Paying a Debt

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The room was small, dingy. Barely lit by a tiny lamp on a nearby table. The wooden bed was just big enough to hold the two figures.

The man, his nude muscled form slightly glistening with sweat, his skin tan, and taunt; hovered over the pale, voluptuous woman. Her hair spread around her head like a halo, her clear blue eyes stared up at Jemeth, equal fear, equal lust.

The woman’s eyes were what interested him the most. The crystal clear quality, the light blue color, the depth of her emotions that shone from them, the fear. Gently reaching a hand towards her face, he extended a finger and touched her cheek. A soft smile on his lips, his eyes giving a lie to the tenderness on his face. A mask.

He shifted his body forwards, towards the woman. Lowering himself on his side, he pressed himself against her flesh, feeling her trembles, he breathed in her smell, her essence -her terror, her anticipation- and smiled. Leaning forward, he move his mouth closer to her ear, and whispered, “You will experience pain, but you will also experience pleasure so intense that your very body will be overwhelmed. You will not scream. You may speak, but anything louder than a bare whisper, and your brothers, your father will come running. And you will not orgasm, lest i allow it.” His hand, placed on her cheek, suddenly blazed with a blue fire, and the woman’s eyes shut tight, and her mouth quivered. Her arms, seeming to move of their own will, clasped underneath her breasts, as if trying to shield her body, only enhanced the loveliness of her breasts, and added an air of vulnerability.

A soft smile still on his lips, he sat bursa escort up. His hand, still blazing, traced a line with a finger, from her cheek, down her jaw, down her neck and across her collar-bone. A faint trace white on her skin, is left behind his touch, quickly turning pink. The woman, shudders, making small noises deep in her throat, her breath coming quicker.

His smile grew wider, showing the very faintest hint of his teeth, and his eyes seem to widen, taking on a strange mien. Extending the tips of his other fingers, he watches as her body shudders and she tosses her head to the side…and then with agonizing slowness he drags his fingers down her chest, around the outside of her bared breast, and with a tender grasp, takes her breast in his hand. Just barely clenching his fingers, he applies just the tiniest of pressure, watching as his fingers sink seductively into the ripe flesh of the woman.

She gasps, and opens her eyes, her jaw drops and her mouth makes an “O” her face twisting, but she catches sight of him and she hesitates. Her mouth closes with a click, but her face quivers. “Please” She begs, “Please..what are you doing to me?”

The corner of his mouth turns upwards, and his eyes gleam. “It has only begun, my dear.” Gently, he begins to knead her flesh, and watch as her body begins to quiver, as shots of pleasure move through her.

She whimpers through her closed mouth, closing her eyes, and her she turns her head away.

He moves his hand away from her breast, releasing it, to a sigh of relief from her. His other hand grasps her wrists and moves her hands above her head, escort bursa and holds them there. She gulps, and keeps her eyes closed.

Carefully, he places his hand just under the divide of her breasts, palm flat, and paused a moment, savoring the shudders of her body, before slowly moving his hand downward. The moment his palm touched the hair on her mons, the woman’s eyes pop open, and she stares at him, tears begin to rise. “Please, please, please.”

Turning his hand, he cups her mons, his finger moving slightly, dividing her lips, seeking her clit. Her body quivers, and tears run down her face.

With swift brutality he plunges a finger into her hole, tearing her hymen, and the fire, dim and flickering, bursts into a wild brilliance, the flames licking both his hand and her body. The woman’s mouth snaps open, and she takes a huge gasp, her body pulls taunt, her back arching, he eyes glazing, her face writhing in mixed agony and pleasure.

Using his other hand, he moves it down to her pussy, and searches in the folds of her lips for her clit. Grasping it gently between his thumb and finger he applies pressure. She shudders and a sound, part moan, part gasp, part cry, escapes her mouth. Slowly, he bears down on her clit, begging to twist it in his fingers, harder and harder, until suddenly the woman stills, her ragged breath hitches.

Her voice catches in her throat and half strangling her, escapes more in a wheeze and squeak than anything else. “Oh, god, oh go-“

He leans closer, and stares in her eyes, and then, infusing his voice with the tiniest amount of power he commands. escort bursa “Cum.”

The woman bucks wildly, moving more as if in seizure than in pleasure, until with a deep sigh, her eyes roll back into her head, and she passes out.

His lips curl in pleasure. Removing his fingers from her body, he sits back on his heels, and breaths deeply a moment, his eyes just watching the woman. Grasping the woman forcefully, he forces her legs apart and moves between them, raising a hand he slaps her across the face, once, twice, before she begins to move again. Her eyes open groggily, bleary, suffused with tears. Her vision wanders, her face blank, unsure.

Holding his stiff member, he moves forward, placing the tip at her entrance. Placing his other hand on her breast, the fire flickers to life again. Her eyes clear, and she gasps, her eyes locking with his.

“, please, no i didn’t agre-” she half whispers.

His mouth curls, “Ill do with you as i please, girl. You know the debt you’re paying with this.”

He pushes himself into her, grunting at the pressure of her tightness. Fully into her, he pauses, a moment, his hand kneading her breast. Pulling out briefly before slamming into her, again, and again. Faster and faster. He watches as she begins to writhe, her soft whimpers of “no”, only fueling his desire.

Grasping her nipples in both of his hands, he pulls on them, savoring her gasp. He feels the tingling sensation begin to build within him, and he closes his eyes, giving himself over to the feeling as it rises, higher and higher. He moves faster within her, grunting with his effort, as he pounds into her. With a final grunt, he pushes himself fully into her, and releases his seed. His mouth turns upward as he feels her cunt spasm around his cock. Finally opening his eyes, he looks down at the woman…passed out again, and half smiles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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