Breaking In Holly

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Jeff Dodge had the most remarkable life. He lived with two women, and they all shared a bed. It started about a year ago when he met his girlfriend Kate. She was pretty sexual and bordered on being a nymphomaniac.

She liked to experiment with all different ways of making love. Her appetite was relatively high, and Jeff couldn’t keep up with her desires. Instead of cheating on her boyfriend with another man, she instead found a girlfriend.

She wasn’t a lesbian but had lesbian tendencies. Just like the song about kissing a girl, when she did, she loved it. Kate met a girl who was a bit younger than her, and she looked at Kate as a sexual mentor. Holly was a lesbian but a lesbian with no experience.

Kate was bi-sexual, and Holly met all her needs when Jeff wasn’t around. Kate told her boyfriend about Holly, and eventually, they all agreed to have sex with each other.

Jeff was like a pig in shit having these two babes want to share his bed. Kate and Holly were both blondes with big breasts, tiny waists, and quite clueless. Kate was beyond ditzy, and Holly wasn’t much better.

Jeff loved his girlfriend and was starting to have feelings for Holly as well. Holly mostly had sex with Kate, but Jeff asked Kate if he could break her in. Holly had never had sex with a man. Jeff wanted to be her first but wanted Kate to be there for the event. Holly was not sure she wanted to be with a man. Kate used strap-on cocks when the two of them made love. Kate wanted Holly to feel a real cock in her tight and beautiful pussy.

With a lot of coaxing and begging, Holly agreed to a threesome erotik film izle with Jeff and Kate. Today was the day that the three of them would have their ménage à trois.


Jeff woke up to Kate pleasuring Holly. Holly was on the bed next to Jeff, who woke up with a boner. Kate told Holly to open her legs and enjoy the pleasure she would give her. Holly did what Kate asked. Kate moved her tongue around her pussy like she was looking for buried treasure. Holly moaned while Kate explored her sweet spot.

Holly was playing with her big breasts and wiping her pussy across Kate’s face. Kate was munching and making noises while she happily licked Holly into orgasm.

“Fuck! You two are so fucking hot. I am going to cum looking at you two. Look at my dick! I am so hard and wanting you girls. I want to be with Holly. You girls said it would be okay.”

“Not now, Jeff!” Holly said.

“I am going to cum in just a minute. Fucking hell. Right there, Kate.”

“Kate! You said we could all fuck. Look at my cock! I want to slip my dick into Holly. We have had this discussion as a group. We discussed it, and Holly agreed to it. We don’t need to go on a date. We are all naked, and I want to fuck her now! You said this would happen. Her pussy is a wet mess, and it’s time for me to get my chance.”

Kate looked at Holly to gain permission from her lover. Holly shook her head, and Kate motioned her finger to tell Jeff to come over.

“Really? I can fuck Holly. Holly, you are okay with this?”

“Yes. You can make love to me, Jeff. Please don’t cum inside of me. Even film izle though I am on the pill, I don’t want any accidents.”

“I would love to cum inside of your cherry pussy. I will respect you and shoot my cum on your body. Is that okay?”

“Sounds very sexy. Maybe Kate will lick it off my body?”

“We can both lick my cum from your body. I am kinky like that.”

Jeff hurried to where Kate was licking Holly’s pussy. His cock was as hard as steel, and he too began licking Holly but then moved on top of Holly. Kate held Jeff’s cock in her hands and pushed it into her lover.

It went right in because Kate had fucked her many times with a strap-on. It was the first time a man’s cock was inside of her vagina. Jeff pushed himself into her, and Kate massaged his droopy balls while he thrust his cock deep inside of Holly.

“Oh, God! Fuck me, Jeff. Fuck my pussy!”

Jeff moved like a machine while he drilled into Holly’s pussy. Her cunt made squishy wet noises while his cock fucked into her tight hole. Holly grunted while Jeff fucked her. Kate wanted to join the fun and crouched down onto Holly’s face.

Holly moved her tongue over Kate’s pussy which was dripping from all the excitement of licking her lover to orgasm before. Kate played with her voluptuous breasts while watching her boyfriend take her girlfriend.

Kate screamed in ecstasy while having a major orgasm. Jeff had his familiar face of his tongue hanging out of his mouth while he drilled his cock into Holly’s pussy.

Jeff pulled out, and his cock exploded with his thick white cum. Jeff’s cum was all over seks filmi izle Holly’s stomach, which Jeff massaged into Holly’s skin.

“Wow! That certainly was amazing.”

“She liked it, Kate. Maybe we will take turns getting my dick in your pussies. Holly said she liked my cock.”

“Holly is a lesbian, Jeff. She is my lover.”

“She is our lover. We all share her. She likes my dick. Your dick is just a toy. My cock is a hot throbbing cock of steel.”

“I will only fuck Holly if she begs me for my real cock. If she wants your toy cock, so be it. I like licking her pussy when you ride me. Either way, I am the luckiest guy in the world. I fuck two hot babes!”

“Maybe someday you will marry us both,” Kate said, giggling.

“Marriage? You girls would marry me? The two of you? My family will think I am somebody special to have the hottest girls who want to share my life. Would we have a typical ceremony? Would I need two rings? That is a lot to take in. For fucks sake, I only just fucked Holly after a year of dating you.”

Jeff was intrigued with what Kate had suggested. He always wanted to marry Kate. He knew they would have to have an open marriage because Kate would want Holly solely to herself.

After having sex with Holly and Holly enjoying it, Jeff thought he wanted to share the girls and have sex with both of them. Holly was a lesbian, but she told Jeff she liked his cock. His cock was real, and Kate’s cock was fake. There should be no comparison with them.

Jeff knew that their relationship would need new rules to make it right between all three of them. He didn’t want anybody to be jealous and certainly didn’t want to make Kate feel bad. Jeff loved Kate and was intrigued by Holly. If he would be making love to Holly, he could undoubtedly fall in love with her too.

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