Tales From the Jizzverse: Jin 02

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*Author’s Note: all characters depicted in sexual situations are 18 years or older*

“Mom’s gonna freak when she gets home,” Jin surveyed her ruined backyard. The entire backyard was an ocean of steaming spunk. What had once been patio furniture were nothing more than shapeless piles of bubbling girlchowder. The tree was crisscrossed with heavy ropes of viscous cum, already hardening in the sun. The stench was unbelievable.

Jin’s friend Nina moaned on the ground, the girl’s belly swollen impossibly huge by the load Jin had pumped into her womb.

“H-how could all of this come out of me?” Jin wondered. She waded through the spunk in a daze, wandering aimlessly around the yard, surveying the damage. Several of Jin’s ropes had sailed over the fence and splattered the neighbors’ homes. She heard back doors opening and angry, confused voices of people discovering someone had dumped thousands of gallons’ worth of rancid-smelling mayonnaise all over their property.

Worst of all, Jin’s balls still ached. They ached like crazy. She was sure that if she tried, she could blow another load even bigger than the one that had just flooded her backyard. She heard a creaking sound and looked down to see her nuts, already as large and heavy as bowling balls, were visibly swelling with pent-up seed. She wanted nothing more than to cum again and again and again, but knew that if she did it would be disaster.

“I’ve got to get this under control,” said Jin.

Nina moaned again and Jin rushed over to her. The girl was fading in and out of consciousness, her bare toes clenching and unclenching as the aftershocks of orgasm swept through her. A waterfall of jizz poured from her gaped snatch, collecting in a pile before slowly mixing with the foot-deep lake of sludge that covered the ground. How could her belly be so big? It shouldn’t be possible for one human to stretch so much. Nina’s stomach resembled a flesh-toned yoga ball. Her belly button protruded grotesquely from the apex of the dome like the pop-up thermometer on an overstuffed thanksgiving turkey.

The sight was strangely arousing to Jin, who found her cock growing hard in spite of her fear.

“No, no! Not now!” To her horror, Jin saw her cock was bigger than ever. Freakishly huge. Thicker than her scrawny bicep and longer than her forearm, growing incrementally larger with each heartbeat.

“Sss’fuckin’ hot,” said Nina, drunkenly.

Jin blushed furiously it was hot. She could barely stop herself from jerking off right then and there, but she was terrified at what might happen if she did.

She heard voices on the other side of the fence. The neighbors!

The sudden flare of social anxiety was strong enough to momentarily override Jin’s horniness. She couldn’t let them see her like this. Worse, she couldn’t let them see Nina!

Jin grabbed Nina by the arms and tried to drag her back indoors, but she couldn’t get a grip through the coating of jizz, and the bloated girl was too heavy for Jin’s scrawny noodle arms.

“Curse my nerd bod!” groaned Jin, falling to her knees in the squirming soup.

Nina, still delirious, made a grab for Jin’s cock. Just the sensation of Nina’s hand on her shaft sent a fountain of cum skyrocketing into the sky.

“What was that?” one of the neighbors said.

Jin saw movement through the slats of the fence. They were coming to look!

She broke away from Nina’s pawing grasp and turned to run for the door, still blasting spunk like a hose. She slipped and faceplanted in the slime, experiencing a momentary panic as she thrashed under a layer of suffocating ooze.

She pulled herself out of the gunk with a sucking pop! and crawled on hands and knees toward the door. Behind her, she heard her neighbors screaming in shock and disgust.

Once inside, Jin got back to her feet and ran upstairs, heedless of the stream of jizz spraying from her cock, coating everything in front of her. She jumped into the shower. The spunk-filled tub overflowed onto the floor with a muddy SPLORSH.

Fumbling with the taps, Jin turned the cold water on full blast and angled the head onto her throbbing, gushing cock.

Agony! Her heavy balls contracted defensively. She could feel the rough wrinkles of her shrunken sack against her inner thighs. The cum stream slowed, but Jin could still feel the pressure in her balls building.

“No! No more!” Jin tightened her kegel muscles, squeezing with all her might.

The stream slowed to a trickle. The pressure continued to mount. Jin’s mind flashed with images of a dam about to burst.

“Mustn’t cum… mustn’t cum!” The pain was getting close to unbearable. The ice water made her cock and balls numb. Inside, she felt like she was about to explode.

Sirens wailed outside. Someone must have called the police… or the fire department. Jin could barely hear anything over her heartbeat pounding in her ears. Her nutsack creaked and vibrated as it swelled with backed up seed. She could feel the twin orbs pushing her legs bursa escort apart, sagging further down her thighs toward her knees. She gripped the base of her cock with both hands and squeezed with all her might, cutting off every last drop of spunk leaking from her throbbing shaft.

The pressure inside her rose like a volcano. The pain was so intense it made her eyes cross. She realized she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

Then all of a sudden the pressure was gone. She felt a tremor shake her entire body from the inside, like the sensation of a distant explosion.

The sudden silence was so intense it left Jin’s ears ringing. Her legs gave out and she fell backward into the bathtub full of muck. The last thing she remembered was her own spunk closing over her face, and her being too tired to care.


Three Years Later…

“What say we hit the club tonight?” Katrina slid her hand down the girl’s waist. The girl giggled and reciprocated, letting her fingertips brush the bulge of Katrina’s huge cock where it tented her leather microskirt.

Katrina had just met the girl less than an hour ago at the coffee shop. She hadn’t even used her best pick up line and the little slut was panting for her dick. What was her name again? Didn’t matter. Katrina was going to fuck this little tart so hard she’d forget her own name before the night was done.

They walked together down the sidewalk, wrapped in each other’s arms. They didn’t notice the hobo until she jumped out in front of them.

“You’re a futa, right?” said the hobo, pawing at Katrina’s designer top.

The girl screamed. Katrina staggered back. Was she being mugged?

If she was, the mugger wasn’t very intimidating; just a scrawny little asian girl dressed in a shabby t-shirt and sweatpants, though Katrina noted with surprise that the tiny girl was packing some serious shmeat, if the bulge running halfway down her leg was any indication.

“You’re a futa, aren’t you?” the girl asked again.

“What’s it look like, babe?” Katrina stood with her legs apart and hips thrust forward to give the hobo a good look at her bulging package. “You wanna taste or something?”

“No… no,” the hobo waved her hand at Katrina’s package as if she were a monster warding off fire.

“Just give her a dollar or something, make her go away!” whined the slut on Katrina’s arm.

“Listen to me!” The tiny asian girl lunged at Katrina, grabbing her by the sleeves. “You can’t have sex with this girl! You mustn’t cum!”

“What are you? One of those religious kooks?” Katrina yanked herself back from the tiny woman’s grip.

“If you cum too much, you’ll destroy the world!” cried the hobo.

“You need help, lady!” Katrina backed away from the raving lunatic, giving her a wide berth. The hobo made no move to follow, but Katrina and her date bolted anyway.


Jin Chang watched the couple run down the street and disappear around the corner with dismay. They never listened. Nobody listened!

Jin felt a sudden pressure in her loins as her balls demanded release. The sight of the two women in their tight outfits had gotten her riled up, and the scent of the futa’s perfume lingered in Jin’s nostrils.

She retreated to the alley and dropped her sweatpants down around her ankles. She didn’t bother with underwear any more. Her monster shaft stood turgid between her legs, thick as a third arm and nearly as long. The veiny beast demanded attention. Her balls, fat and heavy as a pair of honeydews, were throbbing with pent-up spunk.

Bracing herself against the brick wall of the alley with one hand, Jin stroked her mammoth schlong with ther other. It only took a few pumps before she felt the heat rise in her groin and her cock spit forth a fat rope of fragrant, yellowish spunk that splattered loudly against the brick wall like a cup of thrown mayo.

A shudder ran through Jin’s body and her cock threw out two or three more ropes of similar size.

“Pathetic,” sighed Jin. How was she supposed to get the futas of the world to stop jerking off if she couldn’t even control herself?

She watched the thick splatter of jizz ooze down the wall of the alley into the puddle spreading on the ground. Was the puddle bigger than last time? She’d been feeling the pressure building again lately. Nothing like it had been on that fateful day when her world had been turned upside down, but growing…

Her world? The entire world had turned upside down on that day.

At the very moment when Jin felt something snap deep inside of her, a quarter of the futanari on the planet came simultaneously and spontaneously. It didn’t matter if they were at work, riding the bus, hanging out at home, or even in the middle of sex, every last one of them suddenly erupted like a cum fire-hydrant. Mini cum floods broke out all over the city. Every city in the world even!

Chaos reigned for a few days, but things returned to normal surprisingly quickly. The affected görükle escort futas discovered their cocks had grown to enormous size, many of them a foot long or more. Their turbocharged balls allowed them to cum as many times in a row as they pleased, though nothing approaching that first, impossibly huge blast of jizz that flooded everything around them.

While all this was going on, Jin had been drifting through uneasy dreams. She dreamed of the Jizzverse, an entire universe filled with spunk. She dreamed of her own universe, skimming the surface of the Jizzverse like a tiny soap bubble. She dreamed of the bubble of her universe filling with jizz. The more people came, the heavier her universe got until finally it sank forever beneath the surface of the endless ocean of cosmic cum.

Jin tried to tell her parents, her friends, the media, but nobody listened. Everyone thought she was crazy. Cum from a parallel dimension? Impossible.

Scientists came on the news and explained that Earth had passed through a storm of cosmic rays that affected futanari, causing some of them to suddenly manifest hypersexual traits.

“Cosmic rays,” Jin muttered in disgust as she watched the puddle of spunk touch the worn toes of her shabby sneakers.

She tucked her cock back into her sweatpants without bothering to wipe it off and went to get her shopping cart.


“The end of the world is cumming!” chanted Jin as she marched up and down the sidewalk, waving her sign high over her head. “Ejaculation is extinction!”

Her arm-length dong bulged through her threadbare sweatpants, swinging like a pendulum in time with her steps.

Passerby jeered at her. A few tossed change at her feet. People were more interested in staring at her dong than in reading her sign.

Jin Chang, the “Hung Hobo” was famous around the downtown area. Whenever she was out marching, a sizable crowd usually gathered. Sometimes she posed for pictures if she was in a good mood. On a good day she pulled in enough donations to sleep in a hotel for the night, though she usually slept in one of the city’s shelters until her days were used up.

She actually made a surprising amount of money. She didn’t have any medical problems or drug habit to support, so she could have lived comfortably on the proceeds of her begging, but she sent most of the money she gathered to Nina as child support.

Jin scanned the crowd. The hypers in the audience were easy to spot. Even if they weren’t showing off their prominent endowments, the looks of lust on their faces were unmistakable. All hypers cared about was sex, as often and as with as many partners as possible. In the two years since the “event” global birth rates had skyrocketed. Any pregnancy from a hyper futa was twins at the very least, and usually more, as Jin had found out the hard way when Nina gave birth to quintuplets.

After Nina’s parents’ lawsuit, Jin had left home to avoid subjecting them to further liability. From that moment on she’d dedicated herself to warning the world about the dangers of ejaculation.

“I’ll give you a hundred dollars if you let me jerk you off.” A woman with enormous fake tits and collagen puffed lips thrust a wad of twenties in Jin’s face. A sleazy-looking man, probably the bimbo’s boyfriend, stood a few yards away, camera ready.

“Every time a hyper cums, it brings us one drop closer to the end of the world,” said Jin.

“What about two hundred?” The bimbo fished a few more bills out of her purse.

Sweat beaded on Jin’s forehead as she looked at the money. Her cock stirred in her pants and she could hear the audience jeering.

“Three hundred, final offer, but you have to let my boyfriend record it,” said the bimbo.

Jin bit her lip. Sunlight glinted on the bimbo’s gold hoop earrings and sweat glistened on the tanned-brown domes of the woman’s ample cleavage. The bilbo ran her tongue around her puffy lips.

Jin slumped her shoulders in defeat. The crowd laughed and hooted lasciviously as she let the bimbo and her boyfriend lead her around the corner out of sight.

“I’ve always wondered if this thing was real,” said the bimbo, dropping to her knees and yanking Jin’s sweats down to the asphalt.

Eighteen inches of wrist-thick girlmeat dangled before the bimbo’s eyes like a veiny python. Yellowed smegma dangled in clumps from the loose folds of Jin’s foreskin, radiating a stench you could taste as well as smell.

“Don’t you ever wash?” The bimbo wrinkled her nose in disgust as the smell hit her.

“I-I…” Jin stammered.

“Doesn’t matter. Dear God, this thing is huge!” exclaimed the bimbo. “I’ve seen some big ones in this town, but Jesus!”

“Just get it over with.” Jin blushed furiously and tried to focus her attention on a bird perched on one of the buildings across the street.

She felt the bimbo’s plush, pillowy lips close around the tip of her cock. The sensation was like heaven.

“H-hey! I said you could jerk me off, not suck escort bayan me off!” protested Jin.

“Shut up, you want this,” said the bimbo.

Jin squeezed her eyes shut. She did want it, and the bimbo’s dick sucking lips felt so good she felt like she might blow her load right then and there.

“Christ, this thing gets bigger!” exclaimed the bimbo, peeling back Jin’s foreskin to expose the girl’s throbbing mushroom head. Jin felt the heat of the bimbo’s hands on her shaft, felt her veins inflate with blood.

The bimbo worked Jin’s cock with both hands and her mouth. The plastic slut’s expert tongue cleaned out every crevice of Jin’s foreskin, lapping up days’ worth of smegma and gulping it down with relish.

Jin shuddered, falling back against the wall of the alley. She heard a quieter, faster fap fap fap behind the rhythmic sucking and slurping of the bimbo’s plush lips. Out of the corner of her eye, Jin saw the woman’s boyfriend stroking his tiny cock with one hand as he filmed the scene with the camera in the other.

Guk guk guk guk!

The bimbo worked her mouth up and down Jin’s cock, taking more and more of the girthy shaft with each pass. Jin was in awe of how much this woman could swallow. She’d given into temptation and tried to suck her own cock a few times, but she couldn;t even fit her entire cockhead in her mouth. This woman on the other hand had swallowed nearly half of Jin’s entire length!

Guk guk guk! The bimbo’s cheeks were hollow from the force of her suction, her lips grotesquely elongated as she guzzled Jin’s shaft. The woman’s bracelets and earrings jingled with the rhythm of her body.

“Oh fuck,” Jin felt her nuts tighten up, felt the explosion building up inside her. Any second now she was going to blow…

And then the bottom fell out of Jin’s stomach. She felt as if she’d reached the peak of the rollercoaster overlooking the drop.

“Stop!” Jin cried.

But it was too late. She came. She came like a firehose. She came just like she did that night when the Jizzverse first touched her.

The bimbo’s cheeks bulged, her eyes bulged, everything bulged! Cum rocketed from the woman’s nostrils in twin streams that struck Jin’s thighs with enough force to sting. The woman’s belly started to inflate. The buttons on her low-cut blouse burst one by one, popping off and ricocheting around the alley with a ping!

“Hey what the?” The bimbo’s boyfriend finally realized something was wrong, but didn’t stop jerking off, or filming.

The bimbo tried to scream, but Jin’s throbbing, bicep-thick cock completely filled her throat. It was lucky it did, or she might have drowned in the torrent of jizz blasting from Jin’s cum cannon.

“Aaaargh!” Jin screamed, reaching down and grabbing fistfuls of the bimbo’s hair and shoving her cock all the way down the woman’s throat until her nose was buried in Jin’s unkempt bush.

The weight of the bimbo’s gravid belly eventually grew too late for her legs to support and she dropped to the ground. The bimbo’s jaguar print belt popped and Jin felt the woman’s belly pressing against her calves.

Then the back blew out of the bimbo’s skirt and she started spraying jizz out of her ass like a firehose.

The boyfriend finally took his hand off his cock long enough to steady the camera with both hands. He staggered backward out into the street, falling backward over his pants.

The bimbo kept getting bigger, her belly practically spherical from the cum building up inside her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and thick cum poured down her chin into her cleavage.

“No! No!” Jin yelled. “It’s happening again!”

She planted her foot on the bimbo’s shoulder and tried to force her off her cock. No good, she didn’t even budge! Jin lifted her other foot off the ground and put it on the woman’s other shoulder, pushing with all her might.

Inch after inch of thick, cum-slick cock emerged from the woman’s esophagus, but there was always more. Had her cock always been this long?

Jin’s legs were almost fully extended before the bimbo finally popped free from Jin’s cock with a sound like a cork. Jin was still cumming, hosing the bloated woman down with a torrent of spunk.

“Stop! Stop!” Jin gabbed her cock in a bear hug, trying to squeeze it shut, but the pressure in her bulging urethra was too strong. A geyser of jizz rose up over the rooftops, raining slime down over the whole area.

A crowd had gathered around the entrance to the alley, summoned by the boyfriend’s frantic screaming. Jin waved her hands to try and warn them away, but in doing so dropped her cock, which once again fell parallel to the ground. A rope of girlchowder as heavy as a barbell sailed down the alley and slammed into the front row of the crowd, knocking them down like tenpins. Jin tried to angle her cock away, but not before she swept another massive rope of high-pressure spunk across half a dozen people with enough force to send them flying.

Jin didn’t bother to pull up her sweatpants, she just kicked them off and ran for it. She burst out of the alley, her yard-long cock bobbing in front of her like a battering ram. Her melon-sized balls swung between her legs, knocking painfully against her knees with every stride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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