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Female Ejaculation

Authors note: This is just a little story about a boy and his stripper finally getting down to business. It’s dedicated to all of those who visit strip clubs, fall in love (or perhaps it’s just lust) and wish that they could have their cake and fuck it too.

Please note the names have been changed to protect the wicked.


“Hello,” I said aloud into the small mic on my crack-berry as I walked the fifty or so yards to where my car was presently parked. The bright sun was hot on my head and the summer heat and humidity were in full swing in Washington DC.

“Hey Steve, what’cha up to?” came the perky voice of Summer, my favorite stripper and the sexiest woman I’ve ever known.

“Hey Summer, how’r you princess?” I replied as a smile spread across my face actually making it hard to talk.

“Oh, I’m Ok I guess, but I called because I really need your help with something,” she pouted.

“Yeah, what’s up?” I asked.

“I have this couch in my living room that’s really heavy and I need some help moving it. I hate to bother you but are you available?” she asked.

“Sure, when did you want to move it?” I asked.

“How about now? My roommate is away, and I’d really like to get it done before she comes back. Can you come over now?”

“Uhh, yeah I can come over now. Text me your address and I’ll be there in fifteen.” I said enthusiastically.

Truth be told I was in love with this girl, and I wouldn’t hesitate a New York second to help her out even if it meant some physical labor on a 100-degree day.

Fifteen minutes later I was at the door to the apartment, so I knocked. At first no one answered but I thought I heard a faint voice from within, so I knocked again.

“Hello! Summer are you in there?” I called out and this time I heard a distinct “come on in,” in response, so I turned the door handle and let myself in. Once inside I stepped into a short hallway and called out to Summer again. “Hey princess, I’m heeere. Where are you sugar?”

“I’m in the living room at the end of the hall. Come in here I’ve got something to show you!” she called out, so I went to find her.

My jaw dropped and I stopped dead in my tracks as I reached the end of the hall and stepped into the small but well-appointed living room. There standing before me was Summer wearing what could only be described as the sexiest school uniform in existence. Initially, I had been going to the club to see Summer because she was so god-dammed sexy. She had smallish breasts and an athletic body that still managed to be soft and curvaceous in all the right places. The fact is that I have never seen an ass so sculptured in my life. A feature that she attributed to her years on the track team back when she was in high school. And her pussy with those dainty lips was a sight to behold.

She stood in the middle of the living room wearing a very short red and black plaid skirt with crisp pleats and a white cotton button-up shirt that was tied just below her breasts exposing her flat tummy. Her legs were adorned with white knee-high stockings that had little plaid bows on them and she was wearing black and white two-tone saddle shoes on her feet completing the ultimate schoolgirl uniform. Her golden blond hair was pulled up into pigtails on each side of her head and she had a lollypop sticking out of her mouth as she stood there looking at me through her bewitching hazel green eyes.

“So mister are you here to help me or what?” she pouted as she twirled one of her pigtails with the fingers of her left hand.

“Uh, Ummm, yeah, I’m here to help. Is that the couch you want to move over there?” I stammered, clearly distracted by the flirtatious spectacle in front of me.

“Fuck the couch! Get over here! I’ve got something different in mind for you,” she commanded as she continued to play with her pigtail.

“So what do you think of my outfit?” she asked as I closed the distance between us.

“Ummm, Wow! It’s very sexy. Where did you get it?” I asked.

“It’s just something I threw together but I’m glad you like it. Now come closer. I want to show you something,” she said.

I stepped up in front of her and she reached out for my hand pulling me in even closer until I was just inches from her, and I could smell her lusty aroma, then she placed my hand on the round firmness of her ass.

“You feel that?” she said, her sexy eyes fixating on mine.

“Uhh,” I uttered not knowing exactly what to say and fortunately she was not at loss for words.

“Do you feel how soft and supple my skirt is? It’s not all scratchy like the cheap ones. This one is soft enough to go commando in,” she said and smiled as she pushed my hand down so that it was now resting on her silky-smooth thigh.

“I think you should get a closer look,” she said, and she pushed me down hard so that I was kneeling in front of her. She kept her hands on my shoulders and as she looked down at me her eyes narrowed, cat-like.

Summer swished her hips quickly to the left and right as she stepped bahis şirketleri closer to me so that the fabric of her skirt actually grazed my face while she twirled, and I thought that I noticed that she wasn’t wearing panties under there.

“You know Steve, I called you because I need your help but not with that stupid couch. I need you to help me out with another little problem. Would you like to know what my little problem is?” she asked, her exotic green eyes sparkling in the brightly lit room.

I nodded dumbstruck and unable to tear my eyes away from her intense gaze, so she continued.

“You see I need some cock and I think that you are the right guy to give it to me. Would you agree?” she asked.

I couldn’t believe my ears as I knelt there entranced by her raw sexuality.

“Well, what do you have to say for yourself?” she asked somewhat impatiently when it was apparent that I was not going to answer of my own accord.

“Here, let me help you,” she said as a grin consumed her face. Then putting her hands on the back of my head she pulled my face tight to her crotch.

The fabric of her plaid skirt was the only thing separating my mouth from her moist sex and finally coming to my senses I reached up and lifted the little pleated skirt out of the way.

As my mouth came into contact with the warmth of her clean-shaven mound, she let out a stifled moan and said, “After eighteen months of foreplay I think that it’s about time that I get to feel your thick tongue in my tight little honey pot. Ungh, that’s it kiss my naked kitty. Kiss me hard!”

Her head was thrown back and her fingers were entwined in my short brown hair as she pulled my face into her sex and I relished the opportunity to unleash the last year and a half of pent-up desire on her glorious little pussy. Letting go of her short skirt I reached around and grabbed handfuls of her firm ass. Prying her ass cheeks open while at the same time forcing her even tighter to my hungry mouth, my tongue lashed out and probed her juicy cleft. Summer rotated her hips upwards and grunted as my muscular tongue found her stiff little clit and began to flick the curved metal bar that pierced its delicate hood, sending spasms of electricity coursing through her hairless pussy.

“Ungh, Ungh, Oh my God! Suck my clit, yes like that, like that!” she exclaimed as I slipped my left arm under her right leg and draped it across my shoulder.

As she encouraged me to continue my onslaught, I was treated to the most beautiful sight imaginable when her tender little pussy opened up right before my eyes. The coral pink folds of her moist interior glistened as I painted her petite inner lips with my saliva and tasted her nectar. Summer’s hips began to twitch in response to my writhing tongue as it went from probing her juicy opening to flicking her pierced clit and back again. Her grunting transformed into a wail and the leg she was standing on began to quiver as I latched on to her shiny metal piercing with my teeth and began sucking her stiff clit deeper into my mouth, so I clutched her with my muscular arms and lifted her into the air as I stood up.

“Wha, Wha, What are you doing?” she protested as I stood up but her concerns were overcome by the attention I was paying to her throbbing clit and she cooed like a dove when I sucked on it like it was a piece of delicious candy.

“Oh fuck! Yes, Yes, eat me! Eat my wet pussy! Fuck! Yes!” she cried out as I pulled her beautiful snatch tight to my mouth and feasted on her hot sex.

“Oh my god, that feels so fucking good! I’m gonna cum, Don’t stop I’m gonna cum on your face! Ungh! Ungh!” she grunted as she arched her back and pulled on my hair until I thought that it would rip right out of my head.

My grip on Summer was precarious at best and as she came hard on my thick tongue, I slammed her up against a wall for balance while I increased the tempo of my hungry mouth.

“Ungh!!!” she cried out at the top of her lungs as I kept her pinned to the wall five feet off of the ground. Summer’s legs kicked and her body shook as she orgasmed, but I wouldn’t let up and kept shoving my tongue into her clenching vagina over and over again. Her golden pigtails whipped back and forth as she tossed her head to and fro and just when it seemed that her orgasm was about to subside, I spread her creamy thighs wide open with my broad shoulders and pressed the tip of my snake-like tongue into her tightest of holes.

The sound that escaped her lips was more animal than human. It was primal and wild and filled the room echoing off of the walls with abandon. Her eyes were closed, and her hips twitched and bucked as she rode out the waves of ecstasy that consumed her while I probed her tight ass with my tongue.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, My ass is on fire! Oh God!” she screamed as I worked her ass over and when I returned to her stiff clit pierced by the curved piece of shiny metal she grunted and filled my mouth with her steaming juices.

As Summer’s fingers relaxed their grip on my hair and bahis firmalar her powerful orgasm subsided, I slipped her legs from my shoulders and lowered them to the floor. Her eyes were glassy and as she settled on shaky legs she leaned in and kissed me. Her kiss was tender at first but became more frenzied, more urgent, as she pressed her tongue into my mouth and swirled it around mine.

“Damn I taste good,” she said as she pulled back, lips glistening with the combined juice from her slick sex and my saliva.

I opened my mouth to agree with her but before I could utter a word, she cut me off. “My turn,” she said, and her green eyes sparkled with mischief as she twisted me around and pushed me backward.

Twice she shoved me in the chest and each time I was forced back about three feet. On the third push, my calves came into contact with the couch and I fell back onto it. Once again, a smile spread across her face and she dropped to her knees while tugging at the zipper of my shorts. I had to smile back as she struggled with my stubborn paints, so I reached down to help her free my thick member.

“Awwww, that’s better,” she said as my dick was finally liberated from my pants. “Mmmmm, nice cock! You have no idea how many times I’ve imagined sucking on this cock and now my wish is finally going to come true.”

I wanted to respond, to tell her that I do have an idea because I’ve imagined it too, but she bent down and slurped my dick into her mouth and all I could do was arch my back and moan in delight.

“Oh God, your mouth is so fucking hot,” I moaned as the sensation of raw pleasure washed over me like an ocean wave.

Her mouth was like a furnace and she twisted her head left and right as she bobbed up and down on my stiffness sending shock waves cascading throughout my body.

“MMMmmmmmm, your cock is the perfect size for me to take it all the way into my throat,” she purred and as proof, she pressed her face hard to my crotch and swallowed my entire length in the process.

While my dick was buried deep in her mouth, she bobbed her head up and down in quick, short movements causing it to rub against the entrance to her throat, and each time electrical impulses shot from my crotch to my brain. I couldn’t help but twitch as Summer fucked me with her molten mouth and after about ten minutes of aggressive attention, I could feel cum starting to boil in my balls.

Not knowing what Summer’s intention was, I told her that I was close to cumming. “Mmmmm, Good,” she said as she let my dick fall from her mouth. “I want to taste your cum. I want you to feed me your seed right now,” she said, and she returned to feasting on my throbbing cock.

Laying back on the couch I couldn’t really get any leverage and was at her mercy so I decided that I would take matters into my own hands. I pushed back on the couch and forced my way up until I was standing in front of Summer who was forced onto her knees still sucking vigorously on my dick.

“You want my cum? Well, your wish is my command princess,” I said, and I grabbed hold of her pigtails and shoved my dick deep into her mouth. For the next seven or eight minutes, I thoroughly fucked Summer’s beautiful mouth. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as her lips stretched around the veiny shaft of my cock and when she tilted her head and looked up at me with her sexy half-lidded eyes fireworks began to explode in my brain.

“Ungh, Ugnh, Ungh,” I grunted with each thrust into her face, and as I began to convulse it was all I could do to warn her that I was going to cum before shooting sticky streams of my milky white fluid into her waiting mouth. Summer cupped my twitching balls in her right hand squeezing them as she licked and sucked on my engorged cock and it was my turn to cry out like some kind of feral beast. Head thrown back and growling like a tiger consuming his kill I held onto Summer’s head and convulsed. Summer continued to lavish my sensitive dick making my head reel even after my orgasm subsided until I collapsed back onto the couch.

“MMmmmm, you taste good too,” she purred as she worked her way up my torso until we were face to face.

Summer’s green eyes shone as she looked at me and I couldn’t help but think that she was taking stock of me and my performance up to this point. Turning her head to the side she leaned in and kissed me tenderly on my lips and I could taste our combined juices on her lips. She was sweet-tasting and a bit tangy while I was decidedly salty. She leaned in and kissed me again as we lay there and as she pulled back once again, she got that mischievous look in her eyes.

“So handsome, I gotta tell you that you are pretty terrific but how long is it going to take before you can fuck this girl like there’s no tomorrow?”

Trying hard to catch my breath and come back to earth after that mind-blowing orgasm, I struggled for an answer but the look in her eyes told me that she was determined to get laid, and I’ll be damned if I was going to miss out on this opportunity.

“Give me ten kaçak bahis siteleri minutes and I’ll be ready to fuck you silly,” I said staring into her intense eyes with conviction.

“You’ve got seven!” she retorted and leaning over me she reached in between two of the couch cushions and pulled out a wicked-looking pink sex toy. Summer licked her lips as she stared at me and held the pink vibrator up for me to see.

“This is my favorite toy and I want you to fuck me with it until you’re ready to take over. You got any problem with that?” she asked.

“N-n-no mam, not at all but it looks pretty wicked are you sure you can take it?” I replied, calling her bluff.

The only problem was, she wasn’t bluffing. She pushed up to her knees and straddled my ribcage as she brought the device up to my lips and proceeded to tease my mouth with it. I’m not sure what it was made out of, but the texture was very smooth like a Dolphin’s skin. Her hot-pink sex-toy was forked, the longer of the two branches being about eight inches long and about the thickness of a paper towel roll while the shorter branch was about the size of a roll of quarters but shaped like an outstretched thumb. In addition to being somewhat, torpedo-shaped both branches of the pink toy curved and were thicker at the beginning of the shaft than they were at their base.

“Ok, now open your mouth and let’s get my little friend all wet and slippery,” she said placing the tip of it on my lips and slowly prying my mouth open.

Sensing that this was an opportunity to ‘turn the tables’, so to speak, I sat upright and forced Summer back until she was laying on the couch and I was hovering over her.

“Alright, I think that I can accommodate you but first let’s get that shirt untied so I can pay some attention to those perfect breasts of yours,” I said.

With a wry smile on her face Summer untied the white cotton shirt and exposed her firm young breasts while I sucked on the pink toy I had taken from her after flipping her to her back. Pulling the vibrator from my mouth I found the power button. After turning it on I leaned over Summer’s prone form and applied the device to the nipple of her left breast. Her nipple came to life almost instantly and while I teased that one with the toy I pinched and twisted the other one until it was rosy red. I moved the vibe to the nipple of her right breast and when I grazed it Summer took in a sharp breath and moaned her delight in the effect the buzzing toy had on her perky ‘B cup’ breast.

As her moaning became more pronounced, she closed her eyes and her hips began to squirm, so I snaked the vibrant pink device down her flat belly, past her cute belly button, and onto the naked mound of her delicious pussy.

“Unhhhhhhhh, I was beginning to think that you’d never get around to fucking my wet pussy,” she said in a smokey voice looking down at me through half-lidded eyes.

Then she pulled her knees up to her chest once again exposing her gorgeous little kitty to my lustful eyes. Her stiff clit was pink and looked ready to be sucked on as it peeked proudly out from underneath her dainty hood and the shiny little silver bar that pierced it. The folds of her sex looked like the petals of an exotic tropical flower and I wanted to lean in and drink her sweet nectar again but the buzzing sensation in my hand reminded me that I was on a mission, so I slithered the pink vibe past her exposed clit and down the wet folds of her narrow valley.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned in delight as I worked the toy up and down her slit stopping at the top to pay special attention to her little clit.

I brought the vibrating device to my mouth to make sure that it was well lubricated with my saliva and her pussy glistened like it was made of porcelain. Nestling the tip of the longest branch of the device at the entrance to Summer’s tight love cave elicited a moan from her and as I pressed the length of the curved shaft deeper into her tender pussy the moan changed to a grunt.

“Ungh, Oh yesss, fill my tight pussy up. Fuck me deep Steve, fuck me deep!” she begged.

Once she was completely impaled, I swirled the vibe around and that’s when I noticed that the second, smaller branch came to rest perfectly against her delicate clit, so I made sure to swipe the little pink appendage across it every time I plunged the vibe into her pretty little pussy. Summer let go of her knees and rocked her hips in rhythm to the tempo of my movement and every time I grazed her clit, she gave out a stifled cry and paused there motionless.

“Oh God, that feels so good! Fuck that pussy faster, fuck it FASTER!” she yelled so I picked up the tempo until I literally couldn’t go any faster.

Summer arched her back and raised her hips off of the couch to give me complete access to her cunt and the buzzing sound of the hot pink device was married to the squelchy sound it made as I thrust it deep into her juicy twat.

“Ungh!, Ungh!, Ungh!, That’s it! Oh, fuck you’re going to make me cum again! Ungh!, Ungh!, Ungh!” she cried out as the muscles in my arm began to burn, and all of a sudden she screamed arching her back high into the air so I pressed the vibe all the way home and made sure that the little branch was pressing firmly on her clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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