The Girl Next Door

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I’m not a great writer, if you are looking for a well written story, you might be disappointed. I’m trying to get better. If you like a story that gets to the sex and like to stroke, you might enjoy it.

Matt had watched the girl next door go from pre-teen to now 18. Stacy has always been a tease to the men in the neighborhood. Today is her 18th birthday party and Matt and his wife were invited. She is wearing a short skirt and a halter top. As the party goes on Matt catches her sneaking drinks and she just smiles at him.

Matt heads to the bathroom and as he gets to the door it opens and there she is, as she walks by her hand grazes the front of his shorts. Was this on purpose or an accident, either way Matt’s mind goes into overdrive.

Matt keeps watching her from across the room, when she catches him, she just licks her lips and smiles.

A bit later Matt walks out by the pool and she walks up to him, she slips her panties into his hand and says “meet me in the garage in 10 minutes”. Matt’s cock goes from soft to hard in 10 seconds. He is standing there with her panties and a hard on, looks around to see if any one saw what happened. He doesn’t think so. He quickly holds the panties to his face and they are so wet and smell delicious. they smell eryaman escort bayan so good he has to take a taste right there.

He hears his wife call his name and shoves the panties in his pocket. Mary his wife comment on how nice the party is and how Stacy has grown into a beautiful your lady. Matt says yes, she certainly has grown up. Mary has clearly had a few glasses of wine; she puts her arms around him and says after the party they will need to have some special time. Matt’s mind say are you kidding, she hasn’t touched me in a month and now she wants me?

Matt suggests that they go back inside, he has to find a way to be in the garage in 5 minutes, he will not miss Stacy.

A lady from down the street saves Matt, she wants to talk with Mary. Matt excuses himself so the ladies can talk.

He sneaks out to head to the detached garage, when he opens the door, it takes a minute for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. When they adjust, he sees Stacy sitting on the hood of her dad’s new car, it’s her birthday and she is wearing her birthday suit. She is leaning back and her legs are spread. Stacy says “come eat my pussy now.”

Matt doesn’t need to be told twice, he can see is pussy is flowing, juice is dripping down her ass and onto Daddy’s ankara escort car.

Matt sticks his tongue out and touches her clit, that was all it took, Stacy has her first orgasm. She grabs his head and pulls his face into her pussy, Matt can not get enough of her pussy it tastes so good, he keeps licking her and pushes her back and licks her asshole, he works his way from asshole to clit, she has another orgasm.

Matt says “I have to fuck you!” He drops his shorts and she reaches out and guides his cock into her pussy, Stacy wraps her legs around his back and pulls him all the way into her tight pussy. They both are like animals in heat. Matt last as long as he can and fills her pussy with his cum as she has another orgasm.

Just as he fills her pussy, her phone goes off, her mom wondering where she is. She says I have to get back before she comes looking for me. They both quickly dress; Stacy has cum running down her legs. When she gets dressed, she sees they’re cum on the hood of the car. She runs her fingers through it and puts them in her mouth. Mmmm she says, next time I want it straight from your cock. She gives him a kiss; he can taste their combined juice.

She leaves the garage first, then Matt heads back to the party.

When sincan escort bayan he gets back the party is winding down, he and Mary chat with a few neighbors. Then Mary says It time to head home.

When they get into the house Mary gives him a kiss and it’s clear she is in the mood. Matt wonders can he get it up less than a hour after fucking Stacy. He tells Mary meet me in the bedroom I want to take a quick shower. Mary says, NO, I want you now and she starts to rubs his cock through his pants.

Mary opens his pants and drops to her knees, Matt is thinking “what the fuck” she ignores me for a month and now she wants me in the family room. Mary starts to lick his cock, she hesitates, licks again. Matt just grabs her head and pushes his cock all the way into her mouth. He doesn’t want to give her time to wonder about the taste.

Getting hard again is not a problem. The idea of his wife who seems to have lost desire for sex is now sucking his cock covered in their 18-year-old neighbors pussy juice provides the motivation for the hard on.

After he is full hard, he tells Mary to turn around and bend over the couch, he doesn’t even bother to remove her panties, he just pulls them to the side and shoves his cock in. They are fucking like they did 20 years ago. Pure lust!

Matt is slamming his cock into Mary and she cums, she says, “fuck me harder”. Matt fucks as long as he can hold out and cums in her pussy. Twice in less than 2 hours. They collapse on the couch and fall asleep in each other arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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