Tracie’s Mom

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All characters are at least 18 years old when engaging in sexual activities.


Tracie was awesome cute: brunette, a bit skinny, with pointy nipples that just couldn’t be controlled. They reached out from even the thickest of sweaters, to poke anyone that got close enough. From her freckles to her dimples, she was absolutely the cutest girl in the whole school, and probably the most flexible cheerleader in the county. I first saw Tracie in High School. Of course, I was a bumbling sci-fi nerd, and she was one of the in-crowd, so we never hung out together. Besides, she was super-best BFFs since childhood, with the hottest, bustiest, blondest cheerleader ever to grace a Basketball game with her top-heavy performances. As cute as Tracie was, her friend Barbi buried her in hotness!

Even though I could never get a moment with her, let alone talk to her – we were just in such different circles – I had a thing for Tracie. I guess today they’d call it stalking, but my greatest past time that year, was watching Tracie and dreaming of dating her. She usually hung out with Barbi, so there were plenty of other that were watching, too. At least twice, a new student came to the school, saw Tracie, and would start dating her. Tracie would be really happy for a while. Then the new guy would meet Barbi and suddenly it was clear they only stuck around with Tracie, in order to get closer to Barbi behind her back. Then the guy would put the heavy come-on to Barbi, Barbi would reject him (probably out of loyalty to her best friend, as she always had a BF), and Tracie would break up with the rat. I imagine it really depressed her, knowing that her best friend was the reason she could never have a BF for more than a week.

That summer, my family moved to the next district over, and I had to go to a different school for my senior year. So, I was really surprised when Tracie and I ended up going to the same local college and taking two of the same classes together. In Algebra, I sat in the only available seat left and just about fell over when I looked up from my notes and realized Tracie was sitting next to me. I could tell she recognized me, but couldn’t remember my name, so I introduced myself during the break. Even though I’d become a more outgoing person my senior year, I had a hard time trying to make small talk with her. So, I excused myself to get coffee from the vending machine down the hall.

My next class was Chemistry. I got there early for that one and didn’t notice her at all, until she grabbed me by the arm. The professor had told all of us to choose lab partners, and everyone was scrambling eryaman escort bayan around trying not to be the odd man out. (Personally, I’ve always loved Chemistry, so I wasn’t afraid of not having a lab partner.) So now we were lab partners, which worked out well. Being lab partners gave me more time to talk to her and make a connection. After she told me she was glad to have a science nerd as a lab partner, as she felt she was terrible at Chemistry, I told her I might need help in Algebra. Turns out she’s as much of a genius at Algebra as I am at Chemistry. So, we not only sat together in our shared classes, but we also became study-buddies, as well.

Whenever we were together, especially when studying, I tried to always stay objective and keep her at something of a distance. This despite the fact that I still kind of had a thing for her. So, I never asked her out. Then she invited me to a party on campus – something I’d always wanted to do. The loud music, press of happy people, and free-flowing beer was great fun, but I didn’t know anyone but her. I didn’t want to reward her kind invitation by sticking to her, like TP on her shoe, so I took my beer and wandered into the crowd of dancing people and just forgot to be embarrassed.

After a while, I sat down on the couch and just enjoyed looking at all the college students having fun. Tracie found me then. She crawled half into my lap and began telling me how much fun she was having. Didn’t I want to have fun, too? At this, she began kissing me. I will admit I lost myself int he moment and we made out on that couch for quite some time. Then it hit me what we were doing, and I sobered up almost immediately. She was quite drunk, and I knew this would go further if I wanted it. The problem was, as much as I was interested in Tracie, I didn’t want our first time to be part of a black-out. I pulled back and she got upset, insisting I take her home. Half-way there, she passed out and I didn’t know where she lived. Even though I was functionally sober, I was afraid I’d get pulled over if I kept driving around. So, I drove her to my parent’s house, where I was still living and put her to bed.

Although there was a bit of confusion, once she woke up, we sorted it out, and she actually respected me for not taking advantage, at least enough that we made plans for an actual date. That date led to others, and eventually, we decided to live together. Tracie really liked me, but over time, I found that I just wasn’t as into her as she was into me. Don’t get me wrong. I liked Tracie. Honestly, I did. But the luster had worn off my fantasies, ankara escort and the real thing just didn’t seem to live up to the expectation. Rather than fall into a rut, or allow the relationship to fall apart, I put on my best smile and pretended to be as happy to have her, as she was to have me.

That Thanksgiving, we decided to go across town, over to her parents’ house and I met her dad, as well as her super-hot and very flirtatious mom, Darci. Only a bit shorter than me, fit, and tanned, Darci had captivating cat’s eyes and a sensual southern accent that made even small talk seem like a come-on. From the moment she invited us in, I thought Tracie’s mom was flirting with me. I couldn’t be sure though. Not very experienced, I tried to laugh it off and not pay it any attention. But she kept it up. And whenever Tracie and her dad weren’t looking, I’d catch her looking at me. All weekend, it seemed she was trying to get close to me, get alone with me, or touch me. I would have told her to knock it off, but I just couldn’t be sure, and I didn’t want to be rude. Not sure I used any hot water that whole weekend!

When Christmas rolled around, I didn’t want another recurrence with her mom, so I suggested we go to my parents’ instead. Taking meeting my parents as a sign for our future, Tracie became really excited. My parents were in the next town over, so we didn’t have to go far. Everything seemed to go well that weekend. Except for the time my dad and I got away from the woman-folk to go out on the lake, Tracie was practically attached to me. Like her parents, mine wouldn’t allow us to share the same room that weekend either. But we did lots of hugging and kissing and such – real boyfriend/girlfriend-kind of stuff – and waited to get home for the bedroom fun.

New Year’s Day, my mom called, and I had to tell her that I was sick. I thought it was just a hang-over, but my mom decided she needed to come over, to make sure I had everything I needed. Later that afternoon, I emerged from my day-long nap, to find my mom sitting all alone. Tracie had left on some errands. From that moment, I started some odd behavior from Tracie. She started coming home late from work and stepping out for these mysterious errands. Later, I found out she and my dad had hooked up over Christmas (how they found time, I don’t know), and had been meeting up for sex a few times a week ever since.

Once I’d put it together, I went over to her house, as she was visiting her mom, to tell her that I’d found out and I was moving out at the end of the month. Turns out Tracie had left her mom’s half an hour before sincan escort bayan I got there. But her hot mom was only too happy to invite me inside. I was upset, so I agreed, assuming we wouldn’t be alone. She neglected to explain, however, that her husband wouldn’t be home for several hours. Darci sat next to me, in such a way that I couldn’t help but smell her perfume, see down her blouse, and allow her to rub my arm every time she spoke. I tried to put a bit of distance between us. But every time I did, she played innocent and moved closer, until I was wedged against the arm of the couch. Then she really turned up the volume, staring into my eyes, putting her face close to mine, and practically crawled up into my lap. I found myself trapped and turned on, blood rushing out of my brain, in order to turn my dick into a pneumatic jack. In short, I stopped thinking until we’d overturned every other piece of furniture and broken at least one lamp.

So, yes. We hooked up. But I didn’t do it out of revenge. It was because Darci was just so damn HOT! Hell, she made me cum three fucking times! By the time we were done, she was walking with a limp and my jellied legs needed help to get to my car. Only afterward, did I consider that I’d just become as bad as Tracie, having an affair with the other’s parent. It took me a while to work it out in my head, meanwhile, Darci and I met for coffee a few days afterward. From our conversation I learned two things: She had no idea Tracie was fucking my dad, and she was fine with sneaking around on her husband with me, on the side. In fact, she confided that, if it wasn’t me, she’d find someone else. She loved her husband but had recently decided she needed some extra excitement. I didn’t have anything to argue with against that, so I let it go, enjoying that I was the one to benefit.

Since then, I’ve talked to both Tracie and my dad – separately, of course. Sherlock Holmes would have been proud of me, the way I asked a lot of subtle questions, but never gave away that I knew he was cheating on my mom, and she was cheating on me. But they never let on. The only thing my dad would admit to, was that his mood had improved lately. Tracie just acted as if life were the same.

So, I know Tracie sneaks out to fuck my dad. I know my dad cheats on my mom with my girlfriend. I know that neither of them knows that I know. But I’m guilty of sneaking around with Tracie’s mom, too. After that first time, we decided to keep seeing each other from time to time. For me, being able to fuck both Tracie and her mom out-weighs any revenge feelings. And I have to admit it really IS fun to sneak around. I can see why Tracie, Darci, and my dad do it. Its a thrill beyond the sex – although the sex is awesome, too! I would feel sorry for my mom and Darci’s husband, except that they are ignorant of the facts, so aren’t really being hurt.

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