New Adventures with Catherine Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Chapter One:

The cool autumn weather is just around the corner here on the Central Coast of California. It’s been a very hot summer and the best way to beat the heat is to get on the road again. I’m itching to hit the road with my travel trailer. I retired a couple of years ago and have been enjoying life exploring the great outdoors. I have decided to head over to Sequoia National Park. It’s just a three-hour trip over to the eastern side of the state. The temperature will be much cooler and there are plenty of trails to hike.

I’ve asked my favorite walking partner, Catherine to join me on the trek. She retired last year from an accountant position with a Paso Robles winery. She is a willowy five foot-nine with a pair of wonderful Double-D tits. Her sparkling blue eyes always grabs my attention, right after her boobs.

I spent the evening with Catherine last night. We walked a 5K route after dinner and then spent the night making love next to a warm fire. I provided her with two great orgasms, first with my mouth and then with my cock. After a hot shower together, we slept through the night. We fucked one more time this morning. Catherine requested that I take her from behind while she was bent over the bed. This is her favorite position. It allows me to drive deep into her pussy and play with her ass. My thumb was buried in her backdoor as I sent another load of sperm into her core. She is a darling and I look forward to our week in Sequoia.

I need to get the trailer ready for tomorrow so I gather a few things from the garage to take over to the RV storage lot. As I put the items into the truck along with some food, Denise drives up in her shiny red Mazda Miata. I realize she is coming from work as she steps out of her car wearing her dark green Sprouts blouse.

“Hey stranger, where are you headed?”

Denise walks up and gives me the biggest hug. She presses her massive tits into my chest. We break apart and I look at her amazing blue eyes. I drop down my gaze and look at her boobs stretching out her blouse. The top three buttons are undone, framing the top swell of her breasts and deep cleavage. I love how her remaining buttons appear ready to pop off with just the slightest movement.

“Hey mister, my eyes are up here.”

“Oh, sorry Denise, I was staring again, huh? Can you blame me? Your boobs are just mesmerizing.”

“Yeah, sure, just mesmerizing. Are you going to answer my question?”

Her sarcastic comment brings me back to reality. I was momentarily lost in the thought of squeezing her her mammoth 34GG globes and sucking her crimson red nipples.

I revert my eyes back up to hers, “Just taking some things over to the trailer. I’m headed over to Sequoia National Park tomorrow. I’m going to spend the week over there, trying to find some cooler weather.”

“Taking anyone, or going by yourself?”

“I’m taking my walking partner, Catherine. I told you about her, she lives up in San Luis Obispo. Her daughter, Amy, graduated from Cal Poly.”

“Oh yeah, isn’t she the one who loves Avila Beach, and has a spa in the backyard.”

“The very same. She’s been down in L.A. for the past month, visiting Amy. I haven’t seen her for some time and I am looking forward to catching up. I know I promised you a getaway as soon as you can get the time off; I haven’t forgotten. Hey, do you want to go with me to see the trailer? I’m taking some things over for the trip and I need to do some cleaning.”

Denise smiles and accepts. We walk around to the passenger side of the truck, I open the door and help her step up into the cabin. When I hop into the driver’s side, I look over and see a fourth and fifth button undone. Her Spouts blouse is now gaping open and I can see her black lace brassier and a lot more cleavage. I don’t say anything; I just try to concentrate on my driving.

On the short drive over to the storage lot, I tell Denise about the walk Catherine and I did yesterday. I mention the Butterfly Grove and the sand dunes. I promise to take Denise there soon. I also mention that I told Catherine all about my new neighbor and how much they resemble each other.

“Catherine would love to meet you and welcome you to the Central Coast. Perhaps you two could enjoy a day at the beach together, as well. We’ll have to plan something after my trip to Sequoia.”

We pull up to my travel trailer parked in space 127 and hop out of the truck. Denise helps me unload the items as I unlock the trailer. It’s a bit warm inside from the hot day so I open all the windows and vents to air out the RV. Denise inspects the cabin and pokes around.

“Wow Rob, this is really nice. I can see why you like to take it on the road.”

I push a button on the side panel and the slide opens, giving us more space to walk around. Denise walks over to the queen size bed and tests the firmness.

“She remarks, “I love the bed. It’s so soft.”

I let her know that I have a three-inch memory foam pad on top of bahis şirketleri the mattress. It provides all the comfort I need. I go about my business to check the cabinets and put away the items I brought with us. I tell Denise to make herself at home while I check on the outside. I need to uncover the tires and check their pressure. I test the battery connection and fuses for the lights. Once I complete the outside tasks, I step back up into the trailer.

“Care to join me?”

I look over to the bed and see Denise kneeling there with her dark green Sprouts blouse and black lace bra laying on the floor. She shakes her shoulders and her very large, very firm tits sway back and forth. Her dark red nipples are erect and beg for my attention.

“What are you doing, you minx!”

Denise grabs her boobs and lifts them up, “This bed is so comfy, I think we should see how it feels against our naked skin. Is this where you and Julie made love? I bet you two had some wonderful orgasms together.”

“Denise, we are in the middle of a parking lot. There is not a lot of privacy right now.”

Before I can say another word, Denise unbuckles her belt and unzips her pants. She slides her pants down her svelte hips taking her black lace panties with them. She lies back, wiggles out of her pants and tosses them to the floor by her blouse. In an instant, she is completely nude with her legs spread and her landing strip visible.

“Come over here Rob and get naked. Oh, and leave the door open, I like to live dangerously.”

As usual, I throw caution to the wind and walk over to the bed. I unbuckle my belt and start to unfasten my jeans. I just hope no one needs to visit their RV, or the facility manager needs to make his rounds. I always seem to let one head dictate to the other. Denise scoots over to the end of the bed and sits up.

“Here, let me do that. I love unzipping your pants and grabbing my surprise.”

Denise pulls the zipper down while I reach over and fondle her boobs. I run my palms over her nipples and feel their stiffness. She pushes my pants down to my knees and grabs my semi-erect shaft through the boxers. Denise squeezes my cock and runs her hand back and forth along my length. I get hard in an instant.

“Your cock is extremely hard for someone who is nervous about being caught. Just relax and let me take care of you.”

Denise grabs the sides of my boxers and slides them down, freeing my erection. She wraps her hand around my seven-inch shaft and pumps it back and forth. Her other hand reaches down and palms my balls. Her fingers roll them around and around as she pulls down on my sack. I close my eyes and concentrate on her touch. She uses a firm grip.

“I love your hard cock. I could play with it all day long. I hope no one disturbs us. Sshhh, do you hear something outside?”

Denise just laughs and squeezes my cock. She tells me to relax, she was just kidding. A bit of pre-cum builds up on my glans. Denise uses her finger to gather the sticky fluid and licks her digit.

“I love your taste. So, would you like a hand job, blowjob or just fuck me on this fabulous bed?”

I answer, “To be honest, I would love to eat your pussy right now.”

Denise squeals with delight, “Ew, I think that can be arranged.”

She releases her hold on me and scoots back up the bed. She spreads her legs and moves them back giving me full access to her sweet honeypot. Her pussy looks so inviting. Her full outer lips are puffy and smooth. Her inner labia are pink and moist. Her slit opens like a flower as she spreads her legs wider. Standing at the foot of the bed, I bend down, place my hands on her thighs and press my lips against her womanhood. My tongue slithers out and I taste her essence. I use my tongue to lick up and down her pink skin.

Denise reaches around my head and pulls me tight against her cunt. I use light kisses as I move back and forth between her inner thighs and pussy. I lick her landing strip and feel her soft hair against my tongue. Her juices begin to build and mix with my saliva. Denise’s skin becomes very slippery as I slither my tongue all around her cunt. I lick up and down her gash and force my tongue deep into her center. Denise’s clit hardens and emerges from its protective hood. I suck her pink pearl between my lips and flick it with my tongue. Denise starts to squirm on the bed as her climax builds.

“Gawd Rob, you are driving me crazy once again. I can’t get enough of your tongue. Suck my clit, make me cum.”

Her clit grows just like the first time I ate her pussy in her swimming pool. I love women with big clits. I continue to suck the hard nub between my lips and flick it with my tongue. Denise shivers as I explore her pussy. I release her clit from my lips and use my thumb to rub circles around the hard nub.

“That’s it, rub my clit. I’m ready to cum. Yes.”

I feel her pussy throb. My head dips between her thighs and I press on her clit with my tongue. Denise bahis firmaları erupts. I taste her hot cum. Her juices flood her cunt and I lick up as much as I can as I hold her legs against the mattress. I watch her body convulse with each spasm.

Denise takes shallow breaths as she rides out this latest climax. Her breasts rise and fall with each breath. Her erect nipples take on a deep red glow every time she orgasms. As she slowly comes down from her high, I release my grip on her thighs. Her limp body is spread-eagle on the bed. Her legs are open showing pink outer lips and throbbing labia. Her juices cover her mound and thighs. I move in and lick all over her thighs and puffy outer lips tasting her sweet cum. I lap up the cream from her inner labia. I spend several minutes cleaning her mons. I lick up and down the soft curls of her landing strip.

Denise covers her eyes and begins to laugh out loud, “Gawd, I love to cum Rob. It’s the best.”

I must agree, it is the best feeling. Denise closes her legs and props herself up on her elbows with a huge smile on her face.

“So, what’s it going to be Rob? What would you like next?”

I confess, “I just want to play with your tits and suck on those scrumptious nipples. You have the biggest boobs of anyone and I just can’t get enough of them.”

“How about a nice old titty-fuck as well? I love your big fat cock sliding between my boobs. Climb on up.”

Denise scoots back on the bed as I climb on and straddle her body. I crawl up to where I can stare into her deep blue eyes. I move my head down and our lips lightly touch. We kiss softly at first and then press our lips together as our tongues play. Denise wraps her hands around my head and clutches me to her mouth. Her tongue invades my mouth, darting in and out.

After several minutes of sloppy wet kisses, I move down, planting tiny kisses along her neck and shoulders. I make my way to her 34GG’s with the dark red erect nipples. Denise squeezes her boobs together and holds them up for my pleasure. I suck on her left nipple and lick around her crimson aureole, feeling the divine texture against my tongue. I move over to her right breast and use my lips to kiss, suck and lick her fabulous orb. I spend several minutes paying attention to every inch of warm skin. I suck her nipples and graze the fleshy nubs with my teeth.

“Playing with your boobs gets me so hard Denise. I’m ready to have them wrapped around my shaft and then I want to come all over your tits.”

“Well get on up here Rob. Let me suck that beautiful cock and get it ready to slide between the girls.”

I move up Denise’s body until my cock is even with her red lips. She grabs my shaft and pulls me into her wet mouth. Denise sucks on my spongy head and licks all around my shaft. I press down and she can swallow a couple of inches. She applies a forceful suction as I lift and pop from her mouth. My cock is nice and wet and ready to slide in between her mammoth mounds.

I move back and straddle Denise while she pushes her boobs together forming a welcome cavern for my seven inches. I press my shaft down and slide into the warm sheath. Her massive tit flesh surrounds my cock. I slowly stroke back and forth into the deep cleavage.

“This feels so good, Denise. I love your boobs, I want to cum all over them.”

“Yeah baby, shoot your load all over them. Cum on my tits, give me your cream.”

I move faster, sliding my cock deeper into her cavern. The friction of her flesh ignites all the nerves in my cock. I’m so close to releasing my jizz. I push harder and the tip of my cock emerges at the top of her breasts. Denise sticks out her tongue and touches my sensitive glans with each thrust.

“Get ready Denise, I’m going to blow.”

“Give me your cum.”

I push deep and unleash a strong rope of jizz which splashes her chin. Denise releases her tits; I grab my shaft and pump several more strings of cum onto her breasts. I point my cock at her red nipples and cover them with cream. I unload a large amount of sperm on my favorite tits. Denise rubs the magic elixir into her skin like an expensive lotion. Her skin shines with my juice. She licks my sticky goo from her fingers. I lean down and lick her sperm coated breasts. I inhale the fragrant scent. I love the smell of cum on her skin.

I roll to my side and drape my arm over Denise. We embrace and enjoy the afterglow of our orgasms. The sun beating down on the trailer keeps us warm inside. We doze while clutching each other. My last thought was hoping no one would interrupt our slumber. They would certainly get an eyeful if they did.

Denise and I enjoy a thirty-minute respite before we wake up, still wrapped in each other’s arms. I nuzzle my nose in between her breasts and then plant my lips on hers. We share a neighborly kiss.

Denise batts her eyes and whispers, “Take me home and make love to me. I won’t see you for over a week and I want this cock buried in my pussy before kaçak bahis siteleri you go.”

We reluctantly make our move and retrieve our clothes. Denise doesn’t bother with her bra and panties; she just pulls on her jeans and wraps her green blouse around her huge boobs and secures it with just two buttons. I can tell she is anxious to get back home and into my bed. I close the windows and secure the trailer door before we head home for another evening adventure.

Chapter Two:

After several satisfying orgasms and a shower, I said farewell to Denise. I spent a restful night in bed alone. I’m going to need my stamina for a week on the road with Catherine. Saturday morning, I drive over to the storage lot and hook up my travel trailer. A quick trip up Highway 101 and I arrive at Catherine’s house. She meets me at the front door with a tight hug and lingering kiss. She is dressed the same as Thursday evening with her Cal Poly Mom sweatshirt and tight yoga pants. Her suitcase is packed and she is ready to go. I throw her suitcase in the truck and help her up into the cab.

“You’re looking beautiful this morning. And you have on the same clothes from Thursday. Can I surmise that you have the same undergarments as well?”

Catherine smiles, “Well that’s for me to know and you to find out later.”

So, Catherine is going to play the tease today. I can live with that. In no time we are back on Highway 101 north to Highway 41 and on to Sequoia National Park. Catherine sits close to me and I inhale her perfume. She smells divine.

Catherine quizzes me on how I spent my Friday. I let her know I prepared the trailer for the trip and helped my neighbour, Denise, with some special requests. Denise is going to check on my house from time to time while we are away.

“Well, she seems like a very nice lady. I hope you have enough stamina left over for some of my special requests. Did you pack your Viagra?”

“Catherine, what kind of a question is that?”

“It’s a logical question. After all, we spent Thursday night and Friday morning making love and I’m sure you provided Denise with some fabulous orgasms yesterday, or should I say you took care of her special requests. I just want to know if you’ll be able to satisfy me all week.”

I let Catherine know that she’ll be in good hands all week and not to worry. I’ll devote my hands, my mouth and my cock to her every whim. And if that’s not enough, I’ll have to resort to using her vibrator. She is happy with my answers and places her hand on my knee as we head east.

“So, Cath, I told you about my month apart from you. How about you, what did you do in Southern California?”

“I read a lot, did a little sightseeing with Amy and reflected on my relationship with Lacy. I hope she and her husband work out their differences. I would hate to lose my friend and neighbour.”

“I hear you. Neighbours are so important.”

“OK smart ass! Just watch your P’s and Q’s, or I might just tell Denise about some of your secrets.”

I change the subject quickly to avoid anymore hot water.

“On Thursday, you said your vibrator got a lot of use when you were in L.A., care to elaborate?”

Catherine opens up, “Much of my reading was on I love reading all those stories and fantasising. When ever I get into some good stories, my vibrator usually makes an appearance. It became my nighttime routine. I sleep so much better after an orgasm.”

“You can say that again.”

She continues, “I especially love your stories, they are very erotic. It’s kinda surreal reading about our adventures with the walking club. Your descriptions of that first foot massage and our first time in the spa brought back good memories.”

“You mean my stories about Walking for a Healthy Life?”

“Yes silly. When I was reading about our first time at Avila Beach, and what we did out by those rocks, I had my vibrator buried in my pussy.”

“Well I’m always happy to help.”

I concentrate on driving along Highway 41 as Catherine continues to talk. She moves her hand from my knee up along my inner thigh and rests it on my cock. I let her know that I need to concentrate on these two-way lanes and not get us in an accident.

“You know Rob, I do love that you shave your cock and balls. It makes our oral sex so much more pleasurable. I told you the other night that I now wax my pussy. Amy took me to her waxing salon because I was complaining about shaving burn and stubbles. Amy told me to come into the 21st century and stop shaving. Waxing is the way to go.”

“I certainly noticed it the other night.”

“That’s because I waxed Thursday morning. When I got home, I found that San Luis has a European Waxing Center; they are a national chain. I signed up for a semi-monthly regime, and you sir, are going to benefit a lot.”

“Do you get a happy ending with your waxing?”

Catherine laughs, “No, I don’t. I must take care of that myself. You have such a perverted imagination.”

“Maybe I should open a waxing salon. I would provide happy endings. A little pleasure after the pain.”

“Tell you what, after my appointment I’ll come over and you can give me a happy ending. How’s that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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