Pub Crawl

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We walk through the door, a burst of wind swept snow follows close at our heels. As you take my coat to hang it on the back of the chair, I shiver at the touch of your fingers at my neck. Smiling at you over my shoulder, my mind races with thoughts better not shared, in this public place.

The pub is crowded and lively, the sound of the game is competing with the sounds of the crowd. I feel you come in close behind me, you lean in and kiss my neck, and leave to go through the crowd in search of drinks.

Scanning the crowd before me, I take a seat at our table. The perfect table, a delightful skill you have of picking the right table, not to isolated, but dark and cozy, just you and me. I take a minute to adjust myself, fixing my skirt, playing with my hair, wanting to look my best. I put on my lipstick and look up to see you watching me across the bar.

You throw me that cocky wink I love so much; I bite my lower lip and toss a come hither smile your way. The bar tender passes you our drinks and you head back here to me. I love watching you walk, you strut, confident in each stride, the walk of a powerful man. As you walk across the bar, your eyes are on me. I can feel you want me, it makes me smile, and I want you too.

Leaning down you place my drink before me, your eyes scan my body from head to toe, and I love that, almost as much as I love your hands on me. I meet your eyes and my mouth curls into what you call my “devilish grin”. Now I know that you know I want you. When you take your seat beside me my hand traces the inside of your thigh, you smile at me and place your hand across the back of my chair.

We order our food, and watch the game, but my heart is not in it. Your hand on the back of my neck makes me think of your hands trailing down my naked back. I close my eyes and elaborate on that thought, I feel you lean over and whisper to me, “Am I putting you to sleep?”

“Not exactly,” I say, looking up at you. Your hand traces the escort ankara inside of my thigh; I turn towards you opening my legs to let you in. I can feel how wet and warm just thinking of you has made me, now I want you to know. As your fingers find their way to where I most want them to be the waitress brings our order.

Disappointed and frustrated I turn to face the screen once more, your hands have pulled back, and you pat my leg, consoling me. I have to remind myself that satisfaction comes from the journey, not the destination, and oh, how I love to travel with you.

Throughout dinner you watch me, my heart races slightly; your eyes do that to me. I am thinking of all the other times you have looked at me that way, and what followed that look. I smile a smile of pure satisfaction. I will have you tonight

The game ends, and you have finished your beer, leaning back in your seat you’re staring at me. I stare back at you; my hand follows the line of my neck, then the opening of my shirt. “Let’s go,” you say pulling back from the table and standing up.

“Yes, Sir,” my voice is mockingly playful.

Your eyes darken, your voice deepens, “that’s a good girl, do as your told” My heart skips a beat. I stand and put on my coat, I follow you to the bar. As you pay the bill, softly I press up against your back. My hands tracing a line around your belly. The waitress smiles at us, I smile back. I think she thinks we are cute, how little does she know, the way I want you is carnal, erotic, and not cute.

You lead the way to the door, the cold winter air forces me closer to you, we make our way to the car. You open the door for me, I go to get in and you wrap your arm around my waist and pull me up against you. Instinctively I lean in for a kiss; your lips are warm and soft on mine. My tongue traces them and yours comes out to meet mine.

You tear your lips from mine and trace a line down my neck. My whole body quivers and I pull you even closer etlik evi olan escortlar to me. A gasp escapes my lips as you gently bite down on the sensitive skin at the nape of my neck. It’s crazy how much you make me want you. I pull a way and get into the car, the longer I let you tease me, the longer it will take us to get home.

You get in beside me and the car rumbles to life. I lean back and close my eyes; I have to be patient, no matter how much I may want you. Again your hand finds its way to my thigh, and traces a line between them. You tell me to put my seat back, and I do, your fingers trace the damp skin around my most sensitive part. You look over and smile, I don’t know for sure, but I think that you take pleasure in how wet I get when I’m with you.

We are home before I can even blink, or perhaps your hands on my body makes me forget all time and space. Before I know it I am following you inside the house. The moment the door is closed you are pressing me up against it. Your hands are rough and impatient; they strip me of my coat in seconds. I am just as hungry to feel your body; I take your coat and sweater with the same ferocity.

“I think its time for bed,” you say between passionate kisses that make me want you more and more. You turn me to the stairs and follow me up. I exaggerate the sway of my hips just a little, might as well take advantage of the view.

At the top of the stairs I turn and push you up against the wall, slowly I drop to my knees and lift the hem of your shirt. I can see your stomach flex as I lean in close. I trace the top of your jeans with my tongue, and then a line up to your belly button. Slowly I undo your pants; I look up at you while I slide them down your legs. I scan down the length of your body enjoying image before me.

You’re hard for me, not quite as hard as I want, but you are hard. A smile comes to my lips as I take you in my hand. My lips find your thighs, your demetevler genç escortlar stomach; finally my tongue traces your hard cock from base to tip. The quiver that runs through your body gives me satisfaction, I like to make you want me. My lips enclose over the tip of your beautiful cock and slowly I suck you into my mouth.

I can hear you inhale deeply, and I do the same. I move up and down the length of you, your hands find their way into my hair. Your take hold of me and follow my movements. I look up to see you watching me, I smile and suck a little harder.

“Get up,” you tell me, I stay where I am and continue with the torture. “Get up,” this time you are demanding. I rise and as I do run my tongue up your body. “Bed,” this time it is an order, I love your forcefulness, and I allow you to lead the way.

You have me by the hand, and as we near the bed you pull me to it. You rip of your shirt and stand there staring at me. I’m lying on my back an arm behind my head, the other hand is tracing the inside of my leg, moving my skirt higher, until you can see me, all of me.

You smile as you watch my fingers dip into the wetness and slowly trace the skin around my sensitive area, being careful not to really touch myself, just teasing and tempting you. Your hand goes to your cock, and you stroke your self while watching me.

I find it quite the turn on, and you know it, looking into my eyes and smiling, as you watch me. As your stroking continues I shimmy out of my skirt, and sit up and slowly unbutton my shirt. The lace of my bra showing through the growing opening in my shirt, brings you closer to me. Now I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, you, stroking your hard cock are standing in front of me.

You push your cock between my cleavage and I push my breasts together. I lean my head down and lick the tip as it presses up from between my breasts. You undo my bra with an ease that puts me to shame. As it falls to the floor your hands cup my breasts, you push them around your cock, and my tongue traces lines on your belly.

“I want you,” my voice is low and raspy; your smile is very seductive. “I want you now,” I scoot back on the bed. “I want to feel you inside of me.

I must have said the magic words.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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