Revenge is Sweet Ch. 01

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The story starts off rather slowly, but will have far more sex involved in the subsequent chapters. Hope you enjoy!



I had known Bobby for years. We played football together in high school, and both of us went to State upon graduation: him on an athletic scholarship, me on an academic one. Bobby had always been the typical star athlete; he slept around, blabbed to everyone about each “conquest” in the locker room, bullied the nerds and band geeks, and generally made an ass out of himself all the way around. His temper was famous throughout grade school, too, and being that he’s 6’4 and about 240, he didn’t run into many who would stand up to him.

I, on the other hand, never fit the mold of being a jock. I was athletic enough to make All-Metro as a senior and garner interest from a couple of smaller Division I programs, but I also graduated fourth in our class, and was popular with virtually every crowd in school. Certainly had my share of pussy, as well, but was far more respectful about it and developed a quiet reputation amongst the female student body for both my discretion and my prowess in bed.

Anyway, even though we had played football together and our parents were friends, we’d never really been that close, mostly because he was such an asshole. When we got to college, however, he tried to talk me into tutoring him. He wasn’t dumb, but he’d spent high school partying, and as a result he wasn’t able to get through even remedial math without help. When he first approached me near the beginning of our sophomore year, I balked; I mean, why should I do anything for this jerk? Another month or so went by before he asked again, and he seemed so genuinely humbled that I decided to help. The under the table money one of the assistant coaches gave me didn’t make the decision any harder, but it truly seemed Bobby was figuring out that the world wasn’t his playground.

So we started a somewhat awkward friendship, and I learned that he had, indeed, softened his attitude. He was even cordial to the geeks and nerds whom he would have ridiculed mercilessly just two years before, which was definite progress…but he still treated women like shit. To my knowledge, he never slept with the same girl twice, and he constantly referred to them all as sluts. Given that I was friends with some of those he would “nail and bail,” a line he stole from a movie that made him feel clever to say, I knew exactly how much many of them were not at all slutty, but to his credit he generally kept quiet outside of me and a few others who went to high school with us, and most of his conquests didn’t have any regrets afterward.

Then he had to go and fuck my ex, Jane, the same ex sincan escort bayan that I was still talking to about getting back together. She didn’t know Bobby and I even knew each other because we started dating a couple of months after Bobby finished his first math class and broke up right before the current semester, when he had his second, and he and I didn’t really hang out other than when I was tutoring him. He knew, however, exactly who Jane was, and how I felt about her. Toward the end of the semester, we were pretty close to getting back together. I had a date all planned out to propose to her; she was absolutely everything I’d ever wanted, or so I thought, and I still regretted having let her go so easily. When I asked her out, however, she already had plans to go to a concert with girlfriends, so I just put it off until the next weekend, which was the first after finals. I rationalized it might not be such a bad idea to study, anyway, so I could finish out my junior year with (hopefully) only one B, which would be just my second of college altogether. As fate would have it, my final tutoring session with Bobby was right after I had asked Jane out. I had mentioned her and our relationship in passing a few times through the semester, and I knew he found her attractive, but he had never gone after any of his friends’ girls even in high school, so I didn’t think anything of it. Well, I ended up telling him of her plans and how I was just going to wait until after classes were over, which garnered a slap on the back. “Don’t worry about it, bud,” he said, “she’ll be back in your bed in no time.” Looking back, I should have known there was something behind that smile.

So Saturday I went over to a classmate’s apartment to study with him and a couple other Computer Science guys, and between the four of us, we were able to make much quicker work of it than I’d imagined. We finished every bit of the material for each of the three classes we shared, and as such Mark, the host of our study group, suggested we go out and get a couple of drinks to celebrate. I drove, promising not to drink much so that I’d be able to drive back, and we all planned to just crash back there till the morning.

The bar wasn’t that crowded, which made it all the more fun, but also made last call closer to midnight than it normally was. We got back to the apartment complex around 12:30, and I noticed a fire red Mustang GT convertible sitting outside the next set of apartments. “I didn’t know Bobby Kelvin lived out here,” I said. The car had been a gift from one of the school’s boosters as a “sweetener” to ensure that he come play at State instead of moving out west.

“Yeah, he just moved in this January, eryaman escort I think he got a bonus for being all conference,” Mark joked. “I’m actually surprised he’s back so soon. He was talking about pulling an all nighter at the concert.”

Hearing that made my blood run cold. “What concert?” I asked, trying to restrain from showing emotion. “Some country group playing across town,” Mark answered. “He was bragging yesterday about having gotten tickets at the last minute. Even asked me if I wanted to go because he said he needed a wing man, that he had a fine piece lined up and she’d be there with friends, but that kind of music just isn’t my thing. Besides, we’d already decided on studying tonight.” None of them had any clue that Bobby and I knew each other, and given that his car was so well known around campus, they didn’t think twice about my awareness of who it belonged to.

After parking, the other three went back inside, but I said I wanted to go on back and sleep in my own bed, so we said our goodbyes. I waited until they were safely inside, then circled around the complex and came back to Bobby’s building. There was only one light on, and I could tell that the window was open with just the blinds blocking my view, but obviously I had no idea if it was his room or not. “Still, I’ve gotta know,” I said quietly to no one in particular.

I got out of my car and walked toward the window, and as I got close, I could hear that there was definitely fucking going on. “Yeah, baby, you like that?” Yep, that’s Bobby. But I still didn’t know who he was with. I could hear her moaning, though. Doing the only thing I could think of, I pulled out my phone and dialed Jane.

Sure enough, I heard her ring tone from the other side of the blinds. The sex noises slowed, but didn’t stop, and then I heard Bobby ask who it was. “Just Nick, my ex. Probably wants to find out how the concert was; I’ll call later.”

Bobby laughed. “Oh you will, huh? What if I just want to keep on fucking you?”

Jane audibly snorted. “Please. Have you ever spent more than one night with a girl?”

“Not really,” Bobby replied, “but your pussy feels good enough that I might want another couple of rounds.” I could hear shuffling inside, and presumed they were changing positions. After a few seconds, Jane let out a low, guttural moan, which I knew meant he was taking her from behind.

“Well, we might be able to work something out. We’re having dinner next weekend, and his sister already told me he’s going to propose.” She giggled naughtily, “I’ll have to act all surprised, but I’ve decided to say yes.”

I was flabbergasted; my sister, Naomi, was the only person I had told about that, because she’d helped etimesgut bayan escort me plan it. I hadn’t even know that she and Jane had ever met, much less that they were friends. Naomi was a couple of years older than me, and in graduate school two states over, where our father lived. Even if I had known that she knew Jane, I never would have thought she could betray my plans like that.

I was shaken out of my brief reverie by Bobby’s voice. “Aw, come on. You know he’s never going to fuck you like this! Does he have eight inches of meat to plow you with?” I could hear the loud THWACK THWACK THWACK of their fucking clearly now, and it was beginning to make me feel sick. I have heard that some guys get turned on by seeing/hearing their significant other with another man, but I’m not one of them. My own cock, a good seven inches when hard, was utterly flaccid.

“No, but come on, you and I both know you aren’t the marrying type. Besides, he isn’t bad in bed, just a little predictable. Don’t worry though. He’s so trusting, it’s not hard to get some on the side. If you’re serious, I’m sure I can find time to squeeze you in every now and then. I need this kind of wild sex sometimes, and Nick can’t give it to me.” WHAT!? She fucking cheated on me when we were actually together? Up until this point, I had been telling myself that we weren’t really a couple, that she just wanted one last fling, but that was the breaker.

“Oh, so you do want to keep getting my dick, huh?” I wanted to kill him. He knew full well that I wanted to get back together, even if I hadn’t let him in on the proposal idea, and not only did he go out of his way to pick her up at the concert but he was going to keep fucking her after we’d gotten back together? And here I thought we’d become at least something of friends. He sure seemed friendly when I was helping him learn what a quadratic equation was just two and a half days earlier.

“As long as you don’t mind sneaking around some, you can have my pussy anytime you want, big boy.” I heard him start to groan as she involuntarily let out squeaking noises, the telltale sign that he was cumming inside of her.

“In that case, you’ll have to let me have a copy of that video you shot so I can relive the sensation when you aren’t available,” Bobby said with weary voice, obviously spent. Come to think of it, she’d recorded our first night together, as well, convincing me by saying she’d never had a cock as big as mine and she wanted to remember it, but she swore she had deleted the file when I asked to copy it a month later, after we’d gotten serious.

“Mmm, I’ll think about it. But right now let’s get a shower; I want to get clean.” I knew that meant she was staying the night. Getting a shower had been her way of giving me time to recuperate before getting me hard again for round two.

I turned and walked unsteadily back to my car, eyes on the ground, heart feeling as if it had been ripped from my chest.

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