A Cuckold’s Duties

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My name is Stan. I married my wife Vicky when we were both fairly young and I have been her cuckold husband since the beginning. On our wedding night she got gangbanged by 2 black bulls while I stood watching locked in chastity but that is a story for another time.

After 10 years both in chastity and as her cuckold husband believe me she looks exactly like she did the day I married her. Her flowing blonde hair is shoulder length and her bright blue eyes are a thing that men get lost in. She has perfect D cup breasts and a figure that men would kill to even look at. My wife is sexy as hell and she knows it.

About 2 or 3 times a week she will invite one of her bulls over to fuck her. The following is basically what my duties are and how I am to be when she sees them.

It starts mid afternoon for us. She will call me into our bedroom and tell me that someone is coming over this evening and she wants me to help her prepare her and make sure that she is ready.

The first thing that she does is have me strip completely naked so that she can check to make sure that my chastity cage is on properly. My wife loves to humiliate me and when she is satisfied that my chastity cage is locked and secure she laughs at me saying that she would not want me getting hard in front of her bull because my small cock would just make him laugh.

After that she tells me to prepare a bubble bath for her. When it is ready she gets into our jacuzzi tub and I gently wash every part of her. She usually has me start by washing her sexy blonde hair and conditioning it. Then I carefully wash her body completely. When I have the lufa on her glorious shaved pussy she laughs saying that getting to touch her there is the highlight of my duties to her.

When her bath is finished she gets out of the jacuzzi tub and stands there so that I can towel her off and I always tell her how amazing she looks and how sexy she is. My wife then calls me cucky and tells me how badly she wants her bull to fuck her deep and hard and how good it feels to her. She also says that a cuck like me will never get a chance to fuck her or cum in her sweet pussy ever.

Once she is dry I help her get dressed in a black thong and bra set that her bull likes and an amazing lace robe that she looks absolutely stunning in but she never wears for me. then she humiliates me while I fix her hair for her and make sure that she is perfect for him and is ready for the intense fucking that she is going to get. She will tell me that he is going to cum deep in her pussy and that she loves the way that it feels when a strong man fills her. Then the last thing that I help her put on is a pair of high heels that make her legs look absolutely stunning.

About the time that I am finished preparing her we here the doorbell ring to signal that he has arrived. she will not even bother to look at me simply telling me to open the door and let him in then join us upstairs.

Tonight it is a younger black man who will be fucking my beautiful wife. He is young probably early to mid twenties and looks very strong and muscular, he is also taller than me and has large hands. I think that I recognize him as someone who my sexy wife has screwed before but to be honest she has so many lovers I have lost track of how many men she has fucked. I hold my hand out to shake his to greet him but he just asks if my sexy wife is upstairs. i tell him she is and that she is ready for him also. He walks past me without saying anything else so I follow him upstairs to our bedroom.

The door is open and my gorgeous wife is waiting for him standing there looking hot as fuck and very ready to get the shit fucked out of her. They embrace kissing deeply and staring into each other eyes. Then my wife tells me to go and get them some wine. I ask her if I need to bring two glasses or three with the bottle and she tells görükle escort me to bring 2 because I am just her cucky and since I will not get any sex tonight I don’t deserve any wine either. She then adds that I better pick out a good wine for them and don’t dare open the bottle yet just bring it the opener and the wine glasses for her and her lover. I hurry downstairs to do as I am told.

When I return they are still embraced and kissing each other while standing in the center of the room. I set the wine and glasses on a small table and then wait for them. They begin to remove his shirt as she tells me to be a good little cucky and make myself useful. I then take his shirt and then pants and eventually everything that he is wearing and carefully fold it all neatly and put it on a chair in the room so that he can put his clothes back on after he has finished fucking my gorgeous sexy wife.

After he is completely naked she instructs me to get him hard so that he can give her the fucking that I can’t because I am just a worthless little cucky. I then go to her black lover and kneel in front of him. His cock is enormous very thick and already munch longer than mine even though he is not yet fully hard. I open my mouth and begin to suck on his cock feeling it get harder in my mouth. I slowly begin to bob my head up and down on it but he does not moan or do anything to indicate that he is enjoying the blowjob that I am giving him. My wife tells me to do a better job and try harder. I can begin to taste his salty precum and I can tell that he is now fully erect. I reach up with one hand and begin to stroke him off into my mouth as they both watch me service her black bull. He then smiles at my wife and tells her that if her pathetic little cucky can make him cum then he would be able to last longer in her pussy and fuck her harder and better. She laughs at me saying that I can’t do anything right in the bedroom but then she tells him that she likes the idea and that she wants her black stud to fuck her for as long as he can. She then tells me that if I don’t make her lover shoot his load in my mouth then she will never let me see her naked body again and that I better swallow it all and not spill a drop of his jizz.

I pick up the pace with my hand and bob my head up and down on his cock faster. He finally gives a slight moan and is now enjoying my efforts. I switch hands and continue to give my wife’s lover the very best blowjob that I can. My spit and drool begins to coat the shaft of his thick cock as his huge balls begin to twitch. I know that he is getting close as I keep up the pace and try to go deeper down on his cock with my mouth. I gag on his large cock but continue blowing him in front of my wife. The shaft of his rock hard cock twitches in my mouth and he begins to grunt loudly. I then move my mouth backwards on his shaft so that only the head of his raging hard cock is in my mouth and stroke the shaft of his cock even faster. As I do all of this his cock explodes with several jets of warm creamy cum as my mouth is flooded with his seed. I swallow several times hoping that none leaks out of the corner of my mouth. When he has finished shooting his load. I suck down on his cock one last time to clean it off with my mouth and kiss the tip of his cock so that they both know that I am finished giving her bull a blowjob like I was told to do.

My wife then tells me that it is her turn. She is laying on our bed and instructs me to come over to her. She is laying on our bed but sits up slightly so I can help her remove the lace robe that she has been wearing. I take it off of her and she then tells me to hang it up in the closet so it does not get wrinkles in it. Next I reach behind her to unclasp the bra that she has on. It is a black lace one that I know is one of her favorites. I then gently put it in a dresser drawer with the rest bursa merkez escort of her bras that I have bought for her over our years of cuckold marriage.

She is now laying on our king size bed wearing only a black silk thong panties and a pair of black high heel shoes. she looks absolutely stunning and I glance at her bull who is very ready to fuck her brains out. My wife then points at the crotch of her thong telling me simply that I need to get started with her. I put my face down in between her legs and begin to kiss her covered pussy gently. She moans telling me that I had better do a good job and not get lazy about it like the last time.

I reach back and start to remove her thong getting to see her sex clearly for the first time this evening. I then get up out of our marital bed and carefully lay the panties in my lovely wife’s lingerie drawer with the other lacy things that I have purchased for her. I then return to our bed and begin to lick her shaved pussy like I have been instructed to do just before she fucks one of her many bulls. She grabs my head and pulls me deeper into her I can tell that she is already wet but she usually has me service her in this way until she has her first small orgasm. I continue to lick her shaved pussy and suck on her clit as she runs her hands through my hair and moans loudly. I know that she really enjoys it when I perform oral on her bolth before and after she gets screwed by one of her lovers but she will mock me and tell me that my tounge does not feel good enough and that she thinks that I am completely worthless in the bedroom and always have been.

Her legs are shaking now and her breathing has gotten quicker. I know that she is close as I dive even deeper into the folds of her quivering pussy. She lets go of my head and throws her arms back as her orgasm begins to hit her in small waves. My mouth is filled with her juices as they cover my face while I continue to lick her sex. She cries out but not for me as she moans to the bull that is to be her lover for the evening and who even now stands by preparing to thrust his thick black hard cock deep into her precious shaved glorious pussy.

My wife then lays back as the small orgasm that I have made her have finishes washing through her naked wanting body. She is wet naked horny and very much ready to be completely ravaged by her bull who could not possibly want her body any more than he does at that moment.

She then looks longingly at her bull and tells me to get off the bed, our marital bed and go stand in the corner so I can wait for them. I get up and go to do as I am told as always. Then her lover, her bull for the evening climbs into bed laying next to my wife of ten years. They kiss deeply as she wraps her beautiful arms around him I can see her wedding ring glowing in the dim light of the room. They stair into each others eyes as he sinks the tip of his throbbing hard cock into her warm wet shaved pussy. He waits for just a moment as they kiss passionately before she begins to softly beg him only whispering the word please.

He then slides into my lovely wife fully with his thick cock and I hear her gasp as he enters her. She holds onto him as if clinging to life itself as he begins to fuck her for real speeding up his rythm as he gets deeper and deeper inside her pussy. He grabs at her breasts as they move up and down. My wife is moaning loudly now and she screams that she is about to cum on his cock and begs him to fuck her harder. Her lover responds by putting a massive hand on her throat and tells her to cum for him and cover his cock with her juices. He picks up the pace and is really fucking her hard now. As a massive orgasm builds from deep within her that seems to come from the very fiber of her being he begins to choke her with the hand that he has wrapped around her throat. Her bursa sınırsız escort moans and screams become almost muffled as she gets closer and closer to cumming. I start to worry but she has made no attempt to stop him and leaves her hands on his sides.

Her color changes ever so slightly as she bolth struggles to breathe and starts to feel the massive orgasm rip through her body. Wave after wave of sheer pleasure moves through her as she gasps and cums all over her lovers throbbing cock. After she has finished he lets go of her throat and they kiss again. He smiles as she lays under his weight gasping for air.

After she has recovered a little and come down from the absolutely incredible orgasm that he made her have he looks into her eyes and says that it is his turn to cum now. She laughs and says that if he wants to cum then he should put his wonderful cock back in her pussy because she has me to clean up afterwards. He says that is a wonderful idea as I remain standing in the corner of the room locked in chastity and waiting for them to finish enjoying each other.

My wife tells him to lay down as she gets ready to mount him and ride his hard cock. she strokes his cock for a few seconds and then almost looks like she is going to give him a blowjob. Instead of taking him into her mouth she winks at him laughing. She then tells her lover that she does not need to suck cock because that is what her little cucky is for. After that she gets on top of her bull and slides down on his member. He moans at the feeling of being inside her again as she bounces up and down on him. She likes the feeling of being on top and from listening to him we can tell that he will not last much longer. He grabs at her creamy tits as she continues to slide up and down on his cock. He tells her that he is close and she slams down on him begging him to cum as deep inside her as he can. They both scream as he fills her with his warm thick cum and she stays on his cock as he shoots jet after jet of his seed inside my lovely wife’s pussy.

A few seconds later she collapses next to him in our bed. They are both panting and are totally spent. She then tells me that she needs her little cuckys help.

This means that I now have to clean them each up. I start by going to her bull and taking his softening cock in my mouth. if she wants me to make him cum again I will happily blow him until he shoots his load in my mouth but tonight he has already cum twice in an hour so I just suck him clean and lick the shaft of his cock then gently suck on his balls until there is none of his cum or my wife’s juices on his thick huge black cock.

Then I move over to her, she is laying next to him her pussy wet and oozing with a massive load of his thick cum slowly beginning to drip from her used sex. I move quickly to begin to eat her warm creampie as she lays there softly moaning bolth from the sheer bliss of what has just happened and by my oral efforts. In a few minutes I have almost cleaned her pussy completely and she starts to move slightly. She tells me not to stop and that she wants to cum again. I keep my face buried between her legs and manage to get her to have a small orgasm covering my face with both her and her lovers cum.

After I have cleaned them both I get up from the bed and open the bottle of wine pouring them each a glass. They drink it. I tell my wife that I love her and I thank her bull for fucking her as good as she deserves and far better than I would ever be able to.

It is then that they both laugh at me and she says that her lover will be spending the night with her so I am told to go sleep on the couch. In the morning I make breakfast in bed for the two of them before he leaves. Then a few days later another well hung black bull will come over to be my lovely wife’s lover and I will happily perform my cucky duties all over again so that the love of my life can continue to have the sex that she deserves and the fucking that I am not allowed to give her but that she needs

This was my first story that I have written. Please tell me what you think of it and if you would like me to write more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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