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Having been teased once with a taste of him I sure can’t seem to put him to rest. We had been friends for a while and I really never thought of him in a sexual way before, something happened and on one particular day it was all about sex.

There was sort of a stirring inside of me that morning and our casual conversation suddenly seemed a bit arousing. I guess I just got an image in my head when he made mention that he was naked in the house. Now normally that would not arouse me in and of itself, but since I was feeling exceptionally horny it just seemed to make it worse. He began to get a little curious I believe when my breathing was suddenly a bit sporadic and he of course had to ask what I was doing. That was simple I wasn’t doing anything yet but sure did want to. His voice seemed to change and the tease was there and I was in the mood to challenge it but it was I that got caught up for sure.

It did not seem like the quiet, reserved intellectual Chaz I knew and loved. It was indeed a totally different side of him and I was very, very attracted to it. Funny, how I never saw it before. After several minutes of playful teasing he said he had to hang up that was ok I had been busy writing all day and he was a very nice and stimulating inspirational break for me. I sat there for a few minutes after hanging up wondering what had just happened. I could feel the wetness between my legs and that annoying little throb and it just would not go away. I began to think about all sorts of things I could do with Chaz he was very different than most men I knew and his friendship valued a great deal. I began to wonder if I kaçak iddaa could cross that line and relieve this most uncomfortable feeling I was wearing around.

The drive to Chaz’s house felt like an eternity for a short skip across town. I was so nervous and really was questioning what I was doing. If he had been just playing around with me that would have been a bad thing but I was about to find out. I pulled in the drive and shut off the engine and contemplated going to the front door. After a couple minutes I got out of the car and walked to the door and knocked. Chaz answered telephone in hand.

“Hey sweetie, I was just calling you and what do you know here you are, come on in.” I had been to his house numerous times but I knew when I stepped through that door today that things were going to be different. Was I ready? He had music playing on the stereo and the television on with the volume turned all the way down. He was wearing a pair of plaid shorts about to his knee no shirt and though I had seen him this way before, today he looked different.

“Why were you calling me?” I asked him. He responded saying he thought it might be a good idea if I stopped by and how I must have thought so to. “Here I am now what?” the smile was wicked that was plastered across his face it both excited and frightened me. He reached over to me and pulled my head back by my hair and said “I can play your game sweetie so I hope you are ready!” Keeping my head pulled back and my neck exposed I felt a tingle run through my body when he bit down across my neck making it sting. He quickly moved his mouth to my chest and bit down on my kaçak bahis nipple through my blouse and pulled against it. What wonderful pain it was too. The button on my blouse seemed to be popping off and hitting the floor all over the place as he pulled the blouse open and roughly down across my shoulders pinning my arms to my side then pulling me hard against his body. “I’m going to fuck you baby and I know that is what you want!” I offered no response at all still sort of in disbelief as to what was happening. Chaz lowered my body to the floor in his living room my arms were still pinned to my side by the blouse. Chaz knelt down on the floor with his body between my legs and started rubbing my now soaked pussy with his hand through my denim jeans. I found myself pushing back against his hand. I could barely catch my breath by now.

He reached up and lifted my bra over my breasts and ran his hand across them commenting on their firmness and how he always wondered if it was really me or some wonder shaping and padding. “I guess it’s all you baby.” Now reaching for that button on my jeans and lowering the zipper he reached inside my pants working his way down between my legs. “Oh yeah you are wet” he said. He stood and removed his shorts leaving him naked. He was beautiful. His body lean and cared for and a hunger in his eyes I could not mistake. By this time I didn’t even wonder anymore why this was happening. Chaz pulled at the legs of my jeans sliding them all the way off. I wanted to be able to move my arms and get a hold of him myself but I couldn’t.

Now back on the floor lying beside me he began playing with illegal bahis my nipples and then would slide a finger deep inside of me and then run his finger across my lips and then put the same finger to his own lips. Then back inside of me and would take the slick juices and smear it across my nipples. He was toying with me and I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. His hazel eyes sparkled and he seemed to be having a lot of fun. Moving his body across mine straddling my hips he began rubbing his hard cock across my stomach rolling the hot skin across mine. He was grinding his balls across my clit and he began slowing stroking himself and kept watching my face.

I knew I wanted him to fuck me and it was driving me crazy having him do all of this to me. I bent my legs and raised my pelvis from the floor trying to get the pressure from his balls more firmly against me. Chaz began stroking himself faster. I was to the point almost of begging him to fuck me. I felt the hot spray across my face and mouth across my eyes and forehead as he screamed out. I knew I needed to cum myself and I hoped he wasn’t going to just leave me like that.

He continued sitting straddled across my body for a few more minutes then took his shorts and wiped my face and eyes then helped me sit up and slid the blouse down across my arms. He reached around and unhooked the bra and put it off to the side. He seemed much more gentle. Chaz lay back on the floor on his back and reached his hand out for mine and I took it. He pulled me hard against his body wrapped his hand through my hair pulling until my mouth met his he probed deeply into my mouth sucking hard against my tongue. Still holding me by the hair he rolled me off of him and then himself, he was soon positioned on top of me. There was that look again and somehow I knew I was about to get fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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