New Maid

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I have a maid service that comes in once a week. I found that the firm I have been using was been getting sloppy. The maid wouldn’t come at the time advised, the work was rather slap-dash and their prices were being jacked up. So I went looking for a new service. Found one that seemed OK and engaged them to come on a Friday morning for a tryout.

I was on the internet, looking at some old Playboy cartoons on one of the forums I attend, when the maid showed up. She was an attractive young woman in her early twenties, but I wasn’t too impressed with her manner of dress. It just seemed sort of inappropriate to show up at a customer’s place for maid service in skimpy shorts and a skimpy top. When I said I wanted maid service I did mean maid service.

I invited her in, introducing myself and being informed that she was Trudi. Trudi wanted to make one thing clear, right from the start.

“I don’t do windows,” she informed. “It’s company policy that the maids don’t have to clean windows. If you want your windows done you have to contact a window cleaning company. I can refer you to a couple if you decide to.”

I couldn’t help it. I started laughing. Trudi looked a bit put out.

“What’s so funny?” she asked. “We have to give that speech to new customers. We don’t do windows and we have to tell them.”

“Yes, I can understand that. I suspect that different insurance rates apply if you clean windows and the insurance can be a killer. That’s not why I was laughing. It’s just that what you said matched up with an old carton I just saw on the ‘net. If you have a sense of humour I’ll show you.”

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t think they had a sense of humour. People tend to feel insulted if you imply they don’t have one. The cartoon I was referring to was a picture of a maid and her employer. The maid was naked bar a skimpy little apron that nearly covered her charms. It certainly didn’t cover her breasts. The employer was saying something along the line of ‘You don’t do windows? That’s OK. I’m prepared to make allowances.’

It had been the last cartoon I’d seen when Trudi knocked and it was still on the screen. I indicated that Trudi should look at it. She looked, blushed a little, and giggled.

“Ah, yes, well I’d better get on with my work,” she said.

She started getting her things organised while I sat back and fought temptation. I have to admit, I didn’t fight too hard. Trudi was a fetching young thing.

“Trudi,” I said, “don’t be offended but I’d love to see you cleaning as per the maid in the cartoon. What say a fifty dollar tip to clean topless? That’s a private tip between us and not on the company books.”

What with taxes and the split she had to give the company, fifty extra would be useful. Trudi looked indignant, an automatic refusal on her lips. Then she paused, and sighed.

“I couldn’t,” she muttered. “I just couldn’t. I’d be so embarrassed.”

“Why?” I asked. “I’d have thought you had a fine pair of breasts. Why would they embarrass you?”

“I do have,” she said, and this time the indignation showed. “I mean that I’d be embarrassed taking off my top in front of a strange man. I just don’t do that sort of thing.”

“You wear a bikini at the beach, don’t you?” I pointed out. “Going topless or wearing a tiny little bikini at the beach. Not much difference really. And fifty is fifty.”

I could see she was chewing it over. It was just her breasts, after all, and I had no doubt that men were always looking down her top to see them. I could see her wondering what difference would it make if she took her top off.

“Um, you wouldn’t go and, ah, I mean, would you, er.”

“If you’re trying to ask if I’d try to grab them, the answer is no,” I said, smiling. “It’s bahis siteleri just that I appreciate nice things and your breasts would certainly qualify.”

While she was thinking that over I took a fifty out of my wallet, holding it so she could see it. She glared at me, shrugged, and slipped off her top and bra. I passed over the money, letting her see my sincere admiration. And it was sincere. She had a lovely pair, and they stood out firmly, not yet feeling the tug of gravity.

I reached in my wallet and took out another fifty.

Trudi looked puzzled for a moment, and then slightly shocked as she guessed what it meant.

“Oh, I couldn’t,” she said in a small voice. “I simply couldn’t.”

“Why not?” I asked coaxingly. “You’ve already taken your top off. It’s not that much different. And you have to admit, a tax free hundred is twice as good as a tax free fifty.”

“I’ve never just walked around naked in front of anyone,” she muttered.

“Then you should do it just so you know what it feels like,” I explained. “It’ll be a new experience for you. You may even find you like it.”

A ridiculous reason for stripping, but hey, whatever works.

Now that Trudi had a logical reason, apart from money, she went ahead and did it. I have to admit, I was surprised. I hadn’t really thought she would. I’d thought topless would be the most I could hope for, and I hadn’t exactly had high hopes for that. I wasn’t going to knock it though. I handed over the second fifty like a lamb, enjoying the view. I was even polite enough not to mention that she shaved. I’d read that women who regularly shave like to have sex.

It might have been a new experience for Trudi but that didn’t stop her enjoying it to the fullest. Her nipples, I’d been pleased to note, had peaked even while she was still pulling down her panties. Now she was practically strutting around my unit, showing off her wares.

It seemed that where, previously, I would have expected her to crouch down to do something, it now became necessary for her to bend at the hips. If she was sideways to me I would see her breasts swaying gracefully beneath as she leaned over. If I was behind her, she would bend at the waist, legs parted to give her a proper balance. Pure coincidence that she was showing all that she had.

Oddly enough, when facing me she never seemed to have cause to bend over. Instead she would stand tall, shoulders back, and her arms of to the sides, busy doing something that wouldn’t block my view.

For all the performance she was a very efficient housekeeper, getting everything cleaned and wiped down very smartly. That was why I was a little startled when a vase was knocked off the mantelpiece and broken.

“Oh my god,” she wailed, “I’m so sorry. I’ll replace it. I don’t know how that could have happened.”

Probably because you were taking greater care to flaunt your figure at me than watching what you were doing and that, of course, was entirely my fault.

“Replace it?” I said, sounding shocked. “That’s a Ming Dynasty, worth three million. Or at least, it was.”

Trudi went so white I thought she was going to faint. I laughed.

“Nah. It’s just a cheap thing I bought at a garage sale when I wanted something for some flowers. A couple of buck was all it cost. Forget the damages.”

Trudi was relieved but still profusely apologetic, regretting her clumsiness and offering to pay for the vase or to buy me another.

“Forget it,” I repeated. “It really was just a cheap thing I bought one day when I needed something other than a glass jar. My sister waxed sarcastic when she saw I had flowers in a glass jar. I’ll just paddle your bottom to teach you to be a little more careful and we’ll let it go at that. OK?”

“OK,” canlı bahis siteleri Trudi agreed, sounding relieved. Then her mind caught up with what I’d said. “Wait. What did you say?”

“Just that I’d give you a quick spanking, and we’d let it go.”

She was shaking her head now, quite determinedly.

“Oh, no,” she said. “No, no, no, no, no. Not going to happen.”

“Relax,” I said. “It’s not going to be a savage beating. Just half a dozen friendly swats to help warm you up before we proceed to a nice friendly seduction.”

“Still no,” Trudi insisted. “No way am I going to be spanked.”

I gave a theatrical sigh.

“Ah, well, if you feel that way about it, we’ll drop the spanking and go right on to the loving.”

Trudi looked satisfied for a few moments and then twigged. Loving?

“Hold on,” she said quickly. “What’s with this seduction and loving business.”

I just smiled and ran my eyes over her, letting her see that I was enjoying looking. She blushed, shaking her head, and I saw her hands twitch, wanting to use them to cover herself.

“What on earth gave you the idea that I’d agree to something like that?” she gasped.

“Ah, let me see. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re parading around naked. Maybe the deliberate way you’ve been making sure I saw everything you had, putting it on display every chance you could. Maybe the way your nipples are standing out, asking for a touch.

There again, maybe it’s wishful thinking, because I really want you.”

“It’s wishful thinking,” said Trudi, a touch defiantly. “I never agreed to anything like that. You said you wouldn’t touch me, remember.”

“Something like that,” I agreed. “I was sort of hoping that’d you’d overlook that once we got started. It’s going to be hard to make love to you if I can’t lay my hands on you.”

“But you’re not going to make love to me,” Trudi pointed out.

“Why not?”

“Why not? What do you mean, why not?”

“Just that. Why not let me make love to you? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and I’m damn certain that I will. Just look at yourself. Your body was made for a man’s attention. Look how these are pointing and waiting.”

The ‘these’ I referred to were her nipples, and I drew her attention to them by lightly touching one. Just a fleeting touch. Nothing that she could claim was unseemly groping. She blushed and moved away a little.

“I just don’t do things like that. I don’t even know you.”

“Can you think of a better way to get to know someone? Who’s it going to hurt?”

I stood up and moved across to the couch, shepherding her along in front of me. I settled down onto the couch and took hold of her wrist.

“Just sit down for a moment,” I said, tugging lightly, “and see how things develop. We can always stop if you want to.”

Trudi was still muttering half-hearted protests as I drew her down onto my knee, but she wasn’t exactly fighting to be free. Her feeble pushing at me stopped abruptly when she sat on my knee and I took a nipple into my mouth.

She gasped and just sat there while my mouth tasted her nipple and breast and then crossed over to her other nipple. I teased her breasts with my mouth while my hand was easing along the inside of her leg, moving steadily higher.

Just before my hand landed on Trudi’s mound I kissed her. She hesitated, but only for a moment, and then she was kissing me back. As soon as she started returning my kisses my hand closed over her mound and gently squeezed.

With one hand cupping a breast and rubbing the nipple and the other starting to explore her pussy, Trudi’s attentions were divided. Where she may have wanted to object to one touch or the other, she found herself being kissed, unable to come to a decision. Then it was canlı bahis too late to object as her body was moving against me, enjoying the attention.

I kept this up for a while, stroking breasts and pussy while my mouth kept her lips occupied, every so often wandering further afield to ensure that her breasts still tasted the same.

After a while I managed to ease Traci’s hand down so it was resting against my groin. It stayed there, just touching me, but also feeling what I had there. It would have been impossible to miss. Then her hand eased over me, finding the zip undone and slipping inside, wanting to touch me. I was breathing heavily when her hand closed delicately around my erection and squeezed.

We continued like this for a while, a little kissing and quite a bit of touching, her getting closer acquainted with my cock and me exploring her mound, externally and internally. Finally I was pushing her down onto the couch.

I stood and stripped off my trousers. It’s amazing how fast they can come off in an emergency, and not wanting Trudi to have time to reconsider made this an emergency. I was back on the couch in no time flat, leaning over Trudi. She had one leg off the couch and was completely exposed to my lascivious intentions.

Trudi looked both excited and doubtful, lust and passion currently uppermost, with caution trying to sneak a word in.

“Ah, I, um, I don’t know if this is such a good idea,” she said nervously, watching as my cock started pressing against her slit.

“Then it’s time to stop thinking and start feeling,” I told her, pressing a little more firmly.

She didn’t say anything else, just lay there, slightly propped up so she could see what I was doing. I pressed just a little harder and her lips yielded, letting me in, but closing firmly around me as the head of my cock started sinking deeper.

Trudi was breathing hard, watching as I claimed her, letting me push home without resistance. I was only half way home when the game changed. She gave a little gasp and pushed determinedly up against me, helping me drive fully home with a single surge.

I could feel her trembling slightly as I lay there, sheathed inside her. It wasn’t fear or regret that was causing those shivers. It was excited eagerness, like a runner on the starter block waiting for the starter’s pistol.

Not having a starter’s pistol all I could do was pull back and then thrust firmly home again. Apparently that counted, as Trudi was pushing up hard to meet me as I returned.

It was fun. We didn’t worry about each other. We didn’t have to consider does he/she like this or that. Should I take it slow and gradually increase speed? What does he/she think of this? Screw all that.

We screwed each other. I took her hard, fast and happy, and Trudi responded the same way, enthusiastically impaling herself on my weapon as I lunged at her. We bounced against each other, while I relished the drag of her feminine softness against my male hardness. Her breasts were bouncing in time to our loins, enticing me, and my hands claimed them and held them.

Finally I was kissing her and being kissed while our bodies ground against each other, my cock sliding in and out with a great rapidity, sure of its welcome every time it drove in.

We effectively mauled each other’s bodies, and enjoyed every bit of it. I kept driving in, letting my excitement build, noting in an abstracted way that Trudi was still with me and building up a nice head of steam. She was starting to toss her head about, asking for more and for me to do it now, damn you, and I was only too happy to accede to her wishes.

I climaxed, letting her have my offering, and Trudi accepted it eagerly, closing tightly around me to ensure that she got all I had, pumping me dry.

I lay there, watching Trudi get dressed and then saw her out. She left smiling, with a bounce in her step. Me, I was grinning like a loon. I think I’m going to enjoy this new maid service.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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