Ribbon Game

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The Ribbon Game — Instructions for play

The ribbon game is for professionals only, an erotic get-to-know-you game best suited for two individuals. Players should know each other well, but not personally. This game crosses a few boundaries, can be very intense, and is not for the faint-of-heart. The players should have some amount of mutual attraction, that each is aware of. Being able to read body language is a must, especially before play begins. The perfect time to play is while on a business trip, with a colleague you have always had a crush on, but never made it obvious that you would allow things to move to the next level.

Things you need to play the game are:

Two 18″ pieces of ribbon (preferably Red), the only important thing you need to pack for this business trip.

One alarm clock, play must be timed for safety, you can use your phone for this.

One or Two bottles of wine or similar substance of your choosing, this is to reduce your inhibitions ever so.

One secluded spot could be a hotel room or any place you can be alone in complete darkness for several hours.

Note: As this sincan escort bayan game is played in complete darkness, your senses of hearing, taste, touch, and smell will become sensitive, one suggestion would be to freshen up a bit before play begins…

Warning: This game can cause extreme emotional stress reactions such as cold sweats, not being able to sleep, increased heart rate, full-body trembling, and possibly uncontrolled orgasms. Please use caution when choosing an opponent. By following these instructions, you become responsible for any spontaneous; lip biting, edging, aggressive cuddling, belly bumping, bodging, boffing, or boinking that may occur during play.

How to play the game; First you chit-chat until the first bottle of wine is gone, then sufficiently agreeable, you decide to play. Remember to set the alarm for 10 minutes. You each hold one of the ribbons in your mouth. Stand about 10 feet apart facing each other and turn off the lights. Now you should be in complete darkness. Completely undress yourself making note of where you left your clothes, you will need to find them and be completely eryaman escort dressed before the lights come back on. When you are ready, you each tie your own hands behind your back with the ribbon. Remember, not too tight, just enough to deter the urge to use your hands. The use of your hands is not allowed under any circumstances. Talking is also not allowed, you must communicate through other means such as touch, etc. Uncontrolled vocalizations such as laughter, screams, and moans, are encouraged.

To begin play; you inch closer and closer to each other in complete darkness until some part of your bodies’ touch, being careful not to knock the other person over as they will not be able to break their fall with their hands. You can touch each other with any part of the body, but not your hands. This is a chance for your bodies to explore each other’s without the use of your hands, sight, or full cognition as the wine (or your substance of choice) should have started to fog the mind and reduce inhibitions. Your bodies should soon take control, instinct prevailing, they will know what to do. You may end up on the floor or etimesgut bayan escort pressed up against a wall or on top of a desk. You may be on top, on the bottom, or side-by-side. It is recommended to start exploring with your mouth, so kissing is usually safe to start with. All things you were used to doing in such an encounter, will now be difficult without the use of your hands, your bodies will figure it out, you’ll see. You explore each other’s body until the alarm sounds, then the game is over and you get dressed and turn the lights on, in that order. If the attraction is strong and the level of arousal is intense, no one will hear the alarm. With prolonged play, the players are bound to either get hurt, physically, or emotionally or it will be the begging of something new and possibly wonderful. When the lights come on, the person you see will be a completely different person, from the one you knew when the lights went out!

The interesting thing about this game for professionals (know each other well but have never physically touched), is plausible deniability:

You have never shared a bed.

You have never seen each other without clothes.

You have never touched the other person’s clothing.

You have never laid a hand on them physically.

You can say your relationship has been professional as it always has been, up until this point!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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