Obsessive Twins

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1.Friday evening.

Angelina and her twin brother, Arturo, turned their selected obsessions into a business. She loved sex and he loved to make movies. Arturo had been making short films ever since his Dad gave him a Panasonic Lumix LX100 camera six years ago for his fourteenth birthday. He started by filming family vacations, parties and BBQs. He progressed to making short documentaries filmed all over Oxnard and LA. Later he made short stories into mini videos, his own style and personality showing through the lens. He posted them on YouTube and other sites and had gathered quite a following, over thirty thousand viewers for each one. He made dozens of five minute takes on classic novels and nursery rhymes. He wrote, filmed, directed and produced mini-movies, some of which attracted media interest outside his chosen audience. His friends appeared in bizarre locations with scraps of dialogue and frenzied activity, edited to make a short parable, not always easily understood to anyone willing to watch.

Angelina began to indulge her passion for sex as soon as she left home for USC at eighteen. Her chosen subject, Natural Sciences, was her pathway to a career in saving the planet, following her heroine, Greta Thunburg into the history books as an activist and campaigner for the future of the planet. She lived on campus that first year and spent a couple of evenings a week making videos for college video sites on-line, some of which paid for superior quality content. Angelina’s co-eds often needed the money but Angelina never bothered to collect her share, even though she was often the star, the main attraction. She chose her co-stars carefully. They were mostly seniors who were on one or other of the athletic teams at the vast college. She had thousands to choose from.

Arturo, attending the same college but studying Film and Digital Arts lived over a mile away on the other side of campus. He found out about his sister’s obsession one evening when trawling the internet for porn. He saw her in HD close up sucking on an enormous penis, relishing the emission onto her tongue and hungrily devouring the lot. Arturo was impressed at her obvious enthusiasm and apparent skill. He spent several more hours searching for more videos featuring her natural talent and great smile. He found several after trawling through every college and Co-ed site he could find. The following weekend they were due to go home for the half-term break, a week with her family and catching up with old friends.

Friday, after dinner, Arturo sat with Angelina while their parents filled the dishwasher and made after dinner drinks. They sat nursing parentally controlled cold beers.

“Angie, I know your secret.” said Arturo, a hint of mystery in his voice.

Angelina stopped scrolling through Instagram and said,

“What are you talking about?”

“I saw you. I saw what you do at college in the evenings with the sports jocks. You’ve been busy. I only watched about six vids but you managed to get about ten loads. You evidently love swallowing cum, don’t you?”

Angelina looked at her younger brother. He smiled at her and glanced at the screen of his phone. He turned the screen towards her, she looked down and frowned. Her head bobbed, her hand pumped, her mouth sucked until the penis in glorious close-up erupted into her open mouth, splashing some excess over her cheek and chin. She lapped at it, devouring every drop.

“Oh my God, Arty. Please, don’t say a word to Mum and Dad, not a sound, do you hear me? I’ll fucking kill you if you do. They’ll go fucking mental. Dad will kill me. Oh, shit, when did you see this?”

“Don’t worry, Sis. I have a plan that keeps your secret safe. I saw this one first about two weeks ago. I’ve been searching for more but there are no names, just generic college vids so I had to watch a lot. You’re really good though. Better than some of the pros. Really. I want you to help me make some money. It will be our secret, just you and me and one other actor at a time. What do you think?”

“What are you talking about? Why on earth would I let you film me? I’m your sister. I’m not getting naked anywhere near you, you pervert.”

“Oh, come on, Sis. I’ve seen you naked and having sex about thirty times so far so making a film with me is hardly anything new for you. You have the talent, I have the camera. We can team up and do it properly. No more sharing a few hundred bucks between a roomfull of co-eds. We can make some real money with your talents. I mean you’re beautiful and have the greatest tits on the planet. How can we lose?”

“Are you kidding me? Arty, really? What are you saying? I’m not a porn star, well, not like that anyway. And I do it for fun, not for the money. We have plenty of money, in case you hadn’t noticed. Dad’s loaded. Look around you.”

“This would be our money, just you and me. No more having to rely on allowances, however generous Pops is, this is just for you and me. If you don’t want to do it, I understand sahabet güvenilirmi but I’m not sure Pops will!”

Arty almost fell off the sofa when Angelina hit his upper arm with her clenched fist.

“Ow! That hurt!”

“What are you children fighting about now? I thought you’d grown out of that now you’re both at college.”

“He’s being a dork, a doofus and a dweeb. He deserves it. I hardly touched him, the poor little baby. Ask Mommy to rub it better for you, go on.”

Their parents sat on a second sofa, adjacent to theirs, all facing the huge sixty inch TV. A quiz programme murmured quietly, catching nobody’s interest. Pops handed them both another beer. They clicked glasses and bottles together.

“It’s great to have you both home for the week. What have you got planned for next week. We have the BBQ tomorrow for all your friends and then family lunch on Sunday. We didn’t make plans for next week for you. I’m at work ’til Thursday and your mother is busy at the market every morning. Do you have anything special in mind?”

Arturo spoke first.

“I will be making a movie or two. Angie has agreed to help so we will be busy doing that. Otherwise, nothing special.”

Arturo avoided the punch Angelina threw his way by sliding off the sofa onto the floor. He laughed, their parents laughed, Angelina was serious.

“I didn’t know you were interested in making films, Darling. Since when?” asked their mother.

“Since about two minutes ago.” said Arturo.


Angelina and Arturo sat at the breakfast bar in the extensive kitchen sipping at a second cup of coffee after breakfast with their parents. They left a short time earlier, he to the office in the city, she to her market shop where she co-owned and ran a farmer’s market in the most expensive suburb of the city, Paradise Cove Bluffs. The twins had barely mentioned the movie over the weekend. People came and went in large numbers, enjoying the several hours of BBQ on Saturday and the extended lunch yesterday. Arturo caught Angelina alone for a moment on Sunday morning and told her,

“I’ve told Matt to be here on Monday at eleven. You’ve met him once before, at the beach last summer. Do you remember him?”

Angelina had said nothing in response, trying to picture Matt in her mind’s eye. When she recalled him she secretly smiled. She had quite liked Matt the one and only time they met about a year ago at a crowded summer swimming party on the beach. He wore his Speedo well, she remembered. He had a shaved torso for the swim team and well defined muscles. She recalled several girls hanging on his every word for most of the afternoon and evening. Now she sipped at her coffee and asked,

“So, this movie. What are we doing?”

“Just do what you’ve been doing at college. Same routine. Get naked, get him hard, make a few different moves, cowgirl, doggy, reverse maybe, and then blow him into your mouth. That’s it. Director’s job completed. I will film you with two cameras and a GoPro. You can make up dialogue if you like. Be vocal when you get to the real screwing, Punters like to hear lots of noise, make like you’re having orgasms two or three times. I’ll tell Matt the same, Lots of grunting when he comes in your mouth. Just remember not to look at the lens and just ignore me, I’m not really there.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this. This is crazy. How much do you expect to make with this movie anyway?”

“This is day one of production. I have a grand plan and you are at the centre of it, the sun around which all of us will orbit. Me, your co-stars, and later cameramen, lighting, sound, make-up, the works. We will do this properly. I have over thirty thousand followers on my video sites. I will post links on there and drive traffic to our own site, Vivality Art Studio. Initially, we will make on-off sales to your movies, with the promise they will be supplied at regular intervals. We will allow advertising on the site and get revenue from those. We will endorse adult products that you will use on screen, vibrators, dildos and so on. We will maybe try live shows where viewers pay a fee to watch you perform solo with all the toys I’ve bought. For an extra fee they can direct you to do what they want. We can start off with solo sessions and then maybe try you with a partner. I estimate that if we make one movie a month for the next twelve months we will pull in over fifteen-thousand dollars. Next year, once we have an established fan base and we sell some subscriptions, we should be able to triple that, over fifty thousand for twelve films.”

“What? Are you kidding me?”

“Not at all. I’ve studied this for my course work; how the apparently free porn sites make money. The beauty of the industry now is that amateurs can make money, not as easily as the big studios, the monopolies, but we can make enough to set up a small production studio. I can hire more stars, make more movies, expand our solar system to include all the outlying sahabet yeni giriş planets. You know enough pretty girls at college to keep me in a steady supply. This industry survives on new stars, new, pretty young faces and lissom bodies that will do almost anything for a decent sum of money. I have it all planned out. By the time we graduate, we should have over two hundred K in the bank, each!”

Angelina sat and finished her coffee.

“Jesus, Arty, you’ve made me nervous now. I’m going for a shower and stuff. Where are we filming? We can’t do it in the house, can we?”

“Don’t worry. I have set-up in the apartment over the garage. Nobody ever goes in there since Nanna died. I’ve been busy doing some furnishing and added a few lights and stuff. One question, before you go. Will you do anal?”

Angelina paused as she placed her cup in the dishwasher.

“Erm, I’m not sure. I never did it yet on film. Why, is it important?”

“Porn lovers love anal, ATM, ass to mouth is a big turn on, for some men anyway. It’s not important right now but maybe later we will need to explore that. If you want Matt to try it today, just tell him when you feel ready. Say it loud enough for me to hear. The viewers will love the dialogue, for sure.”

“I need the bathroom. I’ll talk to you later.”

Arturo rinsed his cup and poured another coffee. Days earlier, he purchased a second Panasonic Lumix camera, the latest, the ZS200. The GoPro he would use for the extreme close-ups. He fitted an extension arm, about two feet long, so that he wouldn’t have to get too close to them physically,which he thought might be an intrusion. He had learned a lot from his first year at the Film School on campus. He checked the time, thirty minutes before Matt arrived. Time to set up the ‘studio’ in preparation for their first feature film. He would make a twenty minute teaser and a sixty minute full show for the paying guests. He had spent the whole weekend setting up the new website for Vivality Art Studio. All it needed now was some product. By the end of the day, Arturo hoped to have it uploaded and ready to roll for just two dollars ninety-nine!

“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow!” said Arturo as he added his cup to the dishwasher.


Matt arrived promptly at two minutes to eleven, eager and ready to participate. Arturo had outlined the set-up to Matt on the phone over a week ago. Matt was eager to comply since he had seen Angelina’s body in a bikini already last summer. He had admired her bountiful breasts and her toned shape from a distance, his contact limited to the introduction when she arrived with her brother. He hadn’t tried to hit on her then while his two girlfriends were in tow at the time. Arturo invited him onto the kitchen where they sat and chatted, waiting for Angelina.

“Are you sure she’s up for this? I mean we barely know each other. How does she feel about making a movie with a stranger?” asked Matt.

“She’ll be fine. She might need some time but I’m pretty sure once she gets into it, you’ll be amazed. She just loves swallowing cum. Here, take a look.”

Arturo swiped his phone and handed it across to Matt who looked closely at the small screen.

“Wow! Yes, she sure does. I guess that’s her boyfriend though, is it?”

“No, wait and see. See, here comes number two and standing behind them is number three wanking his cock in time to the music!”

“Jeez! That is so hot. Her face is all wet and still she’s getting hammered. I see where number three comes in now. He’s the other end of the spit roast. Christ, look at that cock. It’s nearly as big as mine!”

Matt slid the phone back across the table and laughed.

“As big as your what?” asked Angelina as she strode into the room.

“Oh, hi, I’m Matt. Great to see you again. I remember you from the beach party last year.”

“Hi, Matt. I remember you too. Waxed torso, built for speed eh? You still on the swim team?”

“Yeah, still smooth as a baby’s bum, all over, in fact.”

“Neat. Arty, I need a belt before we begin. Just one. I’m wound up like a clock right now.”

Arturo had come prepared. He dipped his hand into his shirt pocket and produced a neatly rolled joint. He lit it, took one long drag and passed it to his sister. She went outside and sat on the steps leading down to the rear garden and the pool.

“So, Matt. All you have to do is have sex with her. Don’t try to act, just do what you always do with a girl. The more variety you can bring to it obviously, the better. Punters want oral so let her start with that. Once you’re naked you can return the favour, say something about it being her turn. Maybe get some sixty-nine going if it feels right. Once you’ve got her off, or she pretends to get off, you can begin the real thing. Fuck her slow, Matt, real slow. I can speed you up in the editing but for now, slow is best for everyone. Try to move her around: cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, doggy, regular, whatever sahabet giriş feels good. Remember where the camera is and try to make sure the lens can see your cock. That is the main attraction for the viewers. They want to see it sliding in and out, wet with any luck. So keep your hip turned to the camera, let me see you. The finale will be you jizzing into her mouth or on her face. That’s the money shot, right there and she’s ready for that. She’ll kneel on the floor or lay on the bed and open her mouth. If you can come with her sucking and jacking you off, so much the better. If not, you’ll have to jack it yourself, it’s okay. Any questions?”

“Will she do anal?”

“Let’s wait and see. I asked her but all she said was she hadn’t done it on camera, not that she hadn’t done it at all. My guess is that she’ll get to it but maybe not today, we’ll see. I’ll ask her again. Just one rule, don’t nut inside her. If you think you’re gonna come, stop and calm down. The money shot has to be on her face and in her mouth. I need to make about sixty minutes so you will have to go slow, take a few breaks, maybe stop for ten minutes. How long do you need to nut again?”

“Half an hour maybe. Maybe less. She’s hot so probably less. I’d like to splash it on those fabulous tits of hers.”

“Okay, if you can do that, great, I can make two endings. Come on, let me show you the studio.”

They moved outside and down the steps to where Angelina sat smoking the last of her joint. Arturo put on an accent and said in a loud voice,

“Star required on set. Follow me please, Miss Vivality.”

Arturo led them across the garden, past the swimming pool to the annex sixty feet from the house. Downstairs housed a three car garage while above a five hundred square feet studio apartment sat unused since Grandma had died three years previously. Arturo had fitted a new lock to the door at the top of the staircase, keeping out any unwanted intrusion, particularly from their parents. Inside he had moved the single bed to the wall away from the window, laid a new carpet, moved the dresser and the cupboard alongside each other and opened up more space. He hung a curtain over the tiny kitchenette and installed several more lights, three on stands and more around the room, flooding the room and particularly the bed with real and artificial light. The tiny closet housed a toilet and shower with a small triangular sink in the corner.

Matt and Angelina sat on the bed facing Arturo.

“Here’s the story. Angie, you are asleep in bed, naked already. Matt, you come to the door with this parcel, knock and wait. Angie, slip on this robe but don’t tie it, leave it open a little so he can see your pussy. Act a little sleepy, uncertain. Open the door and look him up and down. Smile and say hello, whatever. Matt, I’ll use this in your trousers to make sure she can see the outline. Unless you have a boner already, in which case this carefully grafted dildo can remain in the props box!”

They all laughed, Angie somewhat nervously.

“Ask him in and tell him you have no idea how to set up a laptop and you want to make sure it works properly. Put the box on the dresser, Matt and then stand beside her while she sits down to open it. Angie, turn your head and look closely at his dick, touch his cock through the cloth and rub it a little. Smile up at him as you unzip his trousers, slide them down and get to work on his cock. Just carry on from there, Okay?”

They both nodded.

“Do we rehearse this or just get into it?” asked Matt.

“Just do it for now. I can add scenes later once you’ve finished. We can add dialogue and a bit of acting any time, don’t worry about it. The main thing is not to hurry. We have all day. We can stop for lunch and resume later, there is no timetable for this and slow is better, for all of us. So, Angie, undress and put on the robe, as if you just got up. Matt, here’s your hat and the box. I’ll start with you at the door while she gets ready. So, positions! And, action!”


Matt stood at the door and knocked while Arturo filmed him over his shoulder, framing the door. Angie opened the door, smiled, said Hi and thanked him for delivering the parcel. She asked him in, explaining that she needed to know if it worked. Matt agreed he could do that and followed her into the room. Arturo moved behind them into the room until the light changed and the lens darkened.

“Cut!” called Arturo.

His stars relaxed, turned as one and said,

“Was that okay?”

“Great. Perfect, got it in one. Matt relax and sit a while. I will do the opening sequence now. I will stand by the door and film the sleeping Angie. Angie, lay on your front, one leg up with the sheet down around your ass, maybe show a little crack. I will add the titles here and some music. I will move in slow and pan along your body. I will get in real close to your face and then shout, knock, knock! You open your eyes and get up, slip on the robe and walk to the door, Okay?”

Angie took off the robe, lay it on the bed and slipped under the sheet. Arturo arranged the sheet to display her toned young body. He rolled her hip to one side, exposing one breast just enough to show a little nipple as she lay asleep. He said quietly,

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