The News Station

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The News Station

Brian was almost 50, a bit young for a forced retirement as the upper management was calling it. He sat in his office on this, his last day, wondering what it would be like not to get up at 2am every day to get into work by 3. He was fortunate in that he could sustain being unemployed for a few months or years in all actuality, but he really didn’t want to. He still believed in new approach and innovative ideas he had implemented at Channel 7, unfortunately the older more conservative management had not agreed. They simply didn’t agree with his approaches and uses of social media to bring in more viewers and increase interactions between his staff and the general public. He was sure there was a market that would latch on to his ideas, he just had to make sure the anchors were not quite so “free” with their off the air comments that had landed him in this mess. Still it had been a good 20 year run at 7. He smiled looking around his office at the photos on the wall of the news anchors he had helped to make successful over the year, some of whom he still remained in contact with to this day.

The sound of a loud bang followed by the exclamation of the words “Damint” could only mean one thing. Delanie was in and something wasn’t going well. Brian slide out of his chair and unlocked the door to the dressing room and walked in. Sure enough Delanie was there in her heavy parka with the hood pulled up, long strands of blonde hair peaking out from the hood, and her curlers lay on the floor, the mystery of the loud sound solved.

“Need a hand gorgeous?” Brian started to tease as he reached down to start picking up the stray curlers before looking up an seeing Delanie close to tears. “Oh honey, what is wrong?” Brian stood, putting the curlers on a near by bench and taking Delanie’s hands in his, his blue eyes full of concern.

“It’s your last day,” began Delanie between sobs, “and I wanted to wear that blue dress that is your favorite but I just found out its not in wardrobe because Jeannette wore it last night, and, and, my coffee spilled, my cake for you may not be ready on time… oh god Brian I’m going to miss you.” Delanie sobbed into his arms as he pulled her close, pushing back her parka.

“Okay kiddo, first of all the blue dress isn’t my favorite on you, its one of them, definitely in the top two or three but definitely not my favorite.” Brian laughed softly.

Delanie tilted her head up to him. “Really?” She asked as he wiped away a tear. Delanie was one of those women that really transformed for the camera. It wasn’t just the hair and makeup but how well she wore the makeup and how healthy her hair was. She would add just the right amount of makeup to accentuate her cheek bones and always blended the base perfectly. All 5’4 of her was just a really well put together package, perky young breasts, bright white smile, shapely legs, and gorgeous blonde hair.

“Yes sweetheart, really. You are a mess, a hot mess, but a mess.” Brian reached into his pocket and handed her his handkerchief.

Delanie wiped her eyes and whispered ‘and it’s my fault you are getting fired..” the tears flowing again.

“No kiddo, it’s not, it was an just an unfortunate combination of timing and being in the wrong place at the wrong…” Brian stopped as Delanie took off the parka throwing it the ground.

“No Brian it is my fault” she continued in between sobs. “If I hadn’t talked about my personal life and my pu.. my vagina on the live feed NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.” Brian reached for her again and held her until the sobbing past, gently stroking her hair until she calmed.

“In all actuality the Channel hasn’t been pleased with my ideas as of late and is was probably only a matter of time until they implemented a change. Look Delanie I have been here a while, I’m an old man in a young man’s errrr young person’s world. Now let’s get you ready for work. Brian turned and headed to the clothes rack with the outfits donated by a local boutique for ad space and name recognition. “I think….. red, yes definitely red today.” Brian grabbed a red dress with a plunging neckline, but knee length. Brian turned back as Delanie took of her sweatshirt, her firm breasts swinging free.

“Delanie where is your bra?” Brian asked shaking his head softly.

“I don’t wear one when I sleep and you know I role out of bed and come straight to work.” Delanie slipped down here sweatpants revealing a small transparent white g-string that was more than sheer.

“Girl what do you sleep in? That outfit says to me that you aren’t sleeping at all!” Brian exclaimed.

“Mostly lingerie, but I figured you would frown upon that so I enjoy wearing the matching panties for you.” Delanie said as she turned slowly modelling for him. “To bad it’s wasted on you” she whisper softly.

“hmmmm what?” Brian asked.

“Nothing Brian, I just..never mind” Delanie said.

“Okay, but I swear I have windows that aren’t that see through bursa escort kiddo” Brian grinned making a joke.

“They aren’t that see through” Delanie said, pulling them out from her pussy as she walked towards him. “See?” she said as she grabbed his hand and put it under the front of the g-string, letting his fingers brush against her while she stifled a moan.

Brian stroked gently and thought about doing more, but at that moment the door opened and in walked Vanessa, coffee in hand. She walked past the two towards her locker.

“God Delanie aren’t you dressed yet? I need Brian to get me ready too. What have you too been doing?” Vanessa asked as she sat her coffee down and kicked off her tennis shoes.

Delanie pulled back from Brian, allowing him to pick up the red dress and hold it open for her to step in. Brian watched as Delanie stepped into the dress, her pink toe nails and feet going into the dress as he then straightened pulling the dress up with him his face inches from those beautiful breasts before turning her to zip the back of the dress up.

“She needs a bra Brian, her nipples are pressing through the dress.” Vanessa said stating the obvious as Brian turned her around.

“You should talk Vanessa you don’t even wear underwear.” Delanie shot back but she was looking down at her own nipples.

Vanessa shrugged pulling down her yoga pants, lifting first one leg and then other taking the pants the rest of the way off.

“Vanessa” Brian began, “Don’t you worry something will happen and you will wish you had panties on or someone is going to see up your skirts?”

“Like what? But no I don’t like the way they feel under my clothes or how they look leaving a panty line. My ass looks great without them!” Vanessa turned showing her ass to both of them. “See?” Vanessa slowly completed a complete circle, finishing with her trimmed heart shaped pubic brunette hair shamelessly displayed.

“Okay ladies lets get you dressed.” Brian said grabbing Delanie a bra, unfortunately a padded bra to keep her nipples warmer in the cold studio. Delanie looked at Brian and shook her head.

“No Brian its so ugly.” Delanie said while stripping off the dress. “Am I going to at least keep the pretty panties?”

“Delanie please I promise I’ll pull something lacy and sexy for you later for after work and your plans to conquer the men of this city and here you both need pantyhose.’ Brian reached into the drawer and pulled out two pairs of the nude hose.

“Fine” Delanie said, taking each.

“Damnit Brian, no one under the age of forty wears hose any more. Besides I hate the way the seam leaves a line of my tummy and how the seam rubs against my..” Delanie looked over at Vanessa cutting her off.

“Don’t say it” Delanie said pleading.

“… my clit. I swear I don’t know why you have such a problem with that word Delaine.” Vanessa finished with an irritated look.

“Well you aren’t the one that indirectly got Brian fired by talking about her…..” Delanie paused looking for the right word.

“Shaved pussy? I think those were the words you said, yes?” Vanessa finished for her while sitting down and rolling up the leg of the hose before pointing her foot and pushing her foot into the nylons.

“Yes those, were the words.” Delanie finished.

“Ladies you are on set 30 minutes, not dressed, nor hair or makeup done. Now shake your asses and let’s go!” Brian stated in a firm voice.

“Yes Sir!” Vanessa practically purred back at him causing both Delanie and Brian to look at each other in surprise and then back to Vanessa. Vanessa worked her other leg into the hose and stood up, manuevering the hose over her thighs and her ass, pulling the hose up before looking up. “What?” she demanded?

“You, … your tone” began Delanie.

“I can be told what to do it’s just a shame that it was by Brian and it wasted.” Vanessa continued.

“What do you mean wasted?” asked Brian admiring her in the hose. It still amazed him after all these years how casually a half dressed woman could have a conversation with him. Only the gusset in the hose covering the lips of her pussy making his cock throb in his pants.

Vanessa slid her black cocktail length dress over her head, letting it fall down around her shapely body, the dress with a deep cut to accentuate her clevage. “Never mind Brian, it’s not important.”

Delanie looked over at Delanie who just shrugged before finishing dressing, her nipples no longer pushing against the fabric of her dress.

Vanessa and Delanie finished with hair and makeup while Brian grabbed their ipads with the scripts loaded and began to go over the morning news line ups. “Got it, Got it and Got it Brian.” Vanessa stated as she grabbed her bag and headed out to the newsroom. “Oh and Delanie, no more talking about shaving your pussy when the social media is running, you wouldn’t want to get Brian fired again!”

Delanie turned and threw her brush at Vanessa who had already shut the door. “God görükle escort she is such a bitch.” Delanie said, her eyes brimming with tears again. Brian hurried over knowing this would wreck the morning if he didn’t do something.

“Delanie please stop, she is just trying to get you off your game. Don’t let her do that to you.” Brian said grabbing her gently by the arms as he watched Delanie’s chest start to heave with sobs. “Come here.” Brian said, sitting down in one of the chairs pulling the petite Delanie into his lap and gently kissing each of her cheeks, tasting the salt of the tears before wiping the tears away.

“I’m so sorry, Brian, I didn’t know the social media was running or I never would have said that.” Delanie murmured against his neck, her lips warm against his neck. Brian thought he could almost feel them brushing his skin.

“It’s okay, I liked a shaved pussy.” Brian half heartedly joked.

“mmhmm okay Brian, stop making fun of me.” Delanie said as she moved her body to press more tightly against him causing Brian to move one hand to her hose covered knee to keep her from sliding off his lap.

“I’m not!” Brian exclaimed.

Delanie shook her head. “Stop it Brian, we all know you are, well you know….”

“That I’m what?” Brian asked.

“You know, that you are …” Delaine hesitated either not finding the words or not wanting to say something.

“Compassionate? Forgiving?” Brian prompted. “What are you trying to say Delanie?”

“Damnit Brian, what I am saying is that we all know you are gay!” Delanie said. “Why do you think we all change in front of you and talk about our sex lives?”

“uhmmm I’m a good listener?” Brian countered as the statement had caused his head to reel. “Why do you think I’m gay?”

“Well you bring some of your friends up here but they are all guys and you have those guys weekends in Vegas, and you never seem to date so we all assumed that the guys you brought up were more than…friends.” Delanie pulled her head back looking at Brian. “You are going to tell me you aren’t gay?”

Brian thought about this for a moment. Everything Delanie had said was true, but there was so much she or anyone else didn’t know about his personal life. Brian was very private about his life and rarely shared with anyone. In fact most of his sexual encounters were the result of finding women who were submissive and out of town that he could visit and then leave with little or no strings attached. Brian laughed out loud at the thought of trying to defend himself to Delanie, who, while very sexual experienced was still a bit… naïve. How would she react if he told her the women he was attracted to were always dressed to the nines, liked to be tied down to the bed and fucked hard and he loved humiliating them and finishing on their eager faces. Brian was looking forward to this upcoming weekend, he was planning on just spending the weekend in Denver with Isabelle, but with this temporary set back in his career maybe he would explore the Denver job market and spend some more time with Isabelle, not that it was becoming serious, but it was becoming…something.

“That’s answer would be a two way sword that could cut both ways.” Brian answered. “If I say that I am not, would that change the way you act towards me? Or if I say that I am, then what would you say?

“Oh Brian I don’t care” Delanie said shaking her head. “I need to learn to work with all different kinds of people, especially if I want bigger markets like San Jose or Denver.” Delanie breathed the words lightly against his neck.

Brian probably should have paid more attention to the cities she had mentioned, his last two encounters having taken place in each city but he was distracted by the feel of her lips on his neck and his hands stroking her thighs while she sat on his lap.

“But, I know you’re not attracted to me,” Delanie continued her teeth pressing lightly to his neck. “Because kisses and biting, don’t seem to cause much of a reaction.” Delanie’s fingers traced up his chest, beginning to open the buttons on his shirt, slowly pushing the shirt open and leaning into kiss his chest. She then moved her fingers lower, opening the shirt, her mouth moving to cover his nipple, her teeth first grazing his nipple until it was hard and she could let her tongue move around it before sucking it into her mouth. “See, not…” she paused moving her mouth over to his other nipple, while also moving her ass against his lap “much of a reaction…” she bit hard against his nipple “at all.” She finished, pulling back to look at his face. “Damnit Brian, nothing?”

Brian was struggling not to think of tearing open her hose and fucking her bent over the couch before sending her out to be on camera with his cum running down from her pussy to her thighs. Unfortunately, Brian’s cock was reacting to those thoughts, even as he hoped his erection would not be noticed by Delanie. “Oh it’s something Brian teased.”

“oh? Is that escort bayan so?” Delanie asked while her fingers circled his nipples before squeezing them softly but increasing the pressure until it was almost too much why asking “would you give me one chance to excite you Brian? Please? If I can’t I promise I won’t do anything like this again. Please Brian?” She almost begged again.

“One chance Delanie, just this once.” Brian said, straining to keep the excitement from his voice. Delanie leaned forward, pressing her lips hard against his, her tongue then lightly tracing over his lower lip before breaking the kiss.

“That…won’t really do it Delanie, this kissing and petting is for the high school kids. That won’t really work for me.” Brian shook his head, looking into those beautiful blue eyes.

Delanie stood, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground, “Take your cock out Brian.” Delanie directed.

“Very wrong approach Delanie.” Brian told her, waiting to see what tactic she would take next.

“If you don’t Brian, then you can’t play with my breasts.” Delanie let her fingers play between her breasts, teasing, inviting.

Brian reached down and unzipped his pants and reached into his boxers to take his cock out.

“Thank you Sir” Delanie quipped before straddling him and reaching down to grab his cock and slowly started rubbing the head of his cock against her hose covered thighs, before feeling him starting to harden.

Brian moaned out loud, watching her hand with the maroon coloured nails alternate between pumping his cock slowly and rubbing. As his cock became fully erect Delanie began rubbing it against her clit through the hose, using the palm of her hand to also hold it against her hose covered pussy grinding faster.

“Is this what you wanted Brian? Or do you want to fuck me in these hose?” Delanie asked squeezing his cock. “mmmmm look at that precum.” Delanie stood and stepped back and then lowered her mouth to the head of his cock and letting her tongue lap at the saltyness. Brian’s hips bucked up, wanting to fuck those red lipstick covered lips.

“You aren’t gay are you Brian?” Delanie asked licking her lips before letting go of his cock.

“No Delanie, but I think…” Brian was cut off short as the door opened and one of the camera assistant’s yelled inside.

“Delanie hair and makeup in 5 minutes” before the door was shut.

Delanie reached down and pulled her dress back up but not before Brian noticed the wet spot on the front of her hose.

“Such bad timing Brian, but maybe if you are lucky I can make it up to you later.” Delanie turned and walked towards the door, adding a bit of extra sway to her hips before reaching back and lifting the back of her skirt, giving him a brief glances of her ass through the hose his causing cock to jump again and him to reach down and start stroking himself as she walked out the door. God he needed to cum. Pulling his pants back up and then rising he walked over to the discarded yoga pants and brought them up to his nose and inhaled deeply, ready to bring himself to orgasm, smelling Vanessa’s scent on the pants, but a second knock on the door let him know it was going to be awhile before that could happen.

“Brian we need you on the set” one of the assistants yelled through his door.

“Coming” he yelled, but not before softly adding “but sadly not cumming yet.”

The rest of the day passed quickly, the teams at the station put together a really nice tribute to his time at the station, with several news anchors providing warm messages of their time at the station and what Brian had done for their careers. As he watched the messages role by he realized he had really worked with some beautiful women over the years and he also caught whispers from the team around him as the handsome men spoke as well. Good Lord he thought, did everyone think he was gay? He smiled to himself thinking again of the women as each said their kind words to him he thought of them in the various stages of undress he had the good fortune to see. There was Lori who only preferred thigh-highs, Beth who would do about anything to anyone and was caught several times doing such things. That girl loved to fuck. There was Sarah who was always having some sort of wardrobe malfunction (had nothing to do with her crazy wild nights that rolled in with her to work), Leslie the lady who would only wear tights because the studio was always so cold, granted she had a point but very little sexuality with the tights as they were opaque, the list went on an on each woman sexually exciting in their own way.

“Brian, hey Brian you still with us?” Aaron asked him.

“What? Sorry was just reminiscing about my time here. Guess I am going to miss it more than I thought.” Brian said shaking his head. “Well the girls are waiting for you in your office, they said you needed to hurry down there as Vanessa needs to be out of here by 3, something about a flight or going out of town, some shit with her, you know it never ends.” Aaron reached out his hand and Brian shook it. “Good luck man, kind of a crap deal you got out of it, but at least the guys here in the studio now know that Delanie is a hot blonde with a shaved cunt.”

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