Fuck Ch. 02: Skip School

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The next day’s lunch was very awkward for the both of them. Amelia had met Kylie at the cafeteria like normal, but when Blake came along and sat down everything went far too quiet. “Hey Blake.” Kylie said cheerfully.

“Hey.” Blake smiled back and awkwardly glanced at Amelia but turned away when they made eye contact. He sat down with a burger on his tray but didn’t seem hungry enough to eat anything other than his fries. Landon came over eventually and made things much more comfortable, for Blake at least. They started talking about the party and how wild Crystal Smith got after she had taken way too many shots.

Amelia felt her phone buzz in her pocket as she poked her salad around with her fork. She saw it was from Blake and tried to open it to where Kylie wouldn’t be able to read it as she was sitting next to her.

I want to tear that tank top off your big tits and fuck you right here on this table” it read.

Amelia started blushing furiously and when she glanced at Blake he gave her the smallest smirk back. She tried to ignore it and put her phone back in her pocket. Her arousal awakened though and she felt a heat between her legs.

“Amelia are you ok? You’re all red.” Asked Kylie.

“Um yeah it’s just really hot in here.” Amelia replied. Her phone vibrated again.

She bit her lip and reluctantly reached for her phone. She slowly opened the text. “I had a naughty dream about you last night.

She sent a reply saying only “Yeah?” He quickly typed back saying

You were letting me titfuck you. Doesn’t that sound hot baby? Don’t you want to see my cock in between your big tits 😉

Amelia took a deep breath trying to maintain her composure. She put her phone back in her pocket and tried to forget what he had said. Sure enough she felt it vibrate again soon after. She couldn’t help her curiosity and opened the text despite her better knowledge. “If you ignore me I’ll tease the shit out of you.” She looked over and saw that he was smiling at his phone and he glanced up at her for half a second.

Why are you trying to make this difficult?” Amelia texted.

Because you’re so hot when you’re turned on.

I’m trying to have a normal lunch with them and you’re fucking it up.

Oh whatever you haven’t said a word since we all sat down. If you’re trying to act normal you’re failing.” Blake’s text read.

Yes I am I just can’t think of anything to say to anyone!” Amelia replied.

Blake smiled as he wrote his text.

Oh I see. You can’t stop thinking about last night. 😉

Amelia looked obviously frustrated. Then he texted again

I’m going to go to my truck. It’s in the Wolfe parking lot all the way to the left. Meet me there in ten.” And before Amelia could object, Blake excused himself and told everyone he had to go to work early today.

Amelia sat there debating what to do. She knows he’s no good. She knows she shouldn’t go with him. But she was so horny because Blake was right, she couldn’t stop thinking about last night or how he wants to titfuck her or fuck on the table. She looked at her phone’s clock and figured she had 9 more minutes to make her decision. Kylie started talking to her about how hungover she was and how hungover she’s been in the past. Amelia tried to listen and respond but really she was in and out, only catching some of it before continuing the debate in her head.

“Also, did you see Brian last night?” Asked Kylie.

“Um briefly. I asked him for a ride after you fell asleep but he was too fucked up.” Amelia responded.

“That’s so weird cause he would NOT stop talking about you. He kept trying to ask my advice on how to get you to go out with him.” Kylie giggled.

“Oh jeeze.” Was all Amelia could think to say. Brian was a good guy but he wasn’t great looking or very smart but he was incredibly sweet so Amelia felt bad that she didn’t like him back.

Finally 10 minutes was up and she had decided not to go see him but found herself excusing herself from the table muttering about homework and quickly making her way to the parking lot.

The sun was beating down on her in the hot weather as she made her way to Blake’s truck. It had been very hot lately as Summer was just around the corner.

What am I doing? She thought. All he does is use girls and throw them away when he’s bored. But…I’m not looking to date him I just want to fuck him. So that makes it okay right?” Before she could answer herself she found that she was standing in front of Blake and his truck. Blake was displaying a massive grin. He put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her closer to him and clasped his hands together behind her neck. “Wanna get in the truck? It’s awfully hot.” He asked.

“Yeah sure.” Amelia replied, looking at the ground and making her bahis şirketleri way to the passenger side door. When they got in Blake blasted the AC and it felt so good to the both of them. Suddenly he started to pull out of his parking spot.

“Um where are we going?” She asked reluctantly.

“Don’t worry about it Babybird. How much time do you have today?”

“Uh I have class at 2” She looked at the clock and saw that it was 12:45. That didn’t leave a lot of time to go anywhere.

“No you don’t.”


“You’re skipping today.” he informed.

“What? No! I don’t skip class.” She argued.

“Exactly. You have absences to spare. You can spare one today.”

“Jeeze Blake. You know we could have made plans or something, like how real humans do, now I have to skip class.”

“It’s hard for me to stick to any plans I make. And also I want to see you right now, not later.” he replied.

Amelia couldn’t think of anything to say back. She wanted to see him too but she damn sure was not going to let him know.

The drive was silent for a while. Amelia was still debating her actions.

Why am I here? Why am I doing this? She thought. Shouldn’t it just be a one-time thing? Or, wait, shit, a two-time-in-one-night thing? Fuck. What is wrong with me? Blake is such a shitty person, why am I letting him fuck me? Because I want it I guess. Am I a whore? Only whores have sex outside of relationships right? But something about that thought felt wrong. And something about letting herself have a good time with Blake felt right. Even if it was with Blake.

Suddenly, someone cut in front of Blake out of nowhere and he instinctively put his arm in front of her as he hit the brakes. Amelia slid forward and felt the tug of her seat belt as well as the pressure of his arm against her chest. She grabbed the door handle and out of instinct, made herself small.

“Fuck! Asshole!” Blake shouted. He put his foot back on the gas and got back to a normal speed behind the crazy driver.

“Are you ok?” Blake asked, sliding his hand from her right arm to resting on her left thigh.

“Yeah I ‘m fine.” Amelia cleared her throat as her heart beat heavily in her chest.

“Fucking asshole. He could have ran me off the fucking road.” Blake was visibly angry. The fury on his face only reminded Amelia of the night before when he had been so angry at her he kissed her. Amelia blushed at the thought.

“Yeah that was crazy.” Amelia replied, very aware of his hand on her thigh. He started stroking his fingers in the tiniest motion on her leg. Amelia felt that too familiar heat build between her legs. She bit her lip.

Blake is so fucking hot. She thought as she stared at his strong jaw line. And he held out his arm for me like he was going to protect me when that asshole cut him off. Did not expect to see something nice come from Blake Daine. Fuck look at those arms. Amelia bit her lip as she stared at his well-toned limbs. Ugh. Why does he have to be so hot? Bastard. Amelia started to get angry at Blake for being attractive. Why couldn’t some nice guy be that hot?

She turned and watched the road as he got off of the freeway and turned onto a dirt road.

Seriously, where the hell are we going? She thought.

Finally after a few more turns they pulled up next to a hiking trail in the woods.

“Where are we?” Amelia asked.

“This is a place I like to go hiking at.” Blake put the truck in park and Amelia’s heart started pounding with anxiety. She didn’t know exactly what was going to happen and it made her nervous.

“Why don’t you get in the back and I’ll meet you back there.” Blake said.

“Like the truck bed or the back seats?” Asked Amelia. Blake smiled.

“The seats.”

They both got out of the car and Amelia got close to the door of the back seats.

“What are we doing here?” Amelia asked, wary of the woods around her. She liked the outdoors but felt weird about being there with Blake. Of all the places, this was a weird choice.

“Don’t be stupid Amelia.”

“I’m not being stupid asshole!” Amelia raised her voice. Blake walked around the truck to where Amelia was.

“Yes you are. Why the fuck do you think we’re here?” Blake was starting to get fired up too.

“I don’t know why you would take me to the fucking woods.”

“My roommate is home and he has to study. I couldn’t bring a loud bitch like you around the place.”

“I am NOT-” Blake cut her off.

“Why, my truck isn’t good enough for you?” Blake pushed her to the side and opened the door to the back seats. He put a hand behind her back and started shoving her in.

“Get your ass in there you snobby bitch.”

Amelia crawled on her hands and knees to the far seat so Blake could get in the truck. But before she could, Blake jumped in and closed the door behind him. He grabbed her hips and shoved her skirt up and spanked her ass.

“Hey!” Amelia tried to turn around but Blake shoved her bahis firmaları head down to the seat and continued to spank her with his other hand. Amelia made a sound of pain every time his hand came crashing down on her ass but she didn’t struggle, she accepted the spanks because it turned her on. In fact she had already started soaking her panties.

“When are you going to shut the fuck up sometimes?” Blake asked and rubbed her pink ass cheek.

“Maybe when you stop being such an asshole.” Amelia replied, her hair falling into her face as he held it to the seat.

Blake smiled and spanked her rather hard. Amelia cried out at the pain and her toes curled. Blake slipped onto the floor of the truck and leaned his head close to Amelia’s ear. He rubbed his nose along the outside of it, giving Amelia chills. He slipped her lobe into his mouth and gave it a quick suck, Amelia moaned.

“Does your ass hurt?” he asked softly, she could feel his hot breath on her ear.

“Yes.” Amelia squeaked.

“Are you going to stop being a bitch now?” Blake asked.

“Yes.” Amelia lied.

“Are you going to shut the fuck up about where we are?”


“Are you so fucking wet right now?” Blake smirked as he asked.

“…Yes.” Amelia replied. Blake slipped his hand over to her pussy, her ass still in the air, and slipped his hand under her thong and ran his fingers over it, surprised at just how wet she was and he made a slight moan of approval.

“Good girl.” Blake said as he continued to rub her wetness all over her pussy, giving special attention to her clit. Amelia whimpered. Blake tore his hand away and grabbed Amelia’s shoulders and as he sat on the seat he kissed her hungrily and she moaned in his mouth. Her flip flops fell off onto the floor. Blake’s cock was rock hard at this point. Amelia grabbed and pulled at his shirt, indicating that she wanted it removed. Blake pushed her hands off of him and held her wrists instead. He took her wrists and slammed her down onto the seats and hovered over her. He started hungrily kissing and nibbling on her neck and she moaned and clenched her legs together, giving her pussy a little pressure. Blake tore off her tank top and slipped her bra down so he could mouth her breast as he massaged it with his hand. He leaned back up and put his head next to her ear.

“I fucking love your tits Amelia.” He whispered and nibbled her ear lobe, still massaging her tits and pinching her nipples. Amelia whimpered.

“I want to fuck you Amelia.” He whispered. Amelia’s pussy spasmed and she melted a little inside.

“But first baby, I need to taste you again.” Blake said as he slipped his hand up her thigh and then lightly pressed on her pussy outside of her panties. Amelia arched her back and groaned. Blake smiled and sat up so he could rip off her skirt so that all that covered her pussy was her panties.

Blake removed her panties, very slowly exposing her pussy. She could feel the air blow cold on her wet pussy. Blake kissed her knee, then switched to the other knee, and switching legs in intervals he kissed his way down very slowly until he was right in front of her pussy. Amelia was breathing hard and anticipating him licking her.

“Amelia you have the sexiest fucking pussy.” He said slowly and kissed the top of it. Amelia bit her lip and moaned through it. Blake put the tip of his tongue on the entrance to her pussy and licked slowly all the way up to her clit. “Fuck fuck fuck.” Amelia whined.

Blake repeated the motion two more times.

“Blake!” she cried out.

“Yes?” he replied, licking her up and down again.

“Stop teasing me!” she begged.

“Why?” Blake chuckled.

“I’m going to fucking kill you.” Amelia retorted.

“I’m going to lick your pussy however I want to lick your pussy. You’re going to have to fucking deal.” Blake stated in a slightly angry tone.

“Ugh! Asshole!” Amelia huffed. Blake placed his fingers on her clit and started shaking them very rapidly causing Amelia’s legs to tense up and her to cry out.

“You’re in my fucking truck. My little slut doesn’t get to make the rules here.” Blake’s hand stopped the torturous movements on her clit and started stroking it lightly.

“…I’m not a slut.” Amelia squeaked. Blake laughed and then licked her pussy up and down.

Blake replaced his tongue with his hand again and moved her clit from side to side with his thumb.

“Amelia, before me, had you ever had sex outside of a relationship?” He asked and gently slipped the tip of his finger into her pussy.

“Fuuuck!” Amelia shrieked and clawed at the seats. “Nnno.” She replied.

“But you fuck me. We’re not together.” Blake leaned in and kissed her as he fingered her tight pussy. He pulled back.

“You’re not a slut Amelia. But you are for me. So you’re my slut.”

Amelia moaned.

God why do I love when he says that? She thought.

Blake went down and flicked his tongue quickly over her clit while he fingered kaçak bahis siteleri her.

“Fucking shiiit!” Amelia cried.

Amelia’s hips bucked and she felt her orgasm starting to build. Blake moaned as she grinded her pussy into his face. Blake continued to finger her and lap at her clit. Amelia could hardly believe how good he was at going down on her. He ate her pussy like he was starving for it.

“Blake stop! I don’t want to cum yet.” Amelia commanded as he touched her G-Spot.

“Mmm baby I want to make you cum.” Blake continued his work.

“Blake! Fuck! Stop!” Amelia yelled as she felt the edge of her orgasm.

“HmmMmm.” Blake moaned with her pussy in his mouth.

Amelia practically ripped the seat’s fabric off. Her hips bucked and she screamed as she came.


Blake slowed his motions gradually until he stopped and pulled his face and hand away from her tired cunt as she continued to whine with her legs pressed together and her hand on her face.

Amelia tried to catch her breath and after a minute or two she sat up.

“Blake you piece of shit I told you to stop!” She pushed him.

“Shut the fuck up Amelia. I’m going to do what I want.” Blake smirked.

“That’s not fair!”

“You’re acting like I’m not just gunna make you cum again.”

“What?…Oh.” Amelia looked down. She thought she was only going to cum once because she wasn’t used to getting more. Blake grabbed her and pushed her over his legs and slapped her ass. Amelia cried out.

“If you keep telling me what the fuck to do you won’t get to cum again you little bitch.” Blake spanked her again.

“Please!” Amelia shouted back as he spanked her.

Blake sat her back up and kissed her. He quickly removed her bra, his shirt and pants and resumed kissing her. Amelia’s hands went instinctually to his cock and she lightly stroked him. Blake pulled back from their kiss so he could moan loudly and look down at her hands on his cock. Blake kissed her hard and started playing with her clit. Amelia’s hand tightened around his dick and she stroked him faster.

“Goddamn it.” Blake growled. He grabbed her wrists and pinned her with her back against the window and kissed her neck.

“I need to fuck you.” He snarled.

Amelia’s heart fluttered and she used her legs and hips to position her pussy on top of his cock. Blake grabbed her hips and shoved her down, sliding himself into her tight pussy. They both yelled in pleasure.

Blake tried to thrust into her slowly to loosen her up but he couldn’t take it anymore and picked up his pace. It hurt Amelia to feel his giant cock hit the back of her vagina but she could feel herself start to loosen up enough to accommodate him and soon the pain turned to life-changing pleasure.

“Blake! Fuck!” she gasped in a shrill, almost panicked tone. He turned them so that Amelia fell onto his lap and his back was on the back of the seats. Amelia bounced with the rhythm of his hands on her hips. Blake watched as his cock slid in and out of her.

“Fucking hell!” Blake moaned and Amelia bit her lip. He grabbed her head and pushed it against his and kissed her hard as he thrust his cock deep inside of her. He felt her squeal into his mouth as he groaned loudly into hers.

“God fucking dammit.” he exclaimed as he continued his forceful thrusts. Amelia’s legs shook as she scratched his back and bit his neck, moaning loudly. Blake grabbed her hair and tore her face away from his neck.

“No marks baby.” he told her and thrust himself inside her once more. Amelia groaned through clenched teeth in response and clawed his back with more force. This pain caused Blake to thrust harder and deeper into Amelia’s tight pussy.

Amy looked down at Blake.

Jesus Christ. He’s so fucking hot. His muscles…dear god. She thought. Blake. Blake is inside me right now. Oh god just fuck me forever you sexy asshole.

“God Amy you’re fucking dripping.” He said as he felt his balls get soaked with her wetness.

“You make me so fucking wet.” she whined.

“Yeah? Why’s that?” Blake asked playfully.

“Your cockk!” She gasped as Blake thrust himself inside her very hard and very deep.

“Do other guys make you this wet baby?” He asked, at this point completely slamming his dick into her.

“No! No!” Amelia whined. He grabbed her and swung her to the side so she was laying on the seats and he grabbed her legs in each arm and held her feet at his shoulders as he fucked her hard.

“FUCK!” Amelia screamed.

“FUCKING DON’T STOP!” She continued to shout. This new angle made him hit her G spot over and over. Amelia reached down and started playing with her clit as she came closer to orgasm.

“That’s it. Fucking cum for me. Cum all over my dick you little bitch.” Blake slammed his cock into her as hard as he could. Amelia clawed his leg and screamed extremely loudly as she came hard on his cock, lurching her knees to her chest as he continued to fuck her. Her whole body convulsed and relaxed over and over and he slowed down his thrusting speed. He bent down and kissed her softly while thrusting gently in and out of her. She was still moaning at every convulsion and panting heavily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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