Lord of the Lifeguards Ch. 08

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Lord of the Lifeguards: Ch. 08

This is the final installment in a sequel that brings together characters and topics from previous chapters. Best if you read those first! Shout out to my sidekick Missy for your help!


Always plotting, always scheming, Mandy finally came up with a plan that she felt had a good chance of taking down the rich and powerful Gayle Pearson once and for all. And the delicious part of it involved using the disgraced high school teacher, Nina Shepherd, as her pawn. The fact that Mandy had humiliated Nina during her time at State by screwing her boyfriend wasn’t nearly enough payback for the things she had subjected Mandy to in the name of her sorority initiation.

Mandy was pretty sure that forcing initiates to eat the pussy of other sorority sisters, then submitting them to a myriad of depraved acts with all sorts of dildos and other objects was not part of their formal sorority ritual. But the experience convinced her of a couple of things. First, she knew she much more preferred licking a guy’s dick over another girl’s vagina. Second, she no longer thought about just evening the score with Nina. No, she resolved that however long it would take she would eventually exact her revenge against her.

Mandy held a unique trump card in that she had in her possession clear evidence that Nina had been in a sexual relationship with one of her students at Mountain Vista High. She couldn’t really blame Nina since she had also sampled that huge, wonderful cock of Jeff’s (and wanted more), but that wasn’t really the point. She planned to blackmail that slut Nina and force her into becoming one of Gayle Pearson’s associates so she could expose the little human trafficking ring that helped prop up her foundation. Why not go scorched earth and destroy both of them at the same time she reasoned?

That all changed when Jeff called Mandy to tell her that Nina’s cell number didn’t work anymore and that she’d packed up and moved away. The news didn’t surprise or faze her in the least. She would simply need a new plan.

Her next call was to Alex Ustinov, head of security for Max and Elena Klausman. She had first met Alex years ago when she went to The Canyons Resort for her first encounter with the Klausman’s, a night that set into motion all sort of life-changing events for Mandy. After she was sacked by Mrs. Pearson for fellating the valet that night (among other reasons), Mandy spent the next year in Zurich and had naturally become quite familiar with Alex. With the Klausman’s blessing, Alex’s impressive thick, uncut cock found a regular home in all of Mandy’s ready and welcoming holes.

A former Spetsnaz special operator, Alex was well-connected and had his own particular set of skills that landed him the job as head of security and the duty of keeping the Swiss billionaires from harm. When he saw who was calling, he answered immediately and exchanged brief pleasantries with Mandy, then he listened very intently to her as she made her request.

“I’ll be in touch soon,” he replied in his thick accent as he clicked off the call.

Now all Mandy could do was be patient and wait. It wouldn’t take long.

Her first indication of progress came as an encrypted text message alerting her that new files had been uploaded to an account she maintained on a highly-secure server network in Romania. Only accessible via the dark web, Mandy activated her virtual private network line and Tor browser to get access to the files that had been put there. As she opened, decrypted and examined the files, her eyes went wide and her eyebrows shot up in disbelief.

“Holy crap!” was her next reaction as her look of surprise and astonishment morphed into a broad shit-eating grin.

Alex had delivered all right. The first files she opened was a complete database download of all of Gayle Pearson’s foundation clients, patrons and donors for the various causes she favored. This wasn’t just a list of names, it was a veritable Who’s Who list containing all their personal info along with their donations, dates, amounts, and in some cases, bank account information.

Far more incriminating was the detailed info about clients and associates to include names, places, specific services provided and monies exchanged. Mandy was holding the ultimate smoking gun that could completely finish off Gayle Pearson and potentially erase her existence from the planet. The black books of Jeffrey Epstein and the “Mayflower Madam” paled in comparison.

But there was more. Other files included the entire architecture and source code for the software Nick Newman had built for the system that comprised the foundation’s “secure” platform, along with user logs for those that had accessed it. Although Mandy was no IT expert, she knew enough to see the files included all the log-in history, IP addresses, user names and passwords that could tie these benefactors back to the foundation.

Mandy leaned back in her chair eryaman otele gelen escort as she stared at the screen of her laptop and a sudden shiver of fear ran up her spine. Her first instinct was to quickly close her laptop, thus severing her secure VPN connection to her account. She knew she could ruin Mrs. Pearson by exposing the information she now had in her possession. But the Law of Unintended Consequences meant she would also acquire some very powerful enemies in the process. No, she wouldn’t use the information, but she would keep it for future use should she need a “nuclear option” down the road.

She opened her laptop and logged back in to see the rest of the files and they didn’t disappoint either. Most were video clips taken at Gayle’s penthouse condo. Mandy watched the videos in awe as many featured Gayle engaged in assorted sex acts and debauchery with her associates, with Nick Newman and with other people she didn’t recognize.

“My god, this woman is insatiable,” Mandy said out loud as she stared intently at one particular clip of Gayle getting taken anally by Jean-Paul’s island cock.

Mesmerized by the sight and sounds of Gayle’s moaning and imploring her “bull” to go deeper, Mandy could feel the heat rising in her own pussy and she actually felt envious as she watched in astonishment. The sound was crisp and she could hear each grunt as Jean-Paul slammed his meat into her before finally finishing things off with a facial, shooting globs of cum into Mrs. Pearson’s well-coifed hair. She made a mental note to look Jean-Paul up soon.

It was obvious by the way Gayle played to the cameras she liked to record her dalliances, surely with no intention of them ever seeing the light of day but rather purely for her own personal indulging and enjoyment. As she got wetter, Mandy could only marvel at Gayle’s sexual prowess.

There were literally dozens of videos, most of which she didn’t bother watching. But she did manage to find and delete the clips of her sucking Shane’s dick in the driveway of The Canyons and the one of her with Nick and Shane on the Penthouse patio, after making copies for her own personal viewing.

There were plenty of other videos of Nick “interviewing” various male and female candidates for Gayle’s illicit enterprise. Watching all that cum fly again was only making Mandy hornier and she unconsciously licked her lips as she instinctively put her hand between her legs.

Her head was spinning as her brain tried to process all she had seen and was feeling in the moment. She had to formulate a plan and, reasoning that she did her best thinking with a hard prick in her mouth, Mandy decided to go for a drive down memory lane.

Her bare pussy was damp with anticipation as she raced her Corvette down the forty or so miles of interstate to the blue-collar city where she could act out her own debauchery in assured anonymity. Mandy was gifted with a near-photographic memory and she could remember the most vivid and minute details around every cock she’d ever taken, from the place, the size and smell of those dicks to the volume and taste of the semen loads she’d swallowed. On this trip she was headed back to the adult video store she’d frequented in high school and the disgusting steelworker pigs that offered their meat to those who liked to be on the receiving end of the glory holes there.

It’d been awhile she’d gone into the place and she was pleasantly surprised to see that the place had been kept up, even cleaned up over the last four or five years. But still, when she entered the small cube, the unmistakable aroma of sweaty cock and dried cum permeated the place. No amount of bleach or paint was ever going to get rid of that. For a moment, Mandy felt at home as she sat in the plastic chair and sensed movement behind the walls around her.

After about a minute the first fat prick appeared through one of the holes. The effect was immediate as she felt the sensation of dopamine being released in her brain, causing her to salivate as she reached for the stranger’s penis and started pumping it in her hand. It got harder as she jerked him and then she pulled her chair closer and leaned in and licked the tip of his dick, tasting his salty precum on her tongue. She felt the flood gates of her pussy open as she began pumping his rod into her mouth with her right hand as her left began to strum her naked clit.

She never wanted to know too much about the people these cocks were attached to, preferring to focus on getting the job done quickly so the glory holes were perfect for her in that way. Mandy huffed on the man’s cock, pumping the veined shaft until she heard the ominous grunt from the other side of the wall that signaled the man’s impending orgasm.

She jerked faster until she felt the familiar warm liquid spill from the head of his dick and pool onto her tongue. Since there wasn’t much velocity or volume, she figured she’d just sucked off an older guy as she cleaned sincan escort his prick of everything she could before it slowly withdrew back through the hole.

It was quickly replaced by a fatter and longer dick and a black one at that. The guy could fit his ball sack through the hole so Mandy was able to down every centimeter of the guy’s smooth meat whistle. She liked it when guys manscaped their genital area since one of the perils of deepthroating was ingesting pubic hairs. This one expertly fucked her mouth with his cock, his big balls bouncing off her chin, and all Mandy had to do was go along for the ride. She didn’t have to wait long since the suction technique she used with her mouth had a nice effect and hastened his orgasm.

All of the sudden the man stopped pistoning her throat and momentarily froze. She quickly came off his dick and grabbed the shaft with her hand and pointed it towards her open mouth as he erupted and started firing shots of his jizz into the back of her throat. Now this guy could cum with the best of them as he spewed jet after jet of his molten man lava into her mouth.

With her mouth full, she attempted to swallow but that didn’t stop the guy from continuing to fire on all cylinders, causing the next volleys to paste her face. His orgasm finally subsided enough that she could use her fingers to push his errant shots into her mouth and lick her fingers clean. She kissed the cleaned shiny head of his prick as she heard a muffled “thank you” from the wall and that wonderful penis disappeared.

And so it went for the next hour or so until she decided she was well-sated and decided move on up the road. Mandy had serviced nine different cocks and none that she recognized from any previous visits.

Walking out the door to the parking lot she noticed a very tall black man loitering near her car. Since she had only blown one man of color tonight, she correctly deduced this was probably the one with the very nice cock she’d sucked off earlier. The man was handsome enough and had an infectious smile as he greeted her and they chatted for a few minutes before he climbed into the passenger side of her car and they drove off.

They’d only gone about a block before his long, slender fingers found her cunt and he slid a couple inside her drenched hole as she drove. She managed another couple of blocks before turning into the parking lot of an abandoned warehouse where she shifted the car into neutral and turned off the ignition. His mouth quickly found hers as they began kissing furiously as he jabbed his fingers inside her, his knuckles ramming her swollen clit as he went.

She paused their kissing momentarily and exhaled into his mouth.

“I want…no, I need you inside me. Now!” she hissed as she opened the car door and got out.

They met at the tailgate and briefly kissed again and then the dark stranger wasted no time in kneeling before her and lifting up her sun dress to expose her sweet pussy. Leaning in, he ran his long tongue up her slit, parting her labia lips and tasting her arousal as he swiped upward. Mandy squatted slightly giving the man access to her rosebud as he ran his tongue tip from her little butt hole, up through her wet channel and ending with it flicking her swollen clit. Each pass of his tongue sent jolts through her body but Mandy quickly grew impatient.

“Fuck me!” she panted as she pushed his face away from her crotch.

The man quickly stood up and put his hands underneath her armpits and picked her up and plopped her ass down on the trunk of her Corvette. Mandy’s initial look of surprise by the sudden move quickly shifted to a big smile as she scooched her ass towards the edge of the car and leaned back with her legs spread. The stranger peered at her soaked pussy now opened and waiting as he unsnapped his pants and let them fall to his ankles, his long hard dick springing free.

He stood a good six and half foot high so Mandy’s box was at the perfect level as his huge hands grasped her thighs and pulled her towards him. He moved into her and spit into his hand and lubricated his ebony monster before sliding it up and down her slit as her lips parted and the head of his cock found the entry to her vagina. Pushing her thighs back with his massive hands, he pushed the head of his cock into her then easily slid the length of his meat into her hot, wet tunnel. He moved slowly for a few strokes and then he rammed it all the way inside her causing Mandy to gasp.

Her anonymous lover began sliding his penis in and out of her, first with a kind of gentleness until she growled again through gritted teeth.

“Yeah baby, harder!”

Well, the stranger didn’t need to be told twice as he began to jack-hammer her cunt with a ferociousness she’d never experienced before. His thrusting caused the car to move as she got smashed repeatedly into the back of the sports car as the big mushroom head of his cock continually rammed her uterus. She came twice elvankent escort in close succession from his relentless assault, a first for her. His groaning grew louder as he grunted in cadence with his pumping until she finally pushed him out of her and she hopped off the car and fell to her knees.

Mandy immediately took his frothing manhood into her mouth as she cleaned her cunt-juice from his shaft with her tongue. The man grabbed her hair and began fucking her throat the same way he had just done her pussy. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take as her spit and drool spilled from her lips with each inward thrust of his hips. Thankfully after another minute of this he finally pulled his dick from her mouth and holding her head in place by her hair, he began spewing all over her face.

He aimed his shots at different parts of her face as he pumped his goo out. When he was done, her eyes were seemingly glued shut as she knelt there panting and gasping for air, her head hanging as if in defeat from the onslaught of his cum. With her mouth hanging open, the man squeezed the last few droplets from his prick onto her tongue. But this wasn’t defeat at all. For Mandy, this was just the sweet taste of another victory as she broke into a glazed smile.

Wordlessly, he moved his prick back towards her mouth so she could finish the job.

Mandy instinctively took the man’s spent cock in her mouth and she lovingly bathed it with her tongue as she cleaned the rest of his semen from his sticky shaft and sack. Satisfied, he slid his dick out and pulled up his pants. She looked up at him with her wet face and mouthed a “thank you” to the man, her throat too sore to formulate any words in the moment.

The man stared back at her splattered appearance for a moment, almost dumfounded, then he just shook his head and laughed.

“Tell you what sugar, tell all your rich-bitch friends where to find me if they want some of this,” he said, cupping his package in his big hand.

Mandy watched him turn and walk away as she silently scooped the man’s seed into her mouth.

So that made ten cum loads for the night so far, a number significantly lower than her personal best she had achieved as the center of attention at an elite swingers masquerade ball the Klansman’s had hosted while she was in Switzerland.

Still, that didn’t dissuade her from reaching for more when she propositioned the state trooper that pulled her over for speeding on her way North. She was disappointed to discover that some guys had morals after all when all she got out of the deal was a ticket for going 23 mph over the posted speed limit. Seriously, she thought to herself, who turns down a perfectly good blowjob?

Plan B was crystalizing in Mandy’s brain as she pressed the accelerator towards the floor and sped up the highway. She wasn’t too concerned about another ticket since that was what lawyers were for after all.


The first sign that something was amiss came to Gayle Pearson when she tried to log in to her foundation email account only to discover she was locked out. The second came after she had called Nick and he quickly discovered that his network security had been compromised and their servers and files were now all encrypted, along with a message from hackers demanding a ransom in exchange for the encryption password. Knowing what the servers contained had Mrs. Pearson in a near panic melt-down and she quickly agreed to pay the modest ransom.

When their access was restored, the really bad news came after Nick was able to view the user logs and discovered the servers had been mirrored and that every single file in them had been copied and the database was missing altogether. As Gayle took in this bit of information she didn’t know which was worse, the database records in the hands of hackers or all those videos floating around in the ether of the Internet.

Interestingly, things settled down and the days turned into weeks, the weeks into months and they heard nothing until Evelyn handed Mrs. Pearson a stack of phone messages when she came into her foundation office one morning fresh from vacation. There were the usual people asking for a call back: the pesky and needy benefactors of the foundation and then the grant recipients that were always lobbying her for more money. They could be a real pain in her ass but the multiple messages from someone claiming to be an investigative reporter from Vanity Fair really got her attention.

“Evelyn,” Gayle half shouted towards the open door to her office, and within seconds her executive assistant appeared in the doorway.

“Yes Mrs. Pearson?”

“These messages from this person from Vanity Fair,” she said waving them in the air, “do you know what they’re about?”

“All she said is that she’s doing background research for a story she’s writing and insisted she speak with you directly.”

“A story about what?” Gayle asked.

“She didn’t say. Perhaps about the foundation?”

“Hmm. Okay, thank you Evelyn.”

“Will that be all ma’am?”

“Yes Evelyn. Oh, and please close the door on your way out.”

“Of course, Mrs. Pearson,” she said as she turned to leave and quietly pulled the massive oak door shut behind her.

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