Brahmin Supremacy

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Myself D, I am married into a gupta family and this tale is of three people. Me, my hubby and Sahil (my Brahmin bull).

Being a government official i had many field jobs but in its cover how i kept visiting Sahil for my needs even after so many years of my married life. This story is of one incident when Sahil visited my town and i made him stay in my house, who my husband thought was my boss, is here on a important errand and i can’t let him stay in the hotel.

It’s been a whole week now since Sahil came, mere presence of him turns me on so much, he makes me so horny. i don’t know what’s the psychology behind this is it because he’s a brahmin while me being married to a gupta meanwhile we merely have mated only 2-3 times since he came because my husband is staying at home most of the time working from home. I was in heat by being constantly horny seeing sahil for so many days so i tried convincing myself and gave my husband signal to have me in the night. He got so horny by just the though of me asking. So now the story begins:

“Hubby, I’m so wet. Please don’t make me wait.”

“I know,” he says between kisses. “I just want to go slow. I don’t want to screw it up.”

He reaches down to guide his condom wrapped dick into my pussy.

“Ohhhhhh, shit! Don’t move, you’re so tight,” he hisses.

“Okay, okay,” I said, to hang on for me.

“I really need this, hubby. I really do. I need to cum tonight.” We wait quietly for a few seconds as he gathers himself. Finally he tries stroking..once.

“Oh, god, I just can’t move on you. You’re so fucking wet. You will make me cum in just few strokes.”

This goes on a few more times. Finally he pulls out.

“Let’s just wait for a minute. I know if we wait, I’ll have more control,” he promises. I see him in the light coming from the bathroom.

“Please, hubby. If you can’t make love to me, please go down on me. I need to cum.”

“Let’s just wait for a little bit,” he says again, looking exhausted in just 2 minutes while his real reason for not going down on me was the sheer inadequacy of average south asian husband who doesn’t even think of providing oral.

Suddenly we hear a deep voice coming from the doorway.

“Sounds like the lady needs a man in her bed. If you aren’t prepared to take care of her, you need to move over. I’ve got what she wants.”

The light comes on, and there stood Sahil.

“You!” hubby points at Sahil and jumps off the bed. “What do you think you’re doing in our room?”

“hubby, stop. Sahil, please,” I start to plead. But…what am I pleading for exactly?

“I simply heard your wife talking about what she needs. And then I heard you not being able to fulfil her desires. You know you have a very exciting woman, don’t you, hubby? SAHIL said to my husband.

“You’ve got a woman that most men only dream of having. She’s one of the sweetest, most genuine women I’ve ever met. And on top of that, she’s beautiful, sexy, wild, adventurous…I mean, how you are able to hang on to her is beyond me. I’m sure she doesn’t want to hurt you, bud. But I think she knows what she’s been missing out on.”

The reality of his words hit my husband like a brick. Being talked down with facts that too from a brahmin, who he despise for their superiority.

Hubby turns to me, his eyes wide. He thinks about the sheets. Those cum-covered sheets. The unmistakable smell of…me. My naked pussy. My naked body. All over Sahil’s bed.

“Did you…?” he starts.

“Oh, yeah, hubby? Were you the one cleaning up my room? Cleaning up my BED? The sheets were a mess, weren’t they?”

Sahil grins as he taunts. “I tell you what, little man. Why don’t YOU take care of my room and I’LL take care of your woman? That sounds like a job you can handle. I KNOW I can handle my part.”

Hubby just continues to look from Sahil to me, then back to Sahil. His eyes wide, his mouth gaped open.

“You spent the whole weekend in his bed??,” he exclaims.

My husband face shows he is shocked.

Sahil comes over and sits on the end of the bed.

His hands now start feeling my body. “Maybe she wants you to watch so you can learn something.” He laughs. “I mean, you really are pathetic. You get inside this beautiful woman and can’t even stroke. The night before yesterday, your woman was sizzling, craving for a hard cock, and you couldn’t even satisfy her.”

You just came in two minutes and left her unfulfilled, with her body aching.”

Sahil bends down and kisses my belly three or four times. “But, thankfully, I was here. I took care of things, hubby. And I was thorough. I mean, you know, for me, it didn’t even seem like a burden. No. No, this was a perfect weekend. Divya never wanted anything else, you can believe that. And…if I’m right…I’m thinking she’s wanting something right now.”

His body hovers over mine, and despite the panic I’m feeling, I am so turned on, I don’t even care that my Husband is standing there.

“Kiss me, baby,” Sahil says to me.

I can’t help myself. I put my arms around his neck and pull myself up and kiss isveçbahis yeni giriş him.

“Oh my god!” I hear hubby whisper.

“I’m sorry, hubby,” I whisper back. “I can’t help it.”

“Watch closely, buddy. I’m going to show you how a man makes love to a woman.”

Sahil silences us both by exploring my entire body with his mouth. My nipples are hard and goose bumps appear all over me. He devours my breasts and alternates between sucking and biting them. First gentle, then rough, then gentle again.

“Oh damn, she loves that,” I hear hubby’s soft words. His hand moves to rub the front of his jeans.

Sahil’s hands never stop. They hold my waist and move to my ass and go up my back. His tongue is never still either. He dominates my body in a way my hubby never could.

Working his way down, my legs spread wide. I’m aware that hubby is watching, but my body reacts naturally and rapidly. I feel the warmth of Sahil’s breath on my bare pussy.

I bite my lip and whimper in anticipation. Sahil peels off his shorts without taking his mouth off of me. His tongue dances on the sensitive areas that he knows so well by now.

I writhe on the bed. I glance up to notice my husband’s hard-on straining for attention. We look at each other, and I know that he is totally turned on by what he’s watching. I give him a shy smile and whisper, “Is this what you want, right?”

Sahil sucks my clit in his mouth and I throw my head back. He reaches under me and picks my hips up off the bed. He plunges his tongue into me as far as possible. My hands grip the back of his head, and I feel the orgasm coming.

I don’t know what to do. I need to cum, but do I cum with my husband standing there watching his wife being taken by a more better, strong, powerful man.

Hubby’s eyes are glued to the young, white man as he eats my pussy. Without realizing hubby reaches to stroke his erection and start mouthing the words, “Cum for him, divya. Cum for him, my wife. Cum for him.”

“Don’t stop!” I yell. “Oh, god, don’t stop!”

I grind myself on Sahil’s face as my pussy starts its spasms. “I’m cumming! Oh, Sah…I…ohhhhh…ahhhhhhhh,.”

Sahil licks and slurps as my juices cover his mouth. I feel the liquid leaving my body. My heart beats frantically in my chest and I give over to his ultimate control.

I try to hold his head still, but his tongue works to attend to every area, gently bringing me down from my high. I pull his face up to kiss him, and I taste myself in his mouth. “Mmmmmmmm,” I moan, sharing myself with him.

Sahil holds me close and looks up at my husband. “Do you do that to her?” he asks. “Wait, I know the answer to that. Your jaw gets tired, doesn’t it? Well, thank goodness, mine doesn’t.”

He returns his attention to me, kissing me hard. I feel his enormous cock pressing on my thigh.

“Suck me, baby,” he says.

I pay no attention to my hubby, as Sahil flips positions with me.

My mouth is watering in anticipation of having him deep inside my mouth. I work his length lovingly with my hands.

I look up to see hubby staring at the monster I’m holding. I feel like I’m holding the prize in my hand. I lock eyes with my husband and slowly make Sahil’s dick start disappearing into my mouth. Involuntarily hubby’s mouth opens at the same time.

I smile, aware of the fact that this is the ultimate tease for never once in my life has given him a blowjob, it feels dirty to do it with him but with sahil it’s like i am serving a god for his complete satisfaction.

Closing my lips around his hardness I create hard suction and pull his foreskin slowly back out. He growls lowly. A feeling of power comes over me. I have Sahil controlled in my mouth grip and I have my hubby controlled by my actions. Playfully, I tickle the underneath of his dick with my tongue.

“Just look at it,” I whisper to hubby. “It’s so hard. Watch how full my mouth is from just the head.” I demonstrate my point as I suck and tug on him again. hubby in turn, tugs on his penis knowing that i will never suck his cock, this right only belongs to Sahil.

Then I give myself totally to giving him a loud, slurping wet head. Bobbing and choking, I force myself in as far as possible. hubby steps closer, watching intently. Sahil forces himself in and out of me, gasping from the friction. I feel him swelling.

“hubby!” I gag. “I’m going to make him cum!”

I go down again, fast and hard. Determine to make him explode. Sahil roars and pushes my head down to engulf him.

“Here it comes! AAAGGGHHHH!” He thrashes underneath me and floods my throat. I swallow his potent seed as fast as I can, but cum overflows out of my mouth. Gagging on his cum, I keep gulping to consume every drop of his sweet nectar possible.

“Ohhhh, god,” hubby sighs.

Wiping the corners of my mouth., Sahil looks up at him and grins. His grip loosens on me and I greedily clean him up, like a hungry, starved woman.

“If you aren’t aware, buddy. This woman sucks cock like no other. She loves sucking my Cock. She loves giving oral–giving isveçbahis giriş AND receiving. As you just witnessed, she’s unbelievable. And now…now…I get to have that pussy.”

With no part of his erection lost, he manipulates me underneath him. I feel the tip of his cock at the entrance to my cunt. He teases, touching me lightly and pulling away. My legs go high in the air and wide as much as possible.

“Ah, that’s it, sweetness. Get ready for me. Open that pussy up to me.”

Slowly he enters. Inch by inch his pushes into my hot, wet folds. I whimper as he pushes and stretches me to abnormal standards.

“Mmmmmm, you feel so good. You’re soaked. And you’re on fire, baby. Tell me what you need,” he says.

I look up at him, unable to speak.

“Tell me,” he urges.

“I…I…need…you. I just need you, Sahil.”

He smiles. “I know you do. And I need you.” He kisses me and begins slowly sawing in and out of my tight hole.

I feel the bed move and see that my husband sat down near our bed to be closer to the action.

Sahil grins. “Feel free to jerk off, buddy, with a devilish smile.”

Seeing them both makes me realize how limp and impotent my husband is compared to what Sahil has me used to. I wonder how I wasn’t ever satisfied by my my baniya husband as compared to what i am used to, this absolute beast brahmin bull.

“Yeah, buddy, you take care of your penis and I’ll take care of her.”

The friction is too much for me already.

“I’m gonna cum, Sahil, I’m gonna cum!”

“It’s okay, just let it go,” he says.

I reach around his large body and squeeze his ass, pulling him in as far as possible; splitting my body in two. He keeps still while I use his body to reach my release. He holds me tight and kisses my neck as my body shakes. “Sahil, Sahil, Sahil.” I scream in pain and pleasure. “Please…”

“Please what, darling?”

“Please don’t stop.”

I see hubby stroking himself hard, willing himself not to come. Trying to convince himself that he’s horrified by what he’s seeing. But his expression and jerking gives him away.

“You like this don’t you, hubby,” Sahil taunts.

Dumbly, he just nods.

“Want to be even more excited?”

hubby breaks his gaze at our bodies and looks up at Sahil.

“Get behind me,” Sahil instructs.

hubby slowly gets up off the bed and moves to the end being extremely submissive.

“Now, if you look down, you’ll see my balls.”

hubby stares at them without saying a word. They’re huge.

“Grab a hold of them,” he instructs.

hubby looks up with a confused look on his face.

“I…I…um, I am not grabbing your balls. Why do you want me to do that?”

“Grab them, and I’ll tell you,” Sahil says with a strain in his voice.

Reluctantly my husband reaches out and cup my lover’s balls.

“okay. Now why do you want me to do this?”

“I want you there, so you can feel it when my balls empty inside your wife’s hot little pussy,” Sahil says, his thrusts not missing a beat.

hubby lets go fast.

“Grab them,” Sahil growls. “You won’t want to miss this.”

“You can’t! You can’t cum inside divya. You can’t cum inside my wife!”

“Why not? I’ve done it pretty often times before.”

My husband considered running to the bathroom to hide cause he knows that I’m not protected against pregnancy, because i don’t have any birth control and Sahil obviously isn’t wearing a condom.

The thought of Sahil Cumming inside me makes my husband crazy with jealousy–yet, it totally turns him on at the same time. Sahil’s cum seeping out of me? How hot…! But…

“divya!! You let him cum inside you?”

“Yes, and i am taking the fertility pills!”

“The fertility pills? But why?” he asks, confused.

“I…I…I started taking the pill so…”


“So I could cum inside her, buddy.She wanted to increase her chances, by being more fertile so she could have my seed any time she wanted. She’s had it planned for months! Isn’t she amazing?” Sahil said.

He keeps his rhythm up, but he’s still able to taunt mu poor husband.

“YOU might not want to cum in this pussy, but believe me, spraying my white seed inside of her is all I think about. And she wants me to. Don’t you, baby?” Sahil asks me.

I whimper and look at my husband.

“I do, hubby, I do. I can’t get enough of his cock.”

“baby, if your husband doesn’t grab my balls, I’m not going to cum inside you.”

My pussy is being ravaged and all I want is to feel myself dripping in his cum.

My eyes widen, and I look at husband again.

“Hubby, Please? Oh, god, please. I need him to fill me. When he will cum, he’s going to make me cum again. Please?”

Without his eyes leaving mine and in spite of everything, hubby reaches down and grabs Sahil’s huge balls with his left hand. His right hand is stroking pre cum out of his own penis.

With all restraint gone, Sahil ploughs into me hard for another five strokes.

“Get ready,” he hisses. “Hold on tight, hubby”

hubby isveçbahis güvenilirmi adjusts his grip, as Sahil’s nuts tighten and stuck in. Two more strokes. hubby feels a hot, sickening throb.

“Oh fuck, it’s cumming, wife,” My husband whispers to me.

“AAAHHHHHH, YOU HEAR YOUR HUSBAND? It’s cumming, baby, it’s cumming!” Sahil says.

He swells inside of me, and then I feel the first splash of his load hit my cervix.

“OH, YES,” I scream. “Cum in me. Give it to me!”

Sahil pounds me into the mattress, as hubby rubs himself just as hard. As he watch Sahil’s cock force the cum to ooze out me, hubby’s penis starts bubbling out sperm on its own, he is mesmerized by everything he’s seeing. It’s the most erotic thing he can ever remember witnessing.

I grab Sahil’s ass, pull him in and grind on him while he finishes dumping his heavy load inside someone else’s wife. Right before he’s done, I arch my back and freeze.


“Oh, that’s it, sweetness. Cum on that cock,” he soothes and leans down to devour my mouth in his.

We kiss and hold on to each other until we are both breathing normally again. I starts kissing his face, working down to his neck and chest.

I feel his cock slip out of me while he descends. His cum runs freely out of my cunt. My husband stares at the mess, as his penis falls limply out of his hand. He’s unaware that he has yet to let go of Sahil’s balls.

“That feels pretty good, buddy. Just keep holding on to them if want. You sure know how to massage them,” Sahil grins.

Hubby lets go instantly, but can’t help but notice how hard Sahil still is.

“You see how much I want her, hubby? I’m ready to go again. I just can’t get enough of her.”

I start to get up, but he weighs me down on the bed.

“Now, bud, please pay attention. I’ve shown you how to make love to a woman, right?”

My husband nods like an idiot.

“Keep watching. This time I’m going to show you how to fuck her.”

In one scoop, Sahil brings me up off the bed. My arms wrap around his neck, my legs go up over his arms and he starts fucking my body on his cock.

“Oh, god, oh, god…” I start moaning. “Don’t stop. He holds my ass in his hands so tightly that I’m sure I will be bruised from his fingertips. He’s so controlled as he lifts and drops me. It feels like his dick is clearly deep inside my cervix.

Sahil smiles at me. “Fuck, you look hot like this.” I smile and brush the hair out of my face.

He sits down on the bed, and I continue riding him. My hair and my tits start bouncing as I get into it. He lies back and puts his hands under my arms to hold me from coming all the way down.

Then his hips thrust upward fast and hard as crashes up into me over and over. I put my hands on his chest to keep myself balanced so I can widen my legs as much as possible. “That’s it, darling. Give me all that pussy,” he says.

He grabs my left leg and pushes it up, as he turns our bodies so that I’m lying on my right side with him straddling my right leg while holding my left leg in the air. His strokes are relentless.

He’s going to make me pass out again, I think to myself. But it feels so good, I don’t want him to stop. Sensing something, he slows down a bit and reaches up to grab a pillow.

He puts my leg down and turns me on my stomach, with my head on the pillow. My knees automatically go under me to push my ass in the air.

Sahil laughs and kisses my ass. “Ahhh, there’s some of that instinct you were talking about, baby.”

As he enters me, he starts to reach around me but stops. He looks over at my hubby, who is still sitting on the side of the bed with his hand wrapped around his penis, and his eyes are glued to my juicy pussy.

“Hey, hubby, help me out, will you?” Sahil asks.

He moves his eyes away to look at Sahil.

“Spit on my fingers, so I can work on her clit,” he smiles.

hubby leans down and spits until his fingers are slimy and wet.

Sahil reaches around and starts playing with my clit as his dick keeps its rhythm in my hole.

As he gently taps on my clit, I tense.

“Tell me when you’re Cumming,” Sahil says.

I-I-I-I…ammmmm!” My legs shake uncontrollably, and he knows I can’t keep myself up on my knees.

He eases my body down on the bed and mounts me, missionary-style.

He is drenched in my juice, and even though I’m coming down off my orgasm, the invasion of his cock makes me ache for more. I arch myself into him.

“Ahhhh, yeah, baby. This is your favourite, isn’t it?” he murmurs.

“Uh-huh,” I nod, biting my lip.

“It’s my favourite, too. I love to watch your face when I fill you. And I love to watch your face when you cum.”

Sahil doesn’t take his eyes off of me. “Don’t you like to watch her face when she cum,, hubby?”

There’s just silence in the air.

Sahil laughs. “Maybe your problem is that you can’t make her cum.”

His strokes are long and steady. He puts his arms under me and holds me tight as his cock starts hammering into me.

“I’m going to fucking drown you again, baby,” he says. “That pussy will be Brahmin bred only.”

He fucks me hard for what seems like an eternity. The longer it takes for him to reach his release, the harder and faster he fucks. My legs stretch and my pussy opens wide to take all he’s giving to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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