Halala of My Virgin Cousin 05

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I was engaged in sucking Sarah’s boobs. Then she took off my pajama and underwear and grabbed my cock and rubbing its tip on her pussy.

Zarina screamed, Sarah Apaa how will his big and strong cock will go inside my small and little hole?

Sarah said – Zarina, Please do not worry so much. You just keep watching and be ready to have fun and told me, Aamir, Please put your cock inside my waiting and ready Pussy.

From the movements of Sarah, I understand that teasing her further is not good for now. I stood up and climbed on top of her. I slowly started inserting my 8 inches long and 3 inches thick into her pussy. I pressed it hard on the opening of her wet and moist pussy.

Initially, I pushed slowly and slowly and then started to increase the pressure on the cock and it entered her pussy. Her mouth opened and her eyes became teary.

She started to sob – what has happened to you today? Do you intend to kill me? I just smiled and kissed her and said it is all because of your sexy dance performance.

I made a thrust forward, and the cock was fully inside her then I started to stroke by increasing the pressure and speed. She started to enjoy and move her bottom in tandem with my speed and thrusts and moaning with each of my thrusts. ‘Ah!’

Last night I and Sarah have sex many times, but today the pleasure of sex was much more than yesterday as we were both more relaxed and excited.

After fucking her for a long time I told her – Now it is your turn to be in control? And moved away from her while saying this.

She pushed me on my back and sat on top of me and took my cock in her pussy. She was moving up and down and rubbing her pussy with her hand and was moaning ‘Ah! oh! ‘.

Seeing her, my and Sarah’s speed increased, soon she reached her Climax and started screaming Aamir I am Cumming. Ah! Please cum inside me and pour your seeds into me. She Climaxed but I was not done so I got up and asked her to become a mare.

After making Sara a mare, I once again inserted my cock in her pussy by kneeling from the backside. A slight scream of pleasure was coming bahis siteleri out of her mouth at every blow

After about ten-fifteen minutes of hard fucking, I was also about to climax, I told Sara – I am just about to cum.

“Aye, Do not pull out. Leave all your seed inside me!” She said. I want you to make me pregnant.

After eight to ten bumps, the cock shot a huge load of semen into her filling her pussy and we both collapsed on the bed.

We stayed in the same position for a while; the cock came out by shrinking. Sara had a sense of satisfaction on her face.

Sara said to me- Aamir, What has happened to you today. If you will fuck Zarina too like this way today, then this poor girl will probably not be able to get up in the morning.

Zarina said while lying with me and taking my cock in her hand, now, Sarah Apaa I don’t think he will be able to do anything, for now, look at the condition of his cock, it has dried up like a dry peanut.

After fucking Sarah, now my second wife was going to lose her virginity and taste the pleasures of sex.

I said – take the cock in your mouth, and see how this dry peanut gets back his life.

Zarina said: Is this something to take in the mouth? It is so disgusting?

Before I could say anything Sarah said – my baby sister, it has its own fun to take it in the mouth. If you do not wish to suck it, do not take it, but I am not going to miss this opportunity. You take it in your pussy, I will suck it.

Zarina said – Sarah does as you wish but I will not do it. I am disgusted by this.

Then I caught Zarina and started kissing her lips. She was already so hot that there was no need to do much and she also started kissing me very hard. She held me tightly. I sucked her lips for a long time and she has also started to enjoy the forbidden pleasures.

I took off her bra Wow! I was amazed to see her tits. Large, round breasts that are not inclined to hang and her nipples were even smaller than peas. I caressed her pussy for a few minutes. This time she enjoyed my movements.

On the other side, Sara was sucking canlı bahis siteleri and licking my cock very nicely as if she was enjoying an ice cream cone. My cock was once again erect and hard.

My other hand started pressing Zarina’s tits; I started to open her sari. After removing the sari and petticoat, I pulled her panty and started looking at her pussy for a while.

Wow, Zarina has a smooth hairless pussy, I started to run my hand on her pussy, but this time I did not put my finger in her pussy because I was apprehensive that she might go away again, so I just rubbed her pussy.

She started to moan which were indicating that she was enjoying my touch.

Zarina’s pussy has become wet it seemed to me that she was completely desperate to take my cock. But her pussy was virgin so I thought that she should be slightly teased so that her increased urge and heat will reduce the feeling of pain during her first intercourse.

I kissed her breasts and started sucking her tits. This made Zarina more excited. Sara also stopped sucking my cock and started to watch our sexual act. Zarina also started caressing me.

Zarina was very hot now, she told me Please, do it now, hurry up, Please, now put it in.

But I was engaged in sucking her boobs. Then she grabbed my cock and started trying to take it towards her pussy. Sensing her eagerness I turned and spread my little wife Zarina’s two legs and climbed on top of her.

I rubbed my cock on her pussy and then found her hole and slowly tried to put my cock in her Pussy, but the hole of her Pussy was so small that my 8-inch cock was slipping down again and again. So I took both my hands from under her feet and lifted both his legs up so that her Pussy was raised upwards and the cock came in line with her Pussy.

Then I again set my cock on her pussy and parted her pussy lips and inserted the cock head in the little opening. Then I increased the pressure on her pussy hole with my cock and two inches of my cock penetrated her pussy.

Due to this, Zarina’s mouth opened she shouted out loud – My Pussy. Oh.

She canlı bahis shouted so loudly that maybe her voice would have been heard by the whole house, I had no idea that she will shout so loudly, otherwise, I would have put my hand on her mouth beforehand.

Zarina said while crying – Do you intend to kill me? Can’t you do slowly? Am I a rubber toy that can be twisted as you wish?

But I said – Take it easy Zarina, There is nothing wrong with me, your pussy is only so small. I have just put my cock head in your pussy, I thought it is better to cajole her as it was her first time. I said Darling this is your first time there will be some pain, initially and then you can enjoy all your life. Once you will start enjoying, you will also want it hard and faster.

She said with a bit of pain – Ah, I would bear the pain, but I am feeling you are tearing me, fuck me slowly, My pussy is all yours and I am also yours, If I get hurt on my first night then you will not even be able to fuck me for nights, then you may have to sit holding your cock in your hand.

But I knew that this was her first fuck, the pain was bound to happen. After a while, the pain will vanish and she will start to enjoy. I kissed her fondled her breasts and started to push. My cock ripped her Hymn and went fully inside her. All the 8 inches were rooted in her pussy.

She was moaning with pain. They were painful but excruciating moans.

Without moving my hips I started to kiss her and sucking her lips and tongue. And my hands were playing with her boobs and nipples. After about five minutes, her pain subsided, she calmed down. Then I started to move my hips, she too started bouncing her butts and took strokes of my cocks with pleasure in her pussy.

On the other hand, Sara’s was seeing our sexual act. She was rubbing her pussy with one hand and pressing her tits with the other hand. And was moaning ‘Ah!’

Seeing her, it seemed that she was still desirous of removing Zarina and take her place.

Zarina’s pussy was very tight; I had to put all my strength in fucking her. A slight scream was coming out of her mouth on every thrust, Ah!

I was enjoying her tight pussy.



This story is not meant to offend or an attack on Muslims. It is my way of putting a twist for fun and enjoyment.


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