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BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP my screaming alarm wakes me an hour before my favorite class. Why is it my favorite you may ask well, because of the teacher, Professor Moore. Professor Moore is not only a wonderful teacher who makes every subject he teaches fun and interesting but also he is also gorgeous! He is only about 8 years older then my 19 and the youngest teacher here, he has the clearest most intelligent, and bright blue eyes I have ever seen, and his slightly long blonde hair makes him irresistible. All the girls think he is sexy and I must admit I am no exception. As I get out of my bed and I am in a bit of a naughty mood. So as I choose what I will be wearing today I think about giving Moore a bit of a show. I finally decide on a silky low cut blouse with my sexiest lacy bra that barely covers my beautiful, perky D breasts. I decide upon my tiniest mini skirt that does little to cover my lovely ass as well. I go without any panties just to see what happens and to give myself a bit of a thrill. As I look in the mirror I am satisfied with the way the shirt hides just enough but also shows enough as well. I admire how easily my eyes glided down over my breasts and down my flat stomach to my narrow waist and over my luscious ass and I decide this will do.

As erotik film izle I take my seat in the third row slightly above the podium in the middle of the class I remember that I have no panties on and I sit a bit more cautiously. As the class begins and he begins his lesson I wait for his eyes to sweep the room and I slightly part my thighs as his eyes travel to my seat. I stare at his face for any hint of a reaction and I am rewarded when he looks and I see his eyes widen and his mouth fall slightly open in surprise. Then I see the lust fill his eyes as he looks away from my pussy and up to my face where he sees me watching him. Throughout the rest of class I continually flash him glimpses of my pussy and I see the look of lust grow.

Finally when class is over as I am packing away my things my pen rolls of my desk and onto the seat of the desk in the row below me so after packing up all of my things and after everyone else had left I go down to retrieve my pen as I slid around to the front of the desk I decide I will give one last show, so I bend over the desk and I exaggerate so that I know my skirt has ridden up my beautiful ass and I am giving quite a show and I finally grab my pen.

As I am about to stand up I hear footsteps behind me film izle and suddenly I feel hands on my hips I gasp and turn to see that it is professor Moore and I can now also feel his bulge pressing into my ass. He leans down to whisper into my ear “see what you do to me.” I respond by grinding my ass into his bulge. He moans and whispers “oh god I want you so bad…” I then spin around locking him in a hot and passionate kiss. As we kissed I fumble with his belt buckle then slowly undo his pants and pull him out. I can feel his throbbing hardness and slowly I slide down and kiss the head tasting the salty precum then I engulf him in my mouth as my tongue swirls around the shaft my head is bobbing when suddenly I feel him tighten as his orgasm overcomes him then I feel the jets of cum explode into my mouth I suck greedily until there is no more.

I stand and he kisses me tasting himself in my mouth. Then he bends me over the desk and begins to roughly finger me pushing his fingers in and out in and out. Then I feel him guide the tip of his again hard cock into me and I feel him push as he fills me his fingers travel to my clit and as he rubs it he begins to thrust deep inside of me. He feels so good inside of me that I can barely control myself enough to keep seks filmi izle from crying out. My orgasm finally sweeps over me with waves of pleasure then I feel him tighten again and so I whisper “Don’t come inside me…” he grunts and pulls out then I feel the tip of his cock slippery with my juices against my asshole. I moan my approval and push back slightly and I feel him slip inside of me. I again rotate my hips so I can get accustomed to his girth easier. Finally I can feel my body accepting this intruder and I begin I to rock back and forth causing more of him to enter me. He begins to thrust as well while his fingers plunge in and out of my leaking pussy and his thumb is rubbing my clit. The combination of all of these stimulants causes another orgasm more powerful then the first the wash over me. Moments later I feel him tighten again and this time I can feel his seed spurting into my tight ass. After his orgasm he collapses with his still twitching cock buried inside of my ass.

After another few minutes pass he rolls off of me and stands, he begins to straighten himself and helps me up as well I can feel the come slowly begin leaking from my gaping hole and I grab some tissues from my bag and wipe away the leaking come. We both look at each other with expressions of satisfaction on our faces as he says “…well I guess I will see you after next weeks lesson.” I nod with a knowing smile and as I walk away I can feel his eyes watching me, and I can hardly wait until next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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