Reichenbach Ch. 03

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The chronological order of my stories is as follows:

Todd they just love tearing apart those who do good and powerful things. With this… they’ll rip you apart in public, they’ll take you off your little pedestal. Now you can walk away from the case… or you can endure some pain. I have friends that will make sure you feel the pain, including a former newswoman who knows how to deal with arrogant assholes like you.”

“Okay.” I said agreeably. “I’ll walk away.” I went to the door.

Susan looked bewildered. I then said “I’ll walk away from this, just as soon as it’s over.” With that I opened the door, and Jack Muscone and Lindy Linares appeared, followed by a blue crowbar and the woman holding it, Cindy Ross.

I said “Susan Wexler, you are under arrest for the murders of Nicole Stanton and Cherie Ward, both human beings. You have the right to remain silent…” As I recited Susan’s considerable legal rights to her, Lindy Linares was affixing the handcuffs to her wrists behind her back, having removed Susan’s three handguns from various places on her person…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We did not take Susan Wexler to the City Police Headquarters but to the FBI offices in the City, as the Stanton murder was a Federal crime and the Feds had first dibs and the right to keep her. What with the potential corruption in the City Police, as well as Susan Wexler being a very high ranking officer, we knew there was no way we’d let the City P.D. keep her.

We had to wait until 10:00am for her lawyer to arrive, a lawyer that she immediately asked for when she was arrested. Consider me ‘not surprised’ that it was a lawyer from Gresham indeed, he was the same legal beagle that had represented Alicia Foster in the Credit Card Caper. Leaving Cindy, Sapper Warren, Robin Ventura and Arthur Wilshire to watch from behind the glass, I followed the U.S. Attorney and Jack Muscone into the interrogation room… and was pleased at the sound as the lawyer groaned at the sight of me.

The U.S. Attorney was the same black man that had been insulted by Tommy Gunn during the Black Badge case. And he was all over this case like white on rice.

“Did Ms. Wexler invoke?” was the first thing he asked.

“Not in my presence.” I said. “She only demanded an attorney before any questioning.”

Per normal procedures, the U.S. Attorney read Susan her rights, then asked if she understood them. She replied “Go to hell, nigger.”

“Well, sincan escort bayan so much any bail or deals.” the man said, getting up. As he left the room, he said, “She’s all yours, Commander Troy.”

“Okay, Susan,” I said. “I’ll just lay out the evidence here, so that you and your attorney from Gresham I thought it’d be a .22 Magnum.”

I continued: “Third, we have the very interesting case of the credit card. The credit card that Sapper Warren found as ‘evidence’ was actually created by my FBI friends. The name on it was Cherie Ward, which you would expect to see. But the number on the card… was the number of Nicole Stanton’s card that was found at her crime scene.”

“So, Susan,” I said, “after Sapper gave you and Wilshire that card, you allegedly ran the number and came up with the information on Cherie’s card… but with a few changes to your C.I. police record of it. It was suggested in the meeting, which was recorded, that your Lieutenant, James Rogan, was involved in Cherie being a C.I… which directly contradicts what you told myself and Captain Ross at the crime scene. Then Rogan’s name appears on that report as the handler of Cherie, and the person who gave her that card. Funny how his name appeared only after it was ‘suggested’ that Rogan was the mole. But he wasn’t, was he Susan?”

“That’s entrapment.” said Susan’s lawyer.

“No sir, it’s a sting.” I said. “We’ve got warrants for every part of this, for creating the credit card to how we were going to do the sting. All approved by the judge. Of course, the result is that you gave us the report on Cherie’s credit card… after being given Nicole’s credit card number. You didn’t run the number, you just saw Cherie’s name on the card, brought up her report, changed some items to protect the guilty, and gave a false report back to the other officers, as well as City I.A., attempting to implicate an innocent man.”

“You’ll never prove that.” said the lawyer.

“Won’t I?” I asked. “Just look through these warrants, Counselor. One of them was to let our undercover agent put software on Susan’s computer, software that traces what she did, what apps she brought up, and such. It also records her keystrokes, and all that. We’ve got her pulling up Cherie’s card without typing a number, changing the data on it, then spitting out those false reports. This is rock-solid stuff, Counselor.” The legal beagle did not look very happy.

“Last, but not least,” I said, eryaman escort “is the circumstantial evidence that will build up, especially in Cherie’s case. It was you, Susan, who kept both Rooms 509 and 609 on retainer, but paying Cherie’s agency to pay for Room 509. You bugged Room 509 to the hilt, and Cherie was helping you get information, maybe for police business… and maybe to use in criminal enterprises, as well. Rich clients who work in companies that have industrial secrets, maybe.”

“Also, I have noticed a certain pattern: one gang operating in each of several zones in the City, and the Police busting all the others that try to come in. Your busts have been spectacular, Susan, but one gang in each area seems to remain untouched.” Susan’s eyes burned at me as she realized I’d figured that one out.

“So Cherie was your agent, Susan,” I said, “and she was a double or triple agent, taking pay from others in exchange for information, as well. She burned the candle from too many ends, and she got burned at the last.”

“As to Nicole…” I said. “She wasn’t your C.I. directly, but she was on your payroll… as your hedge against your partner in crime, Henry R. Wargrave. He was paying and using Cherie for information, and entrapping men into sexual indiscretions, but you had to make sure he didn’t try to burn you. So that was Nicole’s role, to watch over Cherie.

“But something went wrong. Maybe she was turned by Michael Burke, and so you had to eliminate Nicole. And then you ultimately had to burn Cherie… permanently… because she was of no further use to you. She was exposed, and while you pretended to continue to use her to get secrets from men, you knew she was increasingly more of a liability than an asset. She was doomed to die, anyway, so maybe you justified it by telling yourself that you made it as painless as possible for her…”

I saw the first slightest emotion in Susan’s eyes, other than anger at me, upon that last statement. I decided to pile on.

“By the way,” I said, “we didn’t just put this together yesterday. We’ve been watching you for months.” I pointed at the one-way glass. A second later, Arthur Wilshire came into the room.

“Captain Wexler,” he said, “my name is Special Agent Arthur Wilshire of the FBI. My home office is Boston. I was asked to come in and watch you as a suspect in the Stanton case, as you became a suspect last March. I was the one that tapped your computer lines, so that we could etimesgut bayan escort amass evidence on your illegal activities.”

“You bastard.” Susan said quietly. “Okay, I need to confer with my lawyer.” We got up and left the room. It would be over thirty long minutes before they were done privately talking.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“What kind of deal will you give my client, in exchange for her truthful answers and possible testimony against others?” the lawyer asked.

“It depends on what she has for us, and who else she can bring to us.” said the new U.S. Attorney that had come in, who was white. “Let’s hear it.”

“Speaking hypothetically?” asked the lawyer.

“No.” I said, my voice cutting, interrupting what the U.S. Attorney was trying to make an exclusive discussion with the lawyer. “I don’t like that game. Perps always weasel out doing it.”

What would happen is that a perp would tell the story ‘hypothetically’, then the prosecutors could potentially decide to honor a deal offer. The problem was that defense lawyers often backed out of the deal, and then it was impossible to use the perp’s statement against themselves.

I said “I have enough to convict her, we don’t need her testimony. She can cut a deal and admit to her crimes to take death off the table, but I wouldn’t give her anything else.”

“What if she’s offering you something bigger? Someone bigger?” asked the attorney. Was that a direct enticement to me to get Susan off the hook?

“Now I know you’re bullshitting me.” I said, then turned to the U.S. Attorney and Jack Muscone. “Guys, if Wexler could give us anything that big, the Gresham and, of course, she called the U.S. Attorney a ‘nigger’. But how much she knows about Superior Bloodlines? That, I don’t know… and you won’t get that out of her unless you do know. I think she’s been working with Wargrave, and maybe with our Consultant of Crime. It’s his name I’m angling to get from her. If she has something on him, we can bust his chops and then I can start working with you on the Bloodlines group.”

“All right.” he said. “But get something, and soon. Even I can’t keep the U.S. Attorney from winning this one if the DOJ backs him up. And you may be right about that U.S. Attorney: with all the moles infesting every level of our organizations, there is no telling who is honest, who is corrupt, and what might happen.”

Just then I got a phone call… from Val Jared, Governor of the State.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At 2:30pm, Susan’s lawyer asked us back into the Interrogation room. She was in a holding cell, having been taken there for lunch, and he was taking the opportunity to negotiate with us.

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