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I’d been having these feelings for a few months; I’m not sure exactly when it started. I’ve always enjoyed looking at porn on the Internet, but recently I’d gradually stopped looking so much at women, and started more and more searching out men. Pretty young boys with oiled bodies, hairless chests and huge erect cocks. Older guys covered in hair, and with big, thick, meaty cocks. I began to start wondering what it would be like to have one of those monster dicks in my mouth; how it would feel to be fucked up the arse by some big hairy bloke.

My name’s Paul, I’m 31, and happily married for seven years. Well, I suppose I can’t be that happy with Sheila, otherwise I wouldn’t be thinking about an affair, especially with someone of my own sex. I’m a successful self-employed computer engineer and programmer in…let’s just say a city in the northern half of Scotland. I’m six feet tall with neat brown hair, a pleasant enough face, and a chunky but firm body. And I suppose I’d have to describe myself as bi-curious.

For the first 30 years of my life I had never even thought about men as sexual objects. I’ve never been homophobic, but I always fancied girls, and Sheila and I have a reasonably good sex life. Yet I couldn’t deny that as I gazed at all these horny guys on my home PC my prick was twitching in my pants. The trouble was, I had no idea what to do about it. I’m not aware of an active gay scene in this area. Well, being straight, why would I be? I’ve never paid for sex in my life yet, one night, feeling randy and frustrated, I actually found myself checking out gay prostitutes in Scotland. There didn’t seem to be any in our city, they were mostly concentrated in Edinburgh and Glasgow. I get down there on business occasionally, and I started to seriously think about it. Then, quite by chance, I came across the fact that there is one gay sauna here.

It’s called Allmans. I lay in bed that night, weighing it up. Of course, in a place like that I couldn’t guarantee that my curiosity would be satisfied, not like with someone paid to screw me; but at the same time, the entry fee was a lot less than an escort’s charges, and what did I have to lose?

I discovered the place was down an alleyway, just off a main street I drive along every day to work. I’d never dreamed it existed — it’s not in a location where you’d stumble on it by accident. I had a good look at the website, and every day my eyes drifted towards that alley as I drove past. One evening I walked down there after work. I took off my wedding ring and hung about the entrance to the alley for probably fifteen minutes, but lost my nerve. A couple of evenings later I went again. After ten minutes of hesitation I got angry with myself, and stomped through the front door of Allmans before I had a chance to think about it.

I found myself in a wood-panelled reception area about the size of a phone box. It gave no clue of what went on inside, other than a framed black and white photo of a naked young male torso. There was a service window on the right, and when I pressed a buzzer a guy appeared, about 40, with a crew cut and a white vest revealing huge pecs and biceps and an artificial tan. He asked me if I’d been there before and, after taking my money, buzzed me through and gave me a quick tour. First stop was a bar serving complimentary fruit juices. Past that was a changing area with lockers, and a Jacuzzi big enough for six or eight people. Down a corridor there was a steam room, a sauna, showers and a sunbed. On the walls were very explicit photographs of young tipobet365 yeni giriş blokes, and several posters extolling the virtues of condoms and safe sex. There were a few men wandering around, with towels tucked around their wastes, all ages, carefully eyeing each other, assessing the talent, so to speak. It put me in mind of a cattle market. Normally I might have expected to be repulsed by that, but that evening I found it strangely arousing, even exciting.

At the end of the corridor was a flight of stairs. My guide showed me the massage room, where a rather bored looking young man was sitting reading a book. Beyond that was a lounge, with several leather armchairs and sofas, and a massive widescreen TV showing porn videos. At that point there was an extreme close-up of a beautiful boy of about 20 sucking off an older man who groaned noisily. Finally, I was shown another corridor where there were six numbered closed doors. “These are the relaxation rooms” he told me. We went into one and I saw what he meant. The room was low-lit, and sparsely furnished. There was just a wooden block against one wall on which was a double mattress, covered with a single sheet. There were also two shelves in the room. On one stood a small TV, playing a silent feed of the same film I’d seen in the lounge. The other shelf held two wicker baskets, one overflowing with condoms, the other containing sachets which my host told me contained lubricant.

I felt butterflies in my stomach as I undressed and showered. I decided to try the sauna first. There were three other men in there, and they nodded a greeting as I entered. Two of them were quietly talking to each other, the third was sitting back with his eyes closed and gently playing with himself. I took the opportunity to glance at their cocks and decided I measured up quite well. Mine is quite thick and sinuous, circumcised, and a decent six inches. Only one of them looked bigger, and he was hung like a Hereford bull. I settled back and enjoyed the heat prickling my body. After a couple of minutes I realised that, without even thinking about it, my hand had strayed to my prick and started to lightly stroke it to hardness.

After another ten minutes or so it seemed like there was no action in the sauna — to be honest, I don’t know what I expected — so I decided to have another shower then sit in the lounge for a while. The room was deserted, and I settled on a sofa. I’ve never really been turned on by porn movies in the past — I prefer the real thing — but as I sat watching a black bodybuilder screwing a skinny white kid’s arse I found my cock was starting to rise, and I stroked my fingertips along it to help it on the way.

Shortly after I’d settled down another man walked in. He sat in a chair directly opposite me, and hooked his leg over one arm of it, splaying his legs wide open. Staring straight at me, he started to slowly, very deliberately wank himself. I realised I’d seen him before — he’d been one of the blokes in the sauna, and I wondered if he’d come looking for me. He was the one with the enormous dick, probably four inches longer than mine and just as thick. For a minute or so we studied each other. He was older than me, probably in his 50s, with very short greying hair, a skinny but well-toned body with an all-over tan, and a patch of grizzled grey hair above that big cock. He didn’t seem in a hurry to make a move so, my heart in my mouth, I took a chance and made the slightest nod towards the door, leading to the relaxation rooms. He smiled and nodded, tipobet365 giriş and I stood and walked out of the room.

The doors of the first two rooms were closed, but I paused at the third door. I glanced behind me, and sure enough my new friend was slowly following me. I entered the room and sat on the bed. Nearly a minute passed and I was just beginning to think he wasn’t going to join me when he stepped through the door. He closed it and pushed the bolt home, then turned to face me. Standing maybe a foot away from me, he stroked his dick and said quietly, “You want this, honey?” He had a foreign accent, German, or Danish maybe.

I smiled, half-terrified, and nodded. “Yeah, I do. I’ve never done this before.”

He grinned. “I guessed that.” He moved closer to me and I slipped to my knees on the floor. I wrapped my hand around another man’s dick for the first time in my life, and started to pump his foreskin. His cock felt huge in my hand, and so very warm, like velvet. My partner removed his hand and allowed me to stroke the full length of him. He twitched his hips forward and I took the hint, and closed my lips over the tip of his dick.

I sank slowly down his full length, savouring the taste. He was slightly salty, and the feel of his prick rubbing against my mouth and tongue was incredible. It felt soft and almost rubbery, yet at the same time rock hard, like a balloon wrapped around an iron rod. I’d thought he was already fully erect, but as I sucked and licked him, my hand pumping the base of his shaft, I could feel him getting stiffer still in my mouth.

Much as I was enjoying sucking a naked cock, I was very aware of the safe sex angle. I released him from my mouth, ready to finish him off with my hand. He, however, grunted, “Get on the bed”, and helped me to my feet before laying our towels across the sheet. I assumed he would want to fuck me from behind, but he arranged me on my back. He quickly opened a condom packet and pulled the rubber on, then opened a pack of lube. Next he told me to put my hands behind my knees and lift my legs. Doing so exposed my arse to him. I gasped slightly as he inserted two fingers into me and liberally smeared the lube around my hole. It was very cold, making me shudder.

After that, my new lover knelt by my arse, his knees either side of me, and I felt an intense pressure as he pushed into me. His cock felt huge inside me, stretching my anal passage to the limit. He rested unmoving in my hole for a moment, grinning down at me as I got used to the feel of him, then with long slow strokes he started to fuck me, going incredibly deep into me. As he did so, resting one hand on the bed, with the other he stroked my prick and balls. I could feel my body heating up as this man screwed me, and my breathing became deeper until I was almost panting. At the last moment he released my cock and gripped both my shoulders then, his face contorted in concentration, he slammed into me with three enormous pushes and I sensed him firing his load into the condom.

He sat back with a satisfied smile and I gazed up at him — my first gay lover. As we both sat up he glanced down at my cock, which was pretty much erect. The man smiled at me and murmured, “And now your turn.” He dropped to the floor and licked across my scrotum and up the underside of my cock. I shivered at the feel of his tongue.

He sucked my balls into his mouth and licked them for a short while, then released them and took in my cock instead. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I blew, and tipobet365 güvenilirmi gasped, “Do you want a condom?”

Around my prick he mumbled, “No, I prefer without”. I registered surprise, but decided that was his choice, I was at no risk. I began to twitch my hips back and forth to meet his mouth moving up and down me. He held my buttocks firmly as he sucked me, and I felt a long finger shoot deep into my still lubed arse and begin to ream me. That finished me off, and with a gasp and a final lunge I exploded into his mouth and watched as he swallowed my jizz.

He stood, smiled and, to my surprise, shook my hand. Then, without another word, he wrapped his towel around himself and slipped out of the room. I lay back on the bed for five minutes or so to recover my breath, then went for a shower. Reflecting on the experience, I decided I had enjoyed having him up my backside, big as he was, and he was a magnificent cocksucker.

It was still quite early, and I decided to try out the Jacuzzi. There were two other guys there, kissing and petting, but they ignored me and I slipped in on the other side, enjoying the sensation of the warm bubbles around me. I’d only been there a couple of minutes when a fellow about my own age approached the Jacuzzi. He was very similar looking to me, tall and dark, with a skinny but long cock. He looked at me, entered the bath, and literally sat on my hand. Our eyes locked for a moment then, in unspoken agreement, we both stood, dried off and made our way upstairs.

My new partner led me to the same relaxation room I’d been in barely ten minutes before. He said his name was Tony, so I told him my first name. He was actually quite girly, and we French kissed and cuddled for a few minutes while we stroked each other’s cocks, all of which I enjoyed. Then Tony whispered, “Will you do me now?”

He lay on his front and reached back, pulling his arse cheeks wide apart. I slid on a condom and lubed him up, as my first lover had done to me. Tony then dropped onto his elbows, his arse pointing up at me. I knelt behind him, rubbed my stiff prick across his slim bum, then entered him. He started to groan with pleasure almost as soon as I began fucking him. I was aware of his balls swinging between his splayed legs, and I reached a hand through and cupped them, stroking the base of his cock with my thumb and finger. Tony groaned, “Oh fuck, yeah” and pushed back hard at me. His arse felt just as nice as any pussy I’ve ever been in, and tighter than most. I managed to last a good five minutes before, with a long final moan from Tony, I had one of the most explosive orgasms I’ve managed in a while.

After fucking Tony I sucked him off, selecting a strawberry flavoured condom. It still didn’t taste that great, but I enjoyed the moment when I felt him shoot into it. He gripped the top of my head, his fingers stroking my hair. As had been done to me, I shoved a couple of fingers up him and squirmed them around. After he had cum we lay together on the bed for a few minutes, tenderly French kissing and stroking each other’s bodies before I went down for a shower and drove home.

I’ve been back to Allmans a couple of times, and got lucky on both occasions, once with Tony again. We’ve exchanged phone numbers now. I enjoy all aspects of my new life — fucking and sucking, and being fucked and sucked in return. I may be rationalising, but I don’t see it as cheating on my wife when it’s with other men. I’m not going to leave Sheila — I still love her, and enjoy the sex, but I’m definitely going to be a regular down that anonymous little alley from now on.


Author’s Note: Allmans really exists. It’s not called that — though the name is similar. It has its own website, the facilities are as advertised, and it has a good reputation throughout Scotland and beyond.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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