Ready for Something Hot , Wet

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As I slip the top button of your shirt from the buttonhole, I place feather light kisses along your ear. The tip of my tongue traces the outline of your ear. I gently nip at your earlobe, my tongue darting out to explore, tease. I nuzzle at your neck as I slip the next button loose, my fingers slide inside your shirt, tug so slightly on your chest hair, soothe the warm skin under your shirt. I trail my tongue down the side of your neck to your collarbone, placing little kisses there, following that line to the hollow of your throat. I kiss you there, my tongue tasting the salt of your skin. I lean up to place a gentle kiss on your forehead, each cheek, then a soft kiss on your mouth. Your lips part just slightly. I lick the outline of your lips, taking your bottom lip between mine and sucking softly. My fingers continue to open buttons and there are other things needing my attention…

Moving lower, I kiss and lick the newly exposed skin of your stomach. I feel you tremble, oh so slightly under my hands. I pull your shirt entirely off, tugging it from your jeans and sliding it up your ankara escort bayan chest and over your head, kissing you quickly. Then my tongue leaves a warm wet trail down your throat and collar bones, across your chest and belly to your navel, my tongue and teeth tickling a promise for later. Kneeling before you, my kisses lower to where denim meets flesh.

I free the button on your jeans, easing the zipper so slowly down, one tiny click at a time, you think it may never reach bottom. You can feel the gentle brush of my breath close to your skin, the warmth of my exhale, the tickle of inhale on your skin. My hair brushing your skin, soft sensual texture on your flesh like a butterfly’s wings. My fingers brush, teasing, against the silky soft material of your boxers. You feel the backs of my fingers stroke through layers of that material.

I stand again, my hands glide up your ribs, my thumbs grazing your nipples, my palms smoothing against your chest, my fingers gripping your strong shoulders. Standing close to you, my hands glide over your arms and chest, then down your elvankent escort shoulders and back. My mouth opens on one nipple, your flat male nipple pebbled already at my attention. I lean in to suck, lick, nibble first one and then the other. My tongue swirls patterns on your flesh.

My mouth returns to yours to finish an earlier interrupted kiss. My tongue again traces your lips. I feel your hands slide up my back, my neck, and into my hair, loosening the pins holding it, tangling around your fingers. Your fingers tighten in my hair and you take control of the kiss, halting the tentative teasing and opening my mouth with yours, stepping into me and pressing your body against mine, hot and hard like your kisses.

Your tongue is not tentative at all as my mouth opens more under yours. You taste the softness of my lips and thrust your tongue past my teeth to explore the sensitive line where gums meet teeth, pulling back and thrusting in again.

It is my turn to tremble in your arms, my hands unsteady on your shoulders. I run my fingers up into your etlik escort bayan hair, back down your across your shoulders to hold on to you as you deepen the kiss again, invading my mouth, taking it and making me yours, imitating acts to follow.

You break the kiss, your mouth moving to my throat, my head falling back to allow you access, inviting you to explore. My hair falls free of the pins and your hands, tumbling down my back. Your fingers find the zipper of my dress, pulling it down and your hands are hot on my bare skin. Your mouth is on my ear, breath hot and teasing. I turn my head, not sure if I am avoiding the teasing warmth of your tongue or seeking it.

You step back and push my dress from my shoulders and it falls to the floor, a pool of midnight blue at my feet. Your fingers slide under the straps of my garter belt and tug away the black satin covering me, lace soft on my skin as you pull them away completely, leaving me in nothing but my black heels, dark stockings and black straps of my garter belt. Your hands slide up to cup my breasts, nipples already hard in anticipation of your touch.

Your breath is warm on my skin, your lips covering one nipple while your fingers stimulate the other, teasing, stroking as your tongue does the same with its mate.

Your arms slide around me to lift me to you, carrying me so far away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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