Becca’s Revenge Pt. 04

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“What the fuck was that about? You’re fucking nerds now? Have you ran through everyone else at school? You fucking slut.” Reading this text from Jason made me wet because in a couple of ways he was right. I had just about had sex with everyone at school and I was definitely a slut. And in 2 weeks this slut was going to be at the senior camping trip at camp Moreno.

The next 2 weeks were uneventful I sucked off miles a couple of times to remind him why he was doing my tests and homework, and now it was just a matter of waiting for Friday to see if my grades were good enough to go.

Receiving my grades the Friday before leaving for the trip I found out that I barely made the cut to go. As I pack to leave I put in my sluttiness clothes and my bikinis that I haven’t worn since 9th grade because they were so small.

The next day I showed up to get on the bus to head to the camp, and I was delighted to find out I would be sitting next to Jake on the bus. I thought I’d have some fun on the bus with him, and then I saw that Jason was on the same bus and then it immediately killed my mood.

Climbing on the bus, Jake shot me a cute little smile and allowed me to enter first ahead of him. As I head to the back of the Jason said, ” I guess this is the whore bus huh guys.”

The whole bus laughed while I gave him the finger and took my seat.

Halfway through the bus ride I grew increasingly horny, rubbing my thighs together I could feel my panties soaking up my juices. I looked over at Jake to him sleeping I decided to rub him through his jeans to wake him up.

It didn’t take long for him and his dick to be wide awake. “Holy shit. What are you doing?!?” He whispered.

Staring at his pants not even making eye contact, I replied “I’m horny.”

Gripping the armrest I knew he was ready for some action, I saw the bathroom in the back looked at him and said, “Come and get me.”

With everyone asleep it was easy for us to both slip in the bathroom without everyone noticing. Jake locked the door and kissed me passionately, swirling his tongue around my tongue. His cock pressed against my stomach as he ripped my shirt off me.

Just before I popped the fastenings on my bra, I stiffened for a moment, before pulling back. Staring at me the whole time as my bra fell to the bus bathroom floor exposing my creamy tits, gulping he said, “Jesus Christ.” Taking his hands, I placed them just below my boobs. He pushed his hands up, so that they cupped my tits.

Bringing my tits fully into his hands, I moaned as He caressed my breasts, rolling my nipples with his thumbs. I fell against the sink, with knees quivering. Reaching down, Jake lifted me onto the counter. Spreading my legs and grabbing his ass, bringing him back in to tongue his throat.

“I want you to fuck me good and hard,” I whispered, “And do it right now!”

“On my terms, babe.” He said. His hands sliding up my thighs towards my slit.

I could feel my clit straining against the panties as well as my shorts. I lifted my hips so He could pull off ankara duşta veren escortlar them both. They were soaked through. Taking the shorts off first fast, Jake slowly slid my white cotton panties down thighs. I was shaking with need.

“Oh God, you’re going to drive me insane, aren’t you?” I shuddered as his left thumb brushed against my lips, as he nodded.

“Fuck you.” I said as he licked my inner thighs in response, making me gasp.

My pussy already soaking wet, I pushed my pelvis forward, offering my her moist hole. Used to being bashed and destroyed I groaned, “Whatever you’re going to do, do it quickly, you fucking tease!” His tongue touched my clit and I jumped. Releasing a moan hoping no one woke up.

I squeezed my thighs against his ears as my hips bucked against his mouth. Knowing what I wanted, Jake sucked my clit into his mouth, as I covered my mouth with my hands, trying to stifle the moan.

That did it, as my thighs nearly broke his neck while my ass took flight from the counter. Even with my hands over my mouth there was no way the whole bus couldn’t hear my scream as I came. Then I went limp, falling back against the wall.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much,” I whispered, “I needed that.”

“Apparently.” Jake said pulling off his t-shirt revealing his gorgeous body.

I was sweating, fogging up the mirror. “That was fucking great.” Kissing his chest.

He slid down his pants and boxers for emphasis, “that was just the beginning.”

I licked my lips at the sight of his cock. It made my mouth water just to stare at it. “I missed him.” Stroking him slowly giving his cockhead a soft kiss.

Looking up at him I said, “Usually I’d give such a beautiful cock a good licking, but I think there’s somewhere else you’d like to put this.”

“Get up and turn around.” He commanded.

I stood up, putting my hands against the mirror, “Yes, sir.” Grinning back at him. “Like this?”

“That works,” smacking my fat round ass. He ran his fingers over the soft skin, Rubbing his thumb around a used teen asshole.

“You’re teasing me!” I whispered as He caressed my butt cheeks.

“I know.” Sliding down to my moist folds. I gasped as He brushed my lips, teasing them open.

“Put it in slow,” I moaned. “I want to feel every inch.”

“You will” Placing his thick prick at my entrance and sliding the head inside. I lost it, moaning and groaning. Though my pussy had seen its fair share of huge dicks this year it still fit Jake like a glove, it was tight around his cock, caressing it like nothing else.

Pushing in slightly then withdrawing until the head of his dick was almost completely out of my pussy. I pushed back, trying to get more of him in me. Jake slid in a little more, covering my mouth as I groaned.

My back quivered as my hips bucked against him. He pushed in a little more, trying to keep control. I knew I couldn’t last too much longer, as he started thrusting even more, going deeper with every push.

I whimpered more and more as ankara fetiş yapan escortlar he quickened the pace, my groaning grew louder and louder. His hips slapping against my ass, his hands gripping my shoulders. I pushed against him, keeping that rhythm going. As every muscle tightened in my body I was just about ready to cum.

“Oh fuck.” I groaned, “I’m cumming . . . I’m fucking CUMMING!” I never experienced an orgasm like it before. As my knees went numb, Jake pulled out to catch me from falling. As he pulled out I squirted all over the floor of the bus bathroom.

Not giving me much chance to catch my breath, Jake shoved back in to me with my legs still shaking. More my pace he slammed into me with every thrust smacking his balls.

“Holy Shit! Fuck, Fuck me, Fuck my pussy!” Unaware that I was full on screaming.

I felt Jake tighten inside me I knew was going bust his nut soon. I pushed him off going down on my knees.

My only response was to slide him deep into my mouth. Looking up at him with every bob I knew he was on the verge of screaming himself.

Finally he did releasing a loud, “FUCK!” While I felt his cum pumping into my mouth, my tongue sliding around his cock, making it convulse even more. He could see my throat working, swallowing his cream, but it was too much as it began to overflow. I finished jerking him off on my face as I swallowed.

His spasms slowed. As He stared down at me still milking his dick for all it was worth, He leaned against the sink, trying to keep from falling over.

“I thought it was the least I could do after all you did for me.” I looked up at him, smiling as I released his softening cock from my mouth, giving it one last lick, making it twitch.

Cleaning up before we faced the wrath of walking of the bathroom I checked to make sure I didn’t have any cum left on my face, unlocked the door and headed out with Jake right behind me.

Immediately greeting with Jason hollering “The whore can’t even go one bus ride without fucking someone. Jesus Christ.”

We sat in our seats and slept the rest of the way there.

During the first night of the camping trip a bunch of us decided to go get fucked up with all the booze we snuck with use our bags. As everyone started to head back to their cabins I realized I had to pee crazy bad. Stumbling into the bushes I pulled my panties down that were now crusty from jakes and my juices and peed.

As I began to pull my shorts back up, I heard someone walking up behind me and say, “well look what we got here.” Quickly pushing me against a tree and blocking me from getting my shorts up. “Hey, c’mon man I’m ju-just trying to get back to my cabin.” I said slurring my speech.

Still gripping my panties in one hand he pulled my hips closer to him, and started rubbing my pussy. I was too drunk and weak to stop him, but I actually didn’t mind it either. “I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw you coming out of Matts car.” The unknown student said.

“You shhhh-sure I didn’t fuck you before.” I managed ankara iranlı escort to say through my drunk moans.

Without answering me he whipped his dick out and attempted to enter me. Except he tried to stick it in my ass dry and I yelped. “Jesus, buddy what are you a virgin or something it’s the bigger hole.”

Repositioning he shoved his dick in me and immediately pumping in and out of me with anger. Gripping my titties he slammed into me with each thrust. A couple minutes in I felt him tense up inside me.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” He said dumping his jizz in my pussy. String after string flying in my hole.

“You came already?” I said, still not knowing who’s cum is inside me.

As he pulled out of me I saw a flash and a click from a camera, but didn’t think anything of it. I pulled my shorts up and turned around to see who just used me as a sperm bank but they were already gone. Heading back to camp I got confused about which cabin was mine, and walked into the cabin Jason was in.

I climbing in his bed to sleep I heard, “Becca, what the fu-” I grabbed him and kissed him to shut him up. Jason slowly worked his hands don my body until he slid my shorts down to finger me.

He stuck his fingers in my pussy, circling my walls on the inside causing me to moan. Jason smiled, sliding his fingers out and licking them clean “I missed the way your pussy tastes.” Jason said unknowingly swallowing cum. I busted out laughing pushing his head down to eat me out.

He started rubbing my clit while lapping up the jizz from my cum filled pussy. Jason stifled my moans with his free hand to keep me from waking the rest of the people in the cabin.

I grabbed the sheets of his bed tightly as I came from Jason’s tongue probing my used cum dump. “Get up here and fuck me, bitch.” I said painting.

As he pushed against me I felt his balls slap against my ass but not him inside me. “Don’t tease me Jason put it in me.” I said with a naughty drunk smile.

“What do you mean, it is in.” He said mid-stroke. He stared down at me, embarrassed, I grabbed his hands placing them on my breasts and commanded, “Then fuck me like a man.”

Still unable to feel him as he thrust into me, I thought that with all the guys I fucked this year the elasticity in my pussy wore out.

As I continued to think of what a whore I was this year, Jason began to grunt loud, and squeezing my tits harder. He was about to cum. I locked eyes with him as I whispered “Cum in me. Please daddy cum in my little pussy.”

Setting him over the edge I felt his jizz enter me as he grunted. Finally as Jason finished he rolled over and went to sleep leaving me with a pussy full of cum from two guys, one of them being unknown.

The next morning I woke up to him apologizing to me for cheating on me and for how he treated me this year. My immediate thought was to tell him to fuck off but I thought about and said yes.

I said yes because I’m gonna need help with my pregnancy which I could say is his, I already ruined his social life from telling everyone he has a small dick and from fucking his friends, so I figured I’d milk him for every penny he had until I gave birth.

And when he sees my baby and finds out it’s half black he’s gonna be broke and his life will be ruined. Concluding the ultimate revenge for cheating on me.

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