Lust and Love at the Lake House Ch. 06

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Quick Summary: I had eaten out and tit-fucked my Aunt Julie (Ch. 01). After an emotional night I fucked my cousin Jenny up against my bedroom wall (Ch. 02), then had a naughty 69 (Ch. 03), and finally anal followed by oral with ass to mouth for both of us (Ch. 04). The night ended with anal sex in the shower before we finally fell asleep (Ch. 05).


I stretched as I woke, and I could already tell I had slept in late. I looked over at the clock and it was after 5pm. Holy crap where had the day gone! More importantly, where had Jenny gone?

I half wondered if it had all been a dream: a night of love making and fucking with my cousin, yeah it was ‘one for the ages’ I thought. Those had been Jenny’s words, and somehow, I now knew what she meant.

After rinsing in the shower, I put on some shorts and a tee, then made my way into the grand room of the Lake House. Looking out one window you could see mountains, and through another there were trees down to the lakeside and a small dock.

As I entered the kitchen, I found my Aunt Julie. “There’s Mr. Sleepy Head!” She was a bundle of energy and always had a smile. “Sandwiches are in the fridge if you want. Make a drink and join us outside.”

And with that Julie went out back and left me standing there. As if nothing was wrong.

It was surreal, since I knew she knew what happened last night. And what had happened with Aunt Julie on their first night here… I had lusted over her magnificent tits for years. She used that to her advantage, trying to manipulate me into doing something. I played along. After all, not only did I finally get to see those tits, but also, I got to touch and play with them, to fuck them and cum on them.

But maybe nothing was wrong. Maybe that was how that was going to play out, and I was reading more into it than needed to be. It was as if we were ships that passed in the night.

The next ship was her daughter, my cousin Jenny. I had always liked her, even drew pictures of her in school. She was fun, smart and pretty. And I found out she was full of love and lust. She knew how to fuck, how to please. Pent-up desire and sexual energy had been released, hitting us like an avalanche.

I made a jack-n-coke, then went out to face the music.

“Hello everyone,” I said trying to play it cool, and even that was awkward. I didn’t know who knew what or where everything stood. I took off my shirt, then slipped into the hot tub, careful not to spill my drink as I lowered into the warm bubbly waters.

Then the girls glanced at each other. There was something odd in the way they were they mouthing things and making some gesture with their hands — but I didn’t know sister-speak, so I let it go.

Josie got up. She removed her towel and left it on the lounge. Then she came over to the hot tub and climbed in. She was in a yellow bikini, and it was hard not to stare as she slowly lowered herself into the water. Josie was athletic, slender and fit. She was hot and her perky breasts beckoned me.

As if on cue, Jenny did the same. Her bikini was light blue. With long brown hair and big eyes, she had the curves in all the right places. Her ample breasts looked lovely — had she chosen that to show off her cleavage and side boob? I appreciated her either way.

Jenny climbed into the hot tub with us. “Ugh,” she exclaimed in discomfort as she sat down. “I’m going to be sore for days.” She looked up and winked at me, and I mouthed her a kiss.

“Oh really,” Josie had a look of curiosity and admiration. “You don’t say.” She had an air about her, like a nosy person who uncovers a secret. She was excited, as if the game was on now.

The two were now positioned on either side of me. I was momentarily aroused by having two beautiful girl cousins in the hot tub with me. But then I was nervous. It was almost like predators closing in on their prey, trapping me between them.

“You know, I feel left out,” Josie started first. “Since I’m the only one here Jack hasn’t been eaten out. Yet.” Josie looked at me both questioningly and naughtily, as if to say it would happen, eventually.

Aunt Julie nearly spit out her drink. “I think I’m going inside for a bit,” she got up to go inside. “You two play nice with your cousin Jack.” She added. Why did she need to say that?

But Jenny just looked at Josie, smiling as if to say, you can’t do anything to me now.

“And it seems you two went all the way. I must know, Jack. Was it everything you hoped for?” She said this trying to needle someone. I figured it was still sibling rivalry.

I wasn’t sure what to say, or if I should say anything at all. I decided I could only be honest, be myself, and let the cards fall where they may. I thought about the night we just had. And then something in the back of my mind made me remember the words she used.

“It was a magical moment in time,” I was looking at Jenny. “One for the ages.” She blew me a kiss.

Josie had started to say something, then stopped. Her sister Jenny then held up her index finger, looking at her artemisbet yeni giriş sister. “Nope, not yet.” Josie said, apparently to Jenny.

I wasn’t sure of the significance. I took a sip of my drink, trying to figure out what was going on. I had a sinking feeling it wasn’t going to be good for me.

“Jack,” Josie was a predator cat, playing with her mouse toy. “Did you two, you know, do the nasty?”

“Uh,” I paused and looked over at Jenny. I wanted to extract myself out of this. But I also recalled what we did, and certainly hope we would get to play all summer. Oddly Jenny wasn’t stopping the conversation. It was quite the predicament.

Jenny noticed and helped. “It’s OK Jack,” she added. “You can answer the questions. I’m not ashamed of anything. I hope you aren’t either.” With that she nodded upwards, flicking her head towards her sister, and indicating it was fine to continue and answer her.

“Yeah, we went all the way.”

“We knew that” Josie countered. “The walls made noise.” Josie was oddly persistent.

“Well, if you heard us…” I suggested with logic.

“After dinner,” Josie explained, “I put on my headphones and was listening to podcasts all night.”

“What do you want me to say? I loved every part of her, and she loved every part of me.” I gave an answer, still was hesitant to give specifics.

“Nope, I need details,” the choice of words seemed curious, or was I just over thinking it. “What I mean was, did you get nasty. Did you eat her ass?” She was talking naughty and seductive. Jenny shifted, but she was sore and flinched every time she moved.

“We did lots of things,” I replied vaguely.

Jenny held up her index finger again.

“Nope, not yet,” Josie denied her. “I need to know Jack, did you or did you not eat your own cum from Jenny’s ass?”

Holy shit?! “How the hell did you know…” my voice tapered off. What was going on?! My head was spinning, I was losing control of the situation. Maybe I never had control.

“Just answer the question, yes or no,” Josie was hot now, and wouldn’t be denied. I felt like I was under interrogation.

“It’s OK Jack,” Jenny offered. She was strangely OK with this conversation. But then, a lot of unusual things had happened lately. I had sex with my cousin in a variety of positions and locations. If I had used logic and reason, none of it would have happened.

“Yes,” I gave in.

Jenny put her index finger up again, smiling in victory, unable to control the excitement.

“You really did it?” Josie was beside herself, her facial muscles contorted in amazement and disbelief.

“I did.”

“What did she promise to get you to go through with it?”

“What?” I asked, confused. It was if they had talked about it already. Were the sisters really that close?

“What was the price, I just want to know,” Josie asked.

“Sex with her all summer long, anything I wanted.”

“Anything?” Josie asked incredulously, looking over at her sister with a knowing cock to her eyebrow. What was she getting at?

“Anything,” Jenny replied. She smiled, still giggling and happy with herself.

“Holy shit,” Josie sat back, her voice tapering off.

“I didn’t tell her at the time, but she didn’t need to bribe me,” I added.

“What?” “What?” Both girls chimed in, confused for different reasons.

“I mean, Jenny did ass to mouth for me, and so I did it for her, too.”

Jenny had this look of love and appreciation. I felt for her something I had never felt for anyone else.

“We were giving each other our all. She was,” I corrected myself, “she is the best I’ve ever had. And I love her.”

“What?” “What?” Both girls again chimed in for different reasons.

“Did you just say she was the best ever?” Josie asked.

“Did you just say you love me?” Jenny asked, giddy and happy, with a tear in her eye.

But before I could reply to either of them, Jenny had an epiphany of sorts.

“Oh wait, that’s two and three” she counted off on her fingers. “I win!”

Josie put her head in her hands as Jenny jumped up, excited.

She came over to me, leaning in and pressing her wet body into mine. Before I knew it, our tongues were fencing as we passionately kissed in the hot tub.

I broke when I realized what she had said.

“What do you mean, ‘you win’??” I pushed her away, the space between us both for conversation and defensive barrier.

Jenny had this playful, bashful look — like a kid caught win the hand in the cookie jar, smiling all innocently. But there was nothing innocent about any of this.

“Just a little competition between sisters,” Josie started. “At first the bet was who could get you to give it up first. But we agreed that was too easy.”

“Wait, what?”

“Let’s face it, you’re a guy,” Josie said matter-of-factly. “And we’re two pretty girls in swimsuits. Wet and horny, you wouldn’t stand much of a chance.”

I nodded in agreement, that part was true.

“Then we upped it to getting you to say who was the ‘best-ever’.” artemisbet giriş Josie kept going, unaware of the collateral damage as she just rolled on.

“Fuck me,” I shook my head. I replayed what had happened, where it all went so wrong. What was happening?!

“That was the idea,” Jenny added playfully. “We both have wanted you for a while now.”

“Seriously? That is what you took from that?” I was looking back and forth between them.

Josie continued. “But ‘best-ever’ might just be who would take it farther. Guys are always trying to get girls to go as far as they can anyway. So, we added trying to get you to do the nastiest thing we thought you would do.”

“I can’t believe this…” my mind was going in all different directions.

“I just thought of golden showers,” Jenny said.

“That was too easy. So we went with my idea,” Josie said with a naughty voice.

“Oh, so I have you to thank for that?” I asked in mock appreciation.

“Yup! I seriously didn’t think you would do it,” Josie said in admiration and approval.

“Well,” I stammered. Josie went on.

“And since it’s easy to say ‘best-ever’ in the heat of the moment when you just had mind-blowing sex,” Josie went on. “We added that you must also say you love them, too. By that point you would be too far in over your head to do anything about it. Then we would know who the better seductress was.”

“And you had to admit it openly in front of the other,” Jenny clarified the rules. “Which you just did.”

“What the fuck” I just kept shaking my head in disbelief. “So what, this was all just a game? Your competition?” I looked at Jenny, hurt beyond reckoning. Partly because I had put it all out there, and part because I just got played by my two girl cousins.

The prey just realized the two predators were working in concert, two cats cornering the mouse from different sides. There was never any chance of escape, only to find out which would get the kill.

So this was it. I had played with fire and got burnt. Aunt Julie’s words came back like a ton of bricks.

“Aww, don’t be like that” Jenny said, coming over to me again. I wanted to resist but couldn’t.

“Are you saying you didn’t enjoy it?” Her breasts pressed into me. Was the seductress playing me still?

She knew I had enjoyed it beyond doubt. “It was my best-ever. But that’s not the point,” I tried to argue. “Did it mean anything to you? Was any of the passion or emotion real, or was it all just a game?”

Now I looked at Jenny, with longing in my eyes. I wanted to know, I needed to know. But I only wanted to hear one response.

“Oh Jack,” Jenny said touching my face gently with her hand. “That’s where you’re so wrong. It was all real. I meant everything I said.”

“You said I was your best ever, and you loved me, too.”

“And I meant it.” Jenny tried to kiss me, but I squirmed out of her way.

“I’m still confused, was it lust or was it love?”

“Just like you said Jack, lust and love can exist both at the same time, under the right circumstances.”

Jenny came closer, this time I didn’t move away. “We had great sex, and there was lust. We had great emotion, and there was love. But the loving was intense with physical pleasure and desire, so it was lust. And lustful desire met with care and giving from both sides can also be love.”

She put her arms around my neck, sitting on my lap in the water. I had nowhere to go but didn’t want to go away, not really.

“I love you for giving me your all. I love you for doing everything I wanted.” She kissed me and this time I kissed her back, not wanting to fight her anymore.

“And yes,” she nodded as the point became clear. “I love you for helping me beat my sister finally.”


I kissed Jenny in the hot tub while she sat on my lap. Instinctively, I reached for her breast, caressing her in my hand. She squirmed and my cock got hard under her butt that she pressed into me. I slipped a finger under her bathing suit, searching under her bum for the entrance between her legs.

I was about to make a move towards having sex right there, when I thought about Josie. I broke and looked for her, and Jenny followed my gaze.

Josie had quietly left and was reclined in the lounge. She flipped through a magazine.

“Don’t mind me,” she added playfully. “But if you two go at it again, don’t blame me for watching either. This is a common area.”

Jenny giggled, and I had an idea.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking,” I said suggestively to Jenny.

“Down boy,” she replied. She hadn’t exactly said no either.

“I thought you said I could have anything, all summer.”

“Anything with me, that doesn’t mean anything goes with everyone else.” She said then had an idea of her own.

“Speaking of ‘anything’,” Jenny said louder so her sister could hear. “I think someone has to do anything I tell them, for an entire day.”

“Anything?” I asked with anticipation and curiosity.

“That was the wager,” Josie artemisbet güvenilirmi replied, but her response wasn’t with the same excitement as mine. “What is thy bidding, my Queen?”

“Oohh, I kind of like the sound of that,” Jenny added happily. “And you will be my royal subject and servant, if just for the day.”

“Maybe I should call you her royal heiness?” she used a term that more so indicated a wicked, evil lord.

“Either way, as long as you do everything I ask.”

“Twenty-four hours,” Josie replied, ensuring the terms were understood. “Starting now?” she looked at her phone to get the time. Then she went a step further and set an alarm for the same time tomorrow.


The tasks Jenny had her sister Josie do were a bit mundane for my thinking.

Jenny had her serve drinks to us at the hot tub. She had Josie set the table, make dinner, then clean up afterwards. She had her sister comb her hair after a shower and paint her toenails. Every bit of pampering she wanted, Josie had to do it.

“Doesn’t seem like you are getting the most out of it,” I mentioned to her.

“I don’t need much,” Jenny replied with a smile. “But it’s not the task itself. It’s that I command it, and she must do it, whether she wants to or not. She’s not used to taking orders. This isn’t easy for her.”

“I just think you’re letting her off easy,” I replied. “Considering all the years of competition and how upset you were the other night.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m not letting her off easy,” Jenny had a look of conviction in her eyes. “I will hold this over her forever.” I made a mental note never to get between sisters again.

It was getting late, and as I headed off for bed, I asked Jenny to join me which she did. In bed I started to kiss her passionately and began fondling and caressing her breasts.

Jenny returned the kissing, but as I reached for her pussy, she broke it off. “Jack, as a good lover, you will understand when I say that I’m still exhausted from yesterday,” she said as she kissed me good night. “Be patient, and tomorrow I will make it worth your while. You will love it, trust me.”

“What do you have planned for tomorrow?” I asked, not sure if I wanted to know.

“Tomorrow you are going to help me break my sister,” she said with an evil grin. “And she will beg for it before we’re done with her.”


The next morning, I woke up to the sound and smells of cooking in the kitchen. Bacon and eggs, with toast and orange juice already set out on the kitchen table. Josie was doing it all as Jenny watched from the sofa in the grand room. She was enjoying the spoils of war, even if it was simply commanding her sister to make her favorite breakfast.

I came over to the stove, inspecting Josie’s work.

“It could be worse,” I told Josie quietly as I munched a piece of crispy bacon.

“Oh, she has something planned,” Josie replied, “you can bet on it.”

But the rest of the morning and into the afternoon, it seemed benign, like before.

Jenny simply had Josie at her beck and call, but nothing significant really came of it.


After lunch, Aunt Julie had gone into town to run errands. Then she would pick up my sister and mother from the bus station, coming back from their trip.

The three of us cousins were alone at the Lake House until after dinner.

We lounged by the hot tub, which had become our favorite spot. Something about being outside amongst nature, being able to smell the trees and see the lake. And inevitably it also meant women in swimsuits, relaxing or tanning or getting into the water — either way it was alright by me.

Jenny was in a new polka dot bikini and her breasts were large and outlined by the tight fabric on her frame. Josie had on her gold-standard yellow bikini. As she turned over in the lounge, the bottoms were between her cheeks. I imagined her asking me to adjust them for her…

“Join me in the hot tub Jack?” Jenny spoke and I stumbled out of my daydream.

She turned on the jets and lowered into the hot tub as the bubbles frothed. I followed her in.

“Josie, grab us 2 wine coolers and a hard lemonade please.”

“Yes, my queen,” Josie said in obedience. Jenny giggled every time her sister said it.

As Josie went inside, Jenny turned and quickly got my attention.

“Now Jack, play along and do as I say, and I promise you’ll be rewarded.”

“Do I have a choice?” I wasn’t really complaining. After all, Jenny had been adventurous sexually, and I hoped to do more with her soon.

“You always have a choice, Jack. But to your point, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll do as I ask. It’s risky to disobey the Queen,” she said with a devilish grin.

The sliding door opened, and Josie came back with drinks. She set the beverages down next to where we sat in the hot tub.

“Anything else, my liege?” Josie asked, still playing the game. She only had a few more hours left.

“Come join us!” Jenny was giddy. Josie did as she was instructed, slipping into the water and sitting opposite us.

We all took a drink before Jenny spoke again.

“Jack, be a good boy” she seductively lured me to do her bidding, “and give me a back rub please.” My philosophy is, anytime any woman in the hot tub asks you to do something to her, for her, you do it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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