Exchange Ch. 03

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Elaine stroked Michael’s hair, rocked him quietly in her big mohair arms with his head leaning on her massive bosom. She felt his scent of fear and excitement and her nipples got hard, bulged visibly under the thick knitted sweater covering her amazing breasts. She closed her eyes and whispered comforting: “Just be a good boy now and everything will be fine. I will keep you safe; you will always be secure by me, darling.”

She put him down in front of the couch, on his knees, and wrapped her thighs around his waist and arms, locked him in place. Michael’s primary reaction was to object and instinctively made an effort to avoid the entrapment but it wasn’t possible, he was caught between her huge legs.

Elaine gripped his chin and reminded him about the situation: “Stop it Michael. First of all; you are mine and you are to do exactly as I tell you. And second, don’t forget I am superior you physically and love to show that anytime, so if you make the tiniest effort to revolt I will immediately punish you, and it will be even worse than the spanking. And good for you to know that I will love it… will love any reason to punish you, while it brings me such wonderful excitement… to teach you, to humiliate you, to get you understand you belong to me, dear.”

With him still stuck between her legs she reached for a skein of leather. “Michael, look what I have for you… This is a head harness, handcrafted especially for you… it’s a gift… and it’s time for you to try it on.”

She tightened her hold until Michael started to moan, then she gently pushed his head backwards, took his chin in a firm grip and forced a muzzle gag into his mouth. The connecting harness soon encircled Michael’s head; over, sideways… under. It was combined with a wide leather collar, which finally was buckled around his neck. The whole harness system became very tight when Elaine thoroughly fastened all straps and buckles. The muzzle was anchored deep inside his mouth and prevented very effectively further conversation.

She stood up, raised Michael on his feet, looked at him… gave him a friendly hug at the same time she put her big lips towards the silencing gag and kissed him… or did she kiss her harness outcome? “Wow, this is my boy!”, she commented with satisfaction. “Did I tell you that I like you? And especially now when I’ve got hold of you in such a satisfying manner. But we are not quite finished yet… Come.”

All had gone very quickly… In spite he tried to avoid Elaine gagging him he had not been able to. She had forced his mouth open… he couldn’t get away… It was strangely shocking to be forced into silence. Why did she? He tried to spit it out… remove it with his tongue… but he couldn’t while the tongue was locked… flat down the cavity, no chance… the whole mouth was occupied… and the straps were very tight all around his head… He must try to communicate… but he got aware his pleading just became guttural bursa eskort sounds… How was he going to get rid of it? He realized he had to take it easy… wait until he was left alone or something…

Elaine took his hand, intertwined her fingers with his and escorted him, hand in hand, further into the mysterious house. Although she had kicked off her shoes she was still at least one or two inches taller than him. “By the way”, she asked, “Have you reflected over the fact that you belong to a woman right now? And she has grappled you into submission… she has spanked you and gagged you… and you have not been able to prevent her from doing it. What if she brought you one level more of helplessness, how would that feel… how would you deal with it? ” Michael looked at her with surprise, as if he didn’t really understand the meaning. “Never mind…”, Elaine smiled, “This way, darling.”

They entered a big empty room decorated only with a huge thick quadrangular carpet. There were no windows. The room was illuminated by sconces on the dark blue velvet walls. A silvery chain was dangling from the ceiling; its end seemed somewhere right over the middle of the black carpet. It was very quiet.

Elaine headed him onto the carpet, stopped under the chain. She reached out, grabbed, and swiftly attached a snap link in the end of the mysterious chain to a metal eyelet on top of Michael’s harness. Leaving him standing there she went towards a grey metallic box placed on one of the walls. It looked like some kind of operative central.

Left on the carpet there was at a sudden an opportunity… his chance to ungag himself, in order to get a discussion with Elaine… request her for a bit more respect… Yes, that wouldn’t be more than fair. He fingered for the buckles… they were difficult to identify… and very thoroughly strapped… Come on!

Standing by the control box Elaine observed his effort… Without haste she pushed a button and the chain slowly started to pull up. Michael almost lost his balance when he suddenly was forced upwards by the chain heading for the ceiling. He had to give up his rescuing attempt and concentrate at not losing balance. He ended, forced by the stretched chain, standing high up on his toes. In frustration he made an objecting mumbling noise, although he stopped when Elaine came back and gave him a stern look. His situation right now seemed quite vulnerable.

She brought a bunch of white rolls. Michael waved his arms to maintain balance. “These ones…”, she explained, “are elastic bandages… very strong, very effective and also very self-adhesive. So, if you don’t watch out, you might pretty soon become pretty disabled. How sad you didn’t succeed in freeing yourself from the gag, Michael. But you see, if you would have managed… I would have taken you down again, spanked you even more… and put the gag in place again. You will become aware, that there is no way out when in my hands… there will bursa escort be no more opportunities for you from now on… I will show you.”

She started wrapping his legs, one by one, all way down finishing off with his feet. Thereafter, starting from his hips, she carefully wrapped his legs together… tight, tight… lap after lap with the strong elastic bandage… Once again all way down his feet which she enclosed side by side in a solid viscous package.

She left him for a moment, adjusted… extended… the chain, which permitted him to stand on his soles instead of his toes.

Michael understood he was in real trouble… his legs were mummified… useless, he could not move… and what would she do next… mummify the whole of him? He must fight for not to lose all his limbs… how could he avoid her to take control of his arms? He must be clever and strong!

Back again Elaine grabbed one of his arms, Michael fought back, but she just turned him her back, squeezed the arm between her upper arm and body, twisted it until he moaned by discomfort… kept in position and wrapped his hand into an artfully well sealed bundle. Then from arm pit down to the hand… and did equally with his other arm.

In spite of his futile resistance Elaine without problems locked Michael’s arms along his body and then, starting from his neck she enfolded his whole upper body inclusive his arms tightly along his sides. Michael became, piece by piece, transformed into a white slender cocoon, ensnared and lost… as lap after lap of the superior sticky bandage turned him into complete helplessness. Finally Elaine methodically encased his head with layer after layer, only leaving a narrow slit for his nostrils and eyes.

No, she was too strong… it was not possible… and now, what to do… she was enveloping him and he could just watch… be inside… and his mobility… he could hardly move… no, he couldn’t move at all… Please!!

Elaine stepped back and took a good look… observed his eyes begging for her compassion. But there was no compassion to get right now. Instead she unlocked the snap hook… smiled at Michael’s vain attempts to remain standing. And when he toppled over she caught him in her strong arms: “My little helpless caterpillar boy… come to mommy, she will take care of you.”

She let him down on the soft carpet on his back. Put one foot on either side the squirming him… looked down… and started to caress her enormous breasts, let him watch her nipples grow, bulge under the fuzzy knitted mohair fabric… grow even bigger as she moved her hands down and touched her sex. She rubbed herself with more and more intense… continuously… until the orgasm came to her… let him watch the spasms when she with closed eyes shivered by lust as the orgasmic waves swept through her massive sultry body.

After calming down Elaine kneeled beside the immobilized capture of hers, looked him bursa escort bayan in the eyes and talked to him: “You are making me so happy, Michael. It’s incredible sensual… as right now… having poured you into a third layer of restraint… how will you ever get out, little you? On the other hand, you are not to get anywhere… ever. By the way, have I explained the theory of layers?”, she asked rhetorically.

“Well, this is how it is. The first layer was you surrendering to me, accepting me as superior you, meaning I am entitled to do whatever I find suitable with you, whenever I want. The second layer is my physical strength… I will overpower you, take you down, make you helpless in any situation… and I love that… to wrestle you down and capture. And finally… the third layer is immobilization… you in restraints… totally unable to free yourself. And… perhaps good for you to know… that, by us you will always be shielded by at least three layers… by us… in your new life.”

Michael made big eyes by surprise when she suddenly said us and couldn’t keep from loudly formulate a question: “Ggggghh… gggghhh?”

“You mean us?”, Elaine inquired… and Michael nodded. She explained: “Us, are me and my younger sister of course. You have already met her… Maria. We are twins, identical twins, and we always part everything. I am twelve minutes older than her, so I am the boss, of course… but she is perhaps even stronger than me, so watch out, dear…” Michael looked at Elaine with evident mistrust, as if he didn’t believe what she said.

“By the way”, Elaine continued, “She is on her way… and you are to challenge her… wrestle against her that means. But you will not get a fair chance; you are to fight her here on the carpet, mummified as you are. There are two possibilities for you to overcome: First, manage to escape from the carpet… now, immediately, before she arrives. Or, resist her strength… prevent her pinning you down. If you manage, in one or another way, you win… and only I will rule over you. But if Maria takes you down you will also become hers.”

The challenge is starting right now, running for five minutes, Michael. Try to escape before she comes, that is your best possibility I believe. Good luck.”

This was slowly becoming a night mare… how would he get out of this situation… or was that exactly the idea… to humiliate him? But if he only could get off the carpet… it was very hard to move. He must succeed… he must demonstrate his independence… don’t allow her… them… to play around with him… show them… get off now!

Elaine took a step aside and watched the encased Michael, in his white wrapping on the black carpet, wriggle and squirm in his effort to move, to escape the soft arena… but he didn’t succeed well at all. How he tried, he didn’t even manage to roll over laterally; her mummification was very strict, very well well-done… he got nowhere… He tried to explain that he found the situation unfair: “Gggggghh!”

But Elaine didn’t answer, just looked down at him with satisfaction. And suddenly, appearing from nowhere, her sister Maria was standing there. “Hello Michael…”, she said.

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