Rosalie and Me Pt. 03

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We just arrived at Rosalie’s house and she told us her uncle must be there because it was his car. Her mother agreed but said she wondered why he was there now.

“I wonder what he is doing here.” Rosalie asked. “He was just here yesterday. Maybe daddy needed something fixed.”

“Oh I’ll bet it is more than that.” Rosalie’s mother said. “I can just imagine what those two are doing or plan to do. Shirley, do you have a pair of panties with you? If you do, I suggest you slip on before you into the house. My brother in law fancies himself as being quite a cocks man and will likely try to play with your pussy. He will want to put his hand under your cunt while you are pissing then smear your piss all over your hairy cunt then make you pull your panties so the gusset gets all wet.” Shirley reached into her purse and took out a pair of very sheer black briefs.

“Will these be alright?? He won’t shoot a load in his pants when he sees these, will he?” Shirley asked.

“No. They will be just fine. He’ll love seeing all your black pussy hair. Now just slip them on and pull them up, then we’ll go into the house.” Mrs. Jackson said.

Shirley got out of the car, pulled her briefs up, and dropped her dress.

“You’ll do fine Shirley. Daddy will want to fuck me and mother and John can get it on.” Rosalie said.

We went inside and Shirley was surprised by knowing who Rosalie’s uncle was.

She told Rosalie she knew him from seeing him downtown a few times.

“Shirley, this is my brother Marty. He just popped in on me and I told him the three of you would be home shortly. He wanted to stay and meet you,”

“Yes. I know him. I’ve seen him downtown a few times checking the women out.” Shirley replied. “He likes to look at their legs to see if they’re wearing stockings or not.”

“Well, some women like to show off their legs, especially when they are wearing stockings. I check to see how high up their thighs the garter bumps go. The higher the longer their stockings. I also check for visible panty lines too.” Marty said.

“Well right now I need to take a piss and I’ll let me watch me if you want to. ” Shirley told him.

“Well, I might just do that.” Marty replied.

So they headed to the bathroom. Shirley pulled her skirt up and sat on the toilet. Suddenly the hissing sound started she began pissing in her panties.

“Now you motherfucker when I finish pissing in my panties I’m going to stand up and you can play with my cunt through my wet panties.” Shirley told him.

She stood up, spread her legs wide apart and Marty played with her cunt through her wet panties. Suddenly Shirley pissed again through her already wet panties and it ran right into Marty’s hand.

“You fucking little piss whore. Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t finished pissing?” Marty asked.

“Because I wanted to surprise you with some more hot piss.” Shirley replied. “Now take your hand and rub my cunt hard so I can climax.”

Marty rubbed her cunt through her panties and then Shirley told him to take them off so could play with her hairy cunt.

Marty pulled them down by the waistband and exclaimed when he saw her belly and cunt “oh my God. I didn’t think you had that hair around your fucking cunt. Do you ever trim it or shave it?”

“No, It hasn’t been touched since my daughter was born a year ago. I didn’t want to get knocked up but I let my boyfriend fuck me without wearing a rubber and that was a huge mistake. So I haven’t touched it since then. I also don’t shave my pits or my thighs.” Shirley told him.

“Do you like to fuck?” Marty asked.

“Sometimes if a guys cock isn’t too fucking big.” she replied.

“Why are you wearing stockings with roll garters?” Marty asked.

“Because we went to a specialty store in Princeton today and she only lets women who wear a dress and nylons held up with roll garters to enter.” Shirley told him.” You can’t piss before you leave home because the first thing you do after you arrive is to pull your dress up, spread your cunt lips open, and piss as far as you can. Then Joanne’s little whore, Marie, comes out and eats a pussy and maybe gets a little pee on her face if the person she is eating didn’t quite finish.”

“Oh, eryaman rus escort that sounds exciting. Does the lady who owns the shop wear panties or is she commando?”

“She is commando and had a very hairy pussy and belly.” Shirley replied.

“I think I’d like to hear more of this, but maybe you’d like to suck my cock now. I think that would feel good.” he replied.

“I’ll suck your prick if you don’t shoot your load in my mouth. Then I may be so horny I’ll want you to bury your prick in my cunt and fill me up with your baby batter ” she told him. “I can’t get pregnant anymore since I’m on the pill. So you won’t need to wear a rubber when you fuck me.’

“Did you wash your prick today?” she asked. “I don’t want to suck a dirty prick.”

“Yes, I washed it good this morning. Pulled my foreskin way up past the head of my dick so it’s nice and clean.” Marty replied.

‘Well then, I think I will give it a nice blowjob, but don’t blow your nuts off in my mouth. I want you to save that for later.” she replied.

Shirley peeled Marty’s foreskin back over the head of his cock and began sucking on it. She could feel Marty’s cock beginning to get bigger so she told him she was going to get on her back and slip his cock in her hairy cunt.

She laid on her back and spread her hairy cunt lips wide open. Marty eased his prick into her cunt lips then rammed it home. Shirley squealed with delight as his prick touched her cervix.

“You mother fucker. Your fucking prick is so fat it’s pushing my vagina wide open. But it feels so good. Now fuck me good and easy with it then shoot your pollen in it,” Shirley told him.

Marty gave Shirley all of his cock and pushed it in and pulled it out quickly. He suddenly erupted in her cunt filling it with hot sperm filled semen.

“You fucking motherfucker. Your cock was in me so deep and felt so good when you erupted in me. Now I’ll have to put some panties on so your baby won’t run down my legs. Then we need to go find Rosalie and see what she is doing.” Shirley said.

Marty helped her put her panties back on and pulled them up then they went searching for Rosalie. They found her in her bedroom sitting on the end of her bed with her daddy’s cock in her mouth. She was in the midst of giving him a good blowjob when suddenly semen began dripping out of the corners of her mouth.

“You’re a good little cocksucker daddy told her. You really know how to suck me so I blow off in your mouth. Then you swallow it and suck some more getting my cock nice and clean.” he told her.

“You know I like to suck your cock daddy. I like it when you fuck me, but I really enjoy having your cock in my mouth.” Rosalie replied. “Now go over to my dresser and get a six strap garter belt for me so I can get these fucking roll garters off my legs. I really don’t like them but when we go to Joanne’s shop we have to wear roll garters to keep out nylons.”

While daddy went to her dresser Rosalie began rolling her stockings down until the garters showed and she took them off. She pulled her stockings back up and I was surprised to see how far up her thighs they went. She took the garter belt from her daddy, stepped into it, and pulled it up. She quickly fastened all six garters to her stockings them told her daddy she was ready to go see her mother.

Off they went to find Mrs. Jackson to see what she was doing. They found her in the bathroom straddling a guy lying down in the bathtub with piss running out of

her cunt and spraying piss all over him. It was also running down both thighs and soaking her stockings.

“Mrs. Jackson. Who the fuck is this prick you’re pissing on?” Shirley asked.

“He’s a young guy who works at the shoe store where I guy shoes. He

likes to look up my dress while he’s measuring my feet. So one day I decided to give him a real treat and left my knickers off so he could see my hairy cunt. I thought he was going to shoot a load in his pants. His cock was pushing against his pats so hard it looked like a tent. I told him to stop out sometime and I would give him a real treat.” she replied as the pee kept flowing.”

“When you’re finished peeing maybe I can get on the tub and give him some more ankara etimesgut escort bayan of a golden shower.” Shirley said. “I just got fucked good and have his baby batter running out of my cunt, but I also need to piss.”

“Would you like to have Shirley piss all over you too?” Mrs. Jackson asked.

“Oh. I’d love to get drenched some more. She might even piss in my mouth too.” Jim replied.

Shirley climbed up and straddled the bathtub, opened her hairy cunt lips and began dribbling om Jim, Suddenly the hissing sound of pee rushing out her pee hole followed by a stream of warm pee spraying all over him.

“Does that feel good you motherfucker?” Shirley asked.

“Oh yes. It’s nice and hot and is going make me get a hard on.” Jim replied.

“Well get a hard on and Mrs. Jackson may suck your fucking cock.” Shirley told him

About that time Rosalie and her dad cane into the bathroom. Rosalie told us she needed to piss very badly. Jim as still lying and Rosalie saw he was drenched from being pissed on by Shirley and Mrs. Jackson.

“Would you like me to piss all over you? You’re so excited you’ve already got a hard on. Maybe I should just piss all over your cock and see if that makes you blow your nuts off.” Rosalie asked. “Every time mother and I go into the shoe store you work at looking for shoes you have to sit on your little stool and look up our skirts to see if we’re wearing panties, You’re just a weasel trying to see our hairy cunts. Some day I’m to go in and let you see my hairy cunt. Now relax while I piss all over your cock and maybe in your mouth too.”

Mrs. Jackson said. “He’s got a hard on but his foreskin is still covering the head of his cock, He must have an anteater cock. We’ll have to see it when it gets flaccid again. As it is, it sure looks long.”

Rosalie climbed on the edges of the tub and said. “Now you motherfucker. You’re seeing my hairy fucking pussy and you get to not only watch me piss but also probably see my daddy’s semen leaking out of my cunt too. He fucked me and filled me up a little while ago and wouldn’t let me wipe my cunt. Shirley. go over to the hamper and get a pair of my panties out of. I want to show this prick what our panties look like after have dribbled in them. A pair of white ones might also have semen stains in them. Then I’m going to piss all over his prick and in his mouth.”

Shirley went to the hamper and picked a pair of white nylon panties and took them to Rosalie. She held them up and showed Jim the gusset of them which was stained with dried pee and semen.

“Now you prick, you can see what happens to us when we dribble in our panties or get fucked and let the semen drip out onto the gusset. Now I’m going to spread my cunt lips open and piss all over you then we’re going to get in the shower and scrub your cock and balls and get them nice and clean.”

Having said that Rosalie began dribbling all over Jim and then the gush of hot pee followed. She must have pissed on him for about a minute and finished up by pissing in his mouth. He was saturated.

When she finished Rosalie told him to stand up and jack off in front of everyone so they could see the semen fly out of his prick. He stood up and his cock was standing out in front of him. He gave his cock about ten strokes and the semen came flying out the tip of it. He had about seven or eight good streams then it began to dribble out the tip of it. As his prick began to get flaccid and hang down we could see how long his foreskin really was. It hung over the end of his cock about an inch and a half.

Mrs. Jackson said “I’ve never seen a man with a foreskin that long before. I might have to suck it after he gets cleaned up.

“Oh. I would love to have you sucking my cock. I’ll bet you are an expert cock sucker with your husband and brother in law have around. They seem to have pretty nice cocks too.” Jim told her.

Mrs. Jackson said. “We only have three women here but four men. I think ‘ll call Millie and see if she can come out and spend the night with us. She has a big fat pussy with lots and lots of pussy hair and she loves to fuck.”

“That sounds like a good idea to me.” Rosalie replied. “I’ll have gölbaşı rus escort bayan Shirley call home and let her mother know she is spending the night with me. I think she had enough lingerie in her bag to make it a good night, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh I know what your mean. I’ll need to change into something else later. Let me go call Millie and see if she can make it.”

Mrs. Jackson returned in about three minutes grinning from ear to ear. “Millie told me she would be delighted to join us. She also is going to bring a couple of bottles of wine so we have something to drink.”

“Now we need to get this motherfucker dried off good then see if we can find some lingerie to fit him. Millie will love it when she sees him in sheer stockings and an eight strap garter belt holding them up wearing two inch heels. So I’ll dry his legs and you dry his fucking prick mother.” Rosalie said.

“I’m going to dry your fucking prick off good so pull your damned long foreskin back soo I can dry the head of it.” Mrs. Jackson told Jim.

He pulled his foreskin back and she began drying the head of his cock, none to gently. When she finished that she began drying his foreskin then told him to lrt go of it so she dry his nuts.

About that time Rosalie’s uncle came looking for her and told her she needed to go with him.

“Let me get these wet stockings off my legs and dry my legs off.” She replied.

Rosalie asked why she needed to go with him and her uncle told her so he could fuck her. She hung the towel up, told her mother to get him dressed then give his cock a good blow job.

Mrs. Jackson continued to dry Jim of after Rosalie and her uncle left the she said to Jim. “We are going to fix some snacks for later on this afternoon then I am going to get you into some fine lingerie so can parade around with your cock hanging down. Millie will love your cock when she sees it. Now let’s head for the kitchen.”

As Jim and Mrs. Jackson headed toward the kitchen they passed the bedroom where Shirley and Mr. Jackson were in. Shirley was on her back with her legs over his shoulders and Mr. Jackson had his face buried in her hairy cunt eating her pussy. Shirley was squealing like a sow in heat.

“Oh you cunt eater. It feels so good when you suck my clit and stick your tongue around my pee hole. I may have to piss a little bit so if I do, don’t be surprised.” Shirley told him. “You’re making me have so many orgasms I think I’m going to die. I’ve never come this many times before.”

“Mr. Jackson loves to eat pussy. He enjoys sucking my long clit and I come all over his face. Then we have a little pissing party with his fucking cock drenching me. Then he lies down in the shower and I piss all over him. One afternoon when he had his face face buried in my cunt Rosalie came home from school earlier than usual. She just stood in the doorway and watched her daddy sucking my hairy cunt and me wiggling around on the bed.”

“I think I’d like to have daddy do that to my cunt too.” she said.

“I’m sure we can arrange that. Do you want him to do it now after he sucks me dry or do you want to wait until later?” her mother asked.

Rosalie pulled her skirt up and pushed her black panties down around her ankles. “I think I would like to feel his tongue in my cunt now. I’ll leave my garter belt and nylons on so he can feel them if he wants to.” she told her mother.

Her mother got off the bed and Rosalie to her place. Her daddy wasted no time in spreading her cunt lips open and sticking his tongue in her cunt.

“Oh my God daddy. That feels so good I’m going to climax right away. Your fucking tongue is reaching places in my cunt I never knew about. Now suck my clit so I can have a great climax.” she told her daddy.

“You’re just like your mother. She’s got a hairy cunt just like you and either wants me to fuck her or suck her pussy so she can cream her panties if she is wearing any.” daddy replied.

Mrs. Jackson and I headed for the kitchen again and fixed some snacks while waiting for Millie to arrive.

We were finishing up when the intercom buzzed. Mrs. Jackson listened and I heard her say “I’ll buzz you in.”

“That was Millie. She’ll enjoy seeing your prick when she gets in the door. I think she brought some wine for us too.”

Suddenly there was the honking of a horn and Mrs. Jackson said that was Millie.

Millie came in the side door carrying a couple of bags which must have contained some wine. She set them down on the counter and turned to look at me.

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