Untimely Interruption Pt. 03

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Jack awoke alone in bed. He could feel the dried sweat on his skin as he stretched. Some of it was Claire and Katie’s juices for certain. Fuck last night was intense, he thought to himself, did it really happen? Jack reached into his shorts and gave a gentle tug to his rising hard on. What had gotten into Claire? He couldn’t remember the last time she had sucked his cock, nor her screaming so loudly with Katie just down the hall. Katie, dear god, Katie. She had been ravenous in the kitchen, her pussy so wet after watching them.

Jack was now fully engorged, pulling away the blankets he took his dick out. He glanced at the open bedroom door but it didn’t stop him from gripping himself tightly. He listened for the sound of the girls but the house was quiet. Slowly he began stroking up and down, adjusting his grip he sighed and thought of the night before. Of Katie’s tits in his hands, of his wife clenching down on him as she came. Precum was already dripping rapidly down his shaft. He felt guilt, having never cheated on his wife before, but never in his life had he been as turned on that much.

Katie had just woken up, surprised she was not hung over. At the foot of the bed was one of Jacks oversized shirts and a pair of Claire’s gym shorts. She had slept naked after Jack had taken her in the kitchen. A tingle shivered through her groin as she thought about his hands feverishly caressing and griping her, his cock so hard, hammering in to her.

Pulling the shirt over her head, Katie was a little disappointed that it didn’t smell like Jack. The shorts were a snug athletic material that rested just above her hips and ended an inch below the curve of her butt. They disappeared under the shirt. Glancing in the guest room’s standing mirror it looked like Jack’s shirt was all she had on. Knowing it was Jack’s as she looked herself over another shiver ran through her. She really shouldn’t be turned on by thoughts of her best friend’s husband, but the way he had hungrily taken her was hard to ignore. As much as she wanted to have him again she told herself she couldn’t get that drunk around him ever again.

The house was quiet when she left the guest room, so she made her way down to hall toward Claire and Jack’s room to see if they were up. Her bare feet didn’t make a sound on the plush carpet, and when she peaked around the door frame of their room she froze. Jack was alone in the bed, covers tossed aside. His hand was gripping his cock, sliding up and down quickly.

In the day light, it was like seeing it for the first time. The way it bulged as he stroked made it look more delicious than the night before. Katie bit her lip and glanced down the hallway checking for Claire. She could be anywhere and walk in at any moment, but Katie could see precum dripping and rolling between his fingers as Jack started thrusting his hips, fucking in to his fist. He groaned and Katie knew he was on the edge of release. Claire was no where to be seen. Carefully stepping softly she walked to the side of his bed.

Lost in the heat of his memories Jack didn’t hear Katie walk in right next to the bed. Getting closer to cumming he was thrusting into his hand. He began to groan as his breath quickened. Jack was close, only a few more strokes.

Katie was mesmerized staring at his dick, the red throb as he squeezed, the pulsing engorged veins. Listening to his breath quicken, his groans getting louder she could feel herself getting warm. She almost moaned as she stopped beside the bed. Her fingers twitched, she wanted to grab him, to feel him quiver to her touch. Taking a final last glance at the door for Claire, she tucked her hair behind her ears and leaned over.

God I am so close, Jack thought. He wanted to moan Katie’s name as his hand slid down his shaft. He held back the name feeling his hand reach the base not wanting Claire to possibly hear. When his hand was halfway up he felt a wet tongue connect to the underside of his head. Before he could even open his eyes the whole head was engulfed. Warm wet heaven swallowed him, with a tongue swirling slow and firm around the head of his cock.

Jack started to bolt upright as his eyes opened to see Katie taking his manhood deeper in to her mouth. Fuck! Jack thought, what is she doing? Thoughts of Claire walking in flashed through him, he couldn’t let this happen. But it felt so good, better than the night before. She was hungry to take more of him. Each bob of her head took her mouth lower and Jack was on the edge of release.

“Katie… you can’t…” he rasped. Her eyes opened and she looked at him with a pleading gaze. Jack lost the sentence, released his hand from his shaft and cupped her head.

Jack felt harder than the night before when she first gave in and took him in. When Katie felt his touch her face she moaned passionately and took all of him in to her mouth. That was it. Claire could never take all of him. Jack thrust his hips up and held her mouth against him. His cum burst down her throat. Again ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar and again ropes of cum sprayed against the back of her throat. What started as a hand gently holding the side of her face now held her against the base of him as he pushed his hips upward.

“Fuck.” Jack sighed as he released her and sank to the bed. Katie rose up wiping saliva from her lips. She opened her mouth to speak when Claire’s voice sounded from the kitchen.

“Jack, Katie, you guys awake yet?” Katie’s eyes went wide, she darted out of the room. Jack flung the blanket back over himself and called back.

“Yeah, I’m just gonna hop in the shower. Be out in a few.” Katie didn’t reply, but he was guessing she was making her way to the kitchen.

“Coffee should be done when you get out.” Claire called back.

Jack’s shower was full of thoughts of guilt, of needing to stop things now. He planned to be busy for every time they worked out. Remove the temptation, be better. Have it be a single mistake, or three, but not to let it happen again. By the time he was done showering his course was set and he knew with every fiber that it was done and through.

Getting out he grabbed some comfortable clothes, trying to look unflattering. No need to tempt her he thought. So ratty tee and some faded baggy sweats it was. The smell of coffee and breakfast was wafting through the house as he made his way to the kitchen. He could hear the girls laughing and chatting in the kitchen.

Claire and Katie were sitting together in the breakfast nook, Katie in a chair facing the booth seats beneath a window that looked in to their back yard. Claire was in the booth side and with a steaming mug in her hands. Both were wearing shirts of his, which was normal for Claire on a Saturday morning. He loved seeing her in his clothes. It was like marking her as his and she was so small in them he got a delicious view of her legs all morning. Does that mean Katie was his as well? No, can’t think like that. But her legs did look just as delicious. Stop it! He admonished himself.

There were two empty plates in front of them and a full one next to Claire with a third cup of coffee waiting for him.

“Good morning.” Jack said “oh that coffee smells good!” He tried to seem normal. Nothing amiss here.

“Good morning sleepy head.” Claire said “you both slept in so late.” Jack glanced at the clock on the wall.

“It’s only ten!” He played off offended, then chuckled and sat down next to Claire. They chatted about nonsense while he ate, work out routines and social media gossip. It was a good normal chat that took his mind off his guilt for a bit.

After an hour Jack cleared the table, refilled everyone’s coffee then sat back down. The girls did most of the talking. Jack didn’t follow several of the topics, but he enjoyed watching them laugh and talk.

“I am sorry I passed out on you guys last night. Jack’s hands are just too good. Between the workout, the wine and that massage I didn’t stand a chance.” Claire said with a chuckle. “Did you get a chance to sample his magic hands?” Katie almost choked on her coffee at that and Claire laughed.

“Um yes, he worked the knot out of my shoulder for me. Definitely magic. I would happily pay to get a massage like that again.” She smiled at Jack and drank more of her coffee. Claire wrapped an arm around his shoulders and snuggled up against him. She draped one leg over his lap.

“I’m sure we could arrange another massage next time. I will make sure he gets paid.” Claire said with a smile and a wink at her husband. Jack put a hand high on her thigh and gave a caressing squeeze. He and Claire looked in to each other’s eyes briefly smiling. “Well I am glad you didn’t let me passing out early stop you last night.”

“Oh it wasn’t too early. We called it not too long after.” Jack said. His hand traveled up under the hem of her shirt. Her skin was soft and smooth. She leaned in to him more and shifted so his hand could travel higher.

The conversation had paused as his hand crept up her outer leg toward her hips. Jack was expecting to reach shorts or panties the closer he came to her hips but all he felt was skin. The shirt was now bunched up at her waist, his hand cupping her bare hip, fingers stroking in small circles. Claire purred softly, and Jack glanced down to see the top of her bare cleft between her legs. No panties, what ever had gotten in to her last night had not stopped it seemed. All she was wearing was his shirt with Katie right there across the table.

“Well if you called it so early why did you sleep so late?” Claire’s voice was a little sultry, almost husky. She looked in to Jack’s eyes hungrily. She was always much hornier in the morning. She lowered one hand below the table and rested it high on his inner thigh.

Katie smiled, set her coffee down and leaned forward resting both arms on the table. “Don’t be coy. You know why he was tired!” Her tone was just elvankent götü büyük escortlar as sultry as Claire’s, almost a smokey whisper.

Claire faked shock, looked to Katie and said “What?”

“Don’t give me that! You were screaming like a slut last night.” Claire went bright red and erupted with laughter. She raised both hands to her face.

“You heard us? Oh that’s so embarrassing.”

“Heard you? Honey your pussy was so wet and he took you so hard people a block away heard the sloshing! Let alone your moans! No not moans, screams!” Both girls laughed hard and loud. Jack sunk back in to the booth seat. This was hot but at the same time he was nervous what Katie could say next.

After they caught their breath and calmed down Claire snuggled back up to him. This time though she placed her hand right on his groin instead of his thigh. She gave him a gentle squeeze, he wasn’t quite hard but getting there. Claire winked at him again.

“Sorry, I was pretty drunk and it was really good. I’m still so embarrassed. We didn’t even close the door.”

“Don’t be embarrassed, you weren’t the one getting yourself off to your friend getting railed.” They laughed again. Jack’s cock twitched in Claire’s hand remembering seeing Katie furiously stroking her quim in the hall. Claire squeezed it. What is happening he thought.

“You didn’t!”

“Of course I did! I haven’t had any in ages. It took all my willpower not to come watch!” Katie leaned back laughing. Her nipples were hard now and they pressed against the shirt. See those gloriously large tits stretch the fabric of her shirt filled his member with blood. Claire leaned in closer as she laughed and started running her thumb along his shaft through his sweats.

“You should have! It would have been quite the show!” Jacks eyes went wide not ever expecting his wife to say that. “I owed him a good fuck.”

“Owed him? Do tell.” Katie raised an eyebrow and subtly put her hands under the table. Jack caught sight of her knee peaking out as she opened her legs. She was clearly enjoying this as much as he was. The thought of her pussy wet, her fingers teasing it was too much. Between that and Claire’s caresses he was as hard as he had been earlier. He felt like a teen again.

“Well…” Claire said as she shyly looked at him. “I may have been gagging on him yesterday right in this kitchen when you showed up early last night.”

“You weren’t!”

“Oh I was mouth full, saliva dripping down his balls.” Claire slipped her hand under his sweats and gripped him tight. She stroked him twice. Jack closed his eyes and tried not to moan.

“You slut!” Both girls laughed mischievously. “So that’s why he answered, you were cleaning his cum off your chin.”

“No… we had to stop before I could finish him.”

“No! Oh Jack I am so sorry! I promise I’ll never be early again!” Katie said with a soft laugh. Jack opened his eyes and looked at her. He could see one of her arms moving back and forth and her knee spread to the side further. Was she touching herself with his wife right there?

“See why I had to fuck him like that?” Claire pumped him three more times and then pulled his cock free of the sweats. Jack almost choked and closed his eyes again. If Katie sat up straight she would see his wife jacking him off easily.

“Oh yes.” She let out a sigh that almost sounded like a moan and closed her eyes a moment. She was shameless, Claire had to know what her friend was masturbating under the table. Opening her eyes she continued “but that doesn’t count as paying him back. It definitely sounded like a great fuck, but that’s not head.”

“What? No. We are even now.” Claire started picking up pace with her hand.

“No…” little moan escaped Katie’s lips “fucking pussy isn’t fucking a mouth.” Another quiet moan. “The longer you make him wait for it, the better head you owe him.”

“Listen to you, calling me the slut,” Claire purred at that. “Sitting there teasing your clit while wearing my husband’s shirt as you talk about fucking mouths.”

“Mmm” Katie moaned openly now. “I’m not the one that should be sucking her husband off.” Jack grunted at that, eyes still closed, breath ragged. Without thinking he leaned back against the booth and grabbed Claire by the back of the head. She let out a little squeak as he pushed her mouth down to him.

Did he really just do that? Jack could not believe himself. He had never been so forward or forceful with Claire, but he was so hard. Her mouth felt warm and lovely and he needed it. Letting go of her hair he expected her to raise her head and shout at him, but she just took more of him in with another moan.

Jack had felt harder than even yesterday in her hand as she stroked him with Katie right there. Claire had always gotten a kick from risky sex but she had no idea that Jack liked it so much. They had never done anything even close to this. When he forced her to go down on him, she was shocked. etimesgut çıtır escortlar Claire became so aroused she could feel her juices drip from her pussy lips down her thigh. When he let go of her head her passion unleashed and she took as much of him in to her mouth as she could. Gagging and trying to push further.

“Oh he knows how to treat a slut like you. Mmm” Katie said as she slid off the shorts and leaned back in her chair. One hand now teasing her nipple through her shirt as she clearly fucked herself with the other hand.

Jack’s head was swimming. Watching Katie sit across from him as she talked dirty to his wife, fingering herself. All while Claire ravenously took as much of his dick as she could manage in to her mouth. Her tongue stroking and caressing, warm and wet. He moaned again staring in to Katie’s eyes. Her lip quivered when he did. She was panting and tweaked her nipple hard. Mouth half open, she closed her eyes and and her body began to quiver. She was cumming already.

“Oh god.” She rasped and bit down on her lower lip. Claire moaned in to Jack again. He grunted feeling the moan pulse through him. Claire pulled her mouth free and took him in her hand as she adjusted to kneel on the booth seat. Her ass bare to the world, propped up by her knees.

She leaned back in. Taking his cock with her open palm she rested a thumb beneath the head and began licking up his shaft from the stem. Curling her tongue around the head and back down she went.

“That looks so fucking hot.” Katie said as she stood up. She moved the table and chairs away quickly and went to stand behind Claire. Jack reached out and took a handful of his wife’s ass for a moment before slapping it. Claire purred again at that and swallowed just the head while her hand wrapped around him and slid down squeezing. “Listen to how she likes being treated like a slut.” Katie said in sultry tone. “Take that dick.” She leaned over Claire from behind and pushed the back of her head down. Claire’s hand at the base stopped her from choking on it. Jack tried to thrust deeper.

“Your man likes you like this.” Katie said pulling Claire’s head back and then down again. She released her friend and kneeled down behind her. “Oh look at this dripping cunt.” Katie’s hands spread Claire’s cheeks as she said it. “Can you smell how horny she is Jack?” He looked at Katie as she grinned mischievously and leaned in to breath deep. “You are driving her wild.”

Katie began running her thumbs along the outside of Claire’s lips. Slowly up and down opening her more. She leaned in, tongue sticking out and drug it firmly from her clit up. Claire pulled her head up from Jacks lap and shouted “Fuck” long and slow. “Oh god, oh god, fuck, fuck. Fuck!” Katie was now furiously lapping at Claire’s juices, thumbs parting her.

Katie rose up and Claire looked over her shoulder at her friend. Claire’s face was pleading for more. “No, no, no. You have a debt to pay.” Katie said and leaning over her friend she grabbed her by the jaw and hair and shoved her back down. A muffled yelp escaped from around Jack’s dick.

“I don’t want your mouth off that cock until it’s full of cum.” Katie was filthy, Jack thought. Where did this come from, not that he was complaining. Katie returned to devouring his wife’s slit like her favorite desert. His wife was moaning deeply as she sucked on him. Each one sending shivers through him.

Katie pulled back and spanked Claire with a loud clap. Claire whimpered and pressed her ass towards her friend. She wanted more, her pussy was on fire and Katie’s tongue had been working passionately in ways no man had ever been able to please her. Instead of licking though, Katie ran a hand up and down Claire’s cunt. After a minute of teasing her entrance with her finger tips Katie eased two fingers in. Just an inch or so. She stroked around the edges, not thrusting, just caressing her entrance. Claire began moaning again, and Jack stared at Katie as she teased his wife.

Suddenly she thrust her two fingers in. Claire’s mouth opened fully and she let out the loudest groan of pleasure Jack had ever heard from her. Katie laughed and started vigorously fingering Claire. Claire thrust back against Katie’s hand. The wet sounds of pussy juice and moans began pushing Jack to the edge. He began grunting and wrapped a hand in his wife’s hair.

Not stopping fingering Claire, Katie leaned over her back and in a smokey tone said “don’t you swallow it all when he cums! I want a taste. He is getting close now.”

Watching Katie lick her lips as she straightened out, Jack let go. He came in a torrent, Claire tried to pull back from it as he thrust with each pulse of semen. “Don’t you stop slut.” Katie said and pushed her head back down on him again.

Jizz was dripping from her chin as Claire eased her head away. Jack sank back as far as he could in to the seat. Katie wrapped a hand around Claire’s neck and pulled her up by her chin so that Claire’s back was pressed to Katie’s chest. She turned Claire’s head so that she could lick his cum up from Claire’s chin to her lips. Their mouths met and he watched as his wife tongued his semen in to Katie’s mouth. The whole while Katie still fingered Claire who began to shake with orgasm. The girls moaned and as they broke apart Katie slapped Claire’s ass.

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