured Emily and me a glass, and found a bottle opener for Tris.

“So where did you get those tans?” He asked.

“We topped them up in Baku this last week,” Emily told him.

“Baku? Where the fuck is Baku?”

“Azerbaijan, and it was surprisingly nice.” Emily said. “We were there to work, of course, but we had some time to ourselves.”

“It was nice wasn’t it, a villa overlooking the Caspian Sea, with infinity pool, could have used another couple of weeks there,” I said wistfully.

“I could have been very dirty with that red head,” Emily added.

“You said, several times,” I said.

“Some muscled guy you had your eye on?” Tris asked.

“No Daddy, some long legged, curly haired gorgeousness, with big tits.”

“Oh………. Yes ………. I see,” Tris mumbled.

“No you don’t Tris, Emily likes girls, and boys,” I said.

“Oh I see,” said Tris, “I see.”

“So does Mummy, don’t you Mummy!” Emily added, but then continued, “do you remember that blonde in Frankfurt…………………

The club had a basement. A basement for some of the kinkier customers. Charles sat at the table beside the bar. He wasn’t alone. Dieter a business associate was with him. They were discussing going into partnership with each other and expanding. We had been working for Charles for three months. Three months of which several weeks had been spent in Majorca, where we went after a week in Poland, where we had both had boob jobs, and I’d had a mini face lift. My tits were now a cup size larger, and were as perky as an eighteen-year-old. I knew that, because I could compare with Emily, whose breasts had also been increased to the same size. We were now 36D.

“Charles, Charles,” Dieter said. “Let’s leave it there for the day, we are agreed, now let’s get our lawyers to hammer out the contracts over the next couple of days, then meet again, but somewhere warm.”

“Not warm Dieter, fucking hot. Three weeks from now, Majorca, my villa!” Charles said emphatically.

“Agreed, now, some entertainment. Petra, make one of Charles’s girls scream will you.”

There were two women with Dieter, a brunette in a suit, who had been taking notes, her skirt had ridden up a little, revealing a lace stocking top. The other, Petra, had short, almost cropped blonde hair, and wore a short, tightly fitting leather skirt. She stood her breasts taut against her semi see through blouse. She would have been tall, even without her killer heels.

“Welcher dieser englischen Schlampen willst du, dass ich Dieter ficke?” She asked.

“Sie wahlen, ich werde die andere ficken.” Dieter replied.

My German was almost non existent but I understood the German for fuck. The brunette in the suit had moved beside Charles, her hand inside his jacket, lips on his neck.

Petra took my hand, pulled gently, and led me to the small stage. She was pretty, long eyelashes, false I noticed. Her make up perfect. She unbuttoned her blouse. My mouth was dry.

I looked up, the wall in front of me was one huge mirror. In the reflection I could see Charles, the brunette in the suit had his cock in her mouth. Emily, my Emily was naked, and like the brunette was sucking a hard cock, Dieters. I looked again at my reflection. I was bent over a padded bench, my wrists secured in padded leather restraints, my ankles also secured, so as my legs were bent, legs apart, and my arse pointing upwards. Petra was naked, but for her heels. She was buckling some sort of belt around herself. She moved and I saw with horror, that it was a strap-on, a strap-on with a massive black, veined phallus jutting out in front of her. I watched as she rubbed it with lube…………

“That was just after we’d had these, wasn’t it,” Emily said, cupping her breasts.

“About six weeks, we were still adjusting to the extra size,” I said remembering.

“I didn’t like them at first, but now, well now I love them,” Emily added.

“So you both had them done, and you’re both the same?” Asked Tris.

I knew what he wanted. I knew him so well, he wanted to see. Wanted queenbet yeni giriş to look, even Emily’s.

“I take it you want a look Tris, judging by that look on your face!” I said.

“Well………I ….. err………well………..yes,” he said finally.

“Emily, what do you think, want to show you Dad your tits?” I asked.

“Don’t mind,” she replied.

I stood, and pulled my top up, and over my head.

“Well Tris, what do you think? He just stared. “Good aren’t they, of course we didn’t have a choice, our bodies, but no choice.”

Emily was also topless. “Well Daddy, what do you think. Do you remember my old ones? Not very big were they, even so you looked down my top when you had the chance.” Emily said.

“He did what,” I said.

“Here Daddy, compare,” Emily said ignoring me. She stood beside me, and we pulled our shoulders back.

He was speechless, speechless, but goggle eyed.

“You can look Tris, but don’t even think about touching, not me, and certainly not Emily’s,” I told him.

“I don’t mind,” Emily said. “Go on, have a feel.”

Tris was rooted to the spot………….

Petra pinched my nipples, hard. I winced. The hard black rubber was in my face. The lube glistened. She slapped my bottom, hard.

“Ouch, that fucking hurt,” I shouted.

As I yelled out, so the stage was suddenly bathed in light. Bright white, blinding light.

I felt her behind me. I trembled with a mixture of fear, and sexual excitement. The rubber head parted my outer labia, it was rubbed up and down, up and down my wet cunt. Then I felt it pushing against my opening. I opened, like a flower in spring. The bulbous black head slipped inside me. I gasped. It was bigger than anything I had, had inside me before. Petra pushed it in, she didn’t pause but pushed it all the long way in, until I had it all. Twelve inches of hard, veined rubber. Then she pulled back, before pushing back in.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck………Jesus fucking Christ …….. bitch, you fucking bitch…….”

I shouted, as she began fucking me, if not gently, then slowly, at first, but gradually faster. Not only faster, but harder. Harder, faster. My cunt adjusted to the size of the rubber cock, its length, its girth. I was breathing heavily, feeling that familiar animal. I was coming and coming hard. It burst upon me.

“Oh God, oh fucking hell, yes…., oh fucking yes….” I yelled.

I was sweating, riding the waves of pleasure, as I came again, then immediately again. She didn’t let up, thrusting deeply inside me.

Suddenly, it was gone, my pussy was empty, empty and open. I wanted to come again, I wanted more. I was about to get more. Petra pushed some lube with her finger into my anus, then a second finger, then a third. She wasn’t gentle, the bitch didn’t know the meaning of the fucking word. She fingered fucked my arse, I savoured the feeling. Then the inevitable. That big black, veined cock was pushing against my sphincter. I tried to relax, I did relax. She forced it into me. The pain was intense, as the phallus ripped my anus apart. Like when she fucked my cunt, she forced it straight in, then fucked me hard. Despite the pain I knew I was coming. Then the pain was gone, replaced by pleasure, utter pleasure, still with an edge if pain. A good pain.

“Fuck my arse, fuck my arse, harder you fucking German bitch, fuck me harder, harder…..

“Your arse gaped for days after that you lucky cow,” Emily said.

“I remember,” I said wistfully.

“You enjoyed it?” Tris asked.

“Enjoyed it, I fucking loved it,” I said.

“Then you spent ages thanking her, you tongue was in and out of her, she came heavily and squirted, your face was soaking wet with her juices,” Emily giggled.

“Well, she had to be thanked properly,” I said, still remembering the taste, the feeling.

“Do you want to know the best bit Daddy?” Emily asked.

“There’s more?” Tris asked

“Mmm, want to know?” Emily asked.

“Yes,” Tris said in a croaky voice.

“The best bit was they filmed it. Filmed Mummy being fucked on stage by a blonde dyke, filmed her cum…, filmed her being fucked up the arse!”

“They did,” Tris managed to say………………

I could barely walked. My legs were like jelly. Bowed, but like jelly. I walked off the stage, towards where Emily was being fucked by Dieter, the brunette wiping cum off her face. Emily smiled at me and blew a kiss.

“You were fucking hot,” Dieter said, without pausing. “I can’t wait to watch it again.”

I found out soon enough. The guys were recovering. The big screen lit up beside the bar, and there I was, bound, the big rubber cock buried inside my cunt. We all watched, watched me coming. A close-up of my face, a close-up of my anus as it pulsed when I had come. Another close-up as my anus was penetrated.

“I’ll stream that tonight,” Dieter said. “I’ll need the slut again” ………………….

“You never let me fuck you like that,” Tris said.

“Never let you fuck me like that! That’s a joke, you’d just get queenbet giriş in me, then you’d come leaving me frustrated. You’d roll off me, wipe your dick on the sheet, roll over and go to sleep.” I said bitterly.

Tris looked shame face.

“The hardest your cock has ever been when you watched Emily being fucked by Charles,” I said.

Tris looked shame faced, again. “I should go,” he said.

“Don’t want to watch the film then Daddy,” Emily said. “Watch Mummy being fucked by the German bitch?” ………………………

The Italian on Palace Street had been a favourite since………. Well, since it opened. Emily and I sat in a corner table, from where we could see, and in turn, be seen. The anti-pasta was superb. As we waited for our main course, we sipped our wine, red, and Italian, of course. Chianti.

“Did you see the look on his face,” Emily asked. “when Petra penetrated you.”

“I know, his mouth opened, then closed, then just dropped open. I’d never seen his cock so hard,” I said.

“You should have let him, you know………” Emily said.

“What get it out?”

“Oh yes Mummy.”

“And I’d have ended up fucking him, or would you have liked that?” I asked her.

“Mmm maybe,” Emily replied.

“Ah now I see, you little slut, you’d want to join in, that’s a little perverted, even for you, isn’t it?” I said.

“Not exactly what you think, no I was thinking more of what Petra did to you!”

“Why now, I thought you wanted to let it go?” I asked.

“Because he’s gambling again.”

“He’s fucking what!” I seethed.

“He’s gambling again, in debt again. History repeating itself.” Emily said.

“Let me think about it, no rush, the DVD will keep him amused for, well long enough!”

I poured another glass, for each of us.

“Natasha how are you,” Cindy said.

Cindy was an old friend we’d played tennis together. Laughed together, cried together. I felt guilty for not keeping in touch.

“Where have you been it’s been months, if not longer.” Cindy continued, hugging me close.

“New jobs, with foreign travel,” I said.

“Look Natasha, I was so sorry to hear about you and Tristan, I thought you two were forever.”

“You know how it is anyway I’ve moved on, it’s all in the past now,” I said.

“Well, whatever it is it’s obviously doing you good, you look fantastic, and Emily, my you’ve blossomed into a beautiful young woman.” She said looking at Emily’s chest.

“Thank you, Cindy,” Emily replied.

“Look we’re having a party this Saturday, do come, both of you, oh say you will.” Cindy said.

“Well…….” I began.

“Good, about eight, just casual, oh and Emily, both Ashley, and Michelle will be there, look must go……….” And she was gone, and our sea bass arrived, pan fried perfectly.

“So, tell me, my little perverted daughter, what you have in mind for your father, is it revenge, or just a bit of fun for us both?” I asked between mouthfuls.

“Why not a little bit of both.”

“Ok, let’s work something out, but first we need to work, so we need to see Charles.”……………….

“No more bets,” the croupier called. The wheel span, the ball flipped from one number to another. The crowd around the table watched in total concentration.

“Six black,” she announced.

We walked further into his lair, to the inner sanctum.

Alan was there, he smiled.

“You owe me a blow job,” I said to him smiling.

“But Alan, I owe you a blow job of thanks, let me know when you want to cash it in,” Emily said.

He looked confused. “Thank you for not breaking my Daddy’s legs,” Emily whispered.

He blushed the big scar-faced man was embarrassed. He showed us in. Charles sat behind his desk a laptop open on the green inlaid leather. He stood, greeting us with a brief hug, and kiss on the cheek.

“Ladies, I didn’t expect to see either of you here,” he said.

“I think you did,” I said to him.

“Now Natasha, why would you say that?”

“Charles, may I ask a question?” I asked.

“Well, you can ask,” he replied.

“Tris owed you a considerable amount of money, so how have we paid it back in what, a year?” I asked.

“Well, you’ve earned rather more than I expected. The house I rented out it has now sold, at a decent profit. Even with buying you both the flat, and the tits, I’m still in profit.” He said.

“If you say so, but I don’t believe you. I think you’re a nice man under all that businessman façade.”

“You didn’t come here to flatter me,” he said.

“No, we didn’t. Charles you are in breach of the employment laws, by dismissing me and Emily without due notice. You are in serious trouble. However, we have a solution.”

“You have a solution? This I can’t wait to hear,” Charles said, chuckling.

“It’s easy, you withdraw our dismissal notices, and re-employ us both in our previous positions. We can discuss the terms.”

Charles laughed, “ladies, what can I say.” …………………

The sun shone from a clear blue Spanish sky. It was mid-afternoon. The pool looked inviting sunlight dappled on its surface. I couldn’t resist. My dress slipped to the tiled floor, I kicked my shoes off, unclipped my bra, and pulled my knickers down. I dived in. The water was refreshingly cool. I surfaced, smiled at Emily, and swam ………………..

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