Found Love

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Erotica 10

Love Found

It is the end of another day, and Deborah, although pining, is turned off from the world of romance, convinced that someone just for her, someone that understands her wants and needs, does not exist. Mainstream meet-up websites she visits never support the kind of attributes that describe the perfect love for her. So, she gave up on relationships. Besides, her calendar hardly leaves her much time for the search, let alone rapport building. She is pragmatic and tries to figure out how to survive the wrinkle. College does not offer much lull time.

She never experienced what she desires most but knows it must be out there somewhere. It is not because she is undesirable. She is, and she waits, wishing for her fantasy partner, companion, and her diligence and refusal to merely settle keeps her mind wrapped around the ultimate special friend.

When her roommate kissed her a month ago, there was no confusion. Deborah believes that “everything happens for a reason,” as so many do nowadays. Embraces like that do not happen often, and a kiss like that, for Deborah, never, and it triggered her deepest feelings. She went all the way to college without as much as a kiss; however, she either tore a hole in her own little wall or opened an astonishing door on that evening. Since then, things have not been awkward, but to some degree, seem complicated. Helga is good about giving Deborah time, and that was compelling.

The more Deborah thought about it, the more that kiss represented a benefit to both young women. With all the insanity of the carnival and Helga’s dad building it up, she gets to the point where she wants someone close. Longing for the real thing, Deborah thrives on true love, the kind she has only read in stories. That kiss with Helga held within it such fantasy, promise, and perhaps, potential. She is over her self-administered popsicles: That is, like all girls eventually do, she learned to love herself but has wanted and remains wanting a life companion, domestic partner. She wants to love and be loved.

Helga is dying to give back all the love she has in her. She, like Deborah, wants a mate, a match, and an all-out lover to share the passion in their lives. She has a few confidants – and has for years – people who understand her situation. Her chaotic life does not even allow her the time to stop and be comforted or ignore, even for a few hours, that she is not and never could be normal. She was tired of keeping a “minimum safe distance” from her roommate. No more detachment and distance!

A shitty morning rolls darkly into a shitty afternoon as the rain continues to fall steadily, along with the loud crashing thunder and episodic lightning. Deborah sees from her window that the walkways are starting to flood. She sighs, leaving the curtains open, and lies down on her bed but remains inverted — positioned and pillowed — to watch the storm. On top of the humid rainy day, there is no relief from the crappy air conditioner. Deborah isn’t entirely comfortable with the pink, lacey undergarments she has on (nor did she even remember when she got them), but she had already started laundry before this day had turned into the clusterbomb it is now.

“No class today,” Deborah mumbles, less than enthused. “Whoa!” She tilts her head back from the torrential downpour and abrupt, loud thunderclap outside. She takes a deep breath, laying down on her back, and stares at the ceiling bored out of her mind. It is one of those days: The ones that she finds herself unable to stop thinking. And with nothing to do except her laundry, it just gets worse until she quickly masturbates before getting back to the chore. She bends her head back and upside-down, just past her mini-orgasm, as the door clicks.

Helga, wearing a soaked black poncho, slips into the room and inadvertently slams the door behind her. She takes a deep breath while leaning against the door and drops her bag on the floor. She catches her breath, having run across campus from her last class before the storm shut the school down for the day. Helga opens her mouth to say something and then pauses, her eyes widening slightly, seeing her roomie laying there in her undies. Now that Helga is home, Deborah immediately realizes this may not have been the best way to choose to cool off her cumming. It was not like she could throw something on, not without it covered in detergent and dripping water!

She smiles and says, “Hi.

“Laundry day,” Deborah says meekly. She turns herself around and lays on her stomach to get comfortable, if not maybe a little less provocative.

“Oh, right, laundry day,” Helga answers.

“And, hi to you!” She says back and blows her friend a kiss. She does her best not to sound awkward or stare, shaking her head a little.

Helga takes off her rain poncho and walks into the tight walk-in closet to change. Deborah groans and buries her head into her arms, feeling like a raging bitch for what she guessed she eryaman bayan escort must have just put her friend through. She admits to herself that it’s not even like she doesn’t like her, so why can’t she be a woman and tell her?’ That’s a familiar fight with herself, on top of all the inner conflict.

Deborah looks up, suddenly determined, and throws another glance out the window. Twelve-twenty in the afternoon feels more like 8:00 PM, and she’s exposed, overheated, and frustrated. She commands herself to do something about it. ‘Stop being such a sissy and just… get up! Do it!’ She spins around, sits up, and looks at the closet door, slightly ajar, enough so she could hear the rustling of clothing. She inhales deeply and gets up, making quick strides over to it.

Deborah pauses, her hand about to knock on the door. She’s warm, but not just from the broken air conditioning. She is nervous and more than a little excited. Her hand drops lower as she thinks about what to do, barely realizing her impulses are acting for her. By the time her fingers had wrapped around the doorknob, she was barely moving at all. She looks down at her closed hand and finally exhales, then slowly pushes the door open.

Helga turns around; hands pulled behind her back on the clasp of her bra. She pauses, otherwise wholly undressed, and looks warmly back at Deborah.

“Um, can I help you?” She asks, just as nervous as her roommate, tilting her legs away.

While Deborah doesn’t mind Helga showing off her firm, pale ass and cute tits, she couldn’t help but think she’s acting a little weird. Helga is doing what is natural — changing her clothes after school and rainy run home.

“If I were any good at come-ons, I’d have at least a one-liner about the bra,” Deborah says, unable to make herself move away from the closet door. “But I’m not, so I’m hoping that gives you an idea of why I came in here to see you.” Helga tilts her head in fascination and then mouths an “Oh. All right.

“Deborah, it’s not that I don’t want to.” Helga answers. “But there are some things about me you don’t know, and they are things that would freak out most people. Okay, well, one of them is.” She closes her eyes and bows her head as Deborah looks her over.

“What are you talking about, Helga?”

She doesn’t have to wait long to find out. Helga tosses her bra to the side and turns around, letting Deborah see all of her at once. Most of it is what Deborah expects, Helga’s perfectly sized, pretty perky breasts and adorable tiny nipples and flat tummy. The fair tone of Helga’s skin and long, graceful legs more toned than she remembers them being, and then, something she could never have imagined and certainly did not expect. Between those legs hung what looked to be an attractive penis and a set of balls. Completely shaven, there is no mistaking what it is. It is slowly erecting and stands at attention, almost like it is staring at her.

“Yeah, I noticed it blossom and grow at about age five,” Helga makes herself say after a few seconds. “Not the girl part, this part.” She grabs her eight-inch cock. “I just woke up one day, and yeah, I’m not sure how or why.”

Deborah cannot look away.

“Okay, Deborah,” Helga continues. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you in the first place, but I didn’t think you’d ever have to know. I’m really good at hiding it.” She closes her eyes, wincing a little at the embarrassment. Her cheeks turn bright red and make her wish she were somewhere else.

“Well, you’re not hiding it now!” Deborah smiles and looks Helga in the eye.

At that moment, Deborah steps forward toward Helga. Being shorter than her roommate, she pushes herself up a little against her friend, who now stands utterly bare in front of her. They kiss as Deborah puts one hand on Helga’s hip and the other behind her head, pulling her close. Deborah can feel Helga’s body tense but then relax. Her hands move to Deborah’s hip, pulling Deborah into her. Deborah feels the hard dick against her pussy and gasps into Helga’s mouth, unintentionally breaking the kiss.

Deborah adores the sight of Helga’s cock, and cannot wait to have it. She reaches down to explore — touching it and feeling the smooth, perfectly spade-shaped head, the stiff shaft with its few swollen veins, and then, as she was ready to cup Helga’s balls, Deborah stopped. Helga seemed to have tensed, but Deborah did not back away; however, she let up and loosened up for Helga’s comfort.

“So, it’s not a problem, Deborah?”

Deborah grins and shakes her head no, glad to be able to feel this nice and close to the one she loves. Helga’s unique situation interests her. She’s never been with anyone intimately so foreign and arousing. That it could be with this beautiful woman, it is a no-loss situation. She is attracted to the female form. She always has been, and at one point, thought she might be a lesbian. The thought of a cock on the playing field is more than Deborah could ever hope. And Helga wants to make love escort etimesgut with Deborah.

Deborah leads Helga by the hand towards her bed. She sits on it while Helga shuffles on her knees up between her legs and kisses her again, slow hands trailing down her body. Deborah reaches back and unhooks her bra while her tongue gently traces along the edges of the other girl’s mouth, casting it aside quickly to free her taught breasts, hard, eager nipples.

Helga kisses down Deborah’s neck, sucking just a little as her thumbs sneak around the edges of her undies. Helga tugs them down as her lips wrap around Deborah’s right nipples. Deborah gasps and wriggles her legs to let her undies fall free, her hands starting to ball against the covers. Helga moves to the other breast and slowly sucks as her teeth bite just a little. Her hands slide back up Deborah’s legs, gripping at her thighs. Deborah is lit up, nerves starting to stand on end as Helga plays with her.

She bites her bottom lip as she watches Helga sink down, kissing her stomach and then further to her pussy. Deborah feels that she is already wet and gasps longer, higher as she feels her friend’s tongue lick her slit. Helga’s hands slip in between Deborah’s legs, alongside her head, and she slowly glides two fingers from her right hand into Deborah’s pussy. Deb’s hands grip the sheets tighter as she starts to groan. Helga sucks, her tongue laps at the clit, fingers massaging the magic spot inside. Deb’s mind whirls. One of her hands reaches up, fingers wrapping through Helga’s dark hair, steadying her and urging her down just a little.

Deborah’s eyes widen as she feels Helga replace her fingers from one hand with those from the other, then gently prod the slippery digits into her anus. She can tell Helga was waiting for an invitation or rejection, so she spreads her legs wider despite initial resistance. Deborah reminds herself that she cannot feel pain as she invites Helga into her tightest, most intimate place. Moans are loud as Helga’s fingers slowly piston her ass while her tongue and other hand continue with the pussy.

Deborah’s clit is engorged and starting to throb as Helga works her over eagerly, muscles pulsing as she feels herself on the edge of orgasm.

“Oh, God, Helga, please. Ah!” Deborah pants.

“Please don’t stop! She moans loud, and muscles are contracting to grip at Helga’s fingers as she cums. She pulls Helga into her mound and her anus as both canals grip and throb. Deb’s fingers dig at her palms, and her stinging fists spank against the bed, her head tilting back as her pitch heightens between ragged breaths. She explodes.

Deborah loosens her grip and lets herself slide back, lying flat on the bed, while she catches her breath. Helga looks up from between Deborah’s legs, slowly sliding her fingers out as she stands up to look over Deborah’s vibrating, naked body.

Helga’s smile this time is no longer the shy and nervous one Deborah knows. It is more mischievous, a knowing smile that reflects her ability to push Deborah beyond her normal restrictions. Deborah sits up and kisses Helga deeply, tasting herself as their tongues dance gently.

“You were great, and I feel wonderful.” Deborah stands and pushes Helga to her bed. “Now, YOU lay down.”

Helga obliges, and Deborah straddles her. She pushes her soaked pussy against Helga’s rock-hard dick, not quite letting it penetrate as she swivels small circles against it. Helga sighs, grabbing Deborah’s hips, and pulls her down. Deborah immediately begins to grind down, around and against Helga’s cock.

“Deborah,” Helga whispers. “I have to let this out now.”

It is a perfect time, albeit the first, for her to show anybody.

“There is something else I need you to see and know.” Helga speaks soft and deliberate.

“Understand that I have lived with this in secrecy all my life. I have never been courageous enough or attracted to anyone enough to do it, show it, and use it.”

“Okay, Helga,” Deborah replies. “It’s okay: I promise. You know how I feel about you, and you can’t top the surprise of your fine cock, either!” Deborah laughs, and so does Helga, though hers more like a nervous chuckle.

“Close your eyes and promise to keep them closed until I ask you to open them. Okay?”

“Okay, Helga.” Deborah is tentatively apprehensive. “I promise.”

With Deborah’s eyes closed, Helga lifts her balls atop her belly as far as the sack will go. She takes Deborah’s hand and guides it closer, reaching under her balls. She holds it there for a moment and then goes for it. She licks and lubricates her girlfriend’s index finger, tip to length, and then runs it up the hole beneath her balls. Deborah, laughing, says, “It feels just like a pussy!”

“Shush now, lover.” Helga takes Deborah’s finger and continues stroking up and down her pussy, but then inserts it past the set of lips and into the vagina, touching her G-spot. Helga then takes the finger she is controlling up elvankent escort to her clitoris. She takes the hand that is looser in hers and swabs her entire soaking wet pussy.

“Open your eyes, Deborah. You are the first-ever touch her and the first to see her.”

“Wowow — Helga, you have both!” Deborah is happy. “I have heard of hermaphrodites and have secretly wanted to find one forever!”

“Really? Truly?”

“Yes! I never thought I would find you,” Deborah testifies. “Let alone an adorably gorgeous and natural beauty like you! It has been a lifelong fantasy! I swear I could not be any happier or more satisfied. Oh my God, I love this…You.”

“I am so relieved,” says Helga. “I never thought anyone would ever accept me how I am. And you know, Deborah? I, too, have been praying for love all my life.”

“Are you kidding? A beautiful cock and a pussy I want to worship!” Deborah hastily climbs down and positions herself between Helga’s legs. She slows and relaxes upon her destination. Helga says she will help and did so by holding up her male parts, making her female parts more accessible.

Deborah has wanted to eat pussy all her life. Now, there is one — a magnificent one –right there in front of her. Just because she’s never done it, she knows what women like- she has explored herself enough times to understand. With that in mind, she takes the vulva into her mouth and sucks. Without stopping that, she runs her tongue all around, up and down, and in and out of Helga. She then goes exclusively to the clit, sucking on her and tongue flicking firmly. She starts slow then builds up speed with every cue she hears, feels, or sees from Helga.

Now, it’s time to paste Helga onto the ceiling. While Deborah works fast and furious on Helga’s clit, she pushes two fingers into her pussy and quickly and neatly finds the G-spot. Helga is highly vocal at this point, so Deborah turns up the speed and pressure to high. Deb has a hand working her magic spot and a talented mouth flicking and sucking her engorged clit. Deborah reaches up with her left hand and twists, tweaks, and tugs on Helga’s left nipple. Off goes the rocket! Helga has never had sex, let alone good sex, regardless of orgasm. Her abdominal and Kegel muscles are contracting, and her legs are trembling. Only after several minutes, her vocals soften little by little.

Deborah finds herself — definitely high — standing over Helga and then flips herself over and onto the bed and strokes Helga’s hard-on. She appreciates the handsome cock more than she could ever have imagined. They both share the good news and seal it with a deep kiss.

“Who’s the show-off, now?” Helga gasps as Deborah teases her.

Deborah pushes down and gyrates harder sliding up and down, slapping against Helga’s mound.

“Do you want to fuck me?” Deborah asks. It isn’t dirty, but she is surprised at how dirty it sounded coming from her mouth.

“You know I do.”

“I know. But you don’t get to unless you tell me.”

“I want to fuck you, Deb!”

“Even meaner, Helga.”

“Yes, I want to fuck you!” Helga growls. “I want to push myself inside you and ride you like a goddamned racehorse. Happy?”

“Very,” Deborah responds as she pants, getting herself worked up. She lifts herself and reaches underneath, gripping Helga’s cock. Lining it up with her pussy, she slowly lets it drive into her. Deborah stretched her lips around Helga’s impressive tool.

She leans down and starts to suck Helga’s breasts as her hips moved gently, riding her friend and appreciating her body. Helga’s hands move from Deborah’s hips to her ass, gripping it tightly and pushing it up from her, and pulling it down to her. Breaths deepen as she feels Deborah move on her. Deborah grins, enjoying both the feeling of control and how Helga feels inside her. She starts to thrust her hips back harder as she props herself up, hands braced against the bed. She pants as heavily when Helga’s hands move back toward her hips. Both of them thrust alternatingly in a perfect rhythm.

Deborah bounces on top of Helga, groaning as her pussy tightened around Helga’s cock. She sweats as she thrusts down on the beautiful woman beneath her, nerves on fire, and she rides harder and faster. Helga is panting, moaning, and gasping as she feels Deborah contract around her. Deborah feels Helga stop and her fingers strengthen to keep Deb from pushing down.

“What?” Deborah pants.

“I can’t… keep fucking you,” Helga said as she catches her breath. “I don’t have any condoms.”

“Why would…”

“I wasn’t expecting this, for how we spend today trapped inside,” Helga says.

Deborah lifts herself off Helga, letting out a weak grunt of frustration as the dick fell out of her pussy. Deborah stands up and stops for a second, thinking, then turns to Helga’s bed and bends over it. Hands against the bed, she looks at Helga with a wicked grin.

“You can’t keep fucking my pussy,” Deborah says, shaking her ass. elga sits up, eyes a little wide in disbelief.

“I don’t feel pain,” Deborah explains. “And I liked it when you fingered my ass. So why not?”

Deborah gets down on her hands and knees and puts her ass in the air. Helga shrugs and stands up, approaching Deborah from behind.

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