Take the Rough – Daddy Taboo

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Take the rough with the smooth

(Don’t stop Daddy – Explicit Taboo Erotica)

Please note, no under 18’s are involved in this story!


Jon sighed inwardly as the giggling started once again. Every Saturday morning for one hour, he’d been teaching a car maintenance class to a group of young women. It was never going to be an easy task for him, not when, in his previous life, he’d been a professional soldier. However, needs must. Having said that, on the whole they were a respectful bunch, save for the odd hungry glance he’d found himself on the receiving end of. But Jon knew that just went with the turf; they were undoubtedly still discovering their own sexuality and testing out boundaries.

As always, there was one exception to the rule and she was staring insolently at him right now. Tilly. Blonde, very pretty with pert tits and an ass he could lose himself in, Tilly came from a very rich family and clearly considered herself a step up from the rest. This caused Jon a considerable issue. Thanks to his background, he wasn’t good at taking shit from anyone, not least a female twenty years his junior. Little did this particular young lady know, she was sailing dangerously close to the wind, thanks to her sarcastic comments and rolling eyes. It wouldn’t take much to make him snap. And Jon had a pretty good idea that, sheltered and adored, Tilly wouldn’t like it much when he did.

‘As I was saying, once the car has been properly secured on the jack, take the wrench and fit it over a wheel nut.’

The impromptu giggling immediately commenced once more.

‘For fuck’s sake,’ he growled, his dark eyes sending a flash of annoyance towards the culprit who, most unusually, wasn’t Tilly. Jon’s obvious lack of amusement had the desired effect and the tittering ceased instantly. ‘Are you amused by the word nut?’

None of the group dared to make eye contact with him, as he stared them down…with one exception. Ignoring Tilly, Jon continued to demonstrate.

‘Loosen the first nut about half a turn counterclockwise, but don’t remove it completely. Move to the opposite nut and repeat. Then the other two. Now gradually, you can remove all the nuts and then wheel from the vehicle. At first, the nuts might be stiff…’ Jon found himself interrupted by more sniggering. ‘Seriously?’

‘We’ve got to do something to liven up the world’s most tedious subject,’ drawled Tilly, rolling her head around on her neck. ‘Or I might die of boredom here. Who gives a shit about oil changes and flat tyres anyway?’

Suddenly, her peers fell silent, aware simply from the look on Jon’s face that she had gone too far.

‘Unfortunately, if you wish to pass this course, you’ll need to learn to do something I’m guessing you’ve never done before.’

‘And what’s that?’

‘Grow up, knuckle down and take the rough with the smooth,’ he replied coldly. ‘You need to learn that not everything is handed to you on a gilded plate in his life.’

Finishing his demonstration, Jon set up the girls in pairs, giving each a task to complete. With a grim expression on his face, his attention then turned to Tilly.

‘You. A word. Follow me,’ he barked, beckoning with his hand. Turning and walking out of the work area, he marched into his office, holding the door open until Tilly had followed him inside. He then very firmly closed the door behind her. With his hand against the wall, Jon purposefully leaned his body over hers; years in the army had their advantage when altercations arose.

There were no windows in this room, just a small, enclosed box. Tilly’s attitude almost immediately wilted down to nothing. Without her friends to back her up and a ready audience to play to, she was surprisingly subdued.

‘Don’t you dare speak to me in that way again,’ he growled, eyes staring deep into hers, face now just inches away. Jon couldn’t avoid inhaling her sweet, feminine scent and felt his cock twitch unhelpfully in reaction.

‘Or what?’ she quickly responded, although the animosity in her tone had diminished down to almost nothing. Jon observed her closely for a moment, wondering if he dared to make the threat on the tip of his tongue. It was highly inappropriate, not least because he was deadly serious; he always followed through with any threat he made.

Fuck it. Do it.

‘Or, regardless of all your little friends being next door, I will put you over my knee and spank you until your arse is black and blue.’

‘You wouldn’t!’ Her words were muttered in astonishment but Jon misread the situation and took them as a challenge.

‘Wouldn’t I just?’ he asked. Grabbing her by the wrist, he towed Tilly across to a nearby sofa, sat down, and pulled her to her knees. Too dumbfounded to process what was happening, she was balanced across his lap, ass in the air, before she knew what was happening.

‘What the fuck,’ she gasped, pulse hammering as a warm tingle spread throughout her body.

Leaning down hard on her shoulder blades, Jon’s unexpected physical strength overwhelmed her. For a short while relaxbet güvenilirmi she struggled, but it was utterly hopeless; she was clearly destined to remain in this position until he chose to release her. Flipping her short skirt up and over her back to expose her buttocks, Jon grabbed the waistband at the back of her panties and pulled them part-way down her long legs. He wasn’t ignorant to her altered breathing and the way her hips pushed slightly harder against his muscled thighs.

‘Best of six. One,’ he stated without emotion, bringing his right hand firmly across Tilly’s ass.

‘Fuck!’ she grunted, her tone portraying a dash of desire, a hint of urgency.

‘Each time you curse, I add one more to the total. Two,’ continued Jon without emotion.

Each time his hand landed across her pink skin, Jon watched Tilly’s body tremble in response as a grunt was released against the side of his leg. From her demeanour, there was no doubt whatsoever that this scenario was turning her on; unfortunately it was turning him on almost as much. When the seventh smack echoed across her pounding skin, Tilly felt too aroused to move. Instead, she attempted to regain the upper hand in the only way she knew how.

‘Fucking pervert,’ she gasped, her tone thick with arousal.

‘I don’t agree,’ Jon immediately replied, a smile twitching across his lips. Didn’t she realise she had chosen completely the wrong person to have a fight with? A horny soldier who was trained not to back down, never to show weakness, to always be in control, whatever the situation. Was she crazy?

‘If I was a perv,’ he continued, a pulse of longing reverberating along his lengthening cock. ‘Then I’d have done this.’

Jon took hold of Tilly’s panties and pulled them firmly down to the floor. He was surprised to encounter zero opposition. Indeed, quite the opposite. With a low moan, she rolled her hips against his lap and her legs inched open a little further. Biting back a groan of desire, Jon pushed his fingers forwards, only to encounter a hot, sticky mess. As he teased and circled around her tight little hole, Tilly did her best to maintain the pretence of fighting him, but her heart clearly wasn’t in it.

Continuing to push her torso downwards, in order to prevent her escape, Jon took pleasure in stroking her thoroughly, turning her initial groans of protest into throaty gasps of desire. Pushing a single finger into her tight wetness, Jon felt Tilly spasm within his hold as he massaged his way around her internal walls. Refusing to let up, he held a struggling Tilly down firmly, as he began to thrust inside, a spare finger sinking forward to locate her clit. Almost straightaway, her cries increased in volume and the spasming in her hips became thoroughly uncoordinated.

‘You…can’t! You…can’t!’ she exclaimed. ‘You…can’t!’

‘I can. I will. I am,’ Jon growled, timing his words with each time his finger filled her up. It was a simple response easily cutting through her opposition and resulting in Tilly clamping down even more tightly around him, as she recognised his unarguable dominance.

‘Oh fuck! Oh fuck!’ she yelped, as Jon upped the pace and pushed her through the most intense orgasm she had ever known. Expecting to be released directly afterwards, she was astonished to find his fingers didn’t slow. Quite the opposite, in fact. They seemed to be speeding up, impacting her harder and deeper with each additional thrust.

‘Cum for me again,’ instructed Jon, as he felt Tilly’s body, vibrating with the intensity of his touch, once more rising up towards the ultimate high.

‘And again,’ he instructed several minutes later when, gasping for breath, dizzy with arousal, he refused to allow Tilly even a moment to recover. Jon didn’t stop until he’d driven Tilly out of her mind. Eventually, with a bellow of despair, she erupted. A hot liquid squirted under pressure from her well-pounded pussy, running down the soft skin of her trembling thighs to pool on the oily garage floor below. Only then did Jon release her.

Shyly, Tilly stumbled to her feet and groggily pulled up her panties.

‘Clean yourself up and return to class, but only once you’ve carefully adjusted your attitude,’ Jon instructed, walking towards the door. Reaching for the door handle, he paused briefly before turning to face her. Tilly couldn’t prevent her eyes dropping down to his trousers, automatically chewing her bottom lip. With a hungry expression on her face, she observed Jon’s considerable erection, poorly hidden by his army combat trousers. So that little scenario had turned him on as much as it had her, then? She was right. He was a pervert. Sensing her gaze, Jon pulled out his shirt, so that it fell over his groin and disguised the bulk of his desire.

‘If you’re as brave as you like to try and make out,’ he grunted, looking at her without amusement. ‘Then return here when the garage closes at six tonight. Although I don’t expect I’ll see you. I have an inkling that you’re all mouth and absolutely no trousers.’ relaxbet yeni giriş And with that gauntlet firmly laid down, he left the room and Tilly dared to allow a smirk to settle across her flushed face. Going by the evidence so far, Jon would be all mouth and all trousers when she sneaked back here later tonight. Because that was a given. Tilly Jacobs wanted whatever that incredibly sexy man was willing to offer her, and then some.


It had been a long, hot day, the summer sun still blazing down relentlessly, despite the hour. Jon had been working with his shirt off all afternoon and, as a result, his impressively well-muscled torso was smeared with grease and sweat. The clock on the wall read ten minutes past six. He’d almost forgotten the ultimatum he’d given Tilly until then, but should have known she’d never have the balls to return. These mouthy girls never did. It was a pity because he was feeling pretty sexually frustrated and would dearly have loved to screw her into submission.

Finishing up, Jon walked towards the sink and scrubbed his hands, splashing some water across his face and the nape of his neck, in an attempt to cool himself. Hearing an unexpected noise, his instincts swiftly kicked in. Grabbing a nearby screwdriver, he spun around, ready to attack if needs be. After all, he wasn’t expecting anyone, the garage was closed for business and there had been a spate of recent burglaries in the area. To his surprise, Tilly stood in the doorway, devouring him with her eyes. Immediately, his cock began to swell in response. Had she seriously dared to return for more?

‘You shouldn’t creep up on people,’ chided Jon, throwing the implement back on the side and rinsing the last of the soap from his hands. ‘I didn’t expect to see you back here.’

For a second, Tilly simply stood and stared. His body was divine with hard lines of muscle in places she didn’t even know they could exist. With rivulets of water still running down his broad, bronzed back, Tilly knew within an instant of arriving that she wanted him completely. Even if he did greet her brandishing a weapon.

‘Maybe I’m braver than you think?’ she replied, her certainty diminishing as Jon pulled on a clean shirt, strode across the room and towered over her. Gazing up into the dark pools of tar which stared back at her, she felt her courage quickly seeping away.

‘Maybe you are,’ he agreed. ‘Have you eaten?’

Tilly shook her head, words momentarily failing her. Her family weren’t expecting her back home until late. Lying easily, she’d told them she was going to the cinema with friends. Her whole evening was at Jon’s disposal and she hoped he wanted to make the most of the time as much as she did. His office wasn’t exactly luxurious but she would forfeit that, in order to fool around with such a sexy guy.

‘Follow me, then,’ he said, not attempting to lay a finger on her.

Watching him stride out of the room, Tilly trotted along behind. Shocked to observe him locking up the garage, she was even more surprised when he climbed into a convertible and started the engine.

‘Coming?’ he asked, one eyebrow raised.

It went against everything her parents had ever taught her but, after a second’s indecision, Tilly slid into the passenger seat. In silence, they drove for several miles, the warm evening breeze whipping through the car. Swallowing hard, Tilly kept glancing subtly across at the man driving her God only knows where. He had light stubble on his face. His arms were powerful and covered with tattoos above the elbow. The hands which gripped the wheel were big and strong. Thoughts of where his thick fingers had been just hours before swirled through her memory and immediately made Tilly’s hot pussy clench in delicious anticipation.

Shortly, they arrived at what Tilly assumed was Jon’s home. A small cottage, from the outside it looked tidy, clean and well kept. Exiting the car and anticipating that she would follow, Jon opened the front door and strode inside.

‘I’m just going to jump in the shower,’ he announced, not looking back. ‘Make yourself at home.’

Stepping across the threshold and tentatively closing the door behind herself, Tilly was instantly aware of the sound of water running upstairs as Jon turned on the shower. For a short while she wandered from room to room, until she courageously decided to climb the stairs. She discovered his bedroom, just as Jon stepped out of his en suite bathroom, a small white towel slung low around his hips. Once again, Tilly was dumbfounded by the nearness of his perfect body. He was in incredible shape. None of the boys she’d been with even started to compare.

‘Wow,’ she mouthed wordlessly, her brain too occupied to realise what she’d said.

‘You like what you see, huh?’ asked Jon, clearly amused by her reaction.


‘Me too,’ admitted Jon, practically undressing her with his eyes. Tilly stared back at him in disbelief, aware of a thick protrusion expanding beneath his skimpy towel. Shit. relaxbet giriş Was this really about to happen?

Tilly’s jaw dropped slightly as Jon walked purposefully towards her. Watching his hand lift to her chest, she gasped gently as he slowly unbuttoned her shirt and encouraged it to slide to the floor. She saw his eyes crinkle at the corners, thanks to the sight of her rounded breasts held snug within a scarlet bra. Without hesitation, Jon raised his hand and cupped one of her tits, thumb circling across the fine material to locate her already hardening nipple.

‘Fuck,’ Tilly grunted, eyes rolling back. Even though she was desperate to keep watching the action, an overload of sensation simply wouldn’t permit it.

‘Stay present,’ instructed Jon, his thumb and forefinger pinching lightly around the nub, sending the most incredible feelings rattling straight through Tilly’s body and making her knees wobble. Swallowing hard, she forced her eyes open, to continue watching the incredible spectacle. ‘Good girl,’ he praised.

With his spare hand, Jon slid the zipper of her skirt down, inhaling pleasurably as it fell to the ground, leaving Tilly standing there in just her red underwear. Circling behind her, much as a lion would observe its prey from afar, Jon ran a palm over her spanked ass. It gave him great satisfaction to see it was still a little pink, suggesting she’d been feeling his earlier punishment all day. As he increased the pressure of his rotating hand, she groaned.

‘Do you need any further disciplining at this time?’ he asked lustily.

‘I…I don’t think so,’ she stammered, suddenly very aware that the thin scrap of material which constituted her panties, was already sodden.

‘Mmmm, we’ll see,’ he replied ambiguously, returning to face her. Daringly, Tilly reached out and placed a hand on his chest. She’d been dying to touch him since the garage incident and the experience was well worth the wait. Rock-hard and warm, Tilly found herself having to bite back a little moan.

‘So, how are you planning to repay me for your earlier…transgression?’

‘I…um…’ she began, chewing on her bottom lip as her eyes fell from the intensity of his. Was it so wrong that feeling dominated and controlled in this way was absolutely doing it for her? She had never felt so goddamn turned on in her life. ‘Um…how would you like me to?’

‘Mmmm, good attitude.’ He nodded approvingly. ‘Taking the rest of your clothes off and getting onto the bed would be an excellent start.’

‘W…what? Right here?’ she queried, any remaining bluster evaporating in front of her very eyes.




Swallowing with difficulty, her throat dry thanks to taking shallow, panting breaths, her hands reached behind her back to peel away her bra. As the garment dropped to the floor, Jon couldn’t help but moan at the sight; perfect pink nipples, practically screaming for his teeth to pulse down around. Without pause, her hands dropped to the waistband of her panties, pushing them to the floor. And she was standing, naked before him. Jon glanced downwards, noting the trail of arousal her actions had left on the inside of her legs. On the floor, her panties lay discarded and dripping with her desire for him. It was a heady realisation.

Once again, Tilly’s eyes glanced down at his towel, causing her to open her mouth, in order to breathe more oxygen. It was a reaction not missed by Jon.

‘Hands and knees, on the bed,’ he stated in a no-nonsense fashion.

Swallowing hard once more, Tilly followed his order. Exposed and shivering, she glanced behind her multiple times as Jon observed pleasurably.

‘Knees wider,’ he instructed, his voice thick with lust.

Feeling terribly apprehensive, Tilly opened her knees a little.

‘Knees wider. Wiiii-deeeer,’ he growled, when she failed to open them sufficiently for his liking.

With a whimper, Tilly closed her eyes and did as she’d been instructed, trying to ignore her reddening face.

‘Better,’ praised Jon, climbing onto the bed behind her. ‘Now, don’t even think about moving from that position.’

‘Or?’ she managed to croak.

‘Or there will be consequences that a young, innocent girl like yourself shouldn’t have to experience.’

And with that loose threat hanging in the air, Jon lowered himself behind her and allowed his tongue to do the talking. Finding it almost impossible not to collapse onto the bed, thanks to the intensity of the sensations, Tilly growled and shrieked in response to his wicked mouth. When Jon dared to introduce his fingers, which scuttled in every direction, Tilly began to shake at his daring. Soon, despite Jon’s warning, she had collapsed onto his bed and was driven through the biggest orgasm of her life.

The most astonishing part of the entire experience was that Jon had the audacity to keep going. Long after any of the boy’s she’d previously slept with would have given up and allowed her to descend from that initial high, he kept driving her forward, squeezing orgasm after orgasm out of her. Tilly had no idea her body was capable of such intense pleasure. Exhausted, gasping for breath and shaking so intensely that her limbs no longer did as her brain requested, Tilly eventually found herself being released from Jon’s devastatingly proficient touch.

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