Julie and her Father

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[F/D] Julie and her Father

“Oh, Gawd baby you are so tight. I can’t believe you have never done this before.” Peter said looking at the most beautiful woman in his life. He sawed his hard thick eight inches inside this young beautiful woman who had given herself to him willingly.


Julie looked up to see her father enter the house. Her father usually enters the home at the same time every day. Julie had been home since three and as soon as she got home, she cleaned the house and began to prepare supper. Tonight, she was making steak filet wrapped in bacon, with baked potatoes as well as blanched green peas which would be served in rich browned butter. She had learned this recipe while cooking under a chef at the restaurant she has been working at for the last two years.

The reason she was cooking this tonight was for her 18th birthday. She had been planning for this night for the last few weeks. Her father had offered to take her out. But she wanted to spend the night with him alone.

Peter Boardman was the CEO of Boardman electronics; he started the company fifteen years ago making computer components for anyone who would need them. Just recently he had started making high end cell phones. They were even better-quality phones then any one on the market today. Boardman electronic had just become a publicly sold company and profits were going through the roof.

Sure, he had struggled the first few years when his wife of ten years left with their son and left him alone with his only daughter. But struggle brought peace to his life and he loved to watch his beautiful young daughter blossom into the beautiful young woman she is today. Peter had asked if she would like to go out for her birthday but she insisted on staying home and cooking for her father.

Peter loved his daughter more than a father should. He attended all of her gymnastic meets in the winter and all her softball games in the spring. She was one of the older girls in her class. September 15th which was today made her only the third oldest in her class. School had just started two weeks before and she was a good student. She happened to be at the top of her class which made him proud. But recently he had begun to notice just how beautiful she was.

Julie had beautiful long auburn hair, nicely tanned skin, long beautiful legs, b cup breasts and a nice slim body, just like her mother when she was her age. He had admired her body when he saw her in her bikini swimsuits. They didn’t really hide that much. Last year they had gone to the French Riviera for vacation, Peter was jealous at how all the men both young and old had stared had his daughter. However, Julie never left his side. Which had also made it impossible for him to meet any of the beautiful women on the beach. But it really didn’t matter he had kept his daughter safe from those stalkers.

“Hey, daddy.” Julie called out from the dining room.

“Hey, baby. How was your day at school?” Peter said as he looked at his daughter. She looked lovely. She had on a yellow sun dress that made her tanned skin shine. But there was something else he noticed she was glowing. It was drawing him to her. He walked into the dining room and gave her a kiss on her cheek. This was not unusual, but today’s kiss lasted longer than just the quick kiss.

“Happy birthday baby.” Peter told his daughter. Peter also blushed as he backed away from his daughter. Something inside him snapped. Julie moved in and gave her father a big hug. Her nipples were stiff and felt wonderful pressed against her father’s chest.

Julie loved to look at her father when he worked out in their home gym. She like to watch him do his P90X. The one thing she enjoyed the most was seeing his big penis bounce in his shorts. She had seen him naked a few times once by accident the other time she went in the bathroom on purpose while he was in the shower. None of the boys she had dated were anywhere as big as he was.

Julie was still a virgin. Okay, she has never had a cock inside her. She wanted to wait for the right man. Julie had lost her hymen to a tampon when she was younger. She had a friend help her and things went too far.

Peter could feel his daughter’s stiff nipples press into his chest which was causing something to grow stiff in his pants. Even though he was enjoying the feel of his daughter.

“I bought you this.” he said as he pulled a box out of his jacket. When he broke the hug. In the box was a pair of diamond earrings and a beautiful black pearl necklace.

“But you can’t open it till later.” Peter told his daughter; she gave him a sad face but understood. adiosbet yeni giriş Peter then told Julie he was going to go shower and get changed.

Peter like to wear lounge pants around the house. It looked like Julie had been in his room. She would only come into his bedroom with laundry or to clean the room and put clean sheets on the bed. It looked like she had done that today. Peter wondered where she found the time. On his bed laid a pair of silk lounge pants and a silk shirt. The last time he wore these clothes were six years ago.

Peter went into the shower and made sure he was nice and clean. He had also thought about jerking off after the reaction he had got from hugging his daughter. But he figured he could do that later after his daughter had gone to bed. He was getting hungry and whatever Julie was cooking smelled really good. He was about to put some underwear on but thought about how the silk would feel on his naked body. He was right it felt wonderful. Once dressed he headed downstairs to eat supper with his beautiful daughter.

“So, did you peek at your gift?” he said know if she did, she would be all over him.

“No daddy. I wouldn’t do that without you being here.” she said. He knew she was telling the truth.

“Sit down dinner is ready.”

Julie first served a fresh fruit salad. After they finished that Julie went and brought out the filet’s, potatoes and green peas in the browned butter. Then they talked and ate supper together.

Peter loved the food his daughter had prepared for him. It tasted like he was eating food from a fine dining restaurant. He knew his daughter’s passion was cooking, her plan was to go to a culinary school here in their home town. It was said to be one of the best schools in the country and the only way someone would be let in is by recommendations from a former chef.

After they finished eating Peter helped Julie clean up. Julie was the type of person who would clean while she cooked. When they finished cleaning, they headed to the living room to open her present and relax while watching tv. Julie stood in front of her father while she opened her present. When she saw the earring’s and neckless, she squealed with joy then ran to her father landing on his lap and gave him a kiss on the lips. Peter’s lips opened, taking Julie’s lower lip in his mouth. They stayed like that for longer than a father and daughter should kiss on the lips.

Peter could feel his cock begin to raise. His daughter was turning him on, more than he had been before.

“Thank you, daddy. They are beautiful. I love you so much.” Julie said giving her daddy another kiss on his lips only this time Julie was the one to suck on her father’s lower lip. She could also feel her father’s penis growing firmer and it was turning her on. She could feel her virgin pussy getting wet between her legs. Both father and daughter were getting turned on by the other. Peter was now hard and Julie was moving around making him fill with lust. Julie broke the kiss and moved to straddle her father’s lap facing him. She could feel her father’s penis better now that she had it in the right place.

“I love you too baby. Put them on so I can see how they look on you.” Peter said enjoying how Julie was sitting on him. He grabbed her by the hips slowly began to give slow pushes. Julie was enjoying the hard covered cock pressing against her bare pussy.

Before the day had even started Julie had made up her mind not to wear any undergarments. It really wasn’t planned but it also was something that she had always wanted to do. She thought by doing it things would be made easier if something were to happen.

Julie first put the necklace on then the earrings. There was a mirror on the wall behind her father and she squealed at seeing how the two gifts looked on her. She bounced on her father’s lap. Peter was enjoying her excitement. He could feel the front of his lounge pants getting damp. He wasn’t sure if it was his leaking pre-cum or his daughter’s wet pussy drenching his pants.

Julie leaned down and kissed her father again. This one was not just a kiss between father and daughter, it was more like a lover kissing another lover. Peter first tried not to open his mouth but Julie’s tongue weakened his ability to resist. Julie’s hands on his chest began to unbutton his shirt.

Peter was lost. He knew this was his daughter on his lap, but she was a beautiful woman too. It has been a few years since he has any kind of relationship with a woman and here on top of him was a young woman who seemed to want him.

“Aww daddy I love you.” Julie adiosbet giriş said as she ground her wet pussy on her father’s cock when she broke the kiss, but then returned to kiss the man she loved. Yes, she loved her father. Not as her father but as the man of her dreams. Her fantasy was coming true, this is what she wanted. While Julie was kissing her father, her thoughts went back to when she was nine years old when she had told her father that she wanted to marry him when she got older. Here was her chance to make him hers. If she let him take her tonight, she would accomplish at least one of her fantasies.

Peter had moved his hands from her thighs to her back feeling for a bra strap. Not finding one, it turned him on even more. He then moved his hands to the side of her dress feeling the sides of her breasts. Julie broke the kiss then reached back. Peter thought his daughter was going to take off her necklace, but instead she lifted the strings that held the top of her dress and untied them. When she let it go the front of her dress dropped revealing her pert B cup breast. Peter just stared as they came into sight.

“Daddy are they to small?” Julie asked looking at her father’s face.

“No, baby they are perfect.” He said then lowered his face and began to suckle on her perfect beautiful breast.

“Oh, daddy.” Julie moaned as her father sucked and tongued her hard nipples.

Peter was in heaven; he knew this was wrong but it felt so right. He could smell his daughter’s excitement and he knew he would be soon tasting what this beautiful woman had to offer him. Yes, she was a woman and he wanted her more than anything in the world right now. He had never felt the feelings, he was feeling now. He never had these kinds of feelings for Julie’s mother, nor any other women he had been with before. The only problem he had was this was his daughter. Incest is illegal and if they crossed that line once he would never be able to stop. Sure, he had thought about Julie a few times when he masturbated. She was a beautiful woman but had never thought of actually crossing that line until right now.

Julie was grinding her hot wet naked pussy over her father’s covered cock. She wanted it in her like never before. The time she had seen it in the bathroom it was hard and Peter had been stroking it. It was her favorite fantasy having her father’s cock buried deep inside her hot and hungry pussy. She had also dreamed of her father planting a baby inside her.

“Oh daddy, that feels so good. Help me take my dress off. It feels like it is in the way.” Julie said to father. Peter was too far gone now and would do anything his daughter asked. He let her tits go and helped her lift her dress over her head. He couldn’t get any more excited, he saw she was not wearing any underwear and it was right over his cock. Soaking his silk lounge pants. Instead of resuming sucking Julie’s tits he another Idea. He lifted his daughter from his lap and laid her on the couch, took his silk shirt off then dove between his daughters spread open legs. While he licked and sucked on his daughter beautiful pussy. Peter was so far into his lust he thought nothing but pleasuring the woman below him.

Licking and sucking on her fat pink vaginal lips, drawing loud moans and heavy panting for the woman he was eating out. His face was covered with his daughters wet pussy juice when he heard the woman he was eating out cry out.

“Fuck me, daddy.”

But he only heard fuck me. He lifted his head then sat up and took of his silk lounge pants exposing his hard thick eight inches to his daughter.

Peter moved forward placing the tip of his cock at the opening of this beautiful woman’s pussy. Peter was horny and wanted to drive his cock home but realized this was the first time with this woman. He had hurt one woman once and never wanted to do that again. He wanted her to enjoy this just as much as he wanted too. So, he slowly pushed the head of his cock inside.

Julie groaned as the first few inches of her father cock inched inside her.

“Oh daddy, that feels so good. Go slow you are really big and your cock is the first penis ever inside there.” She said. Ever so slow he inched more of his hard thick cock inside the hot warm pussy. He could feel the woman’s pussy contracting around his hard tool. Once he had everything inside, he leaned down to kiss the woman below him. It was then he realized his cock was buried to the hilt of his young beautiful daughter. He was about to pull out but his daughter moaned her approval and leaned up and kissed him hard. When they broke the kiss, he looked down adiosbet güvenilirmi spoke.

“Oh, Gawd baby you are so tight. I can’t believe you have never done this before.” Peter said looking at the most beautiful woman in his life. He sawed his hard thick eight inches inside this young beautiful woman who had given herself to him willingly. With slow short thrust he began to open her up. It felt like this is where his cock was meant to be. He leaned down and began to kiss. Julie returned his kiss with passion. This is what she had been dreaming of for the last year.

The more her pussy became accustomed to his hard thick cock the more Peter picked up speed. He was no longer thinking of her as just a woman beneath him. He now looked at her as his beautiful daughter and the woman he loved. Yes, Peter loved his daughter. He wanted to make her his woman for as long as she wanted him.

Julie felt her father’s thrust growing in intensity. This is what she has wanted this was the man of her dreams her fantasy. Her moan was causing him to drive him even more. He had cum the first few stroke of his cock but she could feel a big one coming. She wrapped her legs around her father’s back and began to cum.

“Oh, daddy fuck me hard. I am coming.” Julie cried out as her father did as she requested. Peter could feel his own cum building in his cock as he increased his speed and pounded his freshly turned eighteen-year-old daughters sucking and pulsing pussy.

“Baby unwrap your legs. I am going to cum.” He said holding off the best he could. But the truth was he had no intentions to pull his hard daddy cock out of her. He had the full intention of fulling her full of his potent baby making cum.

“Cum in me daddy!” Julie cried out. She wanted his cum in her. She knew a secret her father didn’t know. She had found it out by accident. She had reconnected with her brother four years ago and they had been talking back and forth to each other. Julie had found out after her mother had a baby that it belonged to her brother. She knew if she told her father she would never have a chance for this to happen now.

“Baby, I can’t. You could get pregnant.” Peter said looking down at his lovely baby girl under him. He knew what she wanted and he was going to give it to her.

“Daddy please come in me. I want to feel your cum inside me.”

“Baby you just started your senior year in high school. What would your friend say if you got pregnant?” Peter said still slowly driving his cum filled cock inside her.

“I don’t care daddy I just want you to cum in me.”

Peter couldn’t hold out anymore he had to fill her with his cum. If it wasn’t a workday ofr him and a school day for his daughter they would be fucking all night.

Julie smiled grew as she felt the first shots of cum begin to fill her over worked pussy. Soon there would be a baby growing inside her. She wanted her friends to see her pregnant. She would never reveal it was her father’s baby. Actually, her plan was to have his baby now then go to culinary school and then give him several more babies.

Peter was amazed at how his daughter pussy milked the sperm from his hard cock. Now that he has fucked his daughter, he had no intention of ever letting her get fucked by anyone else. He was forming a plan in his own mind. He was going to knock her up. If it didn’t happen today, he would continue to fuck her until she was. Then after she gave birth to their child, he would keep her knock her up. He had wanted to have several children with his daughter’s mother but she became reluctant after Julie was born.

He was surprised when his son told him that his mother had a baby a year ago and was now pregnant again.

Julie had just given birth to two beautiful boys. She had made it all the way through high school and finished culinary school and went on to open her own restaurants. Peter kept his promise to himself and made sure his daughter was fill with his sperm. Until the day he passed away. With seven healthy boys and one more on the way she revealed her secret to her brother.

Brady also revealed his secret to his sister. His three sons and two daughters were his mother and his children.

After Julie gave birth to her eight son. It wouldn’t be long she was pregnant again. Her father had always wanted to have a large family and both brother and sister had provided that.

Peter died a happy man. He got what he wanted a successful business a big family and a life time of love. His only regret would be that he would never get to see any great grandchildren. He had left the company to both his son and daughter to do as they pleased. He knew that his son was the one to give him grandchildren but they were also his siblings. His ex-wife had died the year before giving birth to Brady’s youngest daughter. Peter’s last thoughts as he filled his daughter with his sperm was “Life is good.”

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