Football and Other Games Pt. 02

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The further into the fourth quarter they progressed, the higher the level of sheer excitement in the room. The score remained almost even the entire fifteen minutes of play. First one team would score, and comments would run wild about who would go down on whom. Then the other team would score and the same comments were made by the other half.

Dave was amazed that most of the women were just as verbal as the men, indicating their excitement about being eaten by one man or another. While they were all intent on the game, it seemed that the purpose now for either team winning was the sex that would follow. The final score apparently had less meaning than the final pleasures that would result from it.

With three minutes of play left, the score was tied and the comments were flying around the room. Then Terry made a suggestion.

“I think we should do this one at a time so we all can watch.” Adam laughed at that idea.

“Then it will take all night. Not all of us cum as quickly as you.” Terry started to react to that, but Barbara beat him to it.

“Why would you say that, Adam. You will probably cum first and then you could watch everyone else.” Rude comments followed Barbara’s revealing words about her boyfriend, resulting in him offering a bet that he could outlast any man in the room. The discussion degraded from there, with opinions being shouted out by everyone but Dave. For some reason, he was still concerned that everyone enjoyed themselves, but he wasn’t convinced that the enjoyment should include sex. Yet, as he thought about it, he decided that everyone was going to enjoy themselves because everyone was going to cum.

So, he continued to remain silent, while noticing that Cindy was participating in the boisterous conversations around her. Again, Dave was surprised to see that Cindy seemed to be as excited as the rest of the group by the idea of some man going down on her and she going down on him.

The game ended with all the surprise and excitement anyone could want in a Super Bowl. Denver was ahead by seven points, with less than a minute to go. Then the Chicago quarterback amazed everyone by throwing a long pass on first down, with the ball dropping nicely into the arms of his favorite receiver a yard into the end zone. Chicago kicked a successful extra point, tying the game with just six seconds to go.

The game went into overtime, and Dave’s friends went hysterical.

Chicago won the toss, and surprised everyone by lining up for an onside kick. Almost the entire team lined up on the right side of the ball, making Denver adjust for the short kick to its left side. But as Chicago kicked off, the ball went sailing high and long. Denver was caught by surprise and had no one downfield to receive the ball. A lone Chicago runner went after the long kick, recovering it and taking it in for the score.

In the surprise move, Chicago won the game. Dave was ecstatic because Chicago was his team. And the rest of the people in the room either cheered or booed, depending on their allegiance. It took several minutes for the fans in the room to gloat or to complain, and then the room slowly went silent as, one by one, everyone began looking at the rest of the people. It was clear that Dave’s friends were looking around, wondering who would go down on them. And especially, who would go first.

Terry seemed to be the lead instigator of the group, and he made a suggestion.

“I think our host and hostess should have the privilege of going first.” Several comments in agreement suggested that those with the courage to declare themselves thought this was a good suggestion. Dave looked at Cindy, more to see how she was doing with the idea of a friend going down on her than for emotional support. As she returned his glance, the look in her eyes showed both trepidation and excitement. Neither of them had been with any other person since the day they met, and this was clearly going to stretch their relationship more than anything else had in the past few months. Dave smiled encouragement but she merely licked her lips in anticipation.

The two women who were not that much into the game had taken a large salad bowl and filled it with pieces of paper that had written on them the names of everyone in the group. Dave walked over to the large bowl sitting on the kitchen table and carried it over to Cindy. With a self-conscious grin, she reached in and pulled out the small piece of paper a the name written on it but didn’t read aloud who would be licking her pussy in the next few seconds. Looking up at Dave again, she pushed the bowl back toward him, indicating she wanted him to pick his sexual partner.

Dave inhaled deeply and then exhaled slowly. This was going to be a first for him. He had never engaged in any sexual activity with any woman without the intent to continue a relationship. He had never experienced a one night stand and, before tonight, never intended to. Now he was about to select a random woman to give him a blowjob with the clear intent of never having sex with her again. ankarada yeni escortlar Dave was still torn by tonight’s intentions, but he was also filled with excitement. He looked around at the women in the group and saw nothing but beautiful and sexy women, any one of which he knew was hot enough to make him cum. He took another deep breath, exhaling slowly, and selected one of the small pieces or paper. He looked up, pausing to look around again, and then opened it to read the name written on it.

“Sarah,” he read, and looked directly at her as she squealed her excitement. Since she and Eric were new to the group of friends, he knew almost nothing about her beyond her obvious physical attributes, which were awesome. She had the largest tits in the room and, from what he could see of them, which was a lot, they were incredible. Dave had no idea of her cup size, but he knew they were far larger than a D-Cup. And the way they bounced and jiggled throughout the game, it appeared that they were natural. But with no real support from her halter top, her boobs still stood out far more than he would have expected, considering their weight.

For a second, Dave imagined her huge tits wrapped around his hard cock, and his cum jetting all over them. In his fantasy, she was grinning and rubbing his cum all over her tits and then licking her fingers clean. He almost had an orgasm just from the fantasy, so he fought hard to clear his mind. To help with this, he looked over at his girlfriend. She smiled at him and then unfolded her piece of paper.

“Adam.” Cindy looked at him before she read his name, so everyone knew who she had chosen before she told them. Still, there was a series of moans and groans as some of the women indicated their disappointment. Adam was handsome, well-muscled, and had a totally bald head, and Dave imagined Cindy’s hands rubbing that bald head as he licked her to an orgasm. And he was surprised that this image excited him as much as it did.

The room went silent for several seconds of anticipation, and then the comments began. One after another voiced encouragement to get started. It seems that there are several people here who really like to watch. Dave’s silent comment was more of an objective observation than anything else, and then he found himself agreeing with the urgency expressed by others. Somewhere deep inside, or maybe not so deep, he really wanted Sarah to go down on him, and he felt himself getting harder with the thought.

Dave looked over at Sarah and she stood up. She seemed to slink over to him, her walk as sexy as possible, and then she knelt in front of him. His view of her tits as he sat higher than her and looked down was incredible.

“I am going to enjoy this, and I promise that you will, too.” Her comment made him even harder and he moaned rather than spoke. The room went silent, anticipating the first of twelve sexy shows. Sarah reached up and placed her hands on the tops of his thighs. Then she slowly slid them down to the insides of his thighs. Then she slowly slid them up and into his crotch, resting them directly on his hard cock.

Dave’s boner was obvious, stretching his zipper so hard that he was afraid it would break open. And she slowly massaged his cock, with a sexy smile. She looked around, as if to make sure that everyone was watching, and then looked back at Dave as she massaged his cock though his shorts for several more seconds. As excited as he was, Dave took a moment to look over at his girlfriend, and froze, mesmerized by what he saw.

Adam was on his knees in front of Cindy, just like Sarah was kneeling in front of Dave. His hands were on both sides of Cindy’s hips, slowly sliding up and taking her pleated skirt up with them. Almost as if he was playing to the audience, he slowly revealed her light-colored bush, and then the lips almost hidden by that curly bush. His hands stopped lifting her skirt when it lay across her waist. Gently, he reached up to run his fingers through her thick thatch of hair, forcing a soft moan from her. And then he pressed his face into that hair, forcing soft moans from several people watching. Then Sarah’s actions tore Dave’s attention away from the spectacle next to him and back to his lap.

Sarah had unsnapped his shorts and was trying to pull them down his hips. Dave had worn some loose cargo shorts and the soft cotton material had no stretch in it. Sarah’s intention was obviously to pull his shorts down, and maybe even off, and he had to lift his ass off the chair to allow that. As his grip on the chair tightened to push him off the seat, he froze. He was about to reveal his hard cock to a room full of friends who had never seen his cock before.

Dave’s stress level shot through the roof. Being excited and letting others see the lump in his shorts was one thing, but letting all his friends see his hard cock jutting toward the ceiling was something else entirely. He paused for a second to think about the size of his cock when compared to the others in the room but Sarah helped him with the bayan escort elvankent decision. She yanked hard and suddenly his shorts were around his knees. Her eyes opened wide when she saw his eight inches standing proud. She smiled up into his eyes.

And then she swallowed more than half his prick in one move and Dave shouted in surprise and pleasure.

Sarah pumped her mouth up and down his cock for almost a minute, moaning in her own pleasure the entire time. Then she leaned her head to her right and licked the side of his shaft. After several more seconds, licking both sides of his cock like an ice cream cone, she dropped her chin to the edge of the chair and licked his balls. She sucked first one and then the other into her mouth, gently massaging them with her tongue. Finally she pulled back for a second and reached behind her neck. She untied her halter top at the back of her neck and then at her back and suddenly, those world-class boobs were pushing forward toward Dave’s dick.

“Hey, this was supposed to be a blowjob. No one said anything about stripping.” Terry, always the one for details, objected. Sarah looked over at him and smiled.

“I never give a blowjob without a titty fuck. Doesn’t she do that for you?” Dave thought he noticed a little bit of ego in Sarah’s eyes as she looked first at Terry and then at Sherri. But Dave didn’t look at her eyes long enough to really see because he was too busy looking at her boobs massaging his dick.

Dave realized that he was so turned on that he was sweating, and he made a conscious effort to calm down. He had felt like he might cum just from her licking his balls, and now the tit-fuck was turning him on, and he wanted to slow things down as much as possible. He was not embarrassed by the thought that he might cum quickly in front of his friends as much as he wanted to get as much pleasure out of this as he could. That meant he had to make this tit fuck and blowjob last as long as possible. He sat back in his chair and tried to relax, thinking of the game that had just ended and not the game being played in his lap.

Sarah continued to slide his dick deep into her mouth, trying to take a little more of it each time. And Dave loved every second of it. After several minutes of intense pleasure, he cracked open his eyes just enough to look over at his girlfriend.

Cindy had her skirt above her waist and her hairy pussy exposed to the room. But she was unaware of anyone looking at her because her head was thrown back and her eyes were tightly closed in pure ecstasy. She was almost thrashing her head back and forth, moaning loudly as Adam buried his tongue deep inside her tunnel.

From the expression on her face and the noises she was continuously making, Dave knew how much sweet cream she was producing for him to lick. And from the sucking sounds and groans Adam was making, it was a lot. After watching for a few seconds, Dave closed his eyes and leaned his head back, assuming the position he had just observed.

In another few seconds, Sarah had managed to work all eight inches of his man-meat into her mouth and down her throat. She would pull back every few seconds with large globs of spit drooling down her chin and onto her mammoth boobs. Dave was not into messy blow jobs that much, but he was almost overcome by the pleasures he was experiencing so he didn’t mind the mess. And it was only a couple more minutes before he felt the familiar tingle in his balls and knew he was going to deliver a huge load for Sarah. For just a second, he wondered if she swallowed, and then he decided that no woman who so obviously loved giving a blow job would waste cum by spitting it on the floor. Dave relaxed and let his orgasm build to its climax, but his extreme pleasure was interrupted before he could cum.

A scream filled the room and Dave quickly looked over at Cindy. She lifted her ass off the chair and bowed her back to an unnatural extent, freezing in position with her mouth wide open. Adam grabbed her ass and tried to keep his mouth attached to her pussy lips as her entire body shook and shivered in orgasmic pleasure. He kept licking and sucking and she kept cumming, with the entire room groaning and moaning in their own pleasures.

Dave watched for several seconds as Cindy began to almost hop in her chair and make the cute little chirping noises that he knew so well. And then Cindy plopped down hard, her bare ass making a slapping noise as it hit the seat of the chair. And she gasped so loud that the room seemed to echo with her sounds.

Silence reigned for several seconds, and then the entire room clapped and cheered for a few seconds. Then they all turned to look at Dave and Sarah.

During Cindy’s orgasmic display, Sarah never hesitated. She was still driving Dave’s cock deep into her throat and moaning loudly. She pulled back for a few seconds, frantically pumping his dick with her hands and smiling widely up into his eyes. And then Dave grunted, sounding almost like a barnyard animal.

“Here it escort bayan etimesgut cums!”

Sarah immediately moved her hands and forced his cock deep into her throat. Bobbing her head with great energy, she forced him over the edge and into orgasm. She took the first two spurts down her throat, and then pulled back enough to take the next few in her mouth. Dave grunted and gasped as he shot stream after stream into her mouth. He marveled that she took it all because he was sure this was the biggest load he had ever delivered. After several seconds, his orgasm slowed to a final few drops, and Sarah grinned up at him as she licked the last couple drops from the tip of his cock. And this caused her to lose much of his load down her chin and onto her creamy white boobs.

Sarah grinned and looked down, careful to catch what had drained out of her mouth and rub it all over her boobs. Then she made a show of drooling more cum onto her boobs and rubbing it around. In seconds, much of her upper body glistened with his hot and sticky cum all over it. Then she opened her mouth to show the large amount of cum still inside. Looking around at the other members in the room, she dipped two fingers into her mouth and pulled out a string of the thick baby batter and let it fall back into her mouth.

Twice more she pulled some cum out of her mouth and dangled it high over her face for everyone to see. Then finally, after playing with it for almost half a minute, she made a show of swallowing, much like one would see in a cartoon. She smacked her lips and looked around at the room of people. And everyone burst out in applause and cheers.

Dave simply sat there, nearly exhausted by Sarah’s awesome blowjob.

“Next!” Terry still seemed to be the leader of the games, and his voice brought everyone back from the fantasies they had created while watching the performances in front of them.

The bowl was passed from individual to individual until all the Chicago fans had picked their partners. And the real fun began. Everyone was obviously turned on by watching Adam go down on Cindy and Sarah go down on Dave, and the urgency to get their own pleasures was seen as everyone stripped in seconds. Hard dicks were thrust toward the women and hard nipples were aimed at the men. And suddenly the room was quiet except for the predictable noises of sexual pleasures.

Dave found himself almost ignoring the pornographic movie being performed in his living room because Sarah was apparently not finished with him. She remained on her knees in front of him and she casually stroked and sucked his soft dick. This clearly accomplished its predictable goal and he grew big and hard again. He looked over at Cindy and was surprised to see her licking and sucking Adam’s hard-on. So he reached down and took Sarah’s hand to pull her to her feet. She stood with a question in her eyes, a look of disappointment on her face.

“I’m sorry. I thought you would like a repeat.” Dave grinned at her.

“Maybe in a minute. But I was kind of thinking I would like to return the favor. I have been wanting to taste you for hours. Do you mind?” He smiled at her, the lust in his mind clearly evident on his face, and Sarah grinned at him. Her silent answer was to remove her tiny shorts, wriggling her hips back and forth because they were so tight.

In seconds, she was totally nude and sitting on the chair Dave had just abandoned, her legs splayed wide to expose her hairless cunt. Dave groaned in pleasure and slowly dropped to his knees in front of her. He just looked for several seconds, inhaling her sweet scent and gazing intently at the drops of pussy juice that were slowly leaking between her lips.

“I am going to enjoy this, and I promise that you will, too.” He grinned up at her as he repeated her smiling promise of several minutes ago. She smiled down at him, absentmindedly running her fingers through the cum she had just drooled on her huge boobs. He looked at her shiny and wet tits for several seconds and moaned. And then he set about bringing her the same pleasures she had brought him just a few minutes before.

Dave was thrilled at how good she tasted. Her scent was strong since she was so turned on from serving him, and her pussy was soaked in juices. Her thick, swollen lips glistened from the drops that clung to them, and as he touched her, more juices oozed out of her tunnel. He grinned in excitement and began to lick her soft tissues. After a couple minutes of licking, he slowly inserted his tongue inside, releasing a flood of juices that had been wanting to get out. He licked and sucked, committed to wasting nothing. And he had to continue to lick and suck because she seemed to produce more pussy juice than he could clean up. He pulled back for a couple seconds to smile up at her, and she returned his smile. And then he went back to his efforts to make her cum.

As he was licking her clit and thrusting to fingers deep into her pussy, someone shouted out in orgasmic pleasure behind him. Dave was too engrossed in Sarah’s pussy to look, so he really didn’t know who it was. But he just smiled to himself in his knowledge that one of his friends had just shot a load of cum into the mouth of a woman who had never sucked him off before. He could tell that Sarah was about to cum so he didn’t even pause in his efforts.

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