A Sexy Weekend In Paris

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Authors Note:

This is the second story about Ian, and his daughter Susie, and follows on from their adventures in Spain. If you haven’t read “A Sexy Weekend In Spain”, this will give you some insight as to how their relationship began.



Ian glanced across at Susie. He looked at her in profile, her beautiful young face partially hidden by her mass of shoulder length, auburn coloured hair. Aware of his look, Susie turned her head slowly towards him. Her small, white, even teeth glistened as she flashed him a delicious smile, a smile that made his heart thump and his cock jerk.

For a moment, he was distracted by the French countryside flashing by behind her head as the Eurostar train they were on rushed towards Paris. Looking at her again he smiled back, his eyes dropping briefly from her face to her breasts. In the few seconds it took for his eyes to take in the sight of her full breasts pressing against her thin tee shirt, to take in her tanned thighs flowing out of her denim mini skirt, his cock hardened even more.

She pressed her leg against his, the heat of her thigh burning through his jeans. She leant across and kissed him briefly, her tongue flicking across his lips, her firm breasts pressed against his arm. Ignoring the looks from the other passengers in the carriage, he kissed her back, his tongue sliding past hers as their mouths locked together.

As they parted, Susie squeezed his thigh, her fingers straying over the hard bulge at the front of his jeans. She started to stand up, her hand still on his thigh. She leant over and kissed him again, before climbing over him to head to the bathroom. Ian could barely resist sliding his hand over her ass, or further, as she moved past him. He watched as she paused in the aisle to straighten her skirt. He watched her walking away, her pert ass swinging delightfully in the tight skirt that did so little to hide her long tanned legs.

Ian smiled to himself as he saw the looks that Susie was attracting from a few other passengers. But he didn’t mind – he felt so proud to have such a beautiful daughter.

And lover.

As the sign for the bathroom lit up, he shut his eyes and put his head back. Had it really only been three months since they had spent that weekend in Barcelona – and had become lovers? It had started out as father and daughter weekend away. Ian had promised to take her there after she’d missed out on a family holiday that included a visit to the same city. There had been a mix up over the hotel booking. The two rooms Ian thought he had booked became one twin room, and that turned out to be a double room. After that, one thing had led so easily, so naturally, to another.

The last three months had been hard – very hard – as they both struggled to keep to the pledge they had made on the flight home from Barcelona – the pledge to be lovers, but not at home, the pledge to get away together as soon as they safely could. The pledge not to deny their needs, their desires. It had taken three months, but at last they were on their way.

For the first few days after they had got back, Ian had been unable to take his eyes off of Susie when they were together at home, and could do nothing but think about her when they were apart. He longed to be with her, to feel her gorgeous young body next to his. It had gradually got easier, especially with the promise of another weekend away to come. He knew that Susie had felt the same emotions, the same longing.

They had almost succumbed to their temptations many times – especially on a Friday afternoon two weeks before. It was a hot, sunny afternoon, so Ian had decided to go home early from work to spend some time in the garden. As soon as he got home, he ran upstairs to change into his favourite baggy tee shirt and shorts. It was only when he came back downstairs and had looked out of the kitchen window that he had realised that Susie was at home.

She was sunbathing in the secluded garden, lying out on the grass on a towel. She was on her front, her bikini bottoms barely covering the soft swell of her ass. Her bikini top was beside her, the slope of her breasts clear to him. He stood watching her, his cock rising up and he drank in the sight of the beautiful, sexy nineteen year old in front of him.

As he watched, she lazily opened her eyes. Grabbing her top, she stood up. With her arm across her full breasts, she walked across the garden and into the house. She jumped when she saw him, startled by his presence. They stared at each other for long moments. Susie looked at his strong body, his muscular legs and broad chest, at the more than obvious bulge in his shorts. Ian stared at her almost naked body, so little of it hidden by her bikini, by her arm.

Ian let out a deep groan – and then they were in each others arms, kissing feverishly, his hands on her taut ass, pulling her to him as she ground her pussy mound against his cock. They almost sobbed with desire ikonbet giriş as they kissed, as their tongues thrust into each others mouths, their lips locked together.

Susie tore at his shorts, dragging his thick, hard cock out into the open. She gasped as she saw him, how long and hard he was, at the pre cum dribbling from the tip. He grabbed her by the waist and quickly lifted her onto the worktop beside them. He pushed his shorts down onto his thighs as Susie pulled her bikini to one side, giving him the briefest of glimpses of her wet lips as he stepped forward. They moaned again, breathing heavily, as he moved between her soft thighs, their need now urgent.


They both jumped as the front door slammed shut. They heard Mike, Susie’s brother, calling out, shouting out that he was home. Desperately, Ian pulled his shorts back up, his cock wilting rapidly. Susie started to run back out into the garden, but stopped as she heard Mike running upstairs. They clung together, their hearts thumping as they realised how close their escape had been.

The next day Ian had booked this long weekend in Paris, knowing that they couldn’t wait any longer.


He was dragged back from his reverie by his mobile phone telling him that a text message had arrived. He grabbed his phone and read the message.

“I’m waiting” was all it said.

He stared at the phone for long moments, a grin eventually spreading over his face as he glanced up at the sign for the bathroom. He stood up and hurried along the aisle towards the bathroom, aware of the growing bulge in his jeans. He waited impatiently for the door to open at the end of the carriage, and then he was outside the door to the bathroom. Glancing around to make sure there was no one around, he tapped on the door. The door opened immediately – and Susie almost dragged him into the small cubicle before shutting the door awkwardly behind him.

With a grin, she threw her arms around him, their lips meeting, their bodies pressing together. Ian reached behind her, pulling her to him as his hands ran up her back, then down to caress her firm ass through her skirt. Their tongues slipped over each other, dancing together before plunging into each others mouths, their lips locked together as Susie pressed her mound against her Dad’s hard bulge.

Ian slipped his hands under Susie’s skirt. His lips froze on hers as his hands found her naked ass. He sighed, kissing Susie even harder as he cupped her ass, holding her taut cheeks, pulling her even harder to him. As their tongues explored, his fingers found the tight gap between her cheeks. She sighed against his lips as his fingers found, and gently rubbed, her puckered ass.

With a gasp they broke apart, their breathing heavy. Susie looked at her Dad, and then dropped slowly to her knees in the cramped compartment. Her eyes never left his as she ran the flat of her hand over his bulging jeans. He moaned softly, his hands reaching out to her, as she slowly popped open the half a dozen buttons of his fly. Pulling his jeans apart, she gazed at his bulging boxers, at the damp patch where his pre cum was leaking.

Looking back up at Ian, she ran over finger tips over his cock, feeling his heat even through his boxers, feeling the flood of wetness from her pussy as she pulled his waistband down and released his cock.

Ian’s cock sprung free, pre cum oozing from the tip. Susie moaned as she saw him again, her tongue flicking out to lick the pre cum away. She twisted sideways a little and looked at her Dad’s cock in profile, wondering at how thick and long and hard it was, wondering how she had managed to take it so deeply inside her pussy – and, just before they had come home from Spain, so memorably in her ass.

Her pussy was throbbing now as the memories of Spain came flooding back. She knew that this weekend was going to just as good, if not better. She needed so much, wanted to give so much – starting now.

She pushed Ian’s cock up against his flat, muscular stomach and licked slowly from the very tip, down to the base, and onto his balls. Her agile tongue moved slowly, exploring every ridge, every contour, of his hard cock. She sucked one, and then the other, of his balls into her mouth, sucking them, massaging them with her tongue. Her tongue delved under his balls, making Ian moan out loud, before sliding back up his shaft.

Susie let her Dad’s cock fall away from his body. She watched it bobbing and swaying in front of her face. Reaching out, her fingers could barely reach around his shaft as she held him, and slowly slid his skin back, exposing the red bulbous head. Looking back up at him, she sank her mouth down onto his cock, sucking him, her tongue rubbing against the tip and then the shaft as he pushed into her.

Ian held her head, his fingers entwined in her long, thick hair, his hips jerking, driving his cock forward as her head began to bob up and down on his cock. Groaning, Ian fucked ikonbet yeni giriş her mouth hard, pushing deep into her. She grabbed his cock at the base, only her small hand stopping his full length from driving into her throat. She sucked him, wanting his cum as much as he needed to give it to her. She cradled his balls, cupping and squeezing them. Moving past his balls, she reached between his legs, scratching lightly across the sensitive skin at the entrance to his ass with her finger tip.

His groans got louder as he fucked her mouth, as she sucked on him wetly. She could feel his orgasm approaching, his cock throbbing in her mouth, in her hand. She sucked harder as he drove deeper. She pushed a finger into his ass, knowing how much he liked it. He threw back his head and cried out as his cum erupted into Susie’s mouth. He held her tight, pushing his cock deeper, as she frantically sucked on him, swallowing his cum even as it continued to pour from him.

At last he relaxed, his grip on Susie’s hair loosening the torrent of cum subsided. She eased her head back and kissed his soft one last time before he pulled her to her feet. They kissed, sharing the taste of his cum on her lips and tongue. He held her tight, his hands once again roaming over her firm, young body. He reached for her ass, and then around her, his fingers rubbing lightly through her short hair, finding her rubbery clit, her pouting lips, her wetness.

Susie stepped back against the door as Ian dropped to his knees in front of her. He slid his hands up her thighs, pushing her short skirt up towards her waist. She moaned and leant back against the door, pushing her hips forward, pushing her mound towards her Dad as she was uncovered by him. Ian sighed as her naked, pouting lips were exposed to him. Her plump mound was barely covered by the smudge of short, red hair. Her lips were engorged, her clit standing out, wanting, needing, his attention.

Susie grabbed Ian’s head, pulling him towards her. His tongue lashed across her clit, his lips latching onto her, sucking her clit, then her pussy lips, his tongue delving inside her. She held him tight, pressing herself to him, rubbing her pussy across his mouth, needing release. His hands cupped and squeezed her firm ass cheeks as her moans got louder, his fingers straying to rub her tight, puckered ass. He flicked his tongue over her clit, rubbing it softly, massaging her before slipping back inside her pussy.

Releasing her hold on her Dad, Susie cupped her own breasts through her thin top, plucking at her hard nipples. Moments later, one hand strayed down over her belly to slide past Ian and rub at her clit in little circles, matching the rhythm of his tongue plunging inside her, while his lips sucked on her pussy.

Her cries filled the tiny room as she came, her sweet tasting juices gushing into his mouth. She reached for him again, holding him tight against her pulsating mound, his tongue still buried inside her, as the thrill of her climax ran through her body, a red flush of excitement rising up her chest.

Slowly, Ian stood up, his lips moving over her body as hands pushed her top up to reveal her breasts, her rock hard nipples. Their mouths locked together, sharing the last of her juices, the taste of him, as their tongues danced slowly across each other. She reached between them. His cock was already hard again.

Slowly, Susie rubbed his swollen cock head against her pussy, their soft moans muffled by their kisses. Ian backed Susie against the wall again, his cock rubbing against her, his lips never leaving hers. Susie dropped her body slightly, wanting his cock inside her, deep inside her. She moaned against his mouth as his cock entered her, easing her pussy open as it slipped easily inside.

Their desire, their need, was shattered as the trains announcement system burst into life, announcing that they were just arriving in Paris. Immediately, they felt the train slowing. They jumped apart, their hearts thumping, Ian’s cock massive between them. They groaned, desperate for more.

Ian forced his still hard cock back into his jeans, the bulge obvious even after his clothes were tidied up. He pulled his shirt out of his waistband, and left it loose to hide at least some of the bulge. Susie straightened her clothes, pressing her wet panties into Ian’s hand with a grin that did little to hide her frustration, her need. He stuffed them into his pocket, feeling his cock reacting again, before following Susie out of the bathroom, not caring who saw them leave together.

They made their way back to their seats through the now crowded aisles. Ian watched Susie, all too aware of her nakedness underneath her short skirt, his cock aching in his jeans. In front of him, Susie felt deliciously wanton, knowing that her Dad’s eyes would be on her, knowing that they must have been seen leaving the bathroom together.

Her pussy was wet, so very wet, her juices warm on her thighs. She could still ikonbet güvenilirmi feel Ian’s tongue inside her, his mouth on her as her climax had reached every part of her body, his cock about to slide inside her. A shudder of anticipation went through her, a knowing smile crossing her face. She slipped into her seat, sliding across as her Dad watched her, knowing that her skirt would ride up.

Ian slipped in beside Susie, her leg hot against his even through his jeans. Reaching over, he slid his hand along her thigh, squeezing gently, his fingers only inches from her pussy. She squeezed her legs together, capturing his hand as they leant towards each other, their lips meeting softly as their tongues explored slowly. Susie reached over and traced a finger along the line of Ian’s cock, her movements barely hidden by the table in front of them.

Moments later, the train pulled into Gare Du Nord in Paris, the brakes bringing them smoothly to a stop in the time it took them to separate. They let the majority of passengers leave the train before Ian led the way onto the platform, grabbing their luggage on the way.

They headed out of the station to grab a taxi, anxious to be alone, to get to their hotel as soon as possible. They seemed to wait ages in the queue, their awareness of each other, of their need, growing rapidly. In fact, it was only a few minutes before Susie was climbing into the back of a cab, ignoring the leer the driver gave her as he watched her in his rear view mirror. Ian gave the driver the name of their hotel – which was near Notre Dame – before joining her, sliding across the seat to pull her into her arms.

Their lips met again, their bodies pressed together. Susie could feel her pussy throbbing again, her thighs damp, just as Ian could feel his cock straining for release in his jeans as his daughter sucked gently on his tongue. He slipped a hand between them and rubbed Susie’s nipples, teasing them into rock hard peaks through her tee shirt. By the time they reached the hotel, their bodies were screaming out for each other.

Ian paid the driver quickly, ignoring the way he openly stared at Susie, at her beauty, her full, firm body. Susie held Ian’s arm as they moved quickly through the hotel reception, her erect nipples, her arousal, clearly visible under her top. They booked in quickly, claiming the double room that Ian had booked over the Internet. This time there was no mistake like there had been in Barcelona. Ian felt Susie squeeze his arm as they both remembered that mistake – and what it had led to.

Their room was the fifth floor. They stepped into the lift, hoping to be alone, but another couple stepped into the lift just as the doors started to close. Even so, Susie – who was stood just in front of her Dad – couldn’t stop herself from reaching behind her and rubbing the bulge in the front of his jeans.

They stumbled from the lift, dragging their bags behind them in their rush to get to their room. They found it easily, and stepped inside the moment Ian had swiped the key card. They dropped the bags and fell into each others arms as Ian kicked the door closed behind them. He backed his daughter against the wall as their mouths and bodies locked together.

Ina slid his hands inside his daughters top as their tongues danced across each other. He cupped her full breasts, his thumbs dragging across her erect nipples, both of them moaning. They separated for just long enough for him to drag the top over her head, Ian gasping as her breasts sprung into view, bouncing softly. Even as he dipped his head and sucked a swollen nipple into his mouth, Susie was pulling at his shirt, buttons flying everywhere in her haste.

She pulled his shirt off him as his head moved from one nipple, one breast, to the other, kissing her, nipping, licking, sucking her firm young body.

Ian unzipped her skirt as she unzipped his jeans, and then they were dragging each others clothes down their thighs, eager to be naked. They gasped – Ian as Susie’s pouting pussy came into view at the junction of her firm thighs, and Susie as her Dad’s cock swung free, hard, erect and wet with pre cum.

They stood still for a moment, raking each others bodies with hungry eyes, breathing heavily. Susie drank in the sight of her Dad’s muscular body, of his powerful chest and firm belly, of his strong legs. Ian could hardly breathe as his eyes moved over her gorgeous young body, over the sight of her mass of red hair framing her lovely face. His eyes moved over her full, up tilted breasts, with the dark, erect nipples perched at the tips. They moved over her flat stomach, past the gold cross resting in her belly button, down to her long, shapely legs, then back to her pussy, nestling beneath her short hair, her clit and lips red and swollen with desire.

Susie kicked her skirt away from around her ankles and dropped quickly to her knees. With his cock only inches from her face, she reached down and eased her Dad’s jeans down his legs to leave him naked. Standing up, she kissed him again, before leading him to the bed by his cock, her hands barely big enough to reach around his throbbing shaft. He watched her ass swinging delightfully in front of him as they walked those few steps, wanting her, needing her.

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