Abbey and the Eiffel Tower

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One woman. Two adoring partners. Three orgasms. Abbey couldn’t ask for anything more.


“Where does each of you dashing young men want to be?”

“Do you have a preference, Jed?”

“I’m flexible, Will, though I haven’t done much butt stuff. Just lube me up to prepare me for landing.”

Will shrugged. “Astroglide or Sliquid?”

Seated on her king size bed in an Oakland A’s t-shirt and a pair of cotton panties, Abbey gave her fiancé and her boyfriend a quizzical look. “Each of you is sticking your dick in me, not each other.”


Jed nodded. “That makes more sense, considering you two are dating, and Will and I are just friends.”

“Unless the two of you want to…” Abbey proffered.

“Not particularly,” Jed replied.

“You’re the boss, Abbey,” Will said.

“At the office. Not in the bedroom,” Abbey countered. “And Will, you’re my business partner now, not my employee.”

He rubbed her shoulders. “I’m still getting used to our relationship update.”

“Anyway, in here, tonight,” she proceeded, “all three of us have an equal say. Only yes means yes.”

“May I make a confession?”

“Yes, Will. You don’t have to raise your hand.”

“Still sorting out the rules to this arrangement.” In his sweatpants and bare feet, he moved closer to his girlfriend. “Since the day you hired me, I have fantasized about your lips sucking the head of my cock and draining the cum sincan escort bayan out of my balls.”

Abbey’s entire body flashed so hot she thought she had a fever. “Will!”

Jed snickered. “FYI, my future wife is a great cocksucker. It’s a rare treat, but she leaves me spent and satisfied every time.”

She covered her warm brown face with her palms. “You guys are embarrassing me.”

Jed sat on her right side, his boxers bulging. “Abs, even though you don’t want to be pushy, this might be easier if you tell us where to go. Lead your reverse harem, oh great one.”

Abashed by his compliments, yet convinced by his logic, Abbey took Jed’s advice. She crawled to the corner of the mattress.

Growing visibly aroused, Will and Jed watched her peel off her top, then drop her panties to the rug.

Buck naked, Abbey balanced on her hands and knees. She glanced at Will, who walked in front of her.

Already shirtless, Will clambered out of the rest of his garments. He stroked his throbbing shaft, aiming it at Abbey’s lips.

Jed lost his undies, stood behind Abbey’s bare bottom, and caressed her plump cheeks.

Abbey wiggled her hips at Jed, their sign for him to enter her. He strapped on a condom and obliged.

While her fiancé teased her slit, making it ooze with creamy anticipation, Abbey lapped at Will’s tip, tasting his precum direct from the source.

Will stared at her, slack jawed. eryaman escort “I can’t believe this is happening.”

Abbey eased back on Jed, coaxing his staff to explore her dewy folds. “Neither can I.” She beamed at Will. “Truthfully, on occasion, I have imagined what your schlong would taste like, how it would fit in my mouth.”

He groaned as she closed her lips around him. “How do I compare to your imagination?”

She mumbled around his swollen member, “Girthy.”

Will and Jed high-fived over Abbey’s buttress.

Jed rocked his balls against his future wife’s damp mound. “Suck him good, Abbey. Drink that cum out of his dick.”

She giggled as the veiny erection bobbled out of her mouth. “This is so goofy. I feel like I’m in a porno.”

“So do I!” Will exclaimed.

Jed pumped into Abbey slowly. “Should I get a camera?”

“No!” Abbey thrust her bottom back on his thighs, urging Jed deeper. “I need a moment to get comfortable. This is amazing, sharing my two best guys.”

“Aww,” Will cooed.

“But the excitement is overwhelming, and it’s hard for me to concentrate.”

“I will shhh,” Jed offered.

“Me too.” Will stroked his shaft in Abbey’s direction.

The three nude friends resumed their previous configuration wordlessly, with Abbey’s tongue teasing the precum out of Will’s phallus. However, Will was unable to hold his groans for long.

“Blimey.” Will interlaced his fingers and etimesgut bayan escort stretched his arms over his head. “I’m close,” he croaked.

Jed clenched his pale fingers on the sides of Abbey’s thick thighs, determined to make his fiancée climax around his prick while she swallowed her boyfriend’s seed.

Abbey bucked and sucked, relishing her condition as a horny finger trap, stuffed with man meat at both ends.

Will couldn’t take any more. “Abbey,” he squawked.

She held her lips on his cock head.

His jizz burst inside her cheeks. Will rocketed backwards, stumbling to the floor, spurts of semen spraying across the room. “Oops.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Abbey whimpered, splotches of white liquid dripping down her chin. Jed was hitting that spot she liked in the right way. And when Abbey saw Will seated on her bedroom floor, still hard, jerking himself, staring at her with a longing greater than simple lust, her pussy spasmed long and deep.

Jed didn’t stop until Abbey’s arms gave out.

She collapsed on the mattress, her hips continuing to gyrate, milking all the shared friction between her cavern and Jed’s rod.

Her dark eyes steady on Will, Abbey flipped onto her back. Lying prone on the sheets, she allowed Jed to hover above her crotch and re-enter her soaked puss.

Jed watched her breasts jiggle, those nut brown nipples begging for a suck. He saw Will watching Abbey intently. After a few more pistons inside his woman, Jed let out a roar. He exploded, his motions making the bed quake.

Abbey reached for Will, who joined the pair under the covers. They rested, secure in their decision to love bigger than they ever had before.

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