Behind the Door

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Victoria stood in the darkness listening to the sounds coming from behind the bedroom door. Her hosts Judy and Darrell had given her a home and a job when she desperately needed both.

She had finally worked up the courage to leave her abusive husband Christopher. When she slipped out of the house, he was sleeping on the couch, drunk and with a burning cigarette in his hand. Before she drove off, she had damaged a valve on the heating system and let the gas stream out. This act of desperation had set her on her way toward a new live. She wanted to get away as far as possible. So she drove as long as she could keep her beautiful green eyes open and as long as she was able to put gas in the tank. When what little cash she had been able to secretly save up ran out, she took a job in a biker bar in a small town just off the highway. This is where she met Darrell, who also worked at the bar. He offered her a tiny apartment over his garage for 20 Dollars a week. She happily accepted and moved in. Darrell’s young wife Judy was very pretty and seemed to be as nice as her husband. But when Victoria first set foot in the house she would call home for the coming weeks, it was quite late and after quick hellos everyone went to bed. Getting to know one another was postponed to the next day.

Victoria awoke to the unmistakable sounds of lovemaking. Without making any noises she climbed out of bed and tiptoed down the stairs from her small apartment to the living room. The sounds of Judy moaning and Darrell’s heavy breathing lured her across the room. She quietly stood before the bedroom door and listened to what was going on inside.

It was hot in the living room. The humid night air drifted in through the screen door. Victoria could feel the fabric of the over-sized t-shirt, she wore as a night gown, stick to her skin. She carefully places her ear to the door and listened intently. Judy was clearly not trying to be discrete. Darrell was a lucky man from what Victoria could hear. She put a hand on the door knob and turned it carefully. The bolt clicked sharply. She froze. ‘This is stupid’ she silently scolded herself. She prayed that Darrell and Judy had not heard her open the door. She just stood there motionless, her hand still on the door knob and held her breath. Husband and wife were clearly too engaged with each other to have noticed her violating their privacy. The sounds of lovemaking had not stopped. Victoria’s heart was racing. Her curiosity had almost gotten her pretty little butt kicked out in the street. She pushed away her anger at herself and gave the door a small push. It gave way and opened a few inches.

Inside the room was dimly lit by a single candle burning on the window sill. The yellow light of the flame let the lover’s shadows dance on the walls. Victoria could clearly distinguish Judy’s dark form from her husband’s. Her small girlish figure cast a much smaller shadow than her tall and muscular husband did. Victoria watched the shadows move in the most erotic dance she had ever seen. She felt a long forgotten tingle in her pussy. For years she had to live without this sensation.

Christopher certainly fucked her whenever he was sober enough to get his dick hard. But that had been nothing like the ankara ucuz escortlar passionate lovemaking Victoria witnessed now. Darrell and Judy were going at it wildly but they were in this together. Back in her old life Victoria had simply stared at the ceiling and hoped for him to finish soon. She had learned to turn her feelings off and with the help of lots of lube she was able to get through the ordeals without pain for the most part. Sex was not something she enjoyed it was something to be endured.

Back in college she had lived a totally different life. She had been quite a wild little thing. She was insatiable! She loved the company of guys as well as girls and was always up for a good and long session of skin on skin. With her red hair and pale skin she turned heads easily and finding a partner to satisfy her needs was never difficult.

Victoria focused her attention back on the two lovers in the room, pushing the memories of her time in hell with Christopher as well as her exiting college exploits aside. The scene before her eyes was just too enticing for her to waste any more time with thoughts of the past – good or bad.

Opening the door a little further, she was able to step inside. Still being careful she move very slowly and hid in the dark shadow behind a cupboard that stood right next to the door. From this hiding place she had an unobstructed view of the bed. She leaned back against the wall and slid her right hand down the front of her panties. She felt the wonderful hot moisture she had almost forgotten about. She let her fingers explore the soft flesh of her freshly shaved pussy. It felt so good to open up her labia and letting a finger slip inside. She moved it round a bit to get it wet and slippery. She then proceeded to massage her clit, letting her wet finger move in tiny circles around her little pleasure button. With her other hand she started to massage her breasts through the fabric of her shirt. She could feel her hard nipples crowing her small but firm breasts. She loved watching people having sex and playing with herself as she did so. Her body felt like it was waking up from a long sleep. She shuddered with delight as her hands touched her most intimate places. She wanted to be naked. She burned to be right there in the bed with Darrell and Judy. She longed to join them in their ecstasy. She began to breath deeper and deeper as she pleasured herself, never taking her eyes of the beautiful couple on the bed.

Judy was on her hands and knees leaning over Darrell who was laying on his back propped up on a pillow so she he could watch his stunning wife as she took his hard cock into her hungry mouth. Judy’s blond hair was tied back in a pony tail which gave her the look of the cheerleader she might have been in the past. Her slender was not just thin, it was clearly the product of a good diet and lots of exercise. She had what one could call a hard body. Her breasts were small and stuck out like two half tennis balls. Her stomach was flat and her abs were clearly defined. It was her butt however that Victoria couldn’t help but stare at. It was round and firm. Judy pushed it upwards as she continued to suck on her husband’s cock. From were Victoria was hiding she could clearly see between Judy’s butt cheeks. She position Judy was in opened them up. Victoria was treated to an unimpeded view of both of Judy’s pleasure holes. Like herself the blond woman was completely hairless and ready to be fucked.

Victoria picked ankara üniversiteli escortlar up the intensity of her finger movements. Her knees had become quite weak and she had to steady herself by letting go of her breast and holding on to the cupboard. The old

wooden piece of furniture creaked loudly as she leaned into it. She gasped.

Judy took Mitch’s cock out of her mouth and turned towards where Victoria was hiding in the shadows. “Hey there, Vicky. Come over here.” To Victoria’s surprise Judy’s voice didn’t sound angry. There was Silk and honey in her voice. It sounded like that of an angel. A very sexy angle, mind you. “We heard you the second you touched the door knob. Come here. Get on the bed with us.” Judy beckoned her over and then she began pleasuring Darrell again. As Victoria slowly walked across the room, Judy let her tongue dance over Mitch’s shaft and scrotum. Her tongue left Darrell’s cock shiny and wet. Victoria stood next to the bed and watched closely as Judy licked her husband’s balls and began taking then individually into her mouth, carefully sucking on them. Her left hand lay flat on the her man’s stomach, pressing down softly.

Not exuding force but still signaling to him, that is was she who was in control of the situation. Darrell reached out to Victoria and let his hand wander under her shirt, searching for her pussy. Just as his fingers found the thin fabric covering her slit, Judy intervened. “No, Darrell. She is off limits to you,” she said with a stern voice. Looking up at her house guest she said in a totally different voice. “Take off your clothes, dear. I want Darrell to get a good look at you.” Her voice was back to that of an angle A bit taken aback by the two different Judys that seem to be in the room, Victoria hesitated for a moment but then began lifting her shirt over her head and then she stepped out of her panties.

She still stood next to the bed, the dancing candle light caught her pale shin and highlighted how slim she was. Judy was gently stroking her husband’s hard dick with one hand. With the other she reached for Victoria. She let it glide over her skin. It was silky as that of a newborn baby. Her finger found Victoria’s breasts. She slowly outlined them with her index finger then let it trail down over her flat stomach towards her smooth pussy. The let her finger trace around Victoria’s most sensitive spot. Judy’s fingers had come very close to the right places but hadn’t touched any of them, Victoria realized. It was as if her index finger guided Darrell’s eyes. Showing him all that he was being denied. “Climb up here, make yourself comfortable.” She said to the red-headed woman who was caught between uncertainty and a burning desire.

Victoria crawled onto the bed and lay down next to Darrell and propped herself up on one elbow. Judy resumed sucking Darrell’s cock. Her lips wrapped around his pulsating organ she began to bob her head, finding her rhythm. Victoria watched intently. She laid on hand on Darrell’s chest feeling his heart beat. His skin radiated heat like a furnace and his eyes betrayed his lust for the new woman who had joined him and his wife. Remembering the way Judy had stopped her husband from touching her, she quickly removed her hand and just watched the beautiful blond pleasuring the handsome man lying next to her.

Judy took Darrell slide from her moth and began slowly kissing his stomach and then began moving up towards his chest. She very deliberately ankara vip escortlar let her breasts come in contact with his cock as she moved her kisses upwards. Reaching his lips she engage him in a sensual kiss.

Victoria took in every detail of the scene which unfolded only inches away. Her free hand moved between her legs slowly stroking the moist flesh. Her middle finger circling around her clit. She began to breath heavily. She wanted to much to touch the two beautiful lovers next to her. But she knew she was forbidden. Instead of feeling their bodies, she relied on her other senses. She inhaled the their scent which was a cocktail of musk and vanilla. She could almost taste their skin just by taking in the sweet aroma. She continued caressing herself as Judy climbed higher and higher until she knelled over her husband’s face. She lowered her self carefully until her pussy was within reach of her husband’s mouth. He took the hint and immediately started kissing and licking her labia.

Judy moaned softly as he began sucking on her swollen clit. Victoria was so close to the center of Darrell’s attention that she could see how wet Judy was. She wasn’t sure what she longed for more – trading places with Judy or with Darrell. The idea of having her own clit stimulated by his tongue or being the one who tasted Judy’s love juices made her head spin.

Judy was moaning louder and louder. She lifted herself up a bit from Darrell’s eager mouth just to bring her vagina back down onto his lips with considerable force. She was clearly fighting a loosing battle against a rising orgasm. She wanted so bad to cum but she also wanted more of her husband much more. And having this incredibly beautiful young woman lying next to her, watching her being pleasured by her beloved husband almost drove her over the edge. She caught herself and breathed deeply, closing her eyes she let her mind go blank. Then she quickly slid down Darrell’s body finding his hard cock which slipped into her wet love tunnel in one smooth motion. She felt his balls against the sensitive skin of her ass as she sat down on his hip, his dick buried deep inside her. She sat still for a second as she watched Victoria re-position herself on the bed as to get a better look.

The red-headed woman knelt next to Darrell’s chest with her legs spread wide, one hand wildly rubbing her wet vagina as the other cupped her small breast gently massaging it and pinching her nipples. Judy watched Victoria pleasure herself and Victoria watched Judy as she began to move rhythmically back and forth, grinding her hip against her husband’s.

Judy saw Victoria’s fingers enter herself as she felt her husband’s cock move within her. The two women felt closely connected at this moment.

Victoria imagined Darrell entering her, filling her inner places with his thick cock, then moving in and out of her. Slowly and gently at first, then more forcefully. Judy’s imagination on the other hand let her switch positions with her beautiful guest. She pictured herself kneeling next to her husband as he was ridden by the slender red-head with the delicate white skin and stunning green eyes. She could feel her own fingers enter her body as she mentally traded places with Victoria.

Both women were getting very close to their orgasms. Breaking every rule she had established herself, Judy leaned over and kissed Victoria. The contact of the two women’s mouths was enough to shove them over the cliff. Both cried out as waves and waves of pleasure shook their beautiful bodies. This brought Darrell to his own climax. Just before he came. Judy pulled him out of her, grabbed Victoria’s hand, led it to her husband’s cock and commanded her in a strong but soft voice: “Get him there, sweet Victoria. Get him there.”

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