Party Gals Ch. 01

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My friend Kaye and I finally decided to go to the Adult Store and find out just what they have there. We have wanted to go there for some time, but never did. Now we are. I told Kaye to put on her short leather skirt and halter-top with no panties or bra underneath. She, in turn, told me to wear some very loose pants with nothing else under.

This was a Saturday night. We got there about 8:30 and walked in. The first thing we saw was all the sexy clothing. Kaye led the way and started to touch all the silky slinky things. She turned to me and asked if the loose see-thru would look good on her.

There was a couple standing there and the woman told Kaye that she thought it would look great on her and might just try one on herself. The girls looked at each other, the other guy and I looked at each other. We all smiled and I told Kaye, “Go ahead Kaye. Take your halter off and put it on right here.” The guy told his woman “That’s a good idea Kari, you should do the same.”

I turned to him and we introduced ourselves. We then turned to our women and watched as they took their tops off and put their see-thrus on. What a sight. Kaye with her see-thru light black top on and Kari with her snow white see-thru top and black leather pants. Both were looking too sexy but in perfect dress in the Adult Shop.

Kaye turned to me and asked how she looked in it. I stepped up to her, cupped both breasts in my hands, gave her a good feeling up while pinching her nipples in front of our new friends, and said she looked great. Jake seemed to follow my lead and started to do the same to Kari’s large breasts.

We watched them do this until Kaye reached down to hold my cock and balls and said how glad she was that I didn’t wear any underwear. I smiled at her while still holding her breasts and told her how glad I was that she wasn’t wearing any underwear either.

I heard Jake and Kari give us a long hmmmmmmm……Kaye and I turned and watched them both feeling each other up as well. Kaye then dropped her leather top, turned and bent over and away from our friends. Well, this move of hers made her leather skirt move up on her waist and expose her ass and pussy.

Kaye took her time, but then bent her knees and turned towards me so that her face was at my cock level. She looked up at me and said that since she was down there, she might as well have a taste.

She then reached up, grabbed the top of my pants, pulled them down past my cock and took it all the way in. I could feel her mouth, lips and tongue work all over it. She’s so good at this. It all lasted about five seconds until she put my cock back, stood up and told our new friends that sometimes, she just can’t help herself.

Jake and Kari had miles of smiles. They quickly told Kaye that they love to watch and be watched. Kari looked around, then knelt down in front of Jake and did the same to him as Kaye did to me. Only just one thing. Jake was huge. I’m not so bad even if I do say so myself. But Jake had to be over twelve inches.

When Kari stood up and smiled, Kaye told Jake that he had the largest cock she had seen. Jake smiled, thanked her and said that maybe we should all go over to their motel room close to the Adult Store for some refreshments, watch some movies they wanted to buy and maybe some home movies they have. They had a portable TV/VCR, and when they came into town, it also comes with them.

They paid for their movies and her see-through. I bought some liquid KY and Kaye’s see-through. We all decided to let the girls keep wearing their tops. They looked too sexy to be out at night. It’s a good thing it was only a short walk from the Adult Store to the Hotel. A few of the guest did second takes of the girls as we walked through the halls. I’m sure they knew what we were going to up to since the girls seemed to love having their breasts exposed and looked at.

We got to the room and Jake and Kari made us feel right at home. We all got drinks and sat down. They had two queen beds in the room. Kaye and I were on one of them, Jake and Kari on the other. Kari asked Jake to put in one of the movies they had bought at the Adult store. The movie started and it was mostly all climax movies. Lots of moaning, cumming and of course, cum shots everywhere.

To say this was turning us all on was an understatement. I asked Kaye to sit in front of me. I opened my legs wide, she sat down and I proceeded to cup her breasts and pull her nipples. Jake did the same with Kari. I thought this was going ok and took Kaye’s top off. Within minutes, Jake had done the same with Kari. I’ve seen women turned on before, and I can tell you, these babes were steaming.

I turned to Jake and said “you know, we shouldn’t be watching others having fun on the TV. We all should be watching each other getting turned on.” Jake agreed. I told Kaye to come over and sit on the side of the bed facing Jake and Kari. Jake told Kari to come over to the side of the bed and face us. When the girls did bursa escort this, I slid behind Kaye and cupped her naked breasts and started pulling her nipples again. Watching Jake and Kari, they also started doing the same thing. Watching Jake pull and rub Kari’s bare breasts was giving me a hard-on in the worst case. I had to get some relief.

I reached down and pulled Kay’s leather skirt up and spread her legs wide to show off her pussy. Reaching down I found it to be unusually hot, wet and swollen. This must have looked too sexy for Jake and Kari. After watching me rubbing Kaye’s wet pussy and soaking my fingers on her, Jake told Kari to stand up and do a strip for us. Kari didn’t waste any time. While we watched Kari strip, I reached up to Kaye’s skirt, unzipped it and pulled it down. I also pulled her heals off to get her as naked as Kari was.

Both Jake and I stood up and started taking our clothes off with the girls help. In no time, we all were naked. It was nice getting my clothes off. My hard-on needed some freedom.

Our new friends are really a hot sexy couple. Kari has large breasts and Jake has a huge cock. We were all just kind of looking at each other and wanting each other in many different ways.

I noticed a necklace on Kari that said “BITCH” and I told her she didn’t act like a bitch. She told me she earned that necklace, but would tell me all about it later as she was looking at my cock while I was looking at her breasts. I turned to Kaye and saw she was starring at Jakes hard-on while Jake was looking at her pussy. I knew what she and him both wanted. Maybe we all could have some fun.

“Jake” I said, “Two of the things I loved doing in school was Follow the Leader and Show & Tell. Do you two want to follow my lead?” Jake and Kari both smiled and said sure. Just then, a woman on the TV just shouted “OH YES…MORE!!!!” as cum hit the side of her face. We all just laughed and I said “Lets have some fun of our own.”

I told Kaye and Kari to stand in front of us, which they did. I reached up and cupped Kaye’s breasts in my hands and told Jake how nice her breasts always felt to me and that I loved to feel her up…. Especially in public…and now I wanted him to feel her up too.

We all just smiled and Jake moved in front of Kaye, brought his hands up and started feeling her breasts. Kaye’s breasts seemed to grow in his hands while he squeezed, pulled and felt her breasts and nipples. I couldn’t help but notice Kaye moving side to side and looked down and saw Jakes cock standing up between them. Kaye was rubbing it with her belly. Knowing her, she was getting cock hungry.

After about two minutes of this, Jake moved away from Kaye and moved in front of Kari. He took her breasts in his hands and told me that he too loved the feel of Kari’s breasts and now he too wanted me to feel them for myself. He then let go of them and stepped back over to Kaye.

I moved in front of Kari, brought my hands up and took hold of her breasts and squeezed them. I won’t say Kari’s breasts were better than Kaye’s, just different. Kaye’s breasts are smaller but firmer than Kari’s. Kari’s breasts are larger and softer than Kaye’s. Both woman’s breasts felt nice and looked too sexy.

Looking at Kari and feeling her breasts was a terrific turn-on for me. Kari also started moving side to side, rubbing her belly against my hard-on. I could feel Kari’s breasts swelling in my hands and her nipples were large and hard. Looking over at Jake and Kaye, they were getting very turned on. Jake was really pulling and squeezing on them. Kaye had lust written all over her face, and for that matter, so did we all.

I let go of Kari’s breasts and told Jake I had something else to share with him. He let go of Kaye’s breasts and stood back. I told Kaye to get on all fours on the bed with her knees on the edge and her legs hanging over. She did this and Jake told Kari to do the same. Gosh, what a sight! Two sexy mature women, naked, on all fours, on the edge of a bed, their breasts hanging down, their asses high in the air and waiting for us to do what we wanted.

I asked Kaye to open her legs a little wider to show off her pussy for us, which she did. I then reached over, grabbed the liquid KY and poured some all over Kaye’s ass hole and let it run down to her pussy. I then told Jake just how lucky I was to be able to stick my fingers inside her and feel her pussy grip and squeeze on each finger.

I then started to rub the liquid KY all over her ass hole and pussy. After all my fingers were well lubed, I started feeling Kaye from the inside, one finger at a time. Jake and Kari just watched me as I used each finger on both hands to touch her everywhere in her pussy. Kaye was moaning all this time and moving her ass from side to side. She was enjoying this, for sure, exposing her ass and pussy for everyone to enjoy.

Jake watched me the whole time without saying a word, but he was turned on. His cock was really swollen. bursa merkez escort So was mine, but not like his. Jake asked me to come over to Kari. Jake took the liquid KY and also poured it all around Kari’s ass hole and down her pussy. Kari had a completely bald pussy. Unlike Kaye who keeps her pussy hair very short, Kari had no pubic hair at all. Too cute! Kaye moved over to watch too.

Jake started rubbing Kari’s pussy all over and around. Looking down, I could see her swollen clit growing. Her whole sex was swollen and dripping wet from the attention Jake was giving her. Jake was a little more aggressive with Kari than I was with Kaye. Jake was soon to use two fingers at a time that make Kari moan for more. Kari was also very turned on and all I could do was watch her squirm under his touch.

Jake then turned to me and asked me to try for myself. Jake moved to Kaye and started rubbing her ass with both of his wet KY hands. I moved up to Kari and also started rubbing her ass. Kari started moving from side to side and forward to back. She also put her face on the bed and reached back, opened her ass cheeks wide and said…YES.

How could I resist? I moved my hand down to her pussy and started rubbing her bare clit all around. As I noticed a difference between the two women’s breasts, the same was true with the feel of their pussies. Both were swollen, wet and hungry for attention.

I started rubbing Kari’s clit, then moved my fingers, one at a time inside her. As Kaye’s pussy grips and pulls on my fingers when they are inside her, Kari’s pussy did the same thing to me, but differently. It was new, fresh, different and oh, soo exciting.

Kari moved side to side and all around while I felt her pussy inside and out. As Jake did, I then started using two fingers at a time. This babe was about to cum and told me so. I kept up this pace until she exploded. Looking over at Jake and Kaye, they too were also turned on with each other. Jake had huge hands and with one of them squeezing her ass and the other with two fingers pumping in and out of Kaye’s pussy, she exploded with a muffled scream into the pillow her face was in. It was then that I decided that there were two cocks in this room that needed some attention too.

I stepped back from Kari and Jake stepped back from Kaye. I reached over on the bed and grabbed two pillows and tossed them on the floor in front of Jake and I. Then I asked Kaye to kneel down in front of me. Jake then asked Kari to also kneel down in front of him. I then moved up to Kaye so that my hard-on was just in front of her face. I couldn’t help but notice Kari’s face almost next to Kaye’s, watching and knowing what’s going to happen next.

I then told Jake, also, how lucky I am that Kaye loves to give blowjobs. As he and Kari saw in the Adult Store, Kaye sometimes gives me a quick suck or a long blowjob. Its all good and I enjoy it whenever she does this. I then told Kaye that I want her to show our new friends just how good her blowjobs are to me.

Kaye has always been talented at oral sex. But really what happens inside her mouth is as exciting as what shows outside her lips. Kaye does this thing with her tongue that when my cock is inside her mouth, she wraps her tongue all over the head of my cock and licks it over and over.

I love it when she closes her eyes and starts with a soft moaning while gently pulling and rubbing my balls. When Kaye wants to deep throat me and take me all the way down, she pushes her tongue out while taking my cock in to make room for me to slide down.

While I love my cock being deep inside her pussy, I also love being deep inside her throat. In and out, she now takes me while pulling my balls. I can’t help watching Kari next to Kaye, panting and wetting her lips as Kaye works on my cock.

I then stood back as Jake moved up to Kari. She knew what to do and without using hands, took this monster cock inside her lips and her mouth. Kaye moved to Kari for a closer look. I watched as Kari took Jake deep down, then moved him out. Slowly in, then out, over and over. She then started using her hands, first on his balls, then on his shaft.

Pulling and stroking. Rubbing and feeling. She slowly starts to take Jake deeper inside her throat. I watched in amazement as Kari opened wider and wider as more and more of his cock moved deeper in her mouth. She did this over and over and turned us all on with her skill.

Jake then moved back and smiled at me. He said he wants me to enjoy the same feelings he gets when Kari sucks on him. I, in turn, tell Jake that I too want him to enjoy the same feelings I get when Kaye sucks on me. With that, I moved up to Kari as Jake moved up to Kaye. Both girls wet their lips as they watch us moved our cocks up to their face.

When I got to Kari, she looked at me eye to eye, smiled and took me deep in her mouth. I couldn’t help but watch Kaye also smile as Jake moved up to her with his huge bursa sınırsız escort cock. He put it right up to Kaye’s lips. I watched as Kaye stuck her tongue out and took Jakes cock deep in her mouth.

At this same time, I’m watching Kari start to gently kiss and lick the head of my cock. She started at the tip and kissed it all around and over in the most softest and most gentle way. After kissing my cock, Kari moved down to my balls and started softly kissing and sucking on them. I could feel her hands move up to my ass and she gently started rubbing all over and around. I also watched Kaye kissing, licking and sucking on Jakes cock and balls. We both enjoyed this feeling and let these sexy women use their skills on us.

I loose track of time as I watched Kari work on me and Kaye work on Jake. With both girls softly moaning and rubbing their clits, I know its time for Jake and I to put our cocks to good use. I moved back from Kari and rubbed my fingers in her hair. She looked at me with a sad look as Jake moved back from Kaye.

I tell Jake that there is something else I would like to show him about Kaye and would he be interested? He said sure and I asked Kaye to move up to the bed on all fours so her legs are hanging over the side like before. Jake said the same thing to Kari and both girls get next to each other on the bed as we asked.

I move behind Kaye and tell Jake that having sex with Kaye is one of the best things we do. I tell him that I just love the feeling of my cock in her wet pussy and I especially love the feeling of her cunt milking me as I pump in and out of her. With that, I moved behind Kaye and placed my cock to her pussy. I hold myself there and let go as I feel Kaye move back to impale herself on me. I, in turn, pushed forward and felt her open up as I placed my cock deep inside her.

As we get into our moves, I leaned forward, grabbed her breasts, and asked her out loud if she really wants Jake to fuck her with that monster cock of his. Well, I could have gotten the same reaction by pouring gasoline on a fire. Kaye starts to moan, move, shake and cum like I haven’t seen her in a long time. I stayed with her and let her enjoy this release with my cock deep inside.

I turn to look and Jake is moving behind Kari. He has the KY in his hand and is pouring some on his cock. He then starts rubbing it all over his hard-on and puts it up to Kari’s pussy. She moves back in a quick motion and takes almost all of his cock in one push. At the same time Jake moved forward and spears her with his monster shaft.

They also get into a fast pace as he builds up, moving in and out of her, and he starts asking her over and over, “Do you want to fuck him? Do you want to fuck him? Do you want to fuck him?” Kari moans back loudly saying, “Yes, I want to fuck him! I want his cock! I want his cum inside me! I want to fuck him hard!” They get faster and faster until Kari freezes. Jake keeps pumping on her as fast as ever until Kari starts shaking, quivering and moaning as her release overtakes her.

Jake slows down and pulls out of Kari’s bare pussy. He hasn’t cum yet and neither have I. I think we both want to cum inside the other’s woman. As if on cue, both girls look at each other, giggle, get up and go to the bathroom.

Jake and I look at each other, laugh and fix a round of drinks. Jake tells me that Kaye and I have really turned him and Kari on to the max. I tell him that they too have turned Kaye and I on. I also tell him that I can tell that Kaye is very turned on by his huge cock and that I’m sure she wants him badly.

He tells me that Kaye really turns him on and that he knows her pussy would feel great on his cock after the way she squeezed his fingers while they were inside her. He also told me that Kari is very into anal sex and that she will probably want me inside her ass before the night is over.

This makes me smile as I explain to Jake that Kaye and I are also into anal sex and that if he would go slow with her and use a lot of liquid KY, she would love to have his cock all the way up her ass. We both laugh at this take another sip of our drinks.

With that, the girls come back in. We give them their drinks and they both come up to us and give us a hug and deep kiss. Kaye pulls back and while stroking my cock, whispers in my ear that they just gave each other an enema, are both very clean and would it be ok if she lets Jake fuck her in the ass since Kari wants me to fuck her there too.

I feel myself getting harder in her hand as I whisper back to take him slowly and use lots of KY. I then notice Kari also stroking Jakes cock while whispering in his ear. I suppose she too is asking him the same question.

Kaye kisses me again and steps back as Kari does the same with Jake. They both grab a pillow and place it in front of Jake and I and ask us to stand up. Kari looks in my eyes as she kneels down with my cock at her lips, smiles, tells me she needs my cock to fuck her good tonight, opens her mouth and takes me all the way in.

I watch Kaye kneel in front of Jake, taking his cock at her lips, smiles at him, tells him she wants him to fuck her hard tonight with his monster cock, opens her mouth and starts giving him the blowjob she knows how to give.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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