Emily Learns The Secret

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Emily Shaw, sat in that special straight back wooden chair. Having just given her husband, of ten years Scott, a hard spanking. She let her hand trail down, into her panties. Feeling her wet pussy, rubbing herself, with her fingertips. She loved looking at his spanked bottom, while stimulating herself. Emily, held the heavy, antique wooden hairbrush, in her other hand.

She looked at Scott, naked, and standing in the corner of the bedroom, the warm sunlight, shining on his already flaming hot, asscheeks. His bare ass, was red, and slightly swollen, standing with his hands behind his head.

Emily smiled to herself, as it always made her excited, spanking her husbands, bare bottom. The sex, was absolutely incredible afterwards. Emily, could have her way with her compliant, sexually, submissive husband.

All she had to do was point, or snap her fingers. Scott, was on his knees, eager to please her.

Emily, had Scott’s mother to thank, for this wedded bliss. Things were not always this way, before they said their vows. There were problems, nothing overly serious, just some tweaks that needed a little correcting.

Emily, remembered exactly how it all started, just like it was yesterday. It was two weeks before their wedding, they were at her future mother- in -laws house. Scott’s mother was a widow, and she had the two of them over for dinner….

Ten Years Ago

Anita Shaw was still a rather beautiful women, even though she never remarried. She just was not interested, in that commitment. Emily remembered that visit, she was feeling very down, wondering if she was making a mistake getting married.

Anita knew Emily pretty well, having gotten close after the last couple of years. She gave a slight smile asking, “Em…whats wrong? You have that worried, troubled look all over your face. Come on give it to me.”

Emily looked at Anita, sighing heavily, “I am sorry Anita, I really don’t want to dump my problems, in your lap.”

Anita sat down on the couch, next to Emily, ” I am here honey, please dump away, sweetie maybe I can help after all I am ancient, worldly and wise.”

Emily could not help but smile at Anita’s wit, “Mom Shaw, I just don’t want to make a mistake…lately Scott has been very selfish, and distant. I don’t know whats wrong with him, he is very disrespectful to me.”

Anita sighed, shaking her head, her brown eyes narrowing said,

“I know he can be a jackass at times, I think that he possibly is just wound up about the wedding. But that is no excuse, to act like an asshole…Anything else going on, other then my sons bad behavior?”

Emily shook her head answering, “no not really, Scott has his bachelor party tomorrow, I guess I am concerned about that…at least maybe a little bit.”

Anita looked at Emily saying, “you know, I am thinking that maybe my son could benefit, from something that I should really share with you. I think my son, really needs a trip over my lap, he needs a good hard spanking, on his bare ass.”

Emily chuckled, shaking her head then looked at Anita saying, “Mom, I would just love, to see that! You, putting my husband to be over your lap.”

Emily laughed, then grinned saying, “You don’t know how many times, I have wanted to blister his bottom lately!”

Anita really was not smiling anymore, she looked at Emily, then said, “You know the only thing, that ever really sunk in to his thick skull, was a good spanking. I would never hesitate, to give him the spankings he deserved.”

Anita looked at Emily saying, “honey you should really watch and learn. Spanking actually saved, my marriage. Scott’s father had his bottom blistered, on a regular basis. Believe me, it was worth it.”

Anita, had a dreamy look on her face, then smiling said, “After he got his spanking from me, he was most attentive, to my personal needs.”

Anita, winked at Emily saying, “Honey I am going to give you a demonstration, on how to keep your marriage successful, and interesting. After I spank my son, you are going to put him over your lap. You need to learn this secret, and implement it into your marriage, trust me it will work!”

Emily, could feel a stirring in her pussy, as she anticipated what was about to happen. She would have never guessed, that this was where her conversation with Anita, would lead to this. Her husband to be was about to get a spanking, from his mother. Emily her excitement mounting, she was more than ready to witness, Scott get his butt spanked.

Anita looked at her she asked, “well honey, are you ready to learn an important lesson, about keeping your marriage alive? Want to watch mommy, spank her naughty boy?

Anita smirking said, “You can tease him, if you like.”

Emily felt a tingle between her legs, nodding her head saying,

“well I am not sure if I will be teasing him, although he fucking deserves it.

Emily shivered, feeling the excitement surging through her. Looking at Anita, she excitedly said, “please Anita, escort bursa show me how to spank my future naughty and disrespectful husband!”

Anita warned, “you have to spank them hard, this is not a joke. You should make them uneasy…unsure of themselves. Gain their respect that you aren’t going to take their crap.”

Anita smiled, seeing how Emily was totally focused, then she added, “you have to make them get teary eyed, and crying. Trust me it is the best way, to make them cry a little bit. You should make them feel vulnerable, while you have that bare bottom on your lap.”

Anita smirked adding, “after the spanking, the fun really begins, I swear to you it does. You can make them treat you any way you like. Honey I stress this point, use the spanking to your advantage.”

Anita winked at Emily then grinning, “Are you ready?”

Emily shivered slightly, her excitement mounting replied, “oh yeah, I am so ready, show me this please.”

Anita called out, “Scott, get in here now, I have something that needs to be addressed.”

It was only a moment, until they heard him walking towards them from the den.

Anita looked at her son, giving him a look that Scott, had not seen in a long time. She could see his face change, from normal, to a worried look.

“What are you doing, why are you sitting in there? You should be keeping us two beautiful ladies, company. Seriously, I heard about your piss poor attitude, young man. I intend to teach your wife, just how to correct your adolescent behavior.” Anita scolded.

Anita, sternly looked at her son. It was that look, she knew would make him docile. “

“I am going to paddle, your ass, your wife to be is going to watch. I am going to show her, how to corral your bad attitude.” Anita scolded.

Scott rolled his eyes, shaking his head saying, “with all do respect mom, I think I am a little old, and past the point of getting a spanking.”

Truth be told, Scott, always got sexually aroused, after his mother spanked him. He would occasionally get an erection, while he was bare bottom over Anita’s lap. He could feel a sexual charge, working inside him at this very moment.

Scott felt his face flush, with embarrassment. He then looked sheepishly, at Emily. He could see the curious look, and the smirk, she had on her face. Then she seductively said, “it’s time for your spanking… you naughty boy.”

Anita looked him right in the eye saying, “I want you to go upstairs, take all your clothes off, and I mean everything. You will come back down here stark naked, and you will bring my hairbrush and the strap down with you. I am sure you remember where they both are.”

Scott, felt his face flush red, he looked sheepishly at Emily again, then sighing, “yes mam.”

Emily and Anita watched, as he left the room, she smirked looking at Anita saying, ” wow you certainly made that look easy. Do you really think he will let me have a crack at his ass, just as easily?”

Anita giggled, replying, “he better or he will be getting a double spanking, from the both of us.”

Scott entered his mother’s bedroom, then started to strip. He has not had a spanking, since he was eighteen and got into some trouble. As he pulled his jeans down, followed by his underpants.

He was shaved bare, his groin and even his ass. Emily preferred it, while sucking on his cock, that way there was no pubic hair interference.

She did not return the favor, she preferred leaving her pussy hairy. She detested when she would get a rash, from razor burn. Also the annoying itching, that happens when the hair started growing back.

Scott wondered how his mother would react, to seeing him like this. Shaved like an adolescent boy, he felt even more naked and vulnerable.

Scott looked down at his cock, which was starting to swell. He could not resist giving it a couple of strokes. He was never spanked in front of someone, at least not in his teenage years. He shivered wondering what Emily was going to think of him, getting a spanking on his bare bottom, like some naughty little schoolboy. He felt butterflies in his stomach, thinking in retrospect that he has been a bit of an asshole lately. Perhaps I do deserve this, even if my future wife watches me getting it.

He wondered if Emily would think less of him, once she saw him over his mothers lap. Would she think of him as a guy that could be easily pushed around and dictated.

Perhaps she would want to spank him too, on a regular basis. What would he do if this would become a part of their lives. He just didn’t want his future wife, to look at him with less respect, thinking of him as less of a man.

What worried him, didn’t faze his penis. Like always the little head always did the thinking for him at certain times. He willed himself to become flaccid, afraid of what they would think if he went down those stairs, with an erection.

Resigned to the fact, he went to his mothers closet and opened the door. Hanging in the same görükle escort place was that leather razor strap. He remembered the sting, that would bring to his spanked bottom. He held the ominous leather strap to his nose, the smell of the leather bringing back memories, stinging memories of having his ass whipped. He shivered, hoping he could keep himself together, once Anita started swinging that at his exposed bottom.

Scott held the strap in his hand, then turning to his mothers dresser, he saw himself in the mirror. Naked, but not yet ashamed, he was not sure that he would feel the shame part, until this was over.

He turned to make his way back to the living room, he heard Emily hopefully asking, “Anita, do you really think that this spanking thing will improve Scott’s and my marriage?”

Scott stopped at the top of the stairs, frowning, he knew then that mom was trying to show Emily, how things should be once they were married. Scott stalled at the top of the stairs, his heart racing waiting to hear his mothers answer.

Anita laughed, “of course Em, if Scott is anything like his father, once you turn his bottom red, he will be putty in your hands. I hope I am not offering to much information. My late husband Steve, used to practically be my personal sex slave, once I spanked his ass….sex afterwards, was incredible.”

Emily smiled, then started chuckling and said, “oh my, I cant wait to try this out, your really going to give it to him good, aren’t you mom.” Emily grinned, feeling her excited state build.

Emily, looked excitedly at Anita added, “So you are really expecting me to spank him, just as hard, as you are going too?”

Scott hearing the conversation, Emily and Anita were having, was having a reaction. He felt his cock once again swelling, the excitement that his wife, wanted to see him getting a disciplinary spanking. Just the thought of it now aroused him, more then anything has in quite awhile.

He processed the fact, that even his own father, got his bottom spanked. Then things must of got a little on the kinky side, apparently from what his mother just stated. He never thought of his mother as a dominatrix. But after hearing what she just said, he knew his imagination would go into erotic overload, once he had the time to sit and ponder it.

Scott, suddenly considering masturbating, before he even went downstairs, just listening to the two of them talking. Some of his favorite fantasies, were of female domination, but he knew that he shouldn’t dilly dally around too long. Plus he didn’t want to go down there all shrunken up, with his cock drooping and dripping. What kind of an impression, would that be.

He started down the stairs, his nudity was humbling, yet exciting at the same time. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, both women turned to look at him. He had the brush in his right hand, the strap in his left. Scott walked towards them, enjoying the looks, on his mother and Emily’s faces.

Anita her eyes widening, at her naked son said, “oh my god…your shaved! Smooth as a baby, wow I don’t believe it.” Anita wasn’t that proud, that she gave a shit if she was caught gawking, at her nude adult son. Then looking at Emily asked, “so was this your idea, or his?”

Emily grinned, raising her hand chuckling answered, “that would be me.”

Emily, turned her attention to her lover teasingly said, “honey, its time for your spanking. I am so going to enjoy watching this and learning, especially after the way you have been acting. I think mom is right, we do need to add this into our marriage.”

Scott looked over at Emily, he could feel some swelling going on with his penis once again, which didn’t go undetected by the two women.

He walked over to them, his cock was at the point of being half erect, as he stood waiting for his punishment. Feeling silly, for a few moments until his mother broke that moment of awkwardness.

“Scott go get a chair from the dining room, set it down right here in front of the couch.” Anita said. He could feel both sets of eyes on his naked bottom, as he left the room.

Once the chair was in place, Anita took her place on it, wiggling her finger saying, “get over here young man, I think this is long overdue!”

Anita picked up the the hairbrush, from her lap sternly said, “get your ass over my lap, young man.”

Scott, was standing to her right, then lowered himself slowly over his mothers lap. He felt a slightly embarrassed, with his bare bottom, draped over his mothers lap. Anita placed her hand on his lower back, then hooked his left leg with her right leg.

She dragged her leg back, spreading Scott’s legs making his asscheeks, spread open.

Anita looked down, leaning to her right, her hand slid down spreading her grown son’s asscheeks open. She really liked what she saw between them. His ass crack, was devoid of hair and his brownie hole was bare, and exposed.

She had to admit to herself, that shaved bursa escort bayan look excited her more then the spanking, she was about to give him while Emily watched.

Anita for just a second, felt the desire to run her tongue over her son’s asshole. The thought made her pussy tingle, she felt a wetness starting, it seemed like a long time since she felt this way. Frankly it scared her, but it excited her more as she feasted her eyes, on his exposed bottom. Her sudden desire, to lick his asshole should have alarmed her.

She couldn’t get over how much her son, was just like his late father, something that really excited her. So she quickly reasoned, that was why she wanted to stick her tongue, up his ass. Remembering that this was supposed to be a lesson, for her future daughter-in-law, shaking her head, as if to clear it she looked at Emily.

Emily watched, the excitement written all over her face, she heard Anita say, “watch and learn Emily.”

Anita raised her arm holding the hairbrush, then swung her arm down hearing the report of the wood brush, on his bare skin. The sound was loud, and unmistakable, only the sound that a bare bottom spanking could make.

Scott’s head jerked up, when the brush struck his ass. He grunted, feeling the burning pain, from the first swat. His pale asscheek jiggled, and a pink blotch appeared. That first spank, immediately followed by another and another.

Emily watched, her eyes wide as she witnessed her first live spanking. She felt herself become instantly aroused, wishing she could jam her hand into her jeans, and rub herself as she watched, Anita spanking her future husband.

Anita vigorously spanked her son, the brush smacking his bare ass, from one cheek to the next. She covered his bare bottom, with her hairbrush like an artist covering a canvas.

Emily grew even more excited, as she listened to Anita lecture her son about his disrespectful attitude. She thought to herself, “oh yeah, give it to him good and hard.”

“Young man, I certainly didnt raise you, to be a disrespectful lout…I am warning you, I will come over to your house…paddle your ass….I dont care who is present, to see it!” She added hard smacks on his ass, emphasizing each word!

Now that it was Emily’s turn, she was sitting in the chair vacated by Anita. Anita watched, and coached Emily, as Emily at first timidly, brought the hairbrush down.

Emily listened, as Anita coached her on how to spank Scott’s bottom harder, with even firm strokes. It thrilled Emily, instantly she became a firm believer in spanking. She loved having the power in her hands, of setting her husband to be in his place.

Emily loved, the way his asscheeks would jiggle, with each brush impact. Taking Anitas advice, she started spanking even harder.

Feeling the wetness between her thighs, she was hooked. She enjoyed Scott’s grunting, and pleading for her to stop, that he had had enough. Something Anita was quick to differ on, as she shook her head no, for Emily not to stop.

Emily felt excited about her marriage again, just as much if not more then when Scott, got on his knees and proposed. She thought to herself as she was spanking him, he might be spending a lot of time over her lap, once we are married!

Anita was once again feeling the sexual desire, that watching a spanking would manifest in her. She was proud of the spanking she just watched, her soon to be daughter-in -law just gave her son. But she saw herself, and her husband Steve too. All those wonderful memories, that she kept reliving, and thinking about, when her mind would wander during lonely moments.

Anita knew after she was alone later, that the frustrations that being lonely, and sexually excited would bring. She knew that she would be fucking, one of her lucky toys later, also that she would ache. for the touch, and intimacy, that only a lover could give.

After a good ten minutes over his mothers lap, for his second spanking from Anita, Scott’s eyes were tearing up, as his grunts, turned to pleas. Anita stopped, her second hairbrush spanking, deciding it was time for the leather strap.

It wasn’t until Emily watched, as Scott bent over the back of the wooden chair, holding the seat with his bare bottom being a perfect target, for the strap. Emily felt delight, along with excitement, as she squirmed sitting on the couch. She was really aroused, as she watched his bottom wiggling, from side to side. She felt herself become even more excited, as his asscheeks would spread open, revealing his anus. Emily, for the first time ever, thought about what it would be like, to fuck a guy up the ass.

Anita swung the strap with finesse, strapping her son marking his cheeks with stripes. Anita, felt herself becoming sexually aroused, my god she thought, if only I could sit on a mans face! Alright Anita, just keep it together until your alone, then you can give yourself a much overdue orgasm, or two or three!

Emily almost felt like a real bitch, watching as Scott was getting strapped, and she was enjoying his painful ordeal. Her pussy, was so wet, it was soaking through the crotch of her jeans. Oh my god she thought, Anita you might have created a monster out of me.

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