Melanie Loves Anal

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For the tutor, getting on with work was an easy affair, but for Melanie it was another story altogether. She felt as though she’d been stung by some sort of wonderful bug. She tried as hard as she could to be attentive in all her lessons, but every time her tutor leaned close to her or softened his wonderful voice in any way, Melanie found her body responding sexually. It was all very confusing and made it impossible to concentrate. When she heard the clock chime for eleven, and realized the day wasn’t even half over, she began to wonder if she would ever get through it.

She felt as though something had been woken up inside. The blood rushed through her veins with a little more enthusiasm and her sex felt as though it were ready to engulf the whole world if she could possibly get it into her body. She could not get sexual images out of her mind. Because of this new sense of excitement, the oddest ideas occurred to her through the lesson as if their arrival and departure were controlled by something outside of her own mind.

When the tutor showed her a world map, she wondered if she could swing her bottom off the bottom of Italy and get the tip of the “boot” buried in her pussy.

When he talked about the Arab’s in Persia, she imagined herself naked, tied with thick ropes on the back of a camel, being taken to a low laying tent in the sandy wilderness and offered in trade for land.

When he told her about Cook setting sail for the great south, she imagined many sailors taking her as payment to her father for their voyage to accompany them.

Her mind was out of control. She wondered if this was how things were going to be from now on. Simultaneously, she wondered how the other adults were able to control themselves.

Her answer to that question came much sooner than she expected.

Soon, her tutor sighed. “We are getting no work done today Melanie. You are clearly distracted. How about, as a small gift to you for your birthday, I let you miss your lessons today?”

Melanie’s heart sank. She was hoping he might do that thing to her again.

“But, I… I am sorry I can’t concentrate. I will try harder!” Melanie said with dismay.

The tutor smiled. “Melanie, we will do that thing again, only I need a little bit of time. I want to prepare something extra special for you. You are very distracted. Why don’t you go out for a walk, or a horse ride, and I will see you at lunch and let you know what we can do together this afternoon?”

Melanie’s heart rose. A ride! That was a great idea!

Soon Melanie was in her riding clothes and headed to the stables, her mind flooded with hopes of repeating that wonderful thing that happened to her all those years ago when she went horse riding. Only now that she was eighteen, she would be able to do it properly for sure. Her mind whirred with the possibilities.

As she approached the stables, she noticed her father and his three colleagues leaving from the same door she was about to enter. Her father looked concerned when he saw her.

“Melanie! Shouldn’t you be in school?”

Melanie curtseyed. “Yes father. But as a special gift, tutor told me I could take the morning off, if I promise to work very hard in the afternoon.”

It was impossible for Melanie not to notice the way the three men stared at her. For a few seconds she couldn’t work out why, and then suddenly it dawned on her! She must be wearing that same flush that gave her away at breakfast.

Curse her body! She must find a way to hide this.

Her Father suddenly coughed. Melanie noticed the other three men crossed their hands over the front of their trousers.

“What are you doing now?” asked her father.

“A ride Father. Tutor suggested I go for a ride.”

Her father looked relived.

“Definitely Melanie. He is a good man, that tutor of yours. And wise. You may need a lot of horse riding over the next few months until you… until you… get used to being eighteen. Go and enjoy yourself child.”

With that, the four men were gone.

Melanie continued on toward the stables.

As the path took her where she needed to go, she found it impossible to get the look on the faces of her father’s colleagues out of her mind. Their eyes covered her body as if they were eating something. If she didn’t know better, she could have sworn Anderson licked his lips. What strange creatures men where – and yet! A part of her understood.

A part of her longed to see them naked.

A part of her longed for them to see her naked.

Imagine pendik escort if her father scolded her in front of them? Lifted her skirts and took down her undergarments and exposed her wicked bare bottom to them. Imagine if she were bent over his lap, her legs spread to stabilize, the three men standing by her Father’s side keeping a good eye on her punishment. Imagine if as her father spanked her, the three men bent to inspect his work, examining her there, inspecting the redness of her behind, and spreading her apart.

Melanie became overwhelmed with the feelings that flowed through her.

She noticed the response in her body. The rapid beat of her heart, the hot flush that crept up and over her, the ache at the top of her slit and the wetness that came from within beginning to seep onto her thighs. She noticed how strong these feelings were and how badly she wanted to indulge in them. A strange sort of fear mingled inside with the potent desire. If she gave in to these feelings, would they overwhelm her forever? And yet the very act of restraint itself seemed to make them all the more potent.

She decided for the moment she would indulge the feelings and then worry about what to do later when she could talk to her tutor. He might know better than she what to do.

Melanie looked around her as if she were about to do something very wrong. Perhaps she was who was to know?

She moved behind the stable, always peeping around corners for the stable hand and his master, making sure she was alone.

Standing by the side of the stables, Melanie leaned against the walls of the garage and lifted her skirts.

Slowing, with the heat of the sun baring down upon her, she allowed the sun to warm her already flushed face, feeling it as though it were a caress. As the material of her skirts rose up her body she closed her eyes to the suns ray and deeply inhaled the fresh straw of the stables behind her.

She bunched her skirts around her waist. She smoothed her hand over her thigh, and slid it between the ribbon ties at the side of her undergarments. Then she ran her hand toward her sex, feeling the immediate flood of recognition when flesh met flesh.

“Ohhh.” She sighed. She allowed her mouth to fall open, and her fingers to move toward that stiff burning place at the top of her sex. With her eyes closed she could imagine the faces of the men, watching her, bare assed, checking her body for its flaws and inconsistencies.

Something caused her to open her eyes.

And there in front of her, was Mr Anderson.

“Oh!” Melanie cried, frozen to the spot.

Immediately, the man before her pressed himself against her body, forcing her hand to stay where it was. She was crushed beneath him, pinned against the walls of the stable. His hands moved to her breasts over the top of her bodice as his face moved past hers to whisper into her ear.

“Keep touching yourself, you little harlot. I’m going to take a piece of you while you’re still ripe. You’re so horny you’ll be spoiled before long, and I want some of this fruit while its plump and juicy.”

Melanie’s heart raced, and she was shocked at his words. What did he mean, spoiled? What did he mean by horny? And he called her a harlot! That word she did know.

However, being called a harlot, was exciting. She knew it was wrong, but something about it thrilled her. And the way he groped roughly for her breasts. He pulled them from her bodice so that they flopped heavily over the top of her riding dress. Then he lowered his head to take one of her nipples in his mouth, and he sucked hard so that it stuck out like a small berry. Melanie couldn’t help but remember what he did to the maid, and so she concentrated on the sensation, seeing if she really did enjoy what looked so good when observed.

She did.

She threw her head back and pulled her hand from her sex and clasped Mr Anderson s head to her bosom. “Oh yes, yes.” she cried out.

Suddenly his face was in front of hers again.

“I’m going to make you scream in ecstasy girl. Have you done it before today? Have you done any of this?”

Melanie shook her head. She didn’t know what was happening. Was this some sort of test?

“That tutors taken you, I can tell.” Mr Anderson said as his hands rummaged beneath her under garments. “But I know one part of you he can’t have had time to take and I want that. It’s not often we get fresh meat these days. But you got my cock so hard all morning and I’m going to make you fix what you started.”

Melanie soon felt tuzla escort his hand upon her sex. He was rougher with her than she had been but it felt good, as if it were a more fitting antidote to the swelling, throbbing thrill that she felt down there.

“Jesus! You’re so wet. You are a whore, I was right. Ha ha ha – we’ll see what your father can do with you. If you he can save you from this.” He breathed into her ear. Melanie felt two of his fat fingers plunge into her hole. The joy if overwhelmed her, and without thinking she lifted a leg and hooked it about the man’s waist.

“Oh yeah, that’s it.” Anderson said, pumping his fingers in and out of her snatch. He started to increase his pace, and with it, Melanie increased her breathing. “Cum on my fingers slattern, and I’ll give you something you’ll never forget.”

The lewd words, coupled with the strength of feeling Melanie already experienced, caused her to thrust hard into the man’s hands as he frigged her back and forth hard. Soon she felt the delicious sensation rising in the back of her spine. Mr Anderson lifted his head to look at her. He increased the rhythm of his hand and with the other he pinched on her nipples as he watched her face. Melanie moved to deep ecstasy, losing the ability to focus. She felt saliva pooling at her mouth, as she came in a large hard wave, all over his fingers.

Then she closed her eyes, and felt him kissing her.

“You’re a beautiful little slut. I’ve never seen a woman take it like you. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were enjoying it – just like a whore. I think you did enjoy that, didn’t you young miss Melanie?”

Melanie, eyes still closed, still floating on a sea of delirium, nodded her head.

Mr Anderson kept his fingers down there. She could feel they caught much of her goo gathered in his cupped hand. But she was too lost to her own delights to wonder what he was doing.

“You’re not done young miss. You haven’t taken care of me, and I have wood that can break ice now.” Mr Anderson whispered in her ear.

Then she felt his hand move back, toward the nether regions of her body. As suddenly as he was upon her, she felt his fingers pressing and probing back there, in her most private of all places.

“But sir!” Melanie protested in her faint state. “Sir, you are in the wrong place. Sir, Your hand is against… well.. it is against my little ass hole.”

Anderson brought his face to kiss her mouth again. He stuck his tongue in deep as his fingers smeared Melanie’s copious juices all over her little pucker. Then he pumped his tongue in and out of her mouth as he slid first one and then two fingers into her ass. His fingers were well lubed from all the wet, slimy fuck juice Melanie had made, but the feeling was intense and something Melanie had never imagined.

However, she allowed it.

Allowed it, and accommodated it. In fact, Melanie took to it with great ease, softening her sphincter muscles in order to welcome his probing fingers.

Anderson kissed her with more force, and braced a hand against the wall behind her. He plunged three fingers into her tight hole, and began to spread her into a fine gape that could take his angry monster of a cock. He’d never seen a more responsive woman. She loved what he was doing to her; it seemed there was nothing she wouldn’t take. As he felt her ass soften to take his fingers, his cock almost burst. She was a true whore, of the special kind that was made for fuck juice to be spilled into her whenever the desire took a man. He could take whatever he wanted and she’d give it willingly, he could sense it in her already.

Anderson knew this woman would prove to be a great danger to many people, and she wouldn’t be around for too long. He intended to take all he could form her in that time, for women such as this one were rare.

He pulled his fingers out of her with a harsh withdrawal. She could barely stand, so weak with desire was she. Her mouth dripped saliva, and it gathered on her breast, running down to her nipple where it sat in a large drip ready to fall. Her eyes sat half open as if she were in a trance. Indeed, he surmised if she came again, she may take to the fits.

Anderson didn’t care. His cock was crying and bursting, and he needed her.

He grabbed her roughly and turned her to the wall. He tore at the ribbons on the side of her garments, and checked on her ass again. It was still gaping, and still slimy with all her hot fuck. He moved his hand forward to her clit and rubbed small circles in the thick wetness kartal escort that was gathered all over her. She moaned and leaned into the wall, almost as if she knew what evil she was about to endure.

He fumbled with the front of his trousers and pulled out his angry cock. Without any warning, he plunged it into her cunt, letting the heat and the wetness take him over. She cried out, but it was the cry of a hungry woman being fed. He’d heard it coming from nymphomaniac whores and lusty bar waitresses in his time. He’d never heard it from a gentlewoman. And he was sure he’d never hear it again.

After a few strokes, he pulled his cock out of her, and moved it back toward her ass.

“Oh!” She cried. “Oh no! You’re too big. Surely you will break me in to?” She cried.

Anderson felt no pity for her, for he knew what sort of woman she was no matter how much money and nobility she claimed. In one swift stroke he pushed his enormous cock into her virgin ass, at the same time moving his hands to her tits, to pull hard on her nipples, and drag her body closer to his, giving him an easier path.

He needn’t have worried. Melanie took his assault with ease, her ass providing no resistance to what his cock proposed. Instead she threw her head back, and arched her back a little so as to make it easier for his dick to enter her. Her lust drove his as he felt her respond with joy and wild abandon. He started to thrust, her ass so hot and tight he felt he might burst at any moment. He pulled hard on her tits, grabbing at them as though they were sponges in his hands. He pushed her back against the wall of the stable and, grabbing hard at her hips, pushed in and out as he wanted, enjoying the tight grip her nasty little ass held onto him.

Melanie never expected his cock to enter her there, even when his fingers had been, but now that he was in, she felt the wild heat of sexual lust take her over completely. It never occurred to her to get it in that tight hole. Who would have imagined it could be used for such pleasure? She couldn’t wait to tell her tutor. Perhaps, in the future, he may be able to do this to her also? For if there was one thing Miss Melanie was sure of, it was that she would be wanting this to happen again.

When he pushed her against the wall and started to slam into her, she felt that she might be ripped apart. His dick felt so large and her hole so small, she was sure it would tear her in to. But she couldn’t help the pleasure it brought also, the feeling of extreme excitement that moved through her as she pushed her ass back onto him, trying always, with each thrust to bring him closer and deeper into her body.

The burn at the top of her slit was hotter and harder than ever. As he pumped her and grabbed in that heated way at her tits, she slid a hand down her slit, and found the hot nub at the top. She rubbed it hard, using all her copious juices to keep the area slick. As soon as she began to rub she felt that delicious feeling, the rise of the wave coming at her from her internal horizons. She pushed back hard, trying to get him to slam her more in her ass. He moaned out loud and did as she wanted. With her hand strumming as fast as it could, she massaged her little hot lump, strumming her fingers over it, till she exploded into one of those beautiful bursts of bliss that overcame her entire body. The man behind her cursed, called her a “hot fucking whore” and spewed his heated fluid up into her bowels.

As the feeling took her over, Melanie bent at the waist, so that her ass stuck high in the air, and her hands reached forward to tip the toe of her boots.

Mr Anderson, couldn’t believe she had burst into that orgasm while he was in her ass. He couldn’t help but jettison his fuck juice into her, unloading his balls till she must have been filled to bursting with his seed. In her delirium she fell forward, so her gorgeous ass and sex were completely exposed to him. As he slid his cock out, the gape in her ass shone bright and red, hot wet white juice starting to seep from the bottom of its yawning mouth. He pulled his now flaccid cock out of her, but noticed a thin long line of clear liquid lay in a single stream between her cunt and the earth without being broken. It looked like a snail had left a silvery trail between the girl and the earth.

He concentrated on the scene, as the wet line was slowly joined by his white globs that were coming out in generous slithers, making their way down her hot red slit to the point where all the fluids met and flowed out of her. He wished he had some way of preserving the image later, for he was sure he would be rubbing his cock to this scene many times.

But no matter he thought, as he buttoned up his flies.

He’d never be forgetting it anyway.

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