(Almost) All in the Family Pt. 02

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(All the characters in, or mentioned in, this story are over 18 years of age.)


I woke up the next morning and felt an arm on my body holding me. I am lying on my right side. Fuck. I have breasts again. I can feel a hand cradling my right breast. It is big. A really, really big breast. Certainly not a male one. Who am I this time? I break out in a sweat. I roll over to face the person holding me and have the shock of my life. And that is saying a lot considering the past two days.

Staring back at me was…. My Dad!!!

No way am I going to have sex with my Dad in any form, so I jump out of bed as quickly as I can. I find a robe draped over a nearby chair and put it on.

“Where are you going hun? Come back. Let’s have some fun. Sorry I got home to late last night. But I am here now. I’m really horny.”

My Mom self really wants to get back in bed with him. He’s her husband after all. It takes all my willpower not to jump on him. But my son self over rules it and thinks, nothing on earth was going to get me back in that bed.

“I’m not feeling up to it right now. Maybe later. I am going down to make some coffee.”


I could hear the disappointment in his voice. I felt really bad. Mom felt bad. I had to get out of that room quickly or bad things were going happen, and I truly could never live with myself again.

I went down to the kitchen where I found April having breakfast.

“Morning Mom. What are you up to today?”

Mom. Mom. Mom. Now I am in my Mom’s body. Can things get any weirder? What have I done to get into this nightmare?

Actually, I had no idea what I am supposed to be doing today. I see my Mom’s phone on the counter and pick it up. Looking at her texts I see one from my aunt Debbie, Dads sister. Her text says she would like me to come over for a swim and “other things” smile emoji, after lunch around one. What “other things” and why the quotes, and the emoji. I text back, ok, see you then.

I tell April that I am going over to Aunt Debbie’s after lunch for a swim.

“Nice. You two seem to be doing a lot of things together these days. I am glad the family rift seems to be over.”

I seem to remember my Dad and my Aunt Debbie’s husband Mark, didn’t get along. We rarely saw them. I get the coffee maker going and get some breakfast and sit down with April. I try as much as I can to avoid subjects I, John, know nothing about, yet still try to sound female. It wasn’t easy. I ask April how she and Bob were doing. She says things were great. She expects him to pop the question any day now. I should start thinking about wedding planning. Maybe next summer. I am thinking if she only knew he was doing me, well, her mother. What would she do then? I said that I was really excited for her, and I would start looking into places we could have the reception. Actually, I couldn’t care less. But, I was trying to channel my Mom as best I could.

April says it is about time. Rachel, her cousin, was getting married next week. In fact the Bachelorette party was this Friday. April asks me if I was going. I tell her I will be there. I was looking forward to it. I actually had no idea what she was talking about.

After breakfast I go back upstairs. Frank, my Dad, is had already showered, dressed and is ready for work. As he passes me in the hall, he stops, leans over and gives me a kiss. It felt kind of nice. Ugh. Help me, please. Somebody.

“We need to make up for last night. Love you.”

“I love you too.”

What else could I say. But I am thinking. No way am I coming home tonight. I’ve got to find an excuse, or I’m going to find myself fucking my Dad. The Mom in me was too powerful.

He turns around and goes down the stairs.

I go into the bedroom, then into the bathroom and sit down on the toilet. I am getting familiar with this feeling after being April. I take off my robe and panties, and look at myself in the mirror. Not bad. Even though I saw “me” when Bob “me” was doing Mom, it was not the same as now being inside her body. My boobs are larger than April’s, which doesn’t seem possible. A bit saggier. My hair is shorter. I look closely at my face. Yes there were definitely wrinkles there, though not bad at all. I stick a finger into my pussy. Not nearly as tight as April, but that’s what happens I guess when you have children. It still feels good though. Same when I tickle my clit. Well, if Mom’s orgasms are anything like what I saw yesterday, then everything still works. More than works. I can’t help noticing my ass is sore. I turn my butt to the mirror and see some red marks are still there. Fuck. How am I going to explain those? Maybe by tomorrow they will be gone.

Now back to the, getting dressed and ready for the day, thing. I find a bra and panties and put them on. It is hot, so I actually go for a dress. It is still extremely odd feeling, but not as much as a few days ago. Luckily, my mom is not the makeup, jewelry queen, April is. Without too much fuss, I have myself looking marsbahis güvenilirmi pretty good. I recall I am going swimming later at Aunt Debbie’s. After a search I find where my mom keeps them. I grab a one piece and a two piece, find a tote bag and put them in.

I make the bed, and can’t help noticing a fresh wet stain on my dad’s side of the bed. Apparently he really was horny and couldn’t wait. I am glad I got out of bed when I did. Though it does send a strange quiver into my body.

I quickly cover it up trying not to think about it.

The rest of the morning I do things, “I” normally would do. I surf the internet. Catch up on sports scores, look at my email and social sites. I see John has been busy with my friends online having fun. I am a little jealous. Somehow I have to get back into my own body. But then I think why, really. I have to admit I am a loser. Here I am out of college and still living with my parents. I never go out, don’t have a girlfriend. Hell, I am still a virgin. Pathetic.

I have a quick lunch and drive over to Aunt Debbie’s. She greets me at the door with a big hug. I feel our breasts hitting each other. She is wearing a bathing suit, and a short cover-up top. Debbie is a huge chatter box. Even if I wanted to talk, which I don’t, I couldn’t have. She never comes up for air. She leads me through the house back to the pool area. I see she has already been there earlier. One of the chairs has a towel on it, a drink half gone, and her tablet on the chair. There are also a number of comfy couches with foot stools and tables.

I am looking around where to change. Debbie looks at me strange.

“Suddenly you’re shy?”

She is laughing at me.

I get the idea I am to change right here, in front of her. I put my bag down on another chair and pull out one of the suits, the one piece. Then I turn my back to her and start taking my clothes off. I pull the dress off, my bra, then the panties, bending over as I pull them down.

“Hey, I see you have been having some fun. Certainly Frank didn’t do that to you.”

She was laughing at me.

Shit, the whip marks. I try to make light of it.

“I’ll tell you about it, later.”

“Ok, I definitely want to hear all about it,” she laughs.

I get all my clothes off, and pick up the suit.

“Stop right there. What’s the point of putting it on? You are just going to have to take it off again in a few minutes.”

More laughter. In addition to being a chatter box, Aunt Debbie was a laugher. Everything she said was followed by a chuckling laugh.

I turn around. Just my head, trying to hide my body. I see Aunt Debbie lying on her chair with nothing on. Now what? My mom is doing my Aunt Debbie too? I am getting a whole new image of who my Mom is. She is a crazy woman. What should “I” do though? I turn around and lie back on the chair. Good thing I have sunglasses on, as my eyes are bugging out of my head.

We lie there naked in the sun. It feels great. The sun hitting my skin. Aunt Debbie chats away for a while, then in a small gap, I tell her April told me this morning she thinks Bob is going to ask her to marry him soon.

Debbie laughs, “Well we BOTH know that wouldn’t be a good idea. You should talk to her and discourage her somehow. That’s where you got the marks isn’t it? I’ll have to get him to do that to me next time. Was it good?”

Laughing very loud this time.

I had to admit to her that it was really good. She pressed for every detail, which I inexplicably find myself doing. Even though I had been on the other side of it, I could imagine what it must have been like to be Mom. I feel myself getting wet while telling her about my experience. Wet! I am sick. Debbie actually sat up on the edge of her chair, hanging onto every word, occasionally pumping me for more detail.

When I was done, her face is flush, and I have no doubt she is probably a little wet too.

“We should do him together. Why haven’t we done that yet?”

She got up and came over to my chair and sat down.

“You’ve got me really hot. I need to do something about it.”

Before I knew it she grabs one of my legs, pulls me down a little, splits my legs open, and got between them and was face down on my pussy licking me out. Awwwwwww….that feels so good. She is going at it pretty hard. I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. Then she started hitting my clit. Chills and electricity were shooting through me in wave after wave. Being a woman she knew what to do. I was thrashing around in no time flat. She kept going at it with no mercy until I come in a mind blanking explosion. I have to push her away as my clit was on fire and can’t take anymore. It was too too much.

“FUCK, that was good,” I finally gasp.

Debbie laughs.

She comes up and kisses me. I taste my pussy juices on her.

“Just give me a minute.”

She goes into the house and brings out a bunch of sex toys. She takes me over to one of the couches, more like a marsbahis yeni giriş bed really. She takes a double dong dildo and some lube and lubing it up slides it into me, then lubed the other side and puts it into herself. We are in a scissors position now, sliding back and forth on the dildo.

“So are you in for doing Bob together?” Debbie asks me.

I think about it. And as Mom, I am pretty sure she would be all in.

“Yeah, let’s do it. Go over together and jump him.”

Debbie laughs. I can’t stop thinking. Here I am, inside my Mom, being fucked by my Aunt Debbie. Could things get any stranger? Fucking my Aunt!

We are both lost in it, when somewhere in my subconscious I hear a noise.

I look up and see the pool cleaner man, closing the gate behind him. He hasn’t seen us yet. He walks across the pool deck looking down, listening to something on his ear buds. Then fairly close to us he looks up and sees Debbie and me humping a dildo. I just smile at him. He yanks the buds out of his ears. His face is in the sun, hard to make out.

“Oh, I am sorry. Uh uh. I…I.. I should go”.

He starts to turn, when Debbie sits up.

“Where ya going. Get over here.”

“I don’t think so. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Debbie pulls the dildo out of her and sits up, and laughs.

“You’re telling me you wouldn’t want to fuck two women? I bet you dream about things like this. Dream. This is real.”

She actually sits on the edge of the chair, bent back, puts her legs up in the air and used her fingers to open her pussy lips.

“Come on. Put it right in here. It wants you.”

The man hesitates another second, but you can tell by his body language, that he was thinking he would probably never have another opportunity like this again in his whole life. And the women were actually begging him to fuck them.

He comes closer and Debbie got on the ground and grabbed his waist and started opening his pants. She looks up at him. He is an older guy, about our age, but still doable. She works his cock out and is sliding it into her mouth. It didn’t take long before it gets hard. All I could do is watch. She has him nice and hard and pulls him out of her mouth and is using her hand on him. She notices I am looking at them.

She turns to the man and said, “Helen is lonely. Don’t you have some friends you can get over here to join in the fun?”

She holds onto his cock, giving it a little pump and squeeze, “PLEASE!”

The man hesitates then pulled out his phone. He texts back and forth like crazy for a few minutes, all the time while Debbie holds his cock firmly in her hands.

“Ok, I texted a bunch of people. They are on their way.”

“In the meantime, come on over here. My pussy needs cleaning.”

Debbie lays back on the couch, legs spread open. The man obliged by getting down and licking her.

“Now, do Helen.”

She shoves him my direction. It wasn’t long before I was writhing under the man’s tongue.

Though my eyes are closed behind the sunglasses I know other people are here. I can hear voices.

“Hey is this where the party is at?”

My guy came up for air long enough to say, yes it was, come join us. I open my eyes and see three other men.

As usually Debbie is in charge of everything. She said, “These two are mine, those are yours…..for now….we’ll switch things up later.”

I had the original man and another guy. Both looked very nice. Fuckable. They strip themselves down. Both of them have their cocks up near my face. I grab both of them. One in each hand, and start sucking first one then the other. My mom’s mojo was powerful apparently. Between having the experience of April and my Mom’s desires I found sucking cock now, wonderful. I was getting sicker in the head by the day. One guy pulls me down so I was lying flat, opens my legs and shoves what certainly was an enormous cock into me. The other guy has my head tilted back and is fucking my head. What else to do, but take it? And it feels, well, very dirty, and amazing. I like feeling dirty. First, I would concentrate on the cock in my mouth, but no, the one in my pussy felt good, no the one in my mouth, both, fuck. I am getting that piece of meat floating away on an electric cloud feeling again.

I gain consciousness just enough to look over at Debbie. She is squatting on one of the guy’s laps, bouncing away. The other guy is holding her head kissing her.

My guys want something different. One sits down on the couch and had me slide onto him facing him. Nice, I am riding his cock, cowgirl style. I have to remember all these things if I become me again. I bounce on him. Damn this is good. Maybe the best yet. Then….then I feel lube going into my ass. A finger. Crap. My mother loved a good ass fuck. The finger went in and out of my ass until I was nice and slick. Then the guy behind me slid into my ass. Oh wow. I was full. Really full. Two cocks are inside me. I keep bouncing on the guy underneath me, while the other marsbahis giriş guy fucks my ass. I am in heaven.

It doesn’t take long before I am totally lost inside myself, a trembling mass of electric flesh being fucked. Electrified more actually than I want or can stand. I start to pound on the guy underneath me with my hands to stop, but he and the other guy ignore me. They keep on going until they cum. I am filled with their cum. They pull out laughing and high five each other. I slump forward and find myself lying on my side on the couch.

Debbie has orgasmed as well. She stands up. And I hear her laughing. I open my eyes and see four or five, six, I don’t know how many, other guys looking at us. They are surrounding us with their cocks out, stroking them. Apparently the pool cleaner put out for everyone he knew to show up here. And they texted everyone they knew.

Aunt Debbie thought it would be fun to watch me get gang banged. So she has the guys line up. They are all sizes and shapes, but have one thing in common. they want to blow a load into or onto me. Debbie wants them to first ride my pussy for a few minutes before unloading in my mouth and on my face. She holds my head and encouraged the guys to take a shot.

“Right in here guys!”

She holds my mouth open, swiveling my head around to the nearest jerking off cock. I don’t think I have ever heard her laugh so hard, and that is saying something.

I lie back as cock after cock goes into my pussy. They all ride me hard. A few never make it to my mouth though. They are too excited and cum in my pussy. My pussy fills up with more and more cum. I can feel it dripping out of me. As soon as one cock comes out another one goes in. It doesn’t seem to bother them that a bucket of cum is flowing out of me as they go in.

If they made it without cumming, they pull out, and jerk off into my opened my mouth. Most of the time both things were happening at once. In fact, many of the men are too impatient to wait their turn at my pussy and just jerk off in my mouth or on my face. I see two, three, four, cocks, jerking off at a time. Before too long my mouth is filled with cum as well. My face coated, white and gooey. Aunt Debbie tries to make sure all of it goes into my mouth and scrapes it up off my face, with her fingers, and makes me lick it off.

“That’s a good girl. Eat it all up.”

Laughing all the time.

The pool man’s texts must have been passed around to every guy within twenty miles, as it seemed to go on and on and on. I become a gooey cum coated mess. I don’t really know how many guys took me that afternoon. A lot. A lot. My Mom self took completely over. I really don’t know how I can live with myself. I am a complete whore. But I have to admit, it was both the most humiliating, and exciting thing I have ever done. I literally loved being used like that. LOVED IT!

I thought it was over. I had cleaned myself up. Taken a dip in the pool, used the outdoor shower, when I saw another guy arriving.

“You’re too late I am afraid,” Debbie said.

But I look at him and he was the sexiest man Mom has ever seen. He was very large, but every inch muscle. And a beautiful face. Mom fell in love with him instantly. So despite being sore and full of cum, Mom takes him on. Mom completely surrenders to him. Surprisingly he is gentle, and takes her to the clouds. She floats there as he makes love to her and eventually floods her with his cum. She orgasms in a very beautiful soft way. It was love. Love. When she came back to earth, he is gone, and she realizes she isn’t Mom, but me, John.

What have I just done? I am seriously sick. I can’t go on like this. I ask Aunt Debbie if I can spend the night here. No way can I go home now. For many, many, many, reasons.


I woke up and immediately know I am not Mom. Just the opposite. I feel very male. I touch myself, look down. Wow, I am big, strong. Like, really strong. I look at a mirror in the bathroom. I have an incredible body. I pull my underwear down. Fuck! I’ve got a huge, beautiful cock, and it’s not even hard yet. I stroke it, and am amazed at it, as it gets bigger and bigger. I have always fantasized at having a large penis. Now I do. And it is even hotter than I imagined. I want to stick it in a woman as soon as I can to see both how she reacts, and what I feel, being two miles inside a woman’s body. I can’t help it, but I jerk off, looking at myself.

But who the hell am I? Then it dawns on me. Out of the fog of yesterday. The last guy I did as Mom. The sexy guy. Well this could be interesting.

I find his wallet. Find out his name is Magnus. I look Swedish or Icelandic, like one of the world’s strongest man, but not quite as big. I apparently work construction. I find the address of my work. I’d better be going.

When I get there, the guy who looks like he is in charge looks at his watch.

“You’re late.”

I apologize.

“Where’s your tool belt? Come on. We got a deadline.”

I go back to my truck and find the belt. Luckily I, John, know quite a bit about construction work. I spent every summer working for my Uncle Rick on his job sites. Once I got into it, later in the morning, I found I could keep up with the demand. At the end of the day I went home very tired.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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