Nick and Rebecca Two at Once Ch. 02

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Part 2:

The morning after.

Nick woke Thursday morning to find both women were still asleep, and found that he was hungry for food. He had slept after the previous days fucking. He pushed back the covers and was greeted by his hard 10″ cock. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Only yesterday had he come twice and now his cock was again stiff. What had I dreamed of last night? Nick asked himself. It must’ve been something of a sexual nature.

Nick got up and decided to not get dressed. He also decided that whatever women woke up he would fuck to at least calm down his hard cock, be it Becca or Helen. He walked downstairs to the kitchen to make himself something to eat. His cock jiggling as he walked. He was hungry for food and now sex, a sometimes fruitful concoction.

As he came down the lavish staircase he could see the outlay of the house: it was an open-plan house, meaning that there were virtually no doors or walls separating the rooms and only featured, at best, a sliding door for the office. In the centre of the house was the living room/entertainment suite where you could relax and watch the TV; on the far side of the room was the luxurious kitchen that featured various appliances and a dining table, which also featured the utility room; on the fair side of the room (near the staircase) was the office, which Nick mostly used on his odd (but rare) days off. Before crossing to the kitchen, Nick went and picked up his clothes from yesterday, and then crossed to the kitchen/utility and put his clothes in the dirty laundry basket. He then crossed to the kitchen and prepared his breakfast of a chicken sandwich.

Suddenly hear the sound of someone coming down the stairs and saw that it was Becca, naked just like Nick with only the added featured of her favourite D she withdrew her head and let the cock fall out of her mouth, throbbing and jumping as it hung here, and just began to gently lick and suck on his cock. It throbbed a little she licked and sucked it, just being playful and teasing.

She stopped for a moment and shuffled a little closer and gently just began to suck on his tip. Nick’s hand rested gently on the crown of her head, his hands playing with her auburn hair, feeling that same tingling beginning to grow in his cock. He looked down at her and only saw the smooth outline of her arse, and the jiggling of her pert 38DD tits, swaying in time to her licks and sucking. It was a wondrous sight to see his wife naked on her knees and sucking his cock.

She gently took the whole of his tip into her mouth, and gently began to lap at her tongue with it; Becca now began to roughly bob her head up and down Nick’s cock, down and back in a slow, rough motion; each time she pulled back she gave his tip a playful lick. She knew he was close to coming but tried not to be excited with the thought of another powerful come load.

Nick’s hands had moved the back of her head and pushed down gently, as if signalling he wanted more. The tingling began to increase and he knew he couldn’t hold on anymore. With a sigh and moan simulatoneously, he managed to catch Becca’s eyes, just as she brought kaçak iddaa her head back and gave his cock a playful lick. She stopped for a second to look at Nick, and they both shared a knowing smile as if to signal that he was going to come.

“it’s OK,” she said, licking his tip again, “you can come in my mouth.” And with that she took him roughly again, but didn’t want to pull away from his cock. She bobbed up and down and used her tongue at the same time, using all the things she had learned about how give her husband a great blowjob. Her hands rested on his thighs, just below his groin, and gently raked the skin with her nails. Her thrusts were strong and powerful, and with a loud moan Nick arched his back and began to shoot his come into Becca’s mouth, griping her hair tightly. The first few loads shot straight to the back of her mouth, his cock writing powerfully in her mouth, with one hand she cupped his balls and gently stroked, trying to coax as much come as possible,

“Oh god,” he moaned, “you give good head.”

Nick continued to shoot his come into Becca’s mouth, now the last remaining drops fizzled out and spilled onto her tongue. As Nick finished, Rebecca withdrew her head from his cock and swallowed the come that was in her mouth. Mmmm, yummy, she thought to herself. She got up off her knees and got some tissue paper, her heels clacking all the way, cleaning Nick’s cock gently and tenderly. They kissed gently, whilst Nick’s hand roamed over Rebecca’s body – she was at his mercy, he was in full control.

“Mmm, what we have we were.” Said a tired, female voice. Both Becca and Nick stopped and turned to see Helen was dressed in a silk gown and wore a pair of similar high heels to the ones Rebecca wore – she had two pairs that she claimed “were in the sale,” though to be honest a girl just loved her shoes. She slowly stepped down the steps, trying to conceal the strap on she was wearing though thought it was pretty obvious. She had heard the moans of Nick and could pretty much guess what was going on, but all she heard was the last part where Nick said that Becca gave “good head,” and thus this confirmed her suspicions.

Her gaze lingered over Nick and his naked body, though to be honest he was finished with for a while, well at least until he was horny again, but her gaze happened to linger a moment longer over Becca’s naked body. There was the slightest hint of a smile in her eyes, and Helen noticed her firm arse.

“Mum, we’d thought you would never want to get up,” Becca said, testing her Mum. She stepped away and faced Helen. Oh gee, Helen thought noticing her pert tits and dripping pussy, that girl needs to be fucked…oh wait what do I have here?

“Oh shush, daring. I let you two have your fun, but now it’s for part two,” she said as she stepped further down the steps with her heels clacking on the hard floor, and pulled away her grown to reveal her massive strap on. Also, which I forgot to omit earlier, is that Helen had also “hidden” a bag in their room which was never found, that contained a bag of Helen’s sex toys – her own dildos, vibrators and other sex toys. But her strap on was kaçak bahis her “party trick”, and it was actually much larger the strap on she used previous. Though, in truth, that strap on was all part of her plan. Her one was for fun.

The strap on itself was normal like any strap on, you tied around it your waist and fixed the straps, preferably with the dildo attached. However, Helen’s strap on was a massive 17″ (note to self: I’ll have to measure how big this is. – DELETE FROM FINAL DRAFT.) Nick merely nodded his head and smiled at that, although it would be awkward if he did anymore. Becca gulped and thought: That’s not for me, is it? It’s huge!

Helen walked over to the large sofa and merely patted a seat and wagged her finger, she would now be the dominant one. “Oh, Becs,” Helen said, using Becca’s childhood nickname, noticing the apparent shock in Becca’s eyes. “Since you’ve already sucked one cock today…” Helen let the sentence hang in the air. Becca walked over like a model, trying to show off her youthful physique, kicking off both her high heels as she did so. Her tis jiggled and bounced with firmness. She walked over and sat down on the seat that her Mum had patted.

“Open your mouth,” Helen commanded and Becca did so, opening to what she thought would be an adequate size for the large dildo. Helen positioned herself and rammed the dildo as far as it would go, making Becca choke slightly her gag reflex not yet relaxed fully able to take a 17″. It went about three quarters of the way in and that’s as much as Rebecca could take, she took it back out to let Becca catch her breath, and as soon as he did she rammed in and out a few times before she felt that dildo was slick enough.

She pulled the dildo out for a final time and stood back to admire Becca’s young and fuckable body. Her tits were pert and her nipples were erect, though her pussy was bare and was very wet. Helen knelt and gently kissed Rebecca’s leg, kissing all the way up her thighs until she reached groin, finally kissing twice on the insides of her thighs and could go no more.

“Lay back. Relax, let Mummy take care of you.” Rebecca did as she was asked, laying back and spreading her legs, allowing her mum full access to her wet pussy. Helen plunged her face into Becca’s pussy, lapping and licking at her juices, Becca moaned and mowed as her mum began to eat her. Helen sucked and licked at her daughter’s pussy, savouring the smell of her pussy; she wouldn’t make this last long before giving her daughter yet another big and wet orgasm. She pushed her tongue inside and began to tongue-fuck her, as Becca rested her legs on Helen’s shoulders and gripped her hair tightly.

Becca felt it deep inside of her as her mum began to fuck her using her tongue, she felt her body grow hot and her morality break down. The tingling growing and growing deep inside of her loins. She was at the compete mercy of her mum and, strangely enough, she loved it. Helen began to increase the pace of her tongue-fucking, knowing her daughter was on the edge of an amazing orgasm. Helen loosened the fastenings of the strap on, allowing just enough room to finger herself, illegal bahis her own pussy making wet and lewd sounds.

Nick watched on the far edge on the sofa, which was shaped in a lazy L shape, engrossed in this mother and daughter scene. His cock seemed to be coming back to life, and decided to go and fetch a dirty sock in case he wanted to masturbate – fuck porn, he thought, dismissing the original idea to go and fetch an adult movie, this is porn right here.

Becca moaned loudly as her pussy began to contract, screaming out that she was coming – “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming!!!” and squirted her juices over Helen’s face, it came out in a clear liquid; Becca arched her back, trying to hump her mum’s face with her pussy. Helen gave her daughter a minute or two to calm down, gently kissing her body, starting at her feet and working her way slowly upwards. As she got to her face she lightly kissed her lips, at the same time she was still fingering herself.

Becca noticed this and a wry smile crossed her face. One hand moved down to Helen’s groin, pulling her hand and finger roughly out of her pussy, making a loud shlllllop sound as it came out. Becca moved her own hand down to her Mum’s groin, pushing past her hand down the strap on and found her Mum’s dripping pussy, she roughly pushed her finger in as far as it would go, as Helen gasped and moaned at the feeling of Becca’s finger inside of her.

“Harder, harder,” Helen begged and Becca respond, now using the heel of her hand to smack against her clit each she time she thrust her finger inside. Helen opened her eyes, and noticing Nick was jacking off in the far corner of he sofa, his hand pupping his sock-covered cock. Each time Becca fingered her pussy and humped her clit, a tingling sensation went through her body, loving how animalistic her daughter was being.

With her fee hand Becca reached up and roughly squeezed one of her tits, weighed up the flesh in her hand, and squeezing at random times. She cupped the tit with the palm of her hand, and with her thumb and index finger she pinched her nipple. Hard.

Helen couldn’t hold on any longer, though in truth she wouldn’t let herself come like this; she grabbed Becca’s arm by the wrist and roughly pulled it out, making the same shlllllop sound as Helen’s finger did earlier. She pulled the finger towards her mouth and sucked on it, tasting the puss juice. “Bend over, now,” Helen commanded, rising to her feet.

(end of part 2)

If you would like to see part 3, please let me know.


This was an edited-out part:

My, My, aren’t we horny this morning? She lightly stepped down the stairs and crossed to the living room/entertainment suite and sat down. She didn’t want to be coy about anything and held her legs high up in the air, in a lazy V shape, the two soft sounds of her heels dropping onto the floor. She was as horny as hell and wanted to be taken roughly.

“Ooh love,” she said sweetly. “Couldn’t be a dear – come here and fuck me?”

Nick didn’t need to be asked twice. He dropped the knife he was about to butter his bread with, seeing his wife in that position, and made his way over to his wife. He stepped lightly over the carpet, his feet making barely any noise but his eyes sparked up at seeing his wife in that sexual position.

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