Roni Gets it in the End

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They called us the ‘Dynamic Duo’ only because we both are named Ron, well I’m Ron, and everyone calls her Roni, which is short for Veronica. However, our names are about the only thing we have in common, as I’m an ‘Old Married Man’ as everyone kids me and she is single and in fact, had just broken up with her boyfriend. I bumped into her in the break room and the first thing I said was, “you sure looked pissed off.”

“Well thanks for the compliment, no you’re right I am pissed. You know I threw out that no good boyfriend of mine. Well I just got off the phone with the locksmith and because it going into the weekend they want to charge three hundred dollars just to change the locks on my front door.”

“That’s outrageous, listen, I’m not busy if you want, I could drop by and do it for you after work.”

Roni said that would be great but insisted on paying me for my time.

“I couldn’t take your money but how about a home cooked meal. With my wife at her sisters helping to take of her new baby I getting tired of a life of fast food.”

I told her, at lunch we could run down to the hardware store and purchase locks and then we’d be all set for this evening. After work, I went home changed and grabbed my tools. The thing is Roni had always been a secret fantasy of mine, I mean she was young and pretty but it was her ass that turned me on, and I think she knew it. I can’t tell you how many times she has caught me staring at her yet she didn’t seem to mind, at least she never said anything to me about it.

I rang her doorbell and heard her call ‘Come in’ and then ‘I’m in the kitchen’ after laying my tools down I went to find her. She was there dressed only in a large tee shirt, it must have been the boyfriends as it came down to her knees.

“It sure smells good in here; I was hoping you could cook.”

“You do know my name is Veronica Compari and being full blooded Italian means I can cook. It also means my good looks come from my genes.”

There was a pitcher of martinis on the counter and it looked like Roni was already well into her second. She offered me a drink and I said I had to wait until after I did my chores, and with that, I went to install her new locks. It was an easy job and I felt that even dinner was too much pay, although I did hit one snag I needed some lubricant. I went back to the kitchen just in time to see Roni leaning over the sink draining her pasta. Her tee shirt was pulled up exposing that beautiful ass of her with both cheeks exposed. I thought oh my god she isn’t wearing panties and then she moved just a bit so I could see just a hint of a thong buried between them.

“See anything you like?”

Caught again, but erotik film izle just like at work she just smiled. I asked her for some WD40 but she didn’t have any then I said how about any kind of oil.

“How about olive oil my dad says olive oil fixes anything.”

I thought, why not and took the bottle with me to the front room. It was just what I needed to ease in the shaft of the last lock and just as I finished she brought in the pitcher of martinis for us.

She told me she was getting tipsy and it was now my job to listen for the timer to announce when the chicken was done for our Chicken Parmesan. We both had another drink before I heard the timer and then we dined on a delicious meal while we drank a great bottle of wine. By the end of dinner, I was buzzed and Roni was drunk.

We went to the front room and she brought out coffee, Italian style, black and strong along with some Canoles, which she admitted she did not make but purchased at her neighborhood bakery. She sat next to me on the couch and as I had my arm over the back, she snuggled right up next to me. She told me she was sad about her boyfriend but that he was a creep and she had to get rid of him. Then out of the blue,

“Ron what do you think is my best feature?”

“Don’t tease me Roni you already know, it that fine rear end of yours.”

She stood up unsteady and then leaned over and shook it at me,

“You mean this big old thing, I…”

Before she could finish I leaned over, pulled up her shirt, and kissed each cheek.

“Ron, can I tell you a secret? I love anal, god don’t tell anyone I know a girl isn’t suppose to like it back there but it feels so good. When I was a girl, well you know we Catholics aren’t allowed birth control so I started letting the boys do my back door so I wouldn’t get preggers. Then I started to like it even when I starting making them wear rubbers.”

This girl was driving me crazy; my cock was so hard I thought it might burst.

“Roni can I tell you a secret? When I make it with my wife, I fantasize that I’m making it with you. It’s always doggie style in my thoughts.”

“That would be cheating and I could never do that, but…”

“What, but what? What are you thinking of?

She didn’t answer only giggled, and then she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. As we walked by the table, she grabbed the bottle of olive oil.

“I know I’m being naughty but if you do me in the ass then it wouldn’t be cheating would it?”

I didn’t know if her logic was correct but I was no mood to argue with her. Then I had a sobering thought,

“Roni I don’t have any condoms…”

She giggled again as she put her film izle fingers to my lips and shushed me,

“Silly, we don’t need them, you’re married I know you’re clean, besides I want to feel you naked in my ass.”

She climbed on her bed and got on her knees, and then asked me to take off her panties. Next as she leaned forward, her ass cheeks spread. Her little sphincter puckered into a pout. She passed me her bottle of olive oil, then giggled once again,

“Like Daddy says, olive oil fixes everything.”

I dipped my finger in the oil, and then pushed against her puckered rosebud. It slipped inside her so easy it almost felt like my finger was being swallowed. I began to massage her rectum and she in turn kept pushing back as I finger fucked her bum. I pulled my finger out and tore off my clothes, she kept telling me to hurry she needed me now. As for me, I was so excited I was afraid I might cum before I got inside her. I got behind her and put my cock to her ass and she pushed back impaling her ass on my cock. She begged me to fuck her harder and I began an assault on her rectum with my balls slamming up against her with every stroke. She screamed she was cumming and I was right behind her, spewing my load deep inside her.

I woke up beside her in the morning; we were spooned like honeymooners, with my chin nuzzled in her neck and my arm around her holding her boob. When I moved she woke up and although she complained of a hangover she seemed to have no problem that had I butt fucked her all night. We were a mess but the bed was worst, there was olive oil, cum and god only knows what else all over the sheets. I wanted to take a shower with her but she said she had too many private places to clean up and sent me off to the spare bathroom to shower by myself. After I finished my shower and got dressed, I heard her shower still running so I went off to the kitchen. I found the coffee and then the makings of breakfast so I cooked us some eggs and toast put it on a tray and took it to her bedroom.

As we ate she told me how good our night felt and I told her she was my first anal. After breakfast, I offered to help her strip the bed linens. We pulled off all the soiled sheets down to a rubber sheet over the mattress. I looked at her and she grinned,

“Back home I use to wet the bed even when I was teenager so I got used to sleeping on these. They keep me warm plus when I get kinky like last night, I don’t ruin my mattress. I pushed her on the bed,

“And you bounce higher.”

She laughed at my joke but then said,

“Do you think you can go another round?”

She spread her legs to me exposing her hairless cunt and I bent down to lick her seks filmi izle clit. She grabbed my head, and said,

“Hey no cheating, you get back door only.”

She lifted her spread legs over her head exposing for me her puckered hole. As I first I kissed her tiny rose bud it felt almost like it was kissing me back and then I stuck my tongue deep inside her and my nose naturally went inside her cunt. She grabbed my head to hold it in place as she humped me until she climaxed. I reached for the olive oil and poured into her crack. I rubbed it into her ass and onto her cheeks and she implored me to stick it in her. I shoved my cock deep into her bowels with one stroke; she moaned and began to hump me as I stayed still. I put my finger in her pussy and I could feel my cock through the thin membrane separating her two openings. It felt so good I put two fingers in her, and then I grabbed the olive oil and poured some on her belly. I let it trickle into her and I began to massage her clit. Everything was so slippery I kept grabbing her clit and it kept slipping out of my grasp. I worked the oil into her pussy first with two fingers then three and then all four fingers. I folded my thumb into my palm and forced my whole hand inside her. I looked at her and she looked like it hurt so I asked her if she was in pain. She was gasping for air and the words rushed out as she said,

“Yes, no, well yes it hurts but don’t stop it feels so good.”

She screamed but not in pain, she screamed she was cumming. I came too, once again filling her rectum with my sperm

Latter after cleaning up again, I told her how enjoyable anal was with her, how good it was to be able to enter without hurting her. She laughed and said that was because Chet, her ex-boyfriend had a huge cock so he kept her all stretched out. She said that Chet talked her into a three way with a friend of his and she had the friend up her ass and Chet in her pussy. I asked how she liked it and she said she felt so full and each move was like an electric shock to her g-spot. She said she just kept cumming the whole time.

After that weekend, my marriage was never the same. As soon as my wife came back, I tried to talk her into some backdoor loving but she said no way that her back door was an exit only. I’m not sure if that was the only reason but not long after, she moved out, and went to live with her sister. I think she was happier there and her sister being a single mother and, all was glad to have her. Of course, the first thing I did was call Roni. She had transferred to another floor, and I hardly ever saw her any more. I was shocked to find out she had gone back to Chet and in fact, he asked her to marry him and she had said yes. I teased,

“I don’t suppose you’re ready to cheat yet.”

“Ron you know what I say, it ain’t cheating if you only do anal.”

I rushed out and bought rubber sheets and a gallon of olive oil.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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