Proctological Delights

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Today was our third wedding anniversary and my husband Edward was unfortunately out of town at yet another conference, although I knew I would see him later I missed him terribly.

I had originally met Edward at a four day conference in Atlanta seven years ago, when we had both introduced ourselves in the foyer of the conference centre, where we both waited alone, it was inevitable we would kind of drifted together.

As I sat reading the loving inscription on the card attached to the wrapping around twenty four red roses, I reminisced how we had sat side by side on the third row at the front of the auditorium whilst listening to the guest speaker boringly translate his latest findings following his latest research in to colorectal cancer.

It had been apparent that we were both obviously uninterested in the lecture and we chatted casually between guest speakers, I soon learned despite him looking too young to be in such a position that Edward was in fact a year away from making up to consultant surgeon in gastroenterology at a large teaching hospital.

I had told him that I had recently been promoted to surgical oncology nurse specialist in the gastroenterologist at the very same hospital and we had both been surprised that our paths had never crossed.

I wouldn’t say that I formed an instant attraction to him but I thought he was handsome in a strange kind of way, the way he spoke quietly and calmly was extremely endearing.

I had no particular physical attraction to Asian men however he did intrigue me with his quiet demeanor and chivalrous ways.

We both left the lecture at lunch time and decided to discuss our own theories over an extended lunch and then we had taken a walk in the huge park opposite the conference facility, whilst walking in the park I learned he was thirty four years old, unmarried and originated from Hong Kong.

It seemed we were both booked into the same hotel and on the same flights back home, once we had realized that was the case we had pretty much spent the whole week wining, dining and discussing our field of expertise, we both had similar interests so becoming friends was easy.

We had parted on the Friday afternoon not before exchanges cell numbers and arranging to meet up back home, after we had said our obligatory goodbyes at the airport we separated.

We casually bumped into one another as colleagues several times a week and we soon became lovers, now seven years on we were celebrating our marriage.

We had a happy marriage and our relationship was great, I wouldn’t say our sexual relationship was lacking in any way, however I was the more adventurous one whilst Edward was a bit more reserved.

The majority of sexual acts I liked to indulge in during love making were acceptable to Edward; however there were some that were not that recently were causing me frustration. In particular exploration of his back entrance seemed a big no a, given considering our field of work and our joint knowledge in rectal examinations I thought it strange that he would not explore that aspect and I was becoming increasingly frustrated that I could not reciprocate.

Edward Of course had no problem with fingering my ass during love making and appeared to get very aroused pleasuring me that way.

Despite being knowledgeable on the pleasures of prostate massage and saying he was comfortable with us both performing it he was reluctant when I actually tried to reciprocate he would become tense almost nervous, fidgeting and flinching upon feeling my fingers exploring.

I knew that I had to help him overcome his obvious fears in that department, tonight would be different I am sure.

He had planned a restaurant kızılay escort and I a sensual night on his return tonight to celebrate, I had plans of my own for later and tonight I was adamant that he would experience prostate massage.

I had searched the net widely finding articles on how to pleasure a man through prostate massage, determined to make it happen I purchased and already accepted delivery of a large array items that would aid persuasion, knowing after five days away he would be more than ready to enjoy any physical contact.

I had cleaned house and made us a light lunch, when I saw Edward’s car pull up the driveway, eager to greet him I started toward the door greeting him as he came through.

We wished each other happy anniversary and started kissing, his hand obviously urgent for more by his kisses becoming more devouring.

Despite my arousal I pushed him away giving him his anniversary present, I explained I had a special evening planned and I wished it to be a romantic and sensual evening.

His face told of the disappointment but he agreed to wait on the promise of an erotic night ahead, we ate lunch and spent the afternoon talking about the conference.

Before leaving for the restaurant, I placed candles ready to light intermittently around the bedroom furniture and the sex toys in an easily reachable location.

Before leaving the bedroom I lit the candle designed to cause relaxation and slipped the silk blindfold under the pillow. Descending the stairs I found Edward awaiting me in the hall way with my jacket.

We arrived at our favorite restaurant and were placed within minutes; Edward was grumbling at the situation of the table however I thought the rather convenient location in a dimmed corner perfect to execute my seduction scene, Edward and I made small talk until the waiter came to take our order.

I placed my hand under the table as Edward reiterated our chosen order I trailed my hand up his thigh until I found the crotch of his trousers, giving him a few stimulating strokes through the material.

Watching Edwards face flush red as I manipulated him through his trousers whilst he attempted to place the order was quite amusing, before the waiter left the table I had pulled down his trouser zipper and released his now semi hard cock from its confines, he started to admonish me for such wicked behavior. However the look of lust in his eyes belied his irritation, I am sure that the feel of my fingers circling the head of his cock felt wonderful, he was helpless to object so he just stared into my eyes.

Throughout the meal I caressed and tantalized him, his cock now rigid and jutting upward very near to touching the underside of the table, I could feel the familiar ridges and the lubrication that accompanied my administrations as I slowly stroked his shaft, never taking our eyes from one another.

When the waiter brought our bill to the table I indicated that he should fasten himself back up and I knew he would have difficulty in doing so, to further add to his arousal I brought my fingers to my lips and licked his pre cum from my fingertips, “that is so hot you little minx,” he whispered as we rose from the table.

I thought Edward would just about trip over himself as he quickly paid the bill, throwing ten dollars as a tip onto the table he took my hand and hurried us both from the restaurant, slipping into the passenger seat I noticed is bulging cock filled crotch.

In the car he reclined his seat and undid is trousers, sure enough is cock leaped from the tight confines, urgently thrusting his hips toward me. “Since you wanted it so badly during the meal you can suck it now,” he urged me to go down on etlik escort him, pushing my lips to his now swollen pre cum soaked head.

I knew if I gave a tantalizing blow job now he would soon cum and not be up for what I had planned, so I slowed my tongue action and said “all in good time lover, he moaned as my tongue circled the now bulging head.”

By the time we were stripping down in the bedroom Edward was well on his way to accepting anything I had in store, despite his obvious urgency to cum I encouraged him to slow down, relax and enjoy the moment.

I urged him slowly but deliberately into a lying position and straddled him so that is cock laid between my wet pussy lips.

Leaning forward I placed the silken blindfold around his eyes and me commented on how kinky I was being this evening, “it’s going to get much kinkier lover,” I replied.

I kissed him passionately, our mouths searching for one another as our tongues entangled, my lips drifted around to his neck and I bit down slightly causing him to rotate his groin. “Jesus your pussy is so wet” he sighed.

I felt is cock slide deliciously between my soaked lips and felt him prodding aimlessly at my slick hole desperate for entry, my clit twitched and my hole contracted, resisting the urge to engulf his cock with my soaked snatch I flipped around before he could penetrate my love hole and offered my pussy to his mouth knowing full well if he became engrossed in eating me out he would be less likely to object at my wandering tongue.

I felt his hot tongue slide along my dripping slit and reciprocated using my own tongue to excite the nerve ending below his balls, when he neared my rosebud I neared his and tonight he offered no resistance obviously he was lost in the moment.

I heard him moan and felt him shudder when I circled my extremely wet tongue underneath is balls licking and teasing is anus for a few minutes I gradually pushed my tongue further and further inside his tightness, relaxing him as I tongued him lightly.

Briefly I felt is usual flinch and resistance when I circled my finger where my tongue had been but I ignored the action, he moaned something into my pussy, instead of stopping as I normally would I continued and replied “Oh no you don’t, you can relax and enjoy this tonight, “he indicated feebly with a quiet yes to carry on, so I reached for lubricant and the very smallest vibe I had purchased, narrower than my finger I knew he could not be afraid.

I liberally lubricated the vibe before switching on the steady humming and circled it beneath is balls, he groaned as it hit the spot, I knew he was incredibly aroused by the audible sounds escaping his lips and the sight of pre cum now flowing from his slit, encouragingly I sucked the head of his cock, “That’s it baby, just relax and trust me to pleasure you.”

I gently pushed the finger like projection deeper into his anal opening at the same time sucking his cock deeply, he groaned and sucked my clit hard feeling my own wetness dribble onto his tongue he lapped my nectar I shuddered myself.

In the haze of my own pleasure I pushed the vibe slowly but deliberately against his prostate area, it must have directly hit his prostate instantaneously because within seconds he was rotating his hips, groaning into my pussy lapping uncontrollably at my blood engorged clit.

I worked the vibe against his prostate whilst he moaned and gyrated, I turned my head to witness his head thrown back and tongue almost lolling from his mouth and I knew he was lost in the sensations.

Keeping the vibe directly on his prostate and lapping the pre cum that was now oozing from his cock in a steady flow I reached demetevler escort next for the leather cock strap and tied it around the base of his cock firmly.

Edward whispered something not sure if I had heard right I asked him to repeat “I feel like my cock is going to explode,”

I knew is balls were fit to burst but I wanted to really fuck his ass before he came.

I ground my pussy into his face as he lapped and circled his tongue teasing my nub causing my own pleasure, bringing me closer and closer to climax.

I proceeded to use the vibe in an in and out motion, his fists clenching my ass now he ate my pussy so well I was soon cumming hard into his mouth and riding out my orgasm as I pressed the vibe back on to his prostate his own responses told me he was just too far gone to resist anything.

I turned myself around to a more comfortable kneeling position between his legs working his cock in my hand and the vibe in his anus in a more determined manner I could watch the expression of pleasure rippling across his face and hear his arousal.

Now lost in the sensations I was creating he began moving against the vibe, “Oh God, baby that feels so good,” I knew he was ready for more, reaching for the five inch latex butt plug I trailed it in the pool of lubrication that now formed on the sheet below his opening and pulled out the vibe from his now extremely relaxed butt replacing the vibe directly with the plug.

As I inserted the first inch he groaned a little before encouraging me further “fuck me harder baby, Mmmm just like that,” I pushed in further and relocated his prostate with the first ridge of the plug, working it in and out I noticed him mouthing something leaning forward so I could talk to his face. “What was that darling, did I hear you say something?”

Edward was begging me now almost growling “I need fucking baby, harder please,” that was all the confirmation I needed.

“Jerk your cock whilst I prepare to fuck your ass,” I commanded quickly strapping on the 6 inch lubrication squirting latex cock from my bag of tricks. I smiled when he lifted his head and I didn’t see a look of panic as he looked down at the pink hard member jutting out from my body, he pulled his knees up like a slut badly in need.

Pushing his legs above his head I carefully removed the butt plug and positioned my well lubricated cock at his seeping love hole, I pushed against his anal sphincter until it gave way with a wet satisfying pop ” Edward prepare to be fucked like never before.”

As I eased my way slowly my cock slid forth slowly but deliberately the sounds of sheer ecstasy escaped from his lips, rhythmically I pushed in and out whilst Edward expertly jerked his throbbing cock.

I increased my pumping when Edward indicated he needed it harder within a few minutes his face began contorting, his body changed, he was muttering illegibly now I sensed he was very close to a mind blowing orgasm, I untied the cock strap and rammed the fake cock hard and fast in an upward motion at the same time jacking his cock with my lubricated hand and massaging his balls with the other.

Now driving myself deep into my husband I listened to him begging for cock and watched his face change teetering on the very edge of his orgasm, the pleasurable look on his face as the fake cock rammed home was enough to make me cum again.

However the other end of the toy was doing an excellent job of ramming my clit hard.

I came hard as he gripped the bed sheets and his legs relaxed as he spewed a large hot load of creamy cum onto his chest, the look on his face and the sheer strength of his climax was something I will never forget.

It took him a long time to come down from his intense climax, smiling and laughing I knew he wouldn’t resist again, as he lay there absolutely exhausted I whispered “Happy anniversary. It’s probably best you rest, just in case we need to take another feel of that prostate again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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