Race to Eleven Ch. 11

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Raghav and Kavita were all exhausted with the fucking. Sanjay, who got his release finally, was all tied up and couldn’t move at all. The door opened and Kamna entered the house cautiously, closing the door behind her, as if she was trespassing it.

Raghav was shocked to see her late night at Malhotra’s house. Kavita, laid tired on Sanjay’s lap was, too, shocked to see her maid at night. But she was too tired to move or make a noise.

Sanjay, looking with broad eyes, tried to move and make noise, so that she get alerted and try to run away. Kamna looked towards the source of the noise and got scared what she saw in front of her. Her boss was tied and her madam was lying naked on her.

She made her move to run back at the door, as she recovered from her shock. She didn’t expected anyone except her boss at home. But Raghav was quick to hold her back in time, before she could open the door. Kamna struggled to get free and started screaming for help.

Raghav tried to cover up her mouth, but she was resilient and tried to hit Raghav hard. Raghav took some blows, but, finally was able to shut her mouth with one hand and pin her both hands behind her.

“Now listen to me. You will be unharmed, if you follow what I say.” Raghav shouted on her, pressing her mouth roughly.

She still tried to struggle. Raghav moved towards the hall, where his knife was lying. He quickly threw Kamna on floor and grabbed his knife. Kamna picked up a show piece lying on adjacent table. Kavita, was too tired to move, but she got up and moved towards Raghav. Sanjay was trying hard to get free.

Raghav, his heart beating faster, didn’t understood what to do. Kavita directly bumped at Raghav. It made easy for him. He grabbed her easily, where she didn’t tried to struggle. Raghav placed knife around her neck.

“Stop and drop it. Or, it will be bad for her.” Raghav shouted at Kamna.

Kamna stood still, not understanding what to do. She was holding it in her hand tight to strike. But, Kavita, in front of the assaulter, made it difficult for her and she didn’t wanted her madam to get hurt.

“Save me Kamna. He is really bad. He will hurt me. Please follow, what he says. Drop it.” Kavita shouted, naked in Raghav’s arms, her boobs dangling as she shouted.

Sanjay was trying to speak but her voice was completely muffled. He tried to get free and his chair tilted and he fall on the floor, with still tied to chair. Kamna got scared and didn’t wanted her sir and madam to get hurt. She dropped the show piece on the floor and raised her hand to surrender.

Raghav was sweating in fear, but he felt better at the surrender of Kamna. For the first time, Raghav and Kavita looked at Kamna properly. She was wearing the tiny blouse, which was showing deep cleavage. Her boobs were falling up and down in her tight and tiny blouse as she was breathing hard in fear. She was wearing her saree, tight around her body, making any man stare.

“How did you came right now? From where you got the keys?” Kavita asked, thinking for the first time about the sudden visit of her maid at late night.

Kamna was perplexed and scared with the question. She looked at the fallen Sanjay and back to naked Kavita. She looked in her eyes with a guilt and looked down at floor.

Kavita understood that her cheating husband might have called Kamna at night to fuck her. Her temper rose again. She just wanted her husband to pay for all this.

She looked at her husband in disgust. He lied to her that he will be out of town for meeting and instead, he had plans to fuck his whore maid at home. Kavita wanted both of them to get punished.

“You planed all this, don’t you bastard? You had plans to fuck her at our marital bed. That’s why you were eager to send me to your parent’s place. You are such a mother fucker.” Kavita shouted at Raghav.

Raghav just avoided her eyes. He knew his secret has busted open.

“Don’t hurt me please. I will do anything for you. Whatever you say.” Kavita said looking back at Raghav. She was not at all scared but she had vengeance in her eyes.

Raghav knew what to do next. He moved Kavita closed to Kamna. He quickly grabbed Kamna and let go Kavita. Sanjay was trying in vain to get freed.

“Get the ropes from my bag woman. And don’t try to be smart.” Raghav said to Kavita.

Kavita got her assaulter’s bag and pulled out the robes.

“That’s my woman. Now tie this slut’s hands behind her back tightly. You know, if you fail me, your punishment will be bad.” Raghav said, knowing that Kavita would happily tie her maid.

“Noooo. Let me go. Please, I will not tell anyone. Just let me go.” Kamna started struggling as she got really scared.

Raghav was too strong for her, as he pulled her both hands behind her back.

Kavita showed pity in her eyes. She was looking like an innocent woman, who had no option but to tie her maid. But she was liking that her husband’s whore maid will be punished in front of her cheating husband.

Kavita tied the ropes, very kızılay escort tightly to make Kamna scream in pain, and knotted it properly. Raghav checked it with one hand and threw her on floor to make her land on knees. He tied the other end of the ropes to Raghav’s chair, so that she cant move far away from the hall.

“Nooo. Don’t hurt me please. I beg you.” Kamna cried.

“If you cooperate, you will be unharmed. And I don’t trust you with your actions up to now.” Raghav said, placing a blunt knife on her neck to scare her.

“Yes, I will follow whatever you say. Anything. Just don’t hurt me.” Kamna said, really scared.

“That will be good for you slut. Just shut your mouth right now.” Raghav said to Kamna and then looking at naked Kavita, “Bring up your coward and selfish husband.”

He thought for a moment what night, it has turned out to be. Kavita was struggling to get up the chair. Raghav helped her. Sanjay was looking scared and angry, both, at Raghav.

Raghav tied Kavita’s hands, too, delicately. Cum was dried on her thighs. But her pussy was moist again.

Raghav then removed panties from Sanjay’s mouth to make him cough as he inhaled fresh air.

“Please let me go. You had what you wanted. Now leave me.” Sanjay begged at Raghav.

Raghav just smiled at him and held Kamna’s neck to bring her up. Her mouth went wide open with the pressure and Raghav pushed the panties inside, which were in Sanjay’s mouth a moment before. She struggled in fear but her mouth was completely stuffed with the panties.

Sanjay got scared again. He shouted, “What are you doing? You wanted to fuck my wife. You got that.”

“I think she is here to get fucked. So who am I to deny her the pleasure?” Raghav said mauling her boobs over her blouse.

Kamna tried to get free. She was already horny as she was expecting a fuck from Mr. Malhotra. She was now use to get fucked roughly by Raghav and she has not got that cock from last few days. It had made her frustrated and horny.

“Is this your fucking whore about whom your wife was talking about?” Raghav asked Sanjay, mauling her boobs roughly.

Sanjay just nodded yes.

“I have one more deal for you. Tell your whore to cooperate and you watch your whore get fucked; and then you get a chance to live.” Raghav said, tearing apart Kamna’s blouse to make her big boobs free.

Kamna was shell shocked with the aggression. She knew that she is going to get raped by this stranger. She hoped that she doesn’t get hurt. Her pussy was moist.

“Kamna, do what he tells. Or he will hurt us all badly.” Sanjay said, waiting for this nightmare to over. However, his cock was again getting erect as his maid lover getting fucked by another man in front of him.

Kavita, tired but enjoying this whore getting fucked by this man, tried to get up.

“Do you want your wife to suck your cock as your whore get fucked?” Raghav asked Sanjay, making Kamna stand up, rubbing his cock from behind her ass and mauling her boobs roughly.

Kavita looked in shock, but would love to arouse her husband as her cheating husband would watch his whore getting fucked. Sanjay was excited to hear it, but didn’t said a word in shame.

“You gorgeous, make your husband feel nice as his whore get fucked.” Raghav said, untying Kamna from the chair and removing her clothes.

Kavita came on her knees in front of her husband, whose cock was already semi hard. She licked his cock.

“I have no choice Sanjay. I have to suck your cock as he fucks Kamna in front of you.” Kavita said looking into his eyes, her heart enjoying it and started sucking his cock.

Kamna had stopped struggling and she has accepted her fate. She was super horny and wanted to get fucked. She wanted her pleasure. She tried to push her ass on Raghav’s cock as he made her naked.

Kamna was fully naked, except her panties. It was completely wet. Raghav smirked as he felt her wet panties while rubbing her cunt. Kamna moaned in the Kavita’s panties.

Raghav tore Kamna’s panties to make her completely naked. He took the panties and made Sanjay smell that too, just like he made him smell the arousal of his wife earlier.

Sanjay, reluctantly, inhaled her scent. Raghav held Sanjay by neck, to make his mouth open.

“Women around me gets so horny. They just can’t help it.” Raghav said laughing and stuffing the panties in his mouth.

Sanjay struggled to get his mouth free, but in vain. Raghav moved, slapping Kavita’s ass playfully.

“Don’t make your hubby cum.” Raghav said, while moving to Kamna.

Kamna tried to get away halfheartedly, but her heart wanted to get used and fucked now. Raghav held her wrist and made her bend on the sofa, raising her ass cheeks.

Raghav pulled down his trouser and slapped Kamna’s ass hard to make her scream in pain and pleasure, but no sound came out.

“You want me to fuck your already wet cunt, whore?” Raghav shouted to make all hear.

Kamna nodded yes, looking back. Kavita looked at Raghav etlik escort and smiled. Sanjay was looking in shock at his lover maid, who was willing to get fucked by a stranger.

Kavita looked back at Sanjay in lust, “Look your lover is such a willing slut for a stranger’s cock.” She galloped her husband’s cock to make him moan.

Raghav placed his cock at her entrance from back, raised her hips and pushed it hard in her moist pussy. Kamna screamed and cried, her face buried in sofa.

Sanjay was fully aroused as his second mate was taken for a fuck by this stranger. Kavita’s pussy was also on fire once again.

Raghav started pounding Kamna with all force, mauling her boobs and slapping her ass cheeks. Kamna was moaning in pain and pleasure. Her orgasm hit her hard and she came as Raghav kept pounding her. Raghav was nowhere near his orgasm as he had already came twice for the night.

Kavita sucked Sanjay’s cock and kept him fully aroused, but she denied him to cum and use to withdraw her mouth as Sanjay use to near his orgasm. Sanjay was frustrated and angry. But Kavita enjoyed this torture on her husband.

As Kamna’s first orgasm subsided, Raghav stopped ramming her. He pulled out of her, released her hands. She sobbed on the sofa. Raghav knew she would not dare any adventure. Kamna pulled the panties out of her mouth to breath.

Raghav untied Kavita’s hands too. He pulled Kavita and Kamna, both, by wrists and took them to the bedroom. Both of them moved naked behind him, without any struggle. Sanjay tried to get free and make noises, not knowing, what this man will do them.

“I am taking them to your marital bed and fuck them hard on it.” Raghav said, smiling, not looking back at him.

Sanjay just looked in horror as his nightmare had not ended yet.

Raghav took both the women in bedroom and pushed them on the bed. He locked the door and revealed his face by pulling out the mask. He thought that both her mates need to know the truth.

Kamna was completely shocked and was about to shout. But Raghav signaled her to be quiet. Kavita was looking amazed at Raghav, smiling, knowing it was him.

“Be quiet. I thought you need to know that I am not a stranger.” Raghav whispered to them.

“Bastard, I suspected it was you when I saw your cock and was almost sure after the way you fucked me. Fuck, my pussy is aching like hell.” Kavita said in a low voice, lying flat on bed to rest.

“What is all this about sir? And you fucked Kavita madam?” Kamna asked in shock.

“Kamna, your Kavita madam needed a good fucking as her idiot husband ignored her completely. I have already fucked her earlier this week. It’s a secret you have to keep.” Raghav said to shocked Kamna.

“It will be a secret. But what the hell is all this about?” Kamna asked, now a bit relaxed.

“All hell broke out this night as all had their share of lies and secrets. I will tell you all this later. Kavita, I had been fucking Kamna, too. And this has to be secret, too.” Raghav said looking at both.

“What? Fuck. Anyways, Raghav is much better fuck for you Kamna than my idiot husband. Your secret will be safe with me Kamna. Don’t worry.” Kavita said looking at her naked maid.

Kamna smiled and replied, “Thank you madam. Yes, Raghav sir is far better in bed than Sanjay sir.”

“I have never cum so much in my life, that I have cum in last few hours. And I am still horny. Take me Raghav and make me cum again.” Kavita said, kissing Raghav.

“Yes sir. Fuck our madam hard. She is looking so beautiful. Make her cum. Sanjay sir is really fucking idiot to ignore her. But please cum in my pussy. I want it in my fertile pussy.” Kamna said caressing Kavita’s naked back as Kavita continued kissing Sanjay.

Kavita released Sanjay and looked surprisingly at Kamna. Kamna looked away as she got shy. Kavita turned Kavita’s head towards her and raised her face holding her chin. She was smiling. Kavita kissed her on lips. Kamna and Raghav were completely shocked.

Kamna showed reluctance for a moment, but she was completely aroused by the kiss and participated with her Kavita madam. Both the women’s tongues were dueling in passion and their hands were exploring each other’s naked body. Raghav’s cock was like a hard steel as he saw the two horny women exploring each other so passionately.

Raghav moved behind Kavita and necked her. Kavita moaned in Kamna’s mouth. Kavita pushed Kamna on bed and laid over her, their boobs crashing each other’s and tongues continue to duel.

Raghav started exploring Kavita’s back and mauling their boobs in between to make them further horny. Both woman were moaning and their pussy were on fire.

Raghav went down and saw their pussy rubbing on each other, trying to pleasure themselves. Raghav inserted two fingers in Kamna’s cunt to make her shiver on bed in pleasure. Kavita sensing it, sucked her boobs hard.

Kamna was in heaven as her hard nipples were being bitten, sucked by Kavita and her cunt was finger demetevler escort fucked by Raghav. Her orgasm was building. Raghav sensed it and slowed it down. He inserted another two fingers in Kavita’s cunt too, to make her moan in pleasure.

Both women were on fire and rubbing their bodies on each other as Raghav was finger fucking them with his both hands. The pussies were oozing juices. Raghav had made them all horny and they wanted his cock deep buried in their cunts.

Raghav removed the fingers to deny them orgasm and made them taste the juices of each other on his fingers. Both the women sucked his fingers willingly to taste each other.

Sanjay was tied helplessly outside, in the hall. He was trying to listen what was going in the bedroom and his cock was fully erect in excitement.

Raghav got of the bed and made Kavita come on all fours at the end of the bed. He slapped her ass playfully.

“Want it for the last time for the night, gorgeous?” Raghav asked her.

“Yesssss. It’s all soar down there. Still, ram it hard so that I can’t walk for a week.” Kavita said smiling at Raghav.

Raghav placed his cock at her pussy from behind and slammed it one go. The pussy was already wet to take the assault. Still Kavita felt that it was full. She moaned in pleasure as Raghav started ramming it hard.

Kamna was lying ahead of Kavita and Kavita started rubbing her pussy first and then inserted two fingers in her cunt as Raghav was ramming Kavita’s cunt. Both the women were moaning loud enough to make Sanjay hear outside.

Sanjay’s cock was fully erect and wanted its release. In the bedroom, Raghav was thrusting hard in Kavita’s cunt and mauling her boobs from behind. The pleasure made Kavita go hard on Kamna, too. She was all withering on her madam’s bed in pleasure.

Both the women were on the verge. Raghav sensed it and rammed his cock with long and hard thrusts to blast off Kavita’s dam. She came hard, screaming loudly, to make her husband hear in the hall that his wife had cum once again. Kamna was not left behind and she came on Kavita’s fingers.

Kavita collapsed on the bed. She was not believing that her body can take so much in one night. She was breathing hard. Raghav pulled out his cock, glistening with the juices of Kavita’s cunt.

Kavita tasted Kamna’s juices on her own fingers.

“You taste good Kamna.” Kavita said smiling and closing her eyes to rest.

Raghav came upon Kamna and brought his glistening cock at Kamna’s mouth. She willingly took her sir’s cock in the mouth and started sucking it eagerly. The taste of Kavita’s juices on the cock made her hornier.

After sucking his cock for a while, Kamna pulled out and pushed Raghav on bed. Kamna immediately came on top and placed her willing cunt on Raghav’s throbbing cock.

Raghav pulled Kamna down hard to make her cunt take all the cock at one go. She screamed in pain.

Raghav slapped her ass as she started riding her cock.

“Make the father of your child hear what I am doing with you.” Raghav said as Kamna was moaning in pleasure while riding his cock.

“Fucccckkkk. Yesssssssss. Harddderrrrrrrrrr.” Kamna screamed loud enough to make Sanjay hear.

Sanjay was hearing in shock and anger. His cock not getting down.

“Oh my god. What are you doing to me? Yessssss. It feels so good. I will do whatever you want. Just don’t hurt by boss. Pleaseeeee. Yessssssss. Oh my god. Your monster cock is tearing me apart.” Kamna kept screaming.

Kavita was smiling, her eyes closed, trying to rest. But the fucking around her was not letting her sleep.

Kavita kept bouncing fast on his cock for a while and her next orgasm for the night erupted.

“Ohhhhh fucckkkkkkk. Cummmminnnggggggg on your cock bastarddddd. Sirrrrrr, I ammmmm cummmminngggggg.” Kamna screamed in pleasure and torturing her Sanjay sir was making her orgasm last long.

Raghav was lying down, waiting for her orgasm to subside. As Kamna’s breathing became normal, Raghav got up from the bed, his cock still embedded in Kamna’s cunt. He got up, taking Kamna into his lap, his cock deeply buried in her cunt.

Kamna moaned as the cock reached further deep in her pussy as Kamna was in Raghav’s lap. Kavita looked in awe at Raghav and felt jealous. She would love to get manhandled by this man and his monster cock like this.

Kamna’s mouth was wide open. Raghav walked to the door, with his cock buried in Kamna’s cunt, to make her moan. Raghav placed Kamna’s back on the closed door, took support of it and held her by her ass.

Kamna understood that she is going to get banged on the door in a standing position. Kamna held Raghav tight around his shoulders. Raghav started fucking her hard from bottom to make her bounce in his arms and bang on door to make it shudder.

Kamna screamed in pleasure as Raghav’s cock almost reached her womb. She was moaning in pleasure as if it was her last day of the life.

“Fuccckkkkkkk. Yesssssss. You are hittinngggg my wombbbb. Fucckkkkkk. I am in heaven…. Harderrrrrr. Tear apart my pussy.” Kamna screamed, her eyes closed in pain and pleasure.

The screams of Kamna and banging at door made Sanjay loose his control. He had blue balls. He wanted to touch his cock, but was helpless.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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