Wrong Number Ch. 08-12

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Due to recent feedback, I’ve compromised. Each Paragraph will continue to be 750 words each, but several chapters will be posted at a time. This is the first batch.

Wrong Number

Chapter Eight

Greg was expecting a little more dialog than just a simple, one-word answer. He sat there and stared at her, waiting to see if she would say more. When she didn’t, he thought of more questions to try and get to the bottom of what was happening between them.

“Why do you want me to watch you?” he asked in a near whisper.

She turned another page then turned to look at him, “I like it.”

He was getting irritated. Just as he felt his mood change, he recognized a pattern in their discussions. He decided to test the waters.

“You like it? Do you get off knowing your son is watching you fuck someone?” he asked aggressively.

She set her book down, “What have I told you about using that language with me?”

“Well, I don’t seem to get answers any other way.”

She turned slightly toward him, “You’ll get answers when I decided you need them.”

“How long until you decide I need them?” he asked, getting more agitated.

She looked down at his crotch and was about to speak before he cut her off, “You keep staring at my dick. Do you want it or something?”

Her brow furled and she responded in his tone, “You’re the one who can’t stop jerking off watching me.”

He felt his cock stir. His mind went back to the picture she sent him earlier and he began to casually massage the tip through his pants. He knew if the pattern of their discussion went on much longer, he was going to get horny and make a bad decision.

“And you’re the one who sent me a nude picture of you to jerk off to,” he said.

She chuckled a little, “I didn’t tell you to masturbate to me, you decided that the moment you saw what I was doing that first video chat.”

She was going to win that argument unless something drastic happened. Greg looked his mother over and decided to take a slight risk.

“You seem to like knowing I cum watching you,” he said with slight reservation.

“So, what if I do?” she posed.

He turned around in his seat and placed his feet on the floor but maintained eye contact with his mother. After a short pause, he quickly pushed his pants down, revealing his hard cock to his mother for the first time. He wrapped his hand around it and pumped it slowly up and down.

“Is this what you wanted, Mom?” he asked, staring into her eyes.

She locked eyes with him and let him masturbate in front of her in silence.

“You want to see my cum firsthand?” he asked hesitantly.

She set her book down and turned to face him completely. She adjusted her clothing so that he couldn’t get a sneak peek.

“I think you want me to see it,” she said, staring him down.

His paced quickened and he imagined her opening her robe and joining him in getting off. He decided to take another risk.

“I want to see your boobs, Mom,” he whispered weakly to her.

“Not yet, baby,” she whispered back.

“When, Mom?”

“You’ll know when,” was all she could manage to say.

She wanted to succumb to her ultimate wishes but remained a statue as she stared at him. He maintained his lock on her as he felt himself about to cum.

“I’m going to cum,” he grunted.

“Do it all over your shirt,” she nearly begged.

He pulled his dick closer to him and stroked faster, “Watch me, Mom.”

Both of their eyes looked at his cock as he was just about to cum. Just as he felt the first load begin to arrive, he squeezed his hand around the base of his cock.


The first load shot onto his shirt and his mother made an audible sigh. He looked at her eyes and saw how focused she was on the white fluid spewing from the tip of his cock. Each burst he let out resulted in another pleasant sigh from her. When he was done, he fell back onto the couch and looked at the pool of sperm that had gathered on his shirt. He looked at it, then to his mother.

“It’s time for you to go to your room,” she said, still staring at the load on his shirt, soaking into the surrounding fabric.

“Can I watch you again tomorrow?”

“We’ll see. Go clean up.”

Chapter Nine

The next day, Greg got up early in hopes to catch his mother before she went to work. He regrettably did not get up in time. When he got to the kitchen and realized he missed her, he was about to walk away before he noticed a note on the table. He picked it up.

“Let’s have a conversation this afternoon,” was all it said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked out loud.

He crumpled up the paper and threw it into the trash and headed back to his room. He was frustrated with her lack of candor about what was happening, and he didn’t like being a pawn in her game. The more he thought about it, the more irate he became. He decided to play video games to avoid the situation as he did the night before but this time, he kept his phone on his lap.

Hours went by before he heard anything ultrabet yeni giriş from his mother. Unlike the two times before, she texted him a warning.

“I’m going to call you soon. Have your headphones in. I have a special treat for you.”

He disconnected the Bluetooth connection to his console game and connected it to his phone. Minutes went by before he the call finally came.

The video was initially dark, but soon focused enough for him to tell the camera was being pointed between a woman’s legs as she sat in an office chair. She had on a black skirt with matching black panties, it seemed. His mother’s voice came through the headset.

“Do you like what you see?” she whispered. Her voice was almost too shallow to understand.

He could barely hear her over the background noises in her office.

“I do like it. Who is it?” he asked.

“It’s me,” she whispered again.

He realized what was happening and moved to his bed. His pants came off in the process and he plopped down onto the sheets.

“I like it so far,” he said.

“You think I’m going to show you more?” she queried.

He wanted to give her motivation to show him what he wanted to see.

“I’m masturbating right now, Mom,” he advised her.

A few moments later, he saw her hand dip between her legs. She pulled her skirt up just a little to give herself better access and she spread her legs a little wider.

“I want to see more,” he begged.

She used a single finger to trace her slit over her panties.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked.

“Being under your desk.”

“I can hear you breathing louder. Turn up your microphone.”

He did as she asked and then began to slightly exaggerate his pleasure.

“Pull your panties to one side, Mom. I want to see it.”

“What do you want to see, baby?”

His hand flew up and down his cock in anticipation of her response to his next words.

“I want to see your pussy,” he whispered loudly into the mic.

She put two fingers into the lining of the crotch of her panties and slowly to one side. She kept it pulled as she began to speak.

“Yes, he said to have that ready at noon,” she said, obviously talking to a co-worker.

“If only they knew what you were showing your son, Mom,” Greg said.

She continued talking to her co-worker as one of her fingers rubbed her bare pussy up and down.

“Ok, I’ll see you at the meeting then,” she said before returning her focus to her son. “What would you like to do while under my desk?”

“Lick you,” he said, feeling his orgasm approach.

At that, she pressed a finger slightly inside her.

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he announced.

He heard his mother sigh wistfully as he grunted while shot after shot of his cum flew into the air and landed on his shirt.

“Now I need to go to the lady’s room,” she said before abruptly disconnecting the call.

“What the fuck! When is this torture going to end?” he thought to himself. He didn’t bother removing his shirt. He knew he was going to get off at least one more time before his mother got home. Instead, he lay there thinking of her in a stall of the workplace restroom rubbing her pussy while she thought about him cumming.

“Maybe that’s all she ever wants from me?” he wondered, “Maybe she just wants to watch me cum and be done.”

Chapter Ten

Greg ended up masturbating again that afternoon before his mother arrived home. He’d seen a side of his mother he had not thought was going to be possible, even with their new situation. When he finally came again, he put his soiled clothes in the laundry room and decided to shower before his mother came home.

As he soaked in the shower, the curtain slowly began to open. He was initially startled, but realized it was his mother.

“Can I help you, Mom?” he asked.

He rinsed the soap from his body and turned to look at her.

“Just looking,” she casually commented.

He was aware his cock was growing in her presence. She glanced down to watch for a moment before looking back at him.

“You don’t have to stop on my account,” she said with a smile.

“You like to watch me, Mom?” he asked as he finished rinsing off.

“I think it’s only fair, right? You saw me today. Shouldn’t I get to see you?”

He realized the scales were uneven. He reached for his body wash and soaped up his hands before applying the soapy lubricant to his cock.

“I saw you in a video. You’re seeing me in person,” he said as he gently stroked his cock in front of his mother.

She looked down at his cock then back to his face.

“Are you asking me something, Greg?”

She knew he was asking her to get naked as she watched him jerk off.

“I think I’ve earned some live action nudity,” he replied, speeding the pace of his strokes.

Her face turned to one of deep thought, as if she was debating what to show him.

“You think you’ve earned something?” she asked, playing her game with him.

He stepped closer to her while still ultrabet giriş rubbing his cock, “This isn’t going to be a one-way game, Mom.”

She marveled at his bold approach to her.

“Oh, do explain, Greg,” she said. If she had a thought of revealing anything, it was gone.

He grinned slightly and stepped even closer to her. He was surprised at his sexual resiliency. He knew another orgasm was possible and would be coming soon.

“I don’t think I have to, Lisa.”

He nearly surprised himself as he took another bold step and altered the game. The look of shock on his mother’s face was priceless. He saw the weakness she displayed and went in for the kill.

“You can finish me if you like,” he suggested.

She felt like he turned her world upside down and she no longer had the upper hand. She felt she needed to regain her control of the situation, but nothing was coming to mind. The grin on his face widened. He reached out and took her wrist in his hand and brought her hand to his cock.

“Wrap your fingers around it, Lisa.”

Every time he uttered her name, she felt she lost more footing. She wrapped her fingers around his cock but refused to stroke her son.

“Back and forth,” he instructed her.

She didn’t move. Her eyes remained fixed on her hand as it was wrapped around her son’s cock. The game was fun to her and while she had a goal in mind, she realized in that moment that she wasn’t prepared for what she had planned out for her and her son.

He began to think twice about what he thought she was building to.

“Mom?” he asked hesitantly.

Her eyes met his and she looked lost. Mother and son stood frozen in time as they both re-evaluated their situation.


She snapped out of her trance and released her grip on his cock.

“Greg! I’m… so sorry. I can’t,” she said before storming out of the bathroom.

He was left in shock as he didn’t see that encounter ending that way. His energy subsided and he resumed his shower without cumming.

Both mother and son went to their respective rooms to reflect on what had transpired up to that point. Lisa was nearly in tears when her husband came home and walked into their room. He was already in the process of loosening his business attire when he noticed his wife was in dire straits.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” he asked with genuine concern.

His question sent her over the edge. She began to sob and said, “I can’t do it! I can’t have sex with him!” before burying her face in her large pillow.

Chapter Eleven

Lisa woefully sobbed into the pillow she pulled tight against her chest. Her husband laid behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

“What happened?” he asked, feeling emotional himself.

She continued without answering him.

“Did Greg do something to hurt you?” he asked angrily.

She was quick to defend her son. She turned to face her husband, “Not even remotely,” she said between sobs. “He played the game better than I did today and I lost my nerve.”

She buried her face into her pillow again. Lisa began to berate herself for listening to Monica’s suggestion that she seduce her son. She remembered her words, “Having sex with your son is an experience every mother should have!” She remembered being entranced by her words and the idea of it had merit at the time.

Lisa had given her husband permission to fuck Monica after they role played that scenario during an energetic romp in the sack. She met Monica while accompanying her husband to his business socials. Lisa remembered her being friendly and knew she probably was attracted to her husband. She was the one who brought up Monica during one of their extra-heated sexual escapades.

It was a lengthy discussion the following day about their sex life. They were both more than satisfied with their sex life, but also realized they wanted some adventure now that their son was of legal age. She gave him permission to seek her out and eventually bring her home. It was during that time that she experienced her first same-sex experience.

After a few threesomes with her new lovers, Monica broached the idea of Lisa seducing her son. Lisa initially rejected the idea, but then embraced the exciting concept. She decided it wasn’t so bad as her son would have been a consenting adult and it wasn’t like she was trying to have her son’s child.

“What’s the worst that could happen?” she convinced herself.

With that, she hatched a plan to seduce her son and moved forward with it until the moment in the shower where it became real.

“What can I do?” he asked his wife.

She continued to grip the pillow but turned to face her husband.

“I’ve ruined everything!” she lamented. “He’s seen more of me than he should have, and I can’t repair that!”

“I don’t think he sees it that way, babe,” her husband said as he comforted her.

She swiped her face against the pillow to dry the tears on her face.

“No one should see their mother in a sexual way,” she said to him.

He ultrabet güvenilirmi knew she was right but proceeded to get her back on track. He knew, based on what she had said before that it was something she genuinely wanted.

“You love him, and he loves you. He’s always loved you without doubt, question or reservation. You said he wants you in that way, so where is the problem?” he asked innocently.

She became agitated, “I touched his dick and that’s when I realized I can’t do it!”

“Was it the touch or was it something that was said that turned you away?” he asked.

She thought for a moment and came to the realization that perhaps it was a combination of factors that changed her mind. Calling her by her name was one thing and her touching him was another. Both contributed to her despair.

“He took over orally and physically. He called me by name,” she admitted.

“So, he caught you off guard?”

Her husband’s words spoke to her.

“Maybe I’m misreading things,” she wondered to herself.

“I’ll be right back,” her husband said before getting off the bed and walking out of the room.

She laid in her bed thinking about what she had done and fell back into the tear-filled status she was in before. She found herself upset at herself more for losing her footing in the game than she was for even starting it.

She began to feel her mood lighten when her son walked into her room. He hesitantly knocked on the door before letting himself in. He walked up to her and she made no effort to hide her emotional state. He approached the bed and knelt beside it as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“Mom, you know I love you no matter what and that wouldn’t change if our relationship went to the next level.”

She opened her bloodshot eyes, “I love you, Greg.”

“I love you too, Mom.”

Chapter Twelve

He never enjoyed seeing his mother in despair but given everything that had been happening between them, he was worried things would reset back to where he was just the son of a mother who had a loving husband who provided everything she needed in bed.

His hand roamed from her head to her shoulders and further down her body until it rested on her hip.

“What are you upset about?” he asked.

His father came to get him. He didn’t say what had happened to her. He told his son that she was upset and wanted him there to comfort her.

She sniffled before training her eyes to his, “I shouldn’t have allowed any of this to happen and I’ve ruined everything.”

He was confused. “What did you ruin, Mom?” he asked, halting the use of her first name.

She sat up slightly and looked beyond her son, “Please go close the door.”

Greg went to close the door and sat next to his mother on the bed when he returned.

“What are you thinking about, Mom?”

She debated what to tell him. She sat thinking as she watched the minute changes in the expressions on his face.


“Remember when I told you the woman I was with was Monica?”

He nodded.

“Well, let me go back further than that. You remember I told you that you were part of a bigger plan?”

He nodded again; unsure what things were about to be revealed to him.

“Your father and I have been adventurous for a little while now and Monica was our first venture into bringing someone else into our relationship.”

“Ok,” he said, not seeing anything amiss about that confession. “A lot of people do that.”

“I know, Greg, listen,” she started, “After a few sessions with her, she began to introduce new kinks into something we already enjoyed.”

She wanted to see if he would guess what it was without having to make her say it out loud. When he didn’t, she continued.

“One night, she admitted to having sex with her oldest son. She told me it would be an adventure that would never be matched by anything else.”

Greg’s face lit up as if everything in the world suddenly made sense.

“This is beginning to make more sense,” he said.

“I would imagine so,” she said, “and I was ok with giving it a try if I thought you would be interested. When I found out you were, I got bold and teased you a lot.”

He chuckled at her, “yes, you did.”

That brought a quick smile to her face, “It was all going so well I thought until just a little bit ago when you had me touch you in the shower.”

“You touched me in my room, though?” he offered.

“It’s not the same. I touched your skin and it shocked me back to the world as it should be, not some ridiculous fantasy!”

He squeezed her hip gently, “Mom, you showed me all of you. You teased and you were playful with me. How is all that ok but touching me like you just did be the worst thing?”

She put her hand under the covers and pressed it against his. She didn’t have an answer to his question.

“Are you sure it’s that or maybe because I’m the first guy you’ve touched since you met Dad?”

He recognized the illuminated lightbulb expression on her face and nodded approvingly. He waited for her to search for the words she wanted to use to respond.

She finally said, “I must be getting old, that never even occurred to me.”

His hand began to drift slowly to her mound.

“No, Greg. That wasn’t permission for you to touch me. I need more time.”

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